Spiritual teachers in the Hindu tradition. Gurus and sadhus.
With teachings based on the Upanisads, Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

AHLUWALIA R D  The Radha Soami Spiritual Science
VG $20 A/$5 internationally Radha Soami Satsang Beas 1963 FIRST EDITION of 5000c small booklet stapled at spine 24pp, interesting ephemera from Hindu spiritual group [RM 35]

cover image of Vedanta for the millions for sale in New Zealand

A simple yet thorough explanation of Vedanta philosophy and religious practise.
hindu, indian, religion, philosophy, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, for the millions series

VG softback with sun faded spine
$10 C/B
Sherbourne Press 1970 first printing, 158pp.
[#3883 ]

The Future Evolution of Man
The Divine Life Upon Earth
cover image of The Future Evolution of Man, The Divine Life Upon Earth for sale in New Zealand

Selections from Sri Aurobindo Ghose; The Life Divine, The Human Cycle and The Synthesis of Yoga, compiled by P. B. Saint-Hilaire, with a summary and notes.
hindu, philosophy, indian, yoga, spirituality

VG- softback, name at front.
$15 C/B
Theosophical Publishing House 1971 second edition, 157pp.
[#3819 ]

Lights on Yoga
cover image of Lights on Yoga for sale in New Zealand

Extracts from letters written by Sri Aurobindo Ghose to his disciples, arranged as to be of use to students of Yoga.
With glossary of Sanskrit terminology.
hindu, indian, yoga, philosophy,

VG softback sewn into paper wrappers, name to first page.
$10 C/A
Sri Aurobindo Ashram 1974, 64pp.
[#3820 ]

AUROBINDO Sri  Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Evolution compiled by Vijay
VG $6 A/$5 international, Sri Aurobindo Society 1972 reprint booklet, 24pp. [# 1448 hindu guru]

CHATTERJI J. C.   The Wisdom of the Vedas (Quest Books)
VG $8 C/B Theosophical Publishing 1980 soft cover, 102pp ISBN 0835605388 [#1925 hindu]

EIDLITZ Walther  Unknown India a pilgrimage into a forgotten world
G rubbed edges, initials to fep, aged $15 C/B Rider 1952 first edition cloth, 192pp. Author travels in the subcontinent visiting holy men and places before and during the Second World War. Some emphasis on Shri Krishna Chaitanya. [RM 173]

GELBERG Steven J editor  Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Five Distinguished Scholars on the Krishna Movement in the West
G+ name to inside cover, reading wear $10 C/B Grove 1983 softcover, 274pp + plates.Interviews with Harvey Cox, Larry D Shinn, Thomas J Hopkins, A L Basham and Shrivatsa Goswami. ISBN 0394624548 [RM 157]

GHANANANDA Swami   Sri Ramakrishna and His Unique Message
FINE $14 B/B Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre 1970 sewn sheets in card covers xvi 174pp. Foreword by Arnold Toynbee. Advaita vedanta, hindu philosophy, indian guru. Ramakrishna a yogi and hindu non-dualist philosopher. [RM 154]

GOSWAMI Shyam Sundar 
Jesus Christ and Yoga
cover image of Jesus Christ and Yoga by Shyam Sundar Goswami

An Indian (Hindu) looks at Jesus' ministry and actions from the viewpoint of Indian religious philosophy.
Gospel of Thomas, Bhagavad Gita, Krishna

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with plastic sleeve. Some adhesive residue from sleeve onto endpapers, Minor instance of rust from an old paperclip to some pages. Name to free end paper.
$30 C/B
Fowler, undated probably 1967, 143pp + col frontis.
[#3520 ]

JOHN Bubba Free  Breath and Name The Initiation and Foundation Practices of Free Spiritual Life
VG name to first page $15 C/B Dawn Horse Press 1977 first edition softcover, 277pp. ISBN 0913922293 [# 1296 new age guru]

JOHN Bubba Free  The Method of the Siddhas Talks with Bubba Free John on the Psiritual Technique of the Saviors of Mankind
VG- a few loose pages at rear $10 C/B Dawn Horse Press 1978 revised edition softcover, xxv 364pp. ISBN 0913922447 [# 1297 new age guru]

