The history and culture of the New Zealand Maori in the past and the present.
Maori language, genealogy, art and craft, warfare and politics. Treaty of Waitangi history and issues.

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Incidents of the Maori War, New Zealand in 1860-61

Colonel Sir Jame E Alexander commanded troops during the Taranaki Land Wars in the 1860s and gives an account of them.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with some rubbing, chipping and light soiling. Book free endpaper removed.
$70 C/C
Capper 1976 first facsimile of 1863 edition, hardcover, 425pp

When All the Moa Ovens Grew Cold

Nine centuries of changing fortune for the southern Maori. The early period: AD 900-1350, The first people, Moa and moa-hunters, The bountiful sea, Craftsmen and artists, Hunters at home. The middle period: AD 1350-1550, The Moa recession, Making the land open, Living with scarcity. The late period: AD 1550-1800, Classic Maori, Traditional troubles, In peaceful years. Archaeological and anthropological study of pre-historic Maori ('Moa-hunters') in the south of the South Island. Illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

VG softback
$25 B/B
Otago Heritage Books, 1983, 52pp.

Maori Wood Sculpture of New Zealand

An excellent survey and resource of the Maori traditional art of Toi whakairo (art carving). With hundreds of photographs and some colour plates. Includes archaic and classical carvings, architectural carving, tools and techniques, domestic carving, and personal items such as taonga boxes, adornment and weapons.

VG cloth hardback in VG dust jacket with minor wear to spine ends.
$45 B/C
Reed 1969 FIRST EDITION, 163pp.
[#3090 ]

BEST Elsdon  
The Maori as He Was

A brief account of Maori life as it was in Pre-European days. Maori ethnology of pre-European traditional life and culture. Includes physical and mental characteristics / traditional history /mythology and folklore / religious ideas / social usages / arts of life.

VG hardback with inscription to endpaper, in VG- dust jacket with a few closed edge tears and minor chipping.
$45 C/C
Government Printer 1952 reprint cloth xv 296pp photos in text. Reprint of 1924 original .

VG hardback with a few convent library stamps, tape to endpapers, in VG- dust jacket with one hardly visible closed tear top edge of front panel of dust jacket but looks tidy under plastic sleeve, tape residue to jacket where plastic sleeve is taped to it
$30 C/C
Government Printer 1952 reprint cloth xv 296pp photos in text. Reprint of 1924 original

BEST Elsdon  
The Maori as He Was

A brief account of Maori life as it was in Pre-European days. Maori ethnology of pre-European traditional life and culture. Includes physical and mental characteristics / traditional history /mythology and folklore / religious ideas / social usages / arts of life.

VG hardback with inscription to half title, in a VG dust jacket
$45 C/C
Government Printer 1974, cloth xv 296pages, photos in text. Reprint of 1924 original

BEST Elsdon  
Maori Agriculture

The cultivated food plants of the Natives of New Zealand with some account of native methods of agriculture, it's ritual and origin myths. Well illustrated with photographs. Reprint of 1925 Dominion Museum Bulletin No 9

Near fine hardback in VG dust jacket with slightly sunned spine and minor edge splits
$45 C/C
Government Printer 1976 cloth, 315pp.
[# 2321]

BINNEY Judith, Gillian Chaplin, Craig Wallace 
The prophet Rua Kenana and his community at Maungapohatu

Rua Kenana was one of many Maori prophetic leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries. He called himself Te Mihaia hou, the new messiah, and was the leader of a section of the Tuhoe at a time when their land, the Urewera country, was threatened by possible prospecting and milling. Withdrawing to Maungapohatu, in the heart of Urewera, he established a community. This work is a history of Rua and his people, of the destruction of the community, by the government during World War I, and the struggle to start all over again.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket. Gift inscription to endpaper.
$75 B/D
Oxford University Press 1979, 208pp.
[#3089 ]

Greenstone Trails. The Maori search for pounamu

Brailsford follows the ancient Maori Greenstone Trails across the South Island and the Southern Alps. The history and geology of the stone, it's significance to Maori culture, and the harsh terrain of the landscape it was sourced from. Photographs, sketches, diagrams and maps.

