Christian studies, philosophy and history. Theological works. Christian exegesis and doctrinal studies.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

Rediscovering the Gift of Healing


$8 B/A [Item# 115 CHR]

Weiser 1983 softcover, 144pp. Christian spirituality and spirit healing. ISBN 0877286043

Part III The Christian Testament since the Bible

G+ G+ stained front board, DW splits at corners and repaired to rear of spine.

$15 C/C [Item# 219 CHR]

Firethorn Press 1985 hardcover, 8vo, xxxiii 382pp. Collection of post Gospel Christian writings right up to C.S. Lewis and Billy Graham. ISBN 0947752080

AUGUSTINE translated by R S Pine-Coffin 
G+ rubbed edges, foxed wrappers, name to fep, browned paper stock $5 C/B Penguin Books1961 first edition paperback, 347pp. [PB# 363 chrstn]

AUGUSTINE edited by Harold Smith 
De Fide et Symbolo
Latin Text, Texts for Students No 39
VG faint tape ghost to lower spine, endpapers browned, 6 character pen code to rear paste down $25 B/B SPCK 1926 first edition cloth, 58pp+2 pp adverts. Latin text with comment in English. 9 pp of introduction before the Latin. Christian Church Father theology. [# 1217 christian]
BASSET Bernard
Born for Friendship, the Spirit of Sir Thomas More

VG VG price clipped DW

$10 C/C [CHR 3]

Burns & Oates 1966 hardcover, xv 220pp + plates. Biography of the last pre schism christian saint.

BLOCH Ernst 
Man On His Own
Essays in the philosophy of Religion
G+ rubbed joints and edges $9 C/B Herder & Herder 1971 soft cover, 240pp. Christian Theology and philosophy. [# 1638 christian ]
The Three Years (in the life of Jesus)

G+ tape offsetting and inscription to endpapers, inscription to title

$20 C/C [RM 151]

Christian Community Press 1955 first English translation, cloth 285pp. The three years culminating in the crucifixion. Chapters include; Apollonius of Tyana (in contrast to the contemporary Jesus), The Baptism - The Temptation - Miracles, Call of the Disciples, Stages of Incarnation (Christ vs Jesus), Christ the teacher, Christ the Healer, Raising from the Dead in the Gospels, The Trial of Jesus, Teaching of the Risen christ. Deep theological and psychological insight into the ministry of Jesus and the myth of the Christ.

BOEHME Jacob  
The Way to Christ

Described in the Following Treatises; Of True Repentance, Of True Resignation, Of Regeneration, Of the Super-Sensual Life. A new edition of the 1911 reprint of the Bath edition of 1775. Christian mysticism.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket with light edge wear, owner inscription and bookseller label to paste down, one line underlined on pp 131.
$30 C/B
Watkins 1964, 159 pages. [#2643 christian, mysticism ]

BOURNE Wilfrid H. 
Preparation for Christian Healing
cover image of Preparation for Christian Healing, for sale in New Zealand

Christian spiritual and faith healing.

G+ hardback with no jacket.
Papered boards dust soiled, some minor pen underlining, light foxing.
$10 C/A
Epworth Press 1952 First Edition, 23pp.
[#5127 ]

BRADEN William
The Private Sea, LSD and the Search for God

G ex library with stamps and cover wear

$8 C/C [RM 136]

Quadrangle 1967 first edition quarter cloth, dec boards, 255pp. Early academic christian treatment of the psychological and spiritual threats of the 'LSD cult'. Covers its relationaship to Eastern religious thought and Humanism as well as Teilhard de Chardin.

BRENT Peter and David ROLFE  
The Silent Witness, the mysteries of the Turin Shroud Revealed
Book to accompany a television documentary on the Turin Shroud.
Explores the history and forensic evidence of the Shroud.
jesus, christ

VG used paperback
$5 A/A
Futura 1978, 191pp + plates. [PB1425 ]

The Books and the Parchments
some chapters on the transmission of the Bible
VG $9 A/B Pickering and Inglis 1978 paperback, 287pp. Includes a survey of the Apocrypha. ISBN 0720802164 [PB# 971 christian ]


BULTMANN Rudolf edited by Schubert M Ogden 
Existence and Faith
Shorter writings of Rudolf Bultmann
VG VG price clipped DW some wear and foxing, $15 C/C Hodder 1961 first edition hard cover, 320pp. A guide to the basics of Bultmann's theology with reference to his demythologising, existential philosophy and historical critical research. [# 716 christian]

BULTMANN Rudolf edited by Schubert M Ogden 
Existence and Faith
Shorter writings of Rudolf Bultmann
VG small pencil note at blank terminus of contents page. $8 A/B Fontana 1973 paperback, 383pp. Selection of Bultmann's theological and philosophical writings. [CHR 19]

A Gospel without Myth?