KABIR translated by Rabindranath Tagore  Songs of Kabir VG+ $12 B/A Weiser 1991 trade paper, 145pp. Spiritual poetry from medieval India. ISBN 0877286957 [#612 myst]

KAUR Sadarni Premka 
Peace Lagoon, Sacred Songs of the Sikhs
cover image of Peace Lagoon, Sacred Songs of the Sikhs for sale in New Zealand

The Collected Hymns of Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru RAM Das, Guru Arjun, and Guru Gobind Singh
sikh, scriptures, sacred texts, religion

VG softback, name at front
$30 C/B
Spiritual Community 1973 second revised edition, limited to 5000 copies, 223pp.
[#3879 ]

The Bhagavad Gita
cover image of The Bhagavad Gita for sale in New Zealand

Rider has reissued the classic Penguin translation by Mascaro of this classic of Indian spiritual thought.
hinduism, gita, sanskrit, mahabharata

VG hardback in VG dust jacket under plastic sleeve, may have adhesive bleed along the edges of the jacket. Name to first page.
$20 C/B
Rider 1970, 128pp
[#3757 ]

MAHARISHI Mahesh Yogi  On the Bhagavad-Gita a new translation and commentary with Sanskrit text, chapters 1-6
VG- $5 C/B Penguin 1973 494pp. [PB# 120 rel]

MILLER Barbara Stoll translator  The Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna's Council in Time of War
VG name to first page, pen underlining to intro and notes. $5 A/A ISBN 0553213652 [Item# 117 RM ]

MILLER Jeanine  The Vedas; Harmony, Meditation and Fulfilment
G hardback in G dust jacket under plastic sleeve, ex library with stamps etc. $10 C/C Rider 1974 first edition hardcover,xxxvi 240pp. I- Vedic Myth II- Vedic Meditation III-Vedic Eschatology IV- Selected Hymnns to illustrate subjects discussed. ISBN 0091210607 [RM 45]

MISHRA Shri Ramamurti  Self Analysis and Self Knowledge Based on Atma Bodha of Shankaracharya, with translation and commentary.
G rubbed wrappers, light stain to lower rear corner of a few pages, minor pencil notations. $15 C/B CSA Press 1977 softocver, 272pp. Sutras given with Sanskrit text, Latin transliteration and English translation, and commented upon. Vedic Hindu religious philosophy. ISBN 087707190X [RM 167]

MUKTANANDA Swami  Satsang With Baba, volume one Questions and answers between Swami Muktananda and his devotees, August 5- December 31, 1971
VG- spotting to closed edges $15 C/B Siddha Yoga Dham of America 1975 soft cover, 348pp. Hindu mysticism [#1295 indian religion guru]

OSBORNE Arthur  Ramana Arunachala
VG splits to spine paper $30 B/A internationally Sri Ramanasramam 1958 revised second edition, sewn binding with original paper wrappers split along the spine, 66pp + frontis, biography of hindu sage and philosopher [RM 31]

PAI D. I.  Monograph on the Religious Sects in India among the Hindus
The symbolism of the mythology of the Hindus, Vedic and Brahmanical.

G+ cloth bound, hinges show perishing glue but sewn binding holds
$30 B/C
The Times Press, Bombay 1928, 104 pages + plates. Many colour and B&W plates. [#2301 hindu ]

PFEIFER Netta  A Soul's Safari (Radha Soami)
VG G+ taped tear at heel of DW spine, name to fep $10 C/B Radha Soama Satsang Beas 1978 first edition hard cover ltd 3,000 copies. 178pp. Author travelled to Kenya to visit Joy Adamson but ended up in the Punjab to meet Maharaj Charan Singh of the Sant Mat. [#1065 mysticism]

PICARD Barbara Leonie  The Story of the Pandavas, retold from the Mahabharata
VG- lacks fep, small call number to imprint page, small remains of library slip to rear fep. $15 B/B Denis Dobson 1968 first edition hard cover, 128pp. Illustrated by Charles Stewart. Lacks DW. Retelling of a scene from the Hindu national epic. ISBN 234779721 [RM 162]