VG softback with small name to half-title.
$75 B/C
Reed 1984 first edition, 192 pages.

VG softback with small name to first page and a printing eror to cover shows as small discoloured patch.
$65 B/C
Reed 1984 first edition, 192 pages.

BUCK Sir Peter ( Te Rangi Hiroa ) 
The Coming of the Maori

The history of Maori in New Zealand, from the mythical arrival up to pre-Colonial period.Various chapters on social, cultural and material culture. Maori speech, food, houses, mats, weaving, clothing, tools, canoes, fishing, games, music, weapons, decoration, art, family, religion and warfare.

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket, which has been reinforced by pasting brown paper on the reverse side. Free end paper clipped and with a gift inscription.
$60 B/D
Whitcombe and Tombs 1950, second edition, 551pp + XXIV plates.

BUICK T Lindsay  
An Old New Zealander
Te Rauparaha, the Napoleon of the South

Biography of the renowned maori war chieftan Te Rauparaha

FINE hardback in VG dust jacket with minor adhesive stains to extreme edges of jacket and edges of endpapers.
$55 C/C
Capper Press 1976 facsimile of Whitcombe and Tombs 1911 edition, xvi 351pp + genealogy list and folding map at rear.

CONSEDINE Robert and Joanna  
Healing Our History
The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi

A revised and updated version of the Consedines' best-selling book on the Treaty - by Pakeha, for Pakeha. Healing our History was written as a result of the popular Waitangi Associates treaty workshops run by Robert Consedine. Addresses Pakeha identity and the relevance of the Treaty. Since the 1990s Robert has worked with a network of Maori and Pakeha to establish a successful workshop process that enabled Pakeha to learn about, and confront, New Zealand's colonial history and to understand its implications today. Robert's unique take on the subject illustrates how all New Zealanders can discover a new sense of personal and national identity that respects and honours the Treaty relationship.

VG+ softback, name to inside of cover, this copy also has a SIGNED presentation inscription to title page from Robert Consedine
$20 C/B
Penguin 2005, 329 pp.

VG+ softback
$20 C/B
Penguin 2005, 329 pp.
[#2785 (x2)]

Du FRESNE Marion, transcribed and translated by Isabel OLLIVIER  

Extracts from Journals of the Ships Mascarin and Marquis De Castries 1772

Early eyewitness Accounts of Maori Life 2, being, Extracts from Journals Relating to the Visit to New Zealand in May-July 1772 of the French Ships Mascarin and Marquis De Castries under the Command of M.- J. Marion Du Fresne.
First thus translation of important early French accounts of exploration in New Zealand in the Eighteenth Century. Includes some reproduced charts and illustrations at rear. First edition limited to 1000 copies, includes accounts by; Julien Crozet, Ambroise Bernard Marie Le Jar Du Clesmeur, Jean Roux, Paul Chevillard De Montesson, Le Dez, Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis D'apres De Mannevillette. Gives important early first hand accounts of pre-colonial Maori life, material culture and dress etc.

VG+ hardback in landscape 4to cloth
$75 D/D
Alexander Turnbull Library 1985, viii 396 pages.

EARLE Augustus edited by E.H. McCORMICK 
Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand. Journal of a Residence in Tristan da Cunha

Augustus Earle (1793-1838) known as "the wandering artist" travelled widely in Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Oceania. This contains a biographical introduction and reproduces 23 of his artistic works. He spent nine months in New Zealand in 1827, and witnessed traditional Maori life and custom before European influence took hold.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket, name to endpaper
$45 C/C
Oxford University Press 1966, first edition. 270 pages + plates.

Folk Tales Of The Maori

Collected from oral traditions by A. A. Grace with the help of Karepa te Whetu of Ngati-Koata. Includes tales of Putawai, Kirika, the Ngarara, Tinirau.
The first edition.

VG hardback, cloth with gilt spine. Endpapers browned due to paste action.
$69 B/C
Gordon and Gotch 1907 First Edition, 257pp.
[#3060 ]

GROSZ Chris  
Kimble Bent, Malcontent
The Wild Adventures of a Runaway Soldier in Old-Time New Zealand

A graphic novel portraying the life and times of a deserter, Pakeha Maori, and warrior in the New Zealand Wars. Kimble Bent gave himself up to the Maori to escape harsh treatment from the British army, and lived and fought with them. Based on James Cowan's 'Kimble Bent' (1911).