Bultmann claims to have produced a Gospel free of myth.
This book is an attempt to evaluate his theology, with particular emphasis on its challenge to the preacher.
Discusses Heidegger, ontology, John Macquarrie, H. W. Bartsch, existential vs. mythical faith.
christian theology, philosophy

VG hardback with no jacket.
Minor foxing, pencil to first page.
$10 C/C
SCM Press 1960 first edition, 232pp.
[#5055 ]

The Bible Fraud
cover image of The Bible Fraud for sale in New Zealand

The Untold Story of Jesus and His Twin Brother, Judas Khrestus.
The truth about Rabbi Jesus and his twin brother, their birth, marriages and deaths, as well as the bloodlines that have resulted from events of that time.
King Rabbi Jesus is claimed to be an initiate of the Ancient Mysteries, and part of the Ancient Royal Lineages of Europe.
christianity, religion, ancient mysteries, khrestians, jews, judaism, bloodline of jesus,

VG softback
$25 C/C
Joshua Books 2001 First Ediion, 271pp.
[#4340 ]

CANNON Dolores 
Jesus and the Essenes
Fresh insights into Christ's Ministry and the Dead Sea Scrolls
cover image of Jesus and the Essenes

Insight into the mission of Jesus via far memory and past life regression to one who witnessed the events as they occurred. Gives a detailed account of Jesus as a person and his acts, and of the daily realities of Israel of that time. This book gives a full description of the nature and purpose of the Qumran Essene community, and the birth and upbringing of Jesus and John the Baptist. Also, it gives Essene renderings of Key Old Testament stories, concerning Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel and others, plus startling insights into ancient history. This extraordinary document represents a new form of historical research, and straightens out many open questions and misinterpretations. It takes the form of direct dialogues between a modern researcher and a member of the Qumran Essene community, alive around the time of Christ, through a person who has accessed far memory, through regression into a former life. New Age Christianity.

VG softback
$15 C/B
Gateway Books 1998, 272pp.
[#3339 ]

CAUSSADE Jean-Pierre de 
Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence
cover image of Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, for sale in New Zealand

Jesuit Catholic religious philosophy.
An English translation of L'abandon.
Translated by Algar Thorold.
Christian, Catholicism, French,

G+ contact sealed paperback, starts with title page, paper stock age browned.
$8 A/B
Fontana 1971, 160pp.
[PB1699 ]

CASSERLEY J. V. Langmead 
Graceful Reason: The Contribution of Reason to Theology

VG VG- minor edgewear or chipping to DW $10 C/C Longmans 1955 hard cover, xxii 163pp. [# 1554 christian theology]

J. T. C. ( Jack Chick ) 
Who is the Whore of Revelation? a Biblical and historical answer
VG- light wear $8 B/A Chick Publications 1983 soft cover, 93pp, illustrated. Anti-Catholic tract from US evangelist, outs the Catholic Church as the force behind fascism (nazism ) AND communism (soviets). Also exposes Vatican plan to 'take over' USA! ISBN 093795814X nwo new world order conspiracy catholic papacy pope vatican hitler franco billy graham knights of columbus[# 1590 christian

CONNER Kevin J  
The Foundations of Christian Doctrine

G+ light cover wear $10 C/C Acacia Press 1980 soft cover, 308pp. Complete exhaustive guide to Christian theological doctrine based on the scriptures. [#1176 christian]

Crisis of Moral Authority
The dethronement of Christianity
VG VG small chip to DW joint, fep removed $5 C/B Lutterworth 1972 first edition cloth, 160pp ISBN 0718819241 [# 1005 christianity]

CHARDIN Pierre Teilhard de 
The Future of Man
cover image of The Future of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, for sale in New Zealand

An introduction to the thoughts and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, one of the few figures in the history of the Catholic Church to achieve renown as both a scientist and a theologian.
At the center of his philosophy was the belief that the human species is evolving spiritually, progressing from a simple faith to higher and higher forms of consciousness, including a consciousness of God, and culminating in the ultimate understanding of humankind's place and purpose in the universe.
The Church, which would not condone his philosophical writings, refused to allow their publication during his lifetime.
Translated Norman Denny

VG- hardback in VG- dust jacket.
Ex-library, rear fold in flap trimmed losing left half, shelf mark to spine
$10 C/C
Collins 1964 first UK edition, 319pp.
[#4541 ]

DE CHARDIN Pierre Teilhard
The Making of a Mind; Letters from a soldier-priest 1914-1919

VG VG price clipped DW, fep clipped at head, a little dust soiled.

$15 C/C [Item# 209 CHR]

Autobiographical memoir. Religious philosophy. Modern mysticism and spirituality.