PRABHAVANANDA Swami edited by Dr P H Houston 
Vedic Religion and Philosophy
cover image of Vedic Religion and Philosophy for sale in New Zealand

A brief introduction to Hinduism and Vedanta Philosophy.
Contents: The Spirit of Indian Philosophy, The Vedas and Their Teachings, The Philosophy of the Upanishads, The Message of the Bhagavad Gita.
veda, hindu, indian, philosophy, vedanta

VG hardback with VG dust jacket. Name and date to free end paper.
$25 C/B
Sri Ramakrisha Math, distributed by Vedanta Press 1974 (7th impression), 172pp.
[#3809 ]

PREM Swami Deva Amit ( aka Bernard Gunther ) 
Dying for Enlightenment
Living with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
cover image of Dying for Enlightenment, Living with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh for sale in New Zealand

The author spent three three months visiting Rajneesh's Poona ashram.
He reports on the varied techniques employed by the devotees to realise enlightenment.
These include spiritual, psychological and and physical methods, including four basic meditation techniques revealed for the first time.
Guru, New Age, Eastern, Mysticism, Sannyassin, Alternative Religion, New Religious Movement, NRM

VG softback
$20 B/B
Harper & Row 1979, 151pp well illustrated with black and white photos.
[#3717 ]

PREM Krishna 
The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita
cover image of The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita by Krishna Prem

Sri Krishna Prem, a Western-born Hindu master, opens the practical teaching of the Gita in language that directly penetrates the intellect and the heart of modern readers. Step by step, he reveals the Gita's sacred path to the perfect poise and harmony destined for each Soul. First published in 1938 from articles written for The Aryan Path of Bombay.
Bhagavad gita, yoga, Krishna, spiritual path, hindu

VG hardback in VG dust jacket under removable plastic sleeve. Pen name and date to free end paper.
$30 C/C
Stuart and Watkins 1969, xxix 224pp.
[#3517 ]

RAJNEESH Bhagwan Shree  Tantra, Spirituality & Sex VG- rubbed joints, name stamp to inside front cover $9 B/B The Rainbow Bridge 1978 soft cover, 88pp. ISBN 0914198114 [# 700 otherrel]

RAMAKRISHNA Sri  Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna the most exhaustive collection of them, their number being 1120
VG- private library stamps to end papers, lacks frontis, tape to hinge between title and fep. $20 C/B Sri Ramakrishna Math 1949 seventh revised edition, textured cloth, 406pp. 24pp introduction, 22 chapters grouping his sayings by theme. Hindu spiritual philosophy [RM 189]

SANDWEISS Samuel H  Sai Baba, The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist
VG name to first page $15 C/C Samuel H Sandweiss 1975 soft cover 240pp. Psychiatrist recounts his experiences with Sai Baba. Illustrated ISBN 0960095810 [# 1199 other religions]

SARASWATI Swami Satyananda  Sure Ways to Self Realisation
VG- rubbed joints, ashram stamp to half title as well as former owner details. $20 C/C Bihar School of Yoga 1984 softcover, 385pp. Yoga, tantra, meditation, buddhism, zen etc as ways to self realisation. By the founder of the Bihar school of yoga. ISBN 0949551015 [RM 217]

SARASWATI Shantanand  Good Company An Anthology of Sayings, Stories, and Answers to questions by His Holiness Sri Shantanand Saraswati The Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math
VG $12 B/B Element 2000 soft cover, 162pp. ISBN 1852303131 [#560 other rel]

SINGH Kirpal  Man Know Thyself Being a talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji for seekers after truth
VG name to inside wrapper, crease to rear corner $4 B/A Sawan Kirpal Publications 1983 stapled wrappers 32pp [# 742 other rel]

SIVANANDA Swami  Bliss Divine a book of spiritual essays
VG VG $35 C/C The Divine Life Society 1997 quarter cloth, xxiv 528pp. 86 alphabetic chapters from Ahimsa to Zoroastrianism. A Book of spiritual essays on the lofty purpose of human life and the means to its achievement. Includes bhakti, ganga, how to choose your guru, kundalini, meditation, pranayama. A nice India printing and binding. ISBN 8170520045 [RM 147]

VG $20 B/$5 internationally Sri Ramanasramam 1952 original cloth wrappers, fourth edition revised & enlarged, 84pp English translation by B V Narasimhaswami, includes Sanskrit and Tamil(?) also index and intro. Hindu text on Karma and illumination. Nice Indian printing [RM 27]

SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI  Who am I? (& Who am I?)
VG $40 A/$5 internationally Sri Ramanasramam 1955 original paper wrappers, eighth edition 40pp+ frontis. Hindu text on Karma and illumination. Nice Indian printing. being instructions given by Maharshi to his disciple Sivaprakasam Pillai about 1901, path of meditation , asceticism etc. [RM 28]

VG $40 A/$5 internationally Sri Ramanasramam 1957 original paper wrappers, sixth edition 48pp+ frontis. Hindu text on Karma and illumination, translated from the Tamil. Nice Indian printing. being instructions given by Maharshi to his disciple Gambhiram Seshayya about 1901, path of meditation particularly Jnana, asceticism etc. [RM 29]

SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI  Truth Revealed (Sad Vidya)
VG $40 A/$5 internationally Sri Ramanasramam 1950 original paper wrappers, third edition viii 46pp+ frontis. Hindu text on Karma and illumination. English transl by Grant Duff. [RM 30]

SURESVARA Sri, translated by A J Alston 
Realization of the Absolute
The Naiskarmya Siddhi of Sri Suresvara
cover image of Realization of the Absolute, The Naiskarmya Siddhi of Sri Suresvara

An English translation of Suresvara's presentation of the pure non-dual teachings (Advaita Vedanta), with reasoned-out explanations to help us understand them.
Suresvara was, according to tradition, a close disciple of Sri Shankara, and entrusted as head of the first of the four great monasteries established by Shankara.
Shanakara and Suresvara account for all of experience without in anyway compromising the non-duality of the supreme Reality. According to this view, all our difficulties arise from lack of knowledge of our true nature, and all limitations are resolved completely and forever by Self-knowledge, which is Realization of the Absolute (Naishkarmya Siddhi).
The text shows why methods that do not give rise to knowledge cannot overcome the illusion that causes limitations and suffering, and presents the right way of reasoning and reflection that leads to discovery of the real principle within. The text consists of 422 verses in four books, with a commentary by the author, that looks ahead to the coming verse.
hindu, advaita, philosophy, mysticism

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with small repaired tears and light handling wear.
$30 C/C
Shanti Sadan 1971 second edition, xvi 269pp.
[#3506 ]

SWAMI S D RAMAYANDAS  Kriya Yoga in daily life
G spine ends chipped $55 B/A Fowler undated (circa 1910) sewn sections in thick paper wrappers, 84pp + 12pp adverts mainly for Ramacharaka works. feathery paper stock, spine paper water marked and chipping to the ends otherwise G+ includes Yama, Niyama, sacraments, prayer and meditation [RM 33]

VG $25 B/$5 internationally Sri Ramakrishna Math 1953 FIRST EDITION THUS original paper wrappers, vi 42pp incl original sanskrit (devanagari) plus construed text, literal transliteration, English translation and notes and introduction. [RM 32]

TAGORE Rabindranath  Gitanjali, Song Offerings
VG- light wear to covers $6 A/$5 international MacMillan 1984 paperback, 72pp. A collection of prose translations made by the author from the original Bengali. Introduction by W B Yeats. Indian mystical religious poetry translated into English. ISBN 33390009X mysticism hindu [RM 161]

VIVEKANANDA Swami  Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga (revised edition)
VG name to reverse of frontis. $15 C/B Ramakrishna-Vivekananda center 1973, cloth viii 316pp, 16mo. Also includes miscellaneous lectures including ones on the Ramayana and Mahabharata. [RM 177]

YEATS W. B. and Shree Purohit Swami 
The Ten Principal Upanishads
cover image of The Ten Principal Upanishads by W B Yeats for sale in New Zealand

Yeats and Shree Purohit Swami have translated these into clear and understandable English.
hindu, philosophy, religion, upanisads

G+ softback, name to first page.
$8 C/B
Faber 1970 first thus edition, 159pp.
[#3884 ]

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