VG softback
$25 B/B
Random House 2012, reprint. Approx 50 pages.

KANAWA Kiri Te  
Land of the Long White Cloud

Kiri Te Kanawa's retellings of Maori Myths, Tales and Legends. With full page full colour illustrations by Michael Foreman.
The first edition.

Fine hardback in Fine dust jacket
$45 B/C
Viking 1989 first edition, 119pp.
[ILL 2]

KING Michael 
Te Puea

A biography of Te Puea Herangi of the Waikato. A new edition with new material.

VG+ softback
$25 C/C
Hodder 1982, 331pp.

KING Michael 
Te Puea

A biography of Te Puea Herangi of the Waikato. The third edition (1987) with new material.

VG+ softback, first blank page has been removed
$25 C/C
Hodder 1990, 331pp.

Te Hahi Weteriana
Three Half Centuries of the Methodist Maori Missions 1822-1972

A history of 150 years of the Methodist Maori Mission. Being the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society of New Zealand Volume 27 Numbers 1 and 2.

G+ hardback in VG dust jacket. Tidy ex-library, dust jacket under plastic sleeve, errata slip to endpaper.
$25 C/C
Wesley Historical Society of New Zealand 1972, viii 267pp + index and plates.
[#3288 ]

MANING Frederick Edward a.k.a. A Pakeha Maori 
Old New Zealand

A Tale of the Good Old Times, together with a History of the War in the North of New Zealand against the Chief Heke in the year 1845 as told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe. Also Maori traditions.
The eighth impression of the Whitcombes edition.

VG hardback with no dust jacket.
$25 C/C
Whitcombe and Tombs (1964), xxxvi 327pp including plates.
[#3281 ]

Our Maoris

Lady Martin's word picture of life in Auckland more than a century ago - one of the rarest books on early colonial life and one of the most readable. The title 'Our Maoris' is, perhaps, misleading. From the wide range of the author's observations at a time when (to quote her own words) 'everyone was young and full of life,' she could well have called her book 'Our Colonists.' Early governors, officials and churchmen, as well as Maoris, move through its pages, which have preserved also intimate glimpses of family and social life. As the wife of New Zealand's first chief justice, Lady Martin came to the colony in 1842. A physical disability prevented her from moving far afield from their home in Judge's Bay except by boat or in a litter carried on the shoulders of her Maori friends. This handicap did not, however, dampen her enthusiasm for every aspect of life in this fascinating new land. The Martins returned to England in 1874, making their home at Torquay in Devon. Here 'Our Maoris' was written. It was published in 1884, the year of the author's death. Facsimile reprint of SPCK 1884 edition.Cover of Rangi Topeora from the portrait by Lindauer.

VG softback
$10 C/B
Wilson & Horton, news print paperback 220pp + illustrations.

McMILLAN Dawn illustrated by Julia Crouth 
He Korero Hi Ika

Maori language illustrated childrens story about a boy's fishing trip.

VG+ softback small owner stamp to first page
$8 B/A
Reed 2002.

MOON Paul  
This Horrid Practice
The Myth and Reality of Traditional Maori Cannibalism

Based on a study of evidence for cannibalism amongst pre-European Maori, Moon concludes it was widespread and commonplace, yet came to an end a few decades after European arrival.
ISBN 9780143006718

VG+ softback
$75 C/B
Penguin original 2008 first edition, 303 pages.

NGATA Apirana  
Maori Grammar and Conversation

Simple but in depth guide mainly to conversational Maori language. Seventh edition, revised by W W Bird.

VG hardback with VG dust jacket with light wear, light spotting to closed edges of pages.
$25 C/B
Whitcombe and Tombs 1953, 172pp

ORANGE Claudia  
The Treaty of Waitangi

A complete look at the Treaty of Waitangi and it's repercussions, past and present.

VG+ softback
$20 C/B
Allen & Unwin, 1987 reprint. 312 pages.

Maori Houses and Food Stores

Dominion Museum Monograph 8

VG cloth hardback in VG slightly rubbed dust jacket. Name and tape rust to endpapers.
$65 C/C
Government Printer 1952 first edition, 212pp, well illustrated.

The Biggest Fish in the World

Retellings of Maori folk-tales. Maui pulls up the North Island, and his other exploits. The adventures of Rata, Tura, Kahukura, Ihenga and Tawhaki. The battle of the Birds and more. Illustrated in colour by Roger Hart.

G+ hardback in VG dust jacket. Book rubbed to edges and with name at front. Some minor yellowing to page edges.
$10 C/B
Reed 1974 first edition, 134pp.

Treasury of Maori Exploration

Legends relating to the first Polynesian Explorers of New Zealand

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket.
$45 C/C
Reed 1977 first edition, xvi 288pp
[#1773 ]

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with name label to paste down, front hinge partially split.
$40 C/C
Reed 1977 first edition, xvi 288pp
[#221 ]

Tamihana the Kingmaker

Biography of Wiremu Tamihana Tarapipipi Te Waharoa, prominent maori in the later nineteenth century.
Maori, colonial, land wars

As new perfect bound soft cover
$45 C/B
Cadsonbury 1996, 201pp. Second edition facsimile of 1963 edition.
[NZ121 ]

STARK Doctor Raymond with photographs by Brian ENTING 
Maori Herbal Remedies
Described, Identified, Illustrated.

Important work on Te Rongoa Maori, traditional Maori remedies that are created from natural plants and trees. Colour photographs and descriptions for therapeutic ethnobotany. Lists 125 medicinal plants. Uncommon title.

VG softback. Has some minor wear.
$45 C/A
Viking Sevenseas 1979, 116pp
[#3100 ]

STIRLING Amiria Manutahi & Anne SALMOND 
Amiria the life story of a Maori Woman

Biographical study of Amiria Manutahi Stirling, includes genealogical charts tracing her descent from Paikea.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket. Book has minor adhesive stain to top edge of prelims offset from dust jacket plastic sleeve
$45 B/C
Reed 1976 first edition, 4to, xii 184pp b&w photos.

STIRLING Amiria Manutahi & Anne SALMOND 
Amiria the life story of a Maori Woman

Biographical study of Amiria Manutahi Stirling, includes genealogical charts tracing her descent from Paikea.

VG softbackwith slight sunning to edges of covers, small amount of insect damage to surface of rear endpaper.
$20 B/C
Heinemann Reed 1988 reprint, 184pp +photos.

WARD Alan  
An Unsettled History; Treaty Claims in New Zealand Today

Reveals a Treaty made and then repeatedly breached, and gives a compelling case for a fair and reasonable settlement to Treaty grievances. The history and continuing ramifications of the Treaty of Waitangi.
ISBN 0908912978

VG- soft back, ex library with stamps etc, soft covers have been contact sealed with thick laminate, hinges reinforced.
$15 C/B
Bridget Williams 1999 first edition, soft cover, 211pp+ plates.

A Love Tale of the Mount Eden tribe.

The novel Revenge: a love tale of the Mount Eden tribe which was published posthumously in 1940 was regarded by White as a popularisation of Maori history.
White, a distinguished Maori scholar, and as fluent as a native speaker, was influenced by the Poems of Ossian to collect Maori song poetry. He soon accumulated several hundred songs and traditions. In 1851 White became governor George Grey's secretary and translator and travelled the North Island as a government official. Later he was a private interpreter and Maori land agent. During 1874-1878 White edited Te Wananga, a Maori newspaper and this with his reputation as an ethnographer resulted in his appointment as the compiler and writer of an official Maori history. This was published in six volumes between 1887 and 1890 as The ancient history of the Maori, his mythology and traditions.
This copy is Number 1 of a limited first edition of 350 numbered copies

VG leatherbound hardback with gilt titling in VG dust jacket with some minor edge wear. Private bookplate to front pastedown. Some mild foxing to closed edges.
$95 C/C
Reed 1940, xviii+289pp + frontis.
[#3067 ]

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