DE CHARDIN Pierre Teilhard  Le Milieu Divin An essay on the Interior Life
VG $7 A/A Fontana 1972 paperback, 160pp. [PB# 362 chrst]

FOX Matthew  Original Blessing A Primer in Creation Spirituality Presented in Four Paths, Twenty-Six Themes, and Two Questions
VG name top of fep $15 C/C Bear & Co 1983 soft cover, 351pp. ISBN 0939680076 [# 1540 christian ]

FRANKLIN Margaret Ann  The Force of the Feminine Women, men and the Church
VG- inscription to inside front cover $8 C/C Allen & Unwin 1986 soft cover, 208pp. Despite claims to the contrary, by and large women continue to occupy a subordinate position within the Church. Men make the decisions; men have written the theology; in the overwhelming majority of denominations, only men are allowed to be priests or ministers. God is a He. Today, throughout the world, Christians are increasingly questioning this situation. Responses to this questioning in Australia vary considerably. The Uniting Church ordains women ministers and has instituted and abandoned an affirmative action program; the Anglican Church is being convulsed by the struggle over the ordination of women; the Catholic Church firmly opposes the ordination of women but some Catholic theologians, as readers of this book will discover, do not regard the issue as closed. The contributors to The Force of the Feminine are Christians from a number of denominations who examine various aspects of the task of converting the Church to the 'feminine'. This task involves awakening individual Christians to the need to feminise Church structures but it goes beyond this - as far beyond as to rethink the very notion of God. Margaret Franklin is a founding mother of the Movement for the Ordination of Women in Armidale NSW, and a teacher within the Department of Continuing Education at the University of New England. ISBN 0868619140 [# 723 christian]

FREEMANTLE Anne editor  The Papal Encyclicals In their historical context
G recased with stiffened wrappers, rubbed and cracked joints, not in collectable condition $5 A/B Mentor [177] 1956 first edition paperback, 317pp. History of Encyclicals from 1740 including a representative collection of them. The official view of the Catholic Church as dictated by the Pope through his official letters to the Church and the laity. [PB# 729 christian]

GARRETT Duane A.   Angels and the New Spirituality a theological investigation by a Baptist professor
FINE $15 C/C Broadman & Holman 1995 soft cover, 261pp. ISBN 0805461760 [#1907 christian]
A Search for Truth


$20 B/B [RM 69]

Regency Press 1967 first edition hardcover 132pp, an investigation of christian religion through ESP and a study of the paranormal, mystic christianity etc.

GORE Charles  Lux Mundi A series of studies in the religion of the incarnation
G+ lacks backstripand has title in marker felt to bare spine paper, otherwise tidy, inscription to fep. $5 C/C John Murray 1891, twelfth edition hardcover (sewn). xl 395pp [# 1666 christian]
The Elements of the Spiritual Life, a study in Ascetical Theology.

VG VG- DW has number to top corner of cover, sunned spine, light tape stain at heel, book has name stamp to closed page edges.

$10 C/C [CHR 18]

SPCK 1960 hardcover, xiv 344pp. Grace, virtues, sin, sacraments, prayer, perfection and the guidance of souls.

Spirit and Truth the nature of Evangelical Christianity

VG G minor soiling boards, DW chipped with minor loss

$20 C/C [RM 26]

Lutterworth 1935 FIRST EDITION translated by E P Dickie, 201pp, Lutterworth Library vol V.Investigates the divergences of the Catholic and Protestant churches

HOLL Adolf
Jesus in bad company


$15 C/B [CHR 28]

Collins 1972 first UK edition / translation hardcover, 157pp. The author shows Jesus to have been a rebellious reformer, an outsider in conflict with the State, Temple , family and social order. Author is a Catholic Theologian and Philosopher. ISBN 0002153726

HUGEL Friederich von 
Letters to a Niece
cover image of Letters to a Niece by von Hugel, for sale in New Zealand

Baron von Hügel offers spiritual guidance in response to the sometimes distressing events of his adult niece's life.
Informal and extremely personal, the letters provide a fascinating insight into the character of this important figure in the Catholic modernist movement.
ISBN 9781573831031
christian, modernist, philosophy

VG softback
$15 C/B
Regent College Publishing 1998, 171pp.
[#4782 ]

Hinds' Feet on High Places

G worn wrappers

$5 A/A [Item# 236 CHR]

Living Books 1984 paperback, 254pp Christian inspirational allegorical fiction. ISBN 0842314334

IVANOV A.  The last commandment from Heaven before His coming unusual chanelled text from New Zealand
VG minor silverfish holes to rear wrapper, one notation correction in ink $8 A/A privately published from an Invercargill address, folded stapled sheets in buff wrapper, sub-titled 'I was in Heaven'. 42pp. Unusual account by one who was 'taken up' in a temporary rapture and shown heaven, has some weird theoires about Christ living in the sun and preparing to visit the Earth etc. [#1154 christian]
Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria


$40 C/B [CHR 4]

Griffith Farran undated (c. 1900) cloth, gilt title to spine, viii 279pp. Classic work on early Christian convert from Gnosticism useful for its account of the teachings of the Gnostics as seen by their Christian opponents. Includes Pedagogue, Stromata, Description of a Gnostic, accounts of the various Gnostic sects and teachers, and Clements views of various Christian doctrines of the second century ev. gnosticism hermeticism heresy

Swedenborg Explores the Spiritual Dimension

VG- small amount of pen underlining, Swedenborg Centre label to verso of title and a page near rear of book.

