Books about pagan religions, heathen Europe and pre-christian religious practices.
Also modern revivals in heathenism, Asatru and Wicca and witchcraft groups.

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BATTEN Juliet  
Power from Within

A feminist neo-pagan guide to ritual Making, wiccan goddess worship rituals for Southern Hemisphere usage.

VG softback in stapled paper wrappers A4 size, with mildly handling soiled covers.
$20 B/A
Ishtar Books, Auckland 1988. [#2556, 3271 ]

COHN Norman  Europe's Inner Demons An Enquiry Inspired by the Great Witch-Hunt
VG small nick from spine, remainder striped $15 B/B Paladin 1975 first thus paperback, 302pp+ plates. A study of medieval heresies including the Knights Templars, witches and the witch trials, magic, sorcery and maleficium. ISBN 0586082352 [# 1321 wicca]

COMPTON Carole with Gerald Cole  Superstition The True Story of the nanny they called a Witch
VG VG $8 C/C Ebury Press 1990 first edition hard cover, 214pp. Nanny Carole Compton was arrested for arson and attempted murder and was suspected of malefica and casting the evil eye by her Italian employers. The Italian police kept her in custody for 17 months. Has good insights into the nature of superstition and the belief in magic still current in many rural European areas. ISBN 0852238029 [# 755 wicca]

ELSBETH Marguerite & JOHNSON Kenneth  The Silver Wheel, Women's Myths & Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition FN new $20 B/B Llewellyn 1996 first edition softcover, 212pp. Religion, mythology, women's mysteries and useful for wicca as well. Meditations and exercises to find the archetypal goddess within. ISBN 1567183719 [OCC 206]

FARRAR Janet and Stewart 
Spells and how they work
cover image of Spells and how they work for sale in New Zealand

The theory and practise of casting spells, and ritual magical practices.
Based on traditional and historical forms, as the Farrars learned from their Gardnerian derived Wicca.
witchcraft, wicca, occult, magic, supernatural

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$25 C/C
Robert Hale 1990 first edition, 191pp + plates.
[#3926 ]

FARRAR Janet & Stewart   The Witches' Way Principles, Rituals and Beliefs of modern Witchcraft
VG G+ Dw has short tear at head of spine, front panel of DW and book board has an indented impression $30 C/C Guild Publishing 1985 hard cover, 349pp + plates. Appendix by Doreen Valiente. [#2150 wicca]

Hereditary Witchcraft
Secrets of the Old Religion.

A complete work on Italian strega witch tradition 'drawn from family texts and oral traditions'. A wiccan book of shadows and rituals. "Looking at the "old religion" of Italy, this text presents overview of the history and lore of the "hereditary craft", showing how the Italian witches viewed nature, magick, and the occult forces. From the indigenous Mediterranean/Aegean Neolithic cult to the Inquisition, and to the present day, it dicusses where the Italian witches came from and how they survived all these centuries into the new millenium."

VG+ softback
$20 B/C
Llewellyn 2003, 252pp.
[#3250 ]

HANSEN Chadwick  Witchcraft at Salem VG $8 C/A Arrow 1988, 288pp Challenges orthodox views of the Salem witchcraft trials and ' sets out to prove that there was witchcraft at Salem, and it worked. It did real harm to its victims. It worked then as it does now in witchcraft societies...producing hysterical symptoms as a result of the victim's fears, and sometimes...even producing death.' ISBN 0099039109 [PB#139 wicca]

HEATHER and Hans HOLZER  Confessions of a Witch
G+ creased wrapper $12 A/B Star 1976 first edition paperback, 190pp. Holzer introduces and ghost writes this biography of an American wiccan from the late 1960s and early 1970s. ISBN 0352398434 [PB# 927 wicca]

HOPE Murry   The Ancient Wisdom of the Celts
VG- one small chip bottom edge of one page in the index $15 C/B Thorsons 1998 soft cover, 256pp. Celtic religion and magic, Druids, Taliesin, tree magic, Celtic gods and Goddesses, Sacred Celtic calendar ISBN 0722535864 [#2031 pagan]

HUGHES Pennethorne   Witchcraft
Covers witchcraft ancient and medieval

VG $8 A/B Penguin Pelican 1967 paperback, 236pp + plates.[PB1411 wicca witchcraft ]

JONES Noragh  Power of Raven, Wisdom of Serpent (Celtic Women) VG+ spine lightly sunned $20 C/B Floris Books 1995 softcover 238pp the oral culture of the Highlands and islands of Scotland, the lore of the crofters and Canadian migrants, christian addition have crept in but the underlying vitality of the Pagan faith is unmistakable in these 'runes' (rhymes ) and prayers. based on early twentieth century fieldwork. This volume describes the rhythms of work, living and dying for the womenfolk of the highlands and islands, as part of the Celtic spiritual tradition. Celtic Women's Spirituality. ISBN 0863151868 [RM 58]

Witchcraft, the Old Religion

A modern witch of Sicilian descent, Martello covers modern Wicca and traditional witchcraft with chapters on Leland, Murray and G B Gardner; Sicilian witchcraft; interviews with a Welsh traditionalist and Gardnerian high priest; Mother Shipton and a reading list. Martello was a flamboyant and forceful personality in the New York occult movement.
Most books written on Witchcraft are by non-witches. They discuss Witchcraft not as it really is but as it has been defined by the Catholic and other Christian Churches. Many are blatantly deceptive or totally ignorant of the truth. Dr. Leo Louis Martello writes about the roots of the Old Religion as practiced today by witches of many different traditions. He shows the differences between true Witches, Old Religