All prices on these FORTUNABOOKS.COM catalogue pages are priced in New Zealand dollars.

For orders from these pages we would prefer to bill in NZ Dollars.
If other currencies are to be used then they will need to be converted by us for the current price based on foreign exchange rates.
Our listings at,, Bookbase and Books & Collectibles will be priced in your selected default currency, and charged at the shipping rate shown on the site the order is made through.
For direct orders via email (not the checkout) we may offer a discount, with payment due via paypal or bank deposit in NZD dollars.

Extra Charges

Any overseas import duties, sales taxes, GST, VAT etc. are to be paid by the customer on receipt of the books.

Fortuna Books' charges only include the book price and postage costs to the country specified, any fees charged by customs are the responsibilty of the buyer, and making payment to Fortuna Books is taken as an agreement to cover any extra costs charged by third parties.

Post and Packing Charges

First Letter Code after the price ( i.e. A/-) is for New Zealand domestic rate,
Second Letter Code ( i.e. -/A) is for International Air rate (approximately 10 working days, or two calendar weeks).

New Zealand Local Postage

Local postage is estimated on standard sized books, shipped via NZ Post Parcel Post with Tracking*
[A] for mass market paperbacks $5.00 (DLE)
[B] for magazines & comics $7.00 (C4)
[C] for standard hard covers $6.00 (C5)
[D] for oversized items $10.00 (Lineflow)

*- For orders to Rural Delivery (RD) addresses there will be a $3.70 surcharge.
For high value orders we may request extra payment to upgrade postal insurance cover and use a courier service.

The postage charge is an estimate and should be used as a guide only, we will quote actual costs when we receive your order.
Unlike some other sellers who charge a per item fee, we will only charge for the combined parcel at the best rate available.

International Shipping

To AUSTRALIA Par Avion (approx. 2 weeks)
A-$10 B-$15 C-$20 D-$30 or for Letter rate items is $5 in NZD$
To U.S.A., U.K., EUROPE Par Avion (approx. 2 weeks)
A-$18 B-$25 C-$40 D-$70 or for Letter rate items is $6 in NZD$

Estimated on parcels weighing approximately;
[A]= 200gm (ephemera, comics and small thin paperbacks) [B]= up to 500 gm (small books and paperbacks)
[C]= 1kg (standard books and trade paperbacks) [D]= up to 2 kg (larger books)
Letter rate is for very light and thin items, generally ephemera, pamphlets, some comics etc. posted with minimal packaging.
For parcel contents valued at NZD$250 or more, the minimum charge is D, independent of the stated rate.
We will arrange to use the most cost effective postage for combined orders, which may mean shipping in multiple packages.
The International rate estimates shipping based on heavy items within the pricing bracket, and multiple purchases shipped together may qualify for a reduced overall charge.

Accepted Forms Of Payment

Within New Zealand payment may be made by DIRECT DEPOSIT to our bank account at a branch or via internet banking, or cash, or with a credit card via
For buyers outside of New Zealand we prefer PAYPAL( see in most instances.
We can accept cash in Euros, Sterling, US, New Zealand or Australian dollars.
Cash should only be sent by registered post. No responsibility will be taken for funds lost in the mail.
A direct bank Telegraphic Transfer to our account from outside NZ will incur $12 NZD bank fee (but if the total amount is over $200 NZD this is waived)

Please always contact us first to ensure availability and with your full address so we can advise correct shipping costs, and we will send account details or an invoice upon confirmation of order.

We process DEBIT/ CREDIT CARD payments via Paypal
Orders made through the checkout may be paid for directly with credit cards through the checkout at the amount shown, unless there is a discount for items marked 200 gram rate, or an increased charge if the item is marked as over 1kg. An extra charge will be requested for overweight items, which may be declined by the customer before billing, cancelling the order. We apply this adjustment before you are charged.
Any order made through a third party site will be billed the amount at checkout. So we encourage a direct order via email to secure a discount.
Other payment methods are available by contacting us directly before ordering.

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