$15 C/B [CHR 22]

Swedenborg Lending Library and Enquiry Centre 1981 first Australian edition, illustrated boards, 167pp Investigation of key points of Swedenborg's mystical Christianity based on his visions of the Spirit World. ISBN 0949463043

LAW William
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life Adapted to the state and condition of all Orders of christians.

G+ creased lower board with cracked endpaper, name to fep, light foxing to endpapers.

$15 C/B [Item# 14 CHR]

Methuen 1950 seventh edition, cloth 16mo, xliv 499pp.

Brother LAWRENCE translated by E M BLAIKLOCK 
The Practice of the Presence of God
cover image of The Practice of the Presence of God, for sale in New Zealand

Conversations, letters, ways and spiritual principles of Brother Lawrence, the 17th century French monk who in his monastery kitchen discovered an overwhelming delight in God's presence.
christian, spirituality, devotional writing, mysticism

VG paperback
$5 A/A
Hodder 1992, 93pp.
[#PB1647 ]

The Screwtape Letters

A series of letters from Screwtape, a devil high in the Infernal Civil Service, to his nephew Wormwood, a junior colleague engaged in his first mission on earth trying to secure the damnation of a young man who has just become a Christian. Although the young man initially looks to be a willing victim, he changes his ways and is 'lost' to the young devil. A theological discourse.

G+ hardback with no dust jacket. Some minor foxing and boards slightly bowed.
$8 C/A
Geoffrey Bles 1952, 22nd edition, 160pp.
[#3054 ]

The Pilgrim's Regress

An allegorical work of fiction akin to Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress This third edition has a critical and explanatory preface to clarify some of the issues that resulted from unintentional obscurity and changes in the philosophical thought of the early twentieth century.

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket with some edge tears to spine
$15 C/B
Geoffrey Bles 1945, reprint of third edition, 199 pages.
[#2346 christian philosophy ]

LEWIS C.S.  The Problem of Pain VG small inscription and church library stamp to fep. $10 B/A Bles 1946 cloth, original paper title label to spine, 148pp [#635 christian]

Reflections on the Psalms
cover image of Reflections on the Psalms by C S Lewis, for sale in New Zealand

Judgement in the Psalms, The Cursings, Death in the Psalms, The fair beauty of the Lord, Sweeter than Honey, Connivance, Nature, A Word about Praising, Second Meanings, Scripture, Second Meanings in the Psalms.
christian theology devotion

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
Name to fep, dust jacket price clipped, foxed closed edges.
$45 C/B
Geoffrey Bles 1958 first edition, 151pp.
[#4360 ]

Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer
cover image of Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer, for sale in New Zealand

At the end of his life C S Lewis wrote a series of letters to "Malcolm" in which he discusses prayer as an intimate dialogue between man and God.
Discusses the practical and metaphysical aspects of prayer, such as when to pray and where.
christian theology devotion

VG hardback in G+ price clipped DW which is foxed and with 3 clean edge tears.
The book is foxed to closed edges.
$30 C/B
Geoffrey Bles 1964 first edition hardcover, 159pp.
[#223 ]

VG hardback in VG price clipped DW.
The book has a small name to the free endpaper.
$45 C/B
Geoffrey Bles 1964 first edition hardcover, 159pp.
[#4361 ]

The Four Loves

VG lacks DW

$50 C/B [RM 90]

Geoffrey Bles 1960 first edition hardcover,160pp. Tidy copy. christian theology devotion

They asked for a paper

VG VG- name m& bookseller stamp to fep, DW price clipped,and with remains of paper label at top of the DW cover panel covering 'They' in the title.

$55 C/B [RM 91]

Geoffrey Bles 1962 first edition hardcover,211pp. Tidy copy. christian theology devotion

Surprised by Joy, the Shape of My Early Life

VG rubbed spine title

$25 C/B [CHR 1]

Geoffrey Bles 1955 first edition hardcover,224pp. christian theology devotion

LEWIS C S edited Clyde S Kilby
Letters to an American Lady

VG VG ex library, DW sunned spine, a few pages nicked to top edge margin, tape stains to endpapers

$20 C/B [CHR 2]

Hodder 1969 first edition hardcover, 121pp. christian theology devotion biography

Beyond Personality, the Christian idea of God.

VG VG+name to fep, light tape rust to endpapers and DW flaps, DW very tidy.

$25 B/A [CHR 20]

Geoffrey Bles 1944 second printing hardcover, 64pp.

LINDSEY Hal  Satan is Alive and well on Planet Earth VG name to inside cover, age browned, rubbed joints $4 A/B Lakeland 1975 paperback, 255pp Christian 'perceptive commentary on modern occult practices'. ISBN 0551004363 [PB#143 xtn]

MARTZ Louis L. 
The Poetry of Meditation
cover image of The Poetry of Meditation, for sale in New Zealand

A study in English religious literature of the Seventeenth Century.
ISBN 0300001657
christianity, religious devotion, religious writing, verse, poetry

VG- softback with light surface rubbing
$15 C/C
Yale University Press 1976, xxv 375pp
[#4844 ]

The Archko Volume, or the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim & Talmuds of the Jews

VG VG- wear to DW edges, minor soiling to endpapers

$15 C/B [RM 146]

Keats 1975 cloth, 248pp. Unabridged edition reprinting 1887 edition. "These are the official documents made in these courts in the days of Jesus Christ." translated from manuscripts in Constantinople and the Vatican. Includes an interview of Joseph and Mary concerning Jesus, report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrim concerning the execution of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus, Pilate's report to Caesar of the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus, etc. ISBN 0879830670 historical jesus christ apocrypha

McCORMICK Richard A  How Brave a New World? Dilemmas in Bioethics
VG- creased and soiled wrapper $10 C/C SCM Press 1981 softcover, xiv 440pp. Author is a Jesuit Professor of Christian Ethics at Georgetown University. In depth discussion of moral and ethical considerations of modern medical practice and technology. Judaeo-Christian outlook from the author but with opposing Protestant and humanist views explored. ISBN 0334006570 [# 1200 christianity]


MERTON Thomas 
The Asian Journals of Thomas Merton
cover image of The Asian Journals of Thomas Merton , for sale in New Zealand

Father Thomas Merton's record of his fateful journey to the Orient, where his travels led him from Bangkok, through India to Ceylon, and back again to Bangkok for his scheduled talk at a conference of Asian monastic orders, where he unequivocally reaffirmed his Christian vocation.
His last journal entry was made on December 8, 1968, two days before his untimely, accidental death.
ISBN 0811205703
christian spirituality, mysticism, biography

VG- softback with light crease to cover and some page corners, faint stain to bottom edge of covers.
$15 C/C
New Directions 1975, xxix 445pp.

Merton's Palace of Nowhere
cover image of Merton's Palace of Nowhere, for sale in New Zealand

A Search for God through Awareness of the True Self.
Finley offers a guide to the difficult journey leading from an awareness of a false and illusory self to a realization of the true self.
In exploring Merton's thought, Finley offers fresh insight to a major spiritual thinker of our time, a guide to our spiritual journey and a participatory look at Merton's approach to prayer and contemplation.
Finley stayed at the Abbey of Gethsemani, where Thomas Merton lived as a contemplative, for six years and wrote this book to share what he had learned on his spiritual journey under the guidance of one of the great religious figures of our day.
ISBN 0877931593
christian, spirituality, mysticism

G+ softback, minor spots of tape stain to inside covers.
$8 C/B
Ave Maria Press 1978, 158pp.
[#4783 ]

MORE & CROSS  Anglicanism The Thought and Practice of the Church of England
'illustrated from the religious literature of the Seventeenth Century' VG- ex library with call number to spine and some stamps to prelims, title etc, bookplate to front pastedown and presentation slip pasted to fep one page has a taped tear to margin only $20 C/D S.P.C.K. 1935 first edition, cloth large 8vo, lxxvi 811pp. [# 1331 christanity]

The Cross in the New Testament
cover image of The Cross in the New Testament, for sale in New Zealand

The importance of the Atonement in the Christian faith and theology.
ISBN 0853641765
christianity, the passion, soteriology, salvation

VG softback, corners have been tape strengthened.
$10 C/C
Paternoster Press 1979, 454pp.
[#5085 ]

Outlines of Christian Doctrine

G+ rubbed spine ends, minor tape residue to backstrip at foot, bookplate removed from paste down, ex-library with stamps etc to prelims upto viii, rear hinge cracked, apart from markings a tidy copy.

$20 C/B [CHR 25]

Hodder 1899 (17th thousand) cloth, xvi 288 + 2 pp adverts. Part of the Theological Educator series. Covers the main doctrines of Christian faith.

Luther (Lancaster Pamphlets)

VG university book sale stamp to fep

$8 B/A [RM 133]

Methuen 1986 paperback 54pp, concise introduction to Martin Luther and his religious doctrines. ISBN 0416003621 protestantism

The Counter-Reformation(Lancaster Pamphlets)

VG university book sale stamp to fep

$8 B/A[RM 134]

Methuen 1984 paperback 47pp, concise introduction the Catholic response to the Protestants. ISBN 0416360602

NEWMAN Cardinal  Apologia Pro Vita Sua Everyman's Library 636
VG G+ minor spotting to some pages, DW torn at head of spine with loss of title $8 A/B Dent 1934 cloth 16mo, x 326pp + adverts. [#1486 christian]

OFFWOOD Donald  Reincarnation and Christianity Our Spiritual Heritage
VG- name stamps to first page $9 C/B Southern Lights 1987 soft cover, 156pp. A look at the doctrine of reincarnation, which the church held until CE 553. Some 'spiritualist' over tones. ISBN 0908595425 [# 1549 christian ]
Theology for a scientific Age (enlarged edition)

G+ ex library , contact sealed, stamps etc.

$8 C/C [CHR 11]

SCM Press 1993 second enlarged edition, softcover, x 438pp. Includes expansion of 1993 Gifford Lectures. 'Being and Becoming- Natural, Divine and Human.' ISBN 0334025478

Turin Shroud, in whose image?

How Leonardo da Vinci fooled history. In 1988, carbon dating of the world's most famous Christian relic revealed that it was a medieval or Renaissance forgery. Therefore it could not be Christ's burial cloth, miraculously imprinted with his image, as millions believed. The authors believe and claim to prove it was created by Leonardo. ISBN0552147826

VG paperback
$8 A/B
Corgi 2000, 383pp + plates [PB1435 christian ]

Redemption and Revelation


$15 C/C [RM 25]

Nisbet 1944 reprint cloth part of Library of Constructive Theology, xlviii 320pp I: Actuality of History II: Media of Revelation III: Fact of Redemption. Christian eschatological theology

Behold Your God
How to pray effectively, how to increase your faith
cover image of Behold Your God, How to pray effectively, how to increase your faith, by Agnes Sanford, for sale in New Zealand

Agnes Mary Sanford (1897–1982) was a significant American Christian writer who demonstrated that miracles and healing still occur.
The founder of the Inner Healing Movement.
She published her first book, The Healing Light, more than a decade prior to the recognized emergence of the Charismatic Movement which she had a foundational impact on, and it is often considered a classic in this field and is considered by some to be the movement’s main source for a practical theology of healing prayer.
She also became a significant and foundational part of the Renewal Movement in the first half of the twentieth century.
Christianity, Spiritual Healing, Prayer, Faith Healing

Good hardback in VG- dust jacket with minor edge tears and rubbing. BOOK lacks fep and has a torn page repaired with archival tape.
$10 C/B
Evesham 1961, 204pp.
[#3464 ]

Very Good hardback in Good dust jacket, edge worn with large chip from lower left near spine, endpaper removed.
$10 C/B
Arthur James 1961 reprint, 204 + 4pp adverts
[#4132 ]

Very Good hardback in Good dust jacket, edge worn with tear at head of spine, endpaper clipped.
$25 C/B
Arthur James 1974 reprint, 204 + 4pp adverts
[#4133 ]

SCHONFIELD Hugh J.  The Passover Plot New Light on the history of Jesus
VG/G+ DW some short edge tears and sunned spine $10 C/C MacDonald & Janes 1974 re-issue hardcover, 287pp Jesus the man who shaped his life and planned his crucifixion to prove he was the Messiah. ISBN 0356081338 [#1903 christian]
The Enigma of Evil

VG sunned wrappers.

$8 B/A [Item# 116 CHR]

Floris 1978 first edition in English translation. Sewn softcover wrappers, 97pp. Christian theology and the philosophy of Evil. ISBN 090354010

The Quest of the Historical Jesus,a critical study of its progress from Reimarus to Wrede

VG sunned spine

$20 C/C [RM 121]

SCM Press 1981 softcover,xxii 410pp an overview of the scholarship seeking to find the true figure of Jesus stripped of the kerygmatic and theological Christ. ISBN 334022827 christian religion jesus christ history biography

Medieval Spiritual Writers
cover image of Medieval Spiritual Writers, for sale in New Zealand

Christian mysticism, includes chapters on the Benedictines, Hermits, St Bernard, Cistercian, Hildegarde, Eckhart, Tauler, Suso, Ruysbroeck, The Cloud of Unknowing, Imitation of Christ etc.
Faith and Fact Books: 40

VG hardback with no jacket.
$10 C/A
Burns & Oates 1961, 144pp.
[#5081 ]

SPINK Peter  The Path of the Mystic Steps in a Pilgrim's Progress with seven meditational exercises suitable for use by groups and individuals
VG light cover wear $5 B/A Darton, Longman & Todd 1983 paperback 85pp. Amidst the great spiritual upheavals which Western society is now experiencing is a search for guidelines which will give a clear sense of direction in the absence of the old familiar landmarks provided by earlier authorities. This search transcends all the old barriers created by the belief patterns of previous centuries and displays an intense desire to discover and relate to objective reality. The mystical path is concerned with this reality, which operates within individuals and communities and whose name is Christ. From Christ comes the evolutionary impulse which at times of crisis within the human race indicates the direction humanity must take if it is to survive. By using meditational exercises and exploration this book aims to help the reader develop a true awareness of God within himself, an ability to relate to others through his faith, and a capacity to see meaning and purpose in the world of which we are part. ISBN 0232515638 [#614 xtn]

