New Zealand books on assorted topics, mainly non-fiction.
Popular culture, politics, collectables etc.

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Pioneering Spirit: A History of Fisher and Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings, established in New Zealand in 1934. From humble beginnings the firm became a leader in the production of household appliances. This company history is profusely illustrated. The book's white boards mirror the usual white enamelled surfaces of refrigerators, washing machines etc.

NEW hardback with no dust jacket as issued ( was shrink wrapped but was removed to check content).
Fisher & Paykel, 2012, 503 pages. [#2841 company history, new zealand, industry]

BASSETT Michael 
Working with David
Inside the Lange Cabinet

Bassett was the Minister of Internal Affairs during the second Lange Labour government, and he writes from his first hand experience of Lange's highs and lows, and how his deteriorating health affected him in the later years.

VG- hardback with rubbed edges of the covers. VG dust jacket.
$35 C/D
Hodder Moa 2008, 616pp. [#2848 new zealand, history, politics, biography ]

Historic Buildings of New Zealand, South Island
cover image of Historic Buildings of New Zealand, South Island

A large and heavy volume published by Historic Places Trust covering the history and architecture of many historic buildings in New Zealand's South Island.
architecture, colonial, heritage

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$45 D/D
New Zealand Historic Places Trust /Methuen 1983, 264pp.
[#3433 ]

The Holyoake Years

Political history of Keith Holyoake, with reference to his ancestry. A New Zealand MP, Prime Minister and Governor General, Holyoake promoted the national identity and self-determination of New Zealand at a time when it was still considered by many as a colonial outpost.

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket with some wear or soiling
$15 B/C
Ross A Doughty 1977, 274pp. [#2759 new zealand, biography, politics, history ]

DOUGLAS Roger and Louise Callan. 
Toward Prosperity
cover image of Toward Prosperity people and politics in the 1980s, for sale in New Zealand

People and Politics in the 1980s.
A personal view by Roger Douglas, mastermind of Rogernomics and the open market in New Zealand.
ISBN 090861070X
economics, new zealand economy, eighties, society, politics, history

VG hardback in VG dust jacket, slight fade to spine.
SIGNED BY Roger Douglas to title page.
$30 C/C
David Bateman 1987 First Edition, 256pp + plates.
[#5131 ]

HAGER Nicky 
Secret Power
cover image of Secret Power

New Zealand's role in the international spy network. ECHELON, GCSB, Waihopai spy base, and the non-governmental links with the international espionage community.
five eyes, surveillance state, politics

VG softback
$20 B/C
Craig Potton 1996, 299pp.
[#2633, 3779 ]

HAYWARD Margaret 
Diary of the Kirk Years

Long before he became Prime Minister of New Zealand, Norman Kirk said to his private secretary, Margaret Hayward, "You and I are going to write about all this." He encouraged her to take notes - she already was - and sometimes pointed out matters of particular significance because he believed people should record history as it happened. He himself planned to write memoirs eventually, and said he would be wanting Margaret Haywards assistance then. "Our book," as he called it, was to come a long way in the future. This is Margaret Hayward's own diary, not the book Norman Kirk himself may have written, with or without her assistance. Politicians, even statesmen, tend to blur the edges in their memoirs. It is a diary distilled from millions of words, jotted down virtually daily. Nothing like it has been published before. Here is a view of life from the top, recorded with unique knowledge from inside. It is a frank account of the good and the bad, of diplomacy on the world scene where the Kirk charisma shone bright, and of small domestic details springing from the seeds of a deprived childhood. Norman Kirk had a vision of a better world. He also understood the practical politics with which such visions must be allied if good is to come to pass. It is to help point the way to a better future that Margaret Hayward has compiled this diary of the Kirk years. New Zealand Labour government.

VG hardback in VG dustjacket with mild handling wear
$10 C/C
Cape Catley/Reed 1981 First Edition, 322+ plates
[#2998 ]

Searching for Groundswell
A New Zealand Surfer's Road Trip.
cover image of Searching for Groundswell, A New Zealand Surfer's Road Trip. for sale in New Zealand

Paul travels all about the surfing spots of New Zealand, from Dunedin, the Catlins, Christchurch, Kaikoura, and the West Coast, to Wellington, Taranaki, Raglan, Tauranga, East Cape, Gisborne, Auckland and Northland.
He sees how what were originally just beaches with a local surfing community, have developed into commercial enterprises complete with malls and resorts.
surfing, beach, surf

VG softback
$20 B/C
New Holland Publishers 2010, 205pp.
[#3752 ]

A Nuclear Survival Manual for New Zealanders
cover image of A Nuclear Survival Manual for New Zealanders

Handy guide to survival and survivalism in post nuclear environment. Illustrated with diagrams, includes; preparation, survival first aid (includes sewing wounds / childbirth), survival food, and short section on the physics of radiation and fallout, specifically written for New Zealand conditions.
prepping, self sufficiency

VG softback
$15 C/C
Reed Methuen 1986, 116pp.
[#3523 ]

LAY Graeme and Evotia Tamua 
Pacific New Zealand
cover image of Pacific New Zealand

A celebration of the mingling of European and Pacific cultures in contemporary New Zealand. Many photographs.
pasifika, art, literature, society

VG- softback, mild wear, and gift inscription to first page.
$15 B/C
David Ling 1996, 124pp.

A Foreign Egg in Our Nest?
cover image of A Foreign Egg in Our Nest? ,for sale in New Zealand

American Popular Culture in New Zealand
ISBN 0864730780
sociology, cultural imperialism, americanisation

VG softback
$10 C/B
Victoria University Press 1988, 126pp.
[#4586 ]

LEWIS Richard and Helen Hartman   The Wind and the Rain, a bulletin for schools 17,500/2/66-13853D
G+ school library stamp on some pages, rear cover has pen writing indicating it is a teacher's reference copy $25 B/B Govt Printer 1966 soft cover, 32pp poetry for use in schools illustrated with b&w photography [#1853]

LIND Clive A. 
The Keys to Prosperity
The Centennial History of Southland Frozen Meat Limited.
cover image of The Keys to Prosperity, The Centennial History of Southland Frozen Meat Limited.

The Southland Frozen Meat and Produce Export Company offered bright prospects for the new settlers of a largely untamed land. But it had an uneasy beginning in a period of adversity.
For its first 13 years the company reeled from difficulty to disaster, in spite of tantalisingly fleeting glimpses of how impressive its potential was to the people of Southland, and how its success promoted the very welfare of the province. Then in 1895 financial catastrophe struck. Seemingly, it could not continue.
But the rallying call went out through the province. Soon it became apparent that the company would not only be saved, but that it would grow from strength to strength. That it did as it diversified over several decades into land development and other activities allied with its main object - the killing, processing and freezing of animals for export.
This book gives the history of the company's formative years and its period of consolidation. Later it goes behind the scenes and into the board room to show how some of the largest commercial decisions of the province were made.
Agriculture, Bluff, Mataura, Makarewa, freezing works, meat works, southland

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$10 B/D
Southland Frozen Meat Ltd 1981, 448pp.
[#3434/3435 ]

LUKEY Lyall and Graham CARGILL 
Down Under the Table
cover image of Down Under the Table; The History of the First 25 Years of Round Table in New Zealand, for sale in New Zealand

The History of the First 25 Years of Round Table in New Zealand.
Limited to 100 numbered copies.
Spine title reads 'The Migratory Habits of the Lesser Spotted Kiwi'.
THIS COPY includes ephemera from the Twenty-first Anniversary Dinner, 1974.

VG softback
$25 C/C
Christchurch Printing Co Ltd 1979 first edition, 216pp.
[#5025 ]

Women in the House
Members of Parliament in New Zealand.

Thirty-six women have served as Members of Parliament in New Zealand in the 100 years of universal suffrage up to 1993.

VG softback
$20 D/D
Cape Catley 1993, 284 pp

Colonial Furniture in New Zealand

A study of furniture and furnishings in New Zealand homes, from the earliest cabin furniture of the immigrant ships, as well as Maori adaptation of European furniture. Cabinet making, antique household furniture and house design and construction.

G+ hardback in G+ dust jacket with a few short repaired tears to edges, with two longer ones to the rear of the dust jacket. Front hinge of book is cracked and binding a bit loose. Gift inscription. Good reference copy.
$15 B/C
Reed 1971 first edition, 164pp. [#3327]

NOVITZ David and Bill Willmott editors   Culture and Identity in New Zealand VG $15 C/B GP Books 1990 soft cover 302pp ISBN 0447014224 [#513 othernz]

Towards a South Pacific Federation, The Tasman Challenge
cover image of Towards a South Pacific Federation, The Tasman Challenge, for sale in New Zealand

John Wallace Ridley QSO (1919-2006) was Member of Parliament for Taupo and an engineer.
In this bok he promotes his idea of a federation of Pacific States for economic and political stability and prosperity.
ISBN 0908705573
polynesia, politics, economics,

VG+ softback with single name to first page, SIGNED BY AUTHOR to title dated 89
$20 C/B
Moana Press 1989, 148pp.
[#4585 ]

The Ways of Words
cover image of The Ways of Words, for sale in New Zealand

A New Zealand academic and journalist gives his views on good usage of the English language.
Schroder was a predecessor to Max Cryer's grammatical studies, and this book collects some of the discussions on grammar from the New Zealand radio show "Words and their Ways"
grammar, language, usage, twentieth century , new zealand society

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$10 C/B
Pegasus Press 1969 first edition, 111pp

Stock in Trade
Hellaby's First Hundred Years 1873-1973
cover image of Stock in Trade Hellaby's First Hundred Years 1873-1973

History of R and W Hellaby Ltd. from beginnings in 1873 as a butchery with two brothers, to a fmeat processing freezing works and an international exporter.

VG- hardback with G+ dust jacket. Jacket has been pasted to the book endpapers by the flaps.
$10 B/C
Southern Cross Books 1973, 176pp.
[#3379 ]

SIEGFRIED Andre Translated By David Hamer 
Democracy in New Zealand

A classic commentary on the nature of New Zealand politics and society at the turn of the twentieth century, mid-point in the reign of 'King Dick' Seddon. Siegfried's is a young man's view of a youthful country, capturing and conveying the feel of New Zealand in the eighteen-nineties. This new edition includes an introduction and additional notes by the editor. ISBN0705506983

NEW shrink wrapped softback
$30 C/C
Victoria University Press 1982, 408pp. [#2738 new zealand, politics, history]

WOLFE Richard 
The Way We Wore
The clothes New Zealanders have loved.
cover image of The Way We Wore, The clothes New Zealanders have loved. for sale in New Zealand

From 1940s war-time fashion, through the decades to the 21st century, Wolfe details the fashions Kiwis have loved the best.
Well illustrated with period photographs and advertisements.
Includes important manufacturers, designers, and specific garments such as jandals, swanndris and the black singlet.
fashion, cultural history, clothing collections

G+ softback, minor crease to covers, but this copy LACKS the title page.
$10 B/B
Penguin, 128pp.
[#3920 ]

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