SPINK Peter  Spiritual Man in a New Age VG light cover wear $5 B/A Darton, Longman & Todd 1985 paperback 85pp. Many Christians today are becoming aware of a great change taking place in religious consciousness. A growing number of people are searching for 'experimental wisdom', for a transformation of the personality through a deeper and more mystic unity with God. Some believe that the answer lies in the Eastern tradition or in popular psychology. Others feel that the Church can play a major role, but has so far failed to offer proper guidance. Yet within the Church there is a movement from a state of devotionalism to interior awareness; this is evidenced by a widespread desire for training in techniques of contemplative meditation and for renewed contact with the great Christian mystics. Peter Spink argues that while we can learn much from the Christian tradition of contemplative spirituality, we need to concentrate on developing the healing power of a new consciousness of Christ and of what the New Testament calls 'the truth as it is in Jesus'. Within Jesus there was a complete allying of the human individuality with the Divine principle. In him a 'Christed' humanity was manifested, a declaration of what it is to be truly human. If we in turn can ally ourselves with this Divine principle 'in Christ', 'through Christ' and 'with Christ' we shall in a mystic sense partake of the Divine nature and know something of the experience of 'Christ in me, the hope of glory'. ISBN 0232514860 [#615 xtn]

SPINK Peter 
The End of an Age

An examination of Christian beliefs in the light of that essential unity which is now drawing together all ' the people of the way'. The Truth which 'sets men free' cannot be equated with a set of intellectual propositions, for it is that which in a given situation awakens man to reality, no more and no less. It is this understanding of the nature of spiritual reality which is basic to Peter Spink's new book 'The End of an Age'. Yet this way of hearing and seeing the truth is in no way at variance with the doctrines enshrined in the credal statements of the church, rather does it open them up to reveal their hidden treasure. 'He who has ears to hear let him hear' said Jesus to those who wanted to know the truth. The introduction to this book describes the author's own search for understanding. It began in a remote village of Northern India and led him many years later to the Island of Iona where he met a challenge which he could no longer avoid. New Age Christianity.

VG- softback
$8 C/B
Omega Trust Publications 1983 first edition, 100pp.
[#616 + 3045 ]

SPONG Bishop John Shelby   This Hebrew Lord A Bishop's Search for the Authentic Jesus
FN $15 B/A Harper Collins 1993 trade paper, 192pp ISBN 0060675209 [#516 xtn]

SPONG Bishop John Shelby   Born of a Woman A Bishop rethinks the birth of Jesus
VG name to first page $9 C/C Harper Collins 1992 first edition soft cover, 245pp ISBN 0060675292 [#2003 christian]

Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Sacred Scripture
cover image of Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Sacred Scripture for sale in New Zealand

Swedenborg's explication of the fundamental importance of the Scriptures.
"The truths of the sense of the letter of the Word are in part not naked truths, but are appearances of truth, and like similitudes and comparisons are taken from such things as are in nature; and thus are such as have been accommodated and adapted to the capacity of the simple and also of children."
Christianity, Mystical, Mysticism

VG hardback with no dust jacket, name at front.
$20 A/A
Swedenborg Society 1930, 133pp.
[#3863 ]

Heaven and its Wonders and Hell, from things heard and seen.

G+ soiled wraps, some light pencil notation.

$15 A/B [CHR 14]

Swedenborg Foundation 1936 softcovered, xvi 624pp. Small pocket size. Intense Christian mysticism from a Swedish visionary.

The Four Doctrines.

G+ soiled wraps, some light pencil notation, name to inside cover, bookseller stamp to front wrapper.

$15 C/B [CHR 15]

Swedenborg Foundation 1954 softcovered, Four books in one, various pagination. Small pocket size. Intense Christian mysticism from a Swedish visionary. The Lord, The Holy Scripture, Life, Faith.

Concerning The Last Judgement and Babylon Destroyed and a continuation concerning The Last Judgement and concerning The Spiritual World, from the Latin

VG+ VG minor rubbing or split at head of DW spine, Swedenborg Centre stamp to rear fep.

$20 C/B [CHR 23]

Swedenborg Society 1961 first thus hardcover, viii 144pp, errata slip. Spiritualist Christian Mysticism from the original Latin texts of the Eighteenth century mystic. Concerns the state of various denominations and religions as they appeared to Swedenborg when he visited the spiritual realms, and his beliefs concerning their positions in the afterlife.

Heavenly Secrets (Arcana Caelestia) volume one

G+ tidy ex library, contact sealed covers

$14 C/B [RM 84]

Swedenborg Foundation New York 1985 softcover, 540pp reprint of 1813 English translation,starts at title page which has some library notes to it, covers Genesis chapters I-VII. Metaphysical Bible interpretation. ISBN 0877850534

SWEDENBORG Emanuel  The Four Doctrines The Lord / Sacred Scripture / Life / Faith
VG $12 A/B swedenborg Foundation 1970 soft cover, 329pp. [PB# 955 christian]

THAYER Joseph Henry 
A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
cover image of A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, for sale in New Zealand

Grimm's Wilke's Clavis Novi Testamenti, translated, revised and enlarged by Thayer.
The standard work for the study of New Testament Greek.
Includes cross references to grammars, commentaries, dictionaries etc.
Five appendices.
ISBN 0310368510
greek language, biblical greek, theology

VG softback top of first page trimmed.
$35 C/D
Zondervan undated, xix 726 pages.
[#2543 ]

UNGER Merrill F. 
Demons in the World Today
A study of Occultism in the lIght of God's Word

Biblical based warnings against New Age or supernatural activities.
ISBN 0842306617
christianity, evil, occult warning

VG- softback with sunned spine, curled wrappers, aged.
$8 C/B
Tyndale House 1984, 209pp.
[CHR7 ]

VAN TIL, C. Pierre Teilhard  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution and Christ an introduction to his philsophy
VG label ghost and light soiling to cover $20 A/A Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co nd circa 1970, stapled wrappers, 44pp. Reprints work first published in the Westminster Theological Journal. [#1986 christian]

Secular Christ
cover image of Secular Christ, for sale in New Zealand

A contemporary interpretation of Jesus, in which the author attempts to free Christ from "the perversions of religion, philosophy and even ecclesiology in order to show him in his essential secularity".
Vincent has a Doctorate of Theology from Basel.
ISBN 0718814916
christian theology, religious studies, christology, 20th century

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$10 C/C
Lutterworth Press 1968 first edition, 247pp.
[#4840 ]

VINE W E   Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words four volumes in one
VG gift inscription to inside cover, otherwise unmarked $20 C/D Regency nd large heavy soft cover, 346 + 350 + 349 + 351pp. 031033781X [# 1589 christian ]

WEATHERHEAD Leslie  How Can I Find God? first edition
VG boards lightly bowed $8 A/C Hodder 1933 cloth, 288pp. Contents: Editor's Preface. Prologue. Do We Really Want to Find Him? Part I - Are We Hiding From Him? - In Refusing to Repent. In Intellectual Quest? In Service to Men? In Our Familiarity With Religion? In Misusing Religion to Evade reality? A Refusal of Right Relations With Men? Behind Other Closed Doors? Part II - How May We Find Him? - What Does Finding God Mean? Where Shall I Begin? Can't I Find God In Service to Men? Can't I Find Him in the Services and Sacraments of the Church? Can.t I Find Him in Nature? Part III - How Shall I Know I Have Found Him? Epilogue. Questionary. [# 1622 christian ]
WESTCOTT Brooke Foss
Essays in the History of Religious Thought in the West

G sunned spine, soiled boards, lacks endpapers, foxed paste downs, final page loss to bottom half not affecting text.

$15 C/C [CHR 17]

MacMillan 1891 first edition cloth, 397 (+2) pp. Includes religion in the Myths of Plato, in Aeschylus and Euripides; Dionysius the Areopagite; Origen and Christian Philosophy; Browning's view of life; Relation of Christianity to Art; Christianity as the ultimate religion; Benjamin Whichcote.

The Cross and The Switchblade
cover image of The Cross and The Switchblade for sale in New Zealand

True story of a country preacher who takes his ministry to the gang- run slums of New York.
christian, ministry, new york, gangs

VG paperback.
$5 A/A
Pyramid Books 1966, 174pp.
[PB1553 ]

The Cross and The Switchblade
Student edition
cover image of The Cross and The Switchblade for sale in New Zealand

True story of a country preacher who takes his ministry to the gang- run slums of New York.
christian, ministry, new york, gangs

VG paperback.
$5 A/A
Pyramid Books for Teen Challenge 1963, 174pp.
[PB1554 ]

WILSON Edmund  The Scrolls from the Dead Sea
VG- $6 A/A Fonatana 1957, paperback, 127pp. The Essene scrolls from Qumran [PB# 972 christian ]

The Worthington Lectures
Volume One

Being a course of study of Bible Interpretations as taught by The Students of Truth.
Worthington was a "bigamist renegade Christian Scientist" who held religious meetings in Christchurch.
His theories on Bible truths are expounded here from a seemingly Christian Science perspective.
A rare piece of New Zealand religious history.

Good hardback with endpapers missing, starts at title, paper residue to boards and paste downs, minor foxing or soiling
$95 C/C
The Students of Truth, Latimer Square Christchurch New Zealand, 1891, cloth with gilt title to cover and spine, (xi) 343 +1pp advert. [RM 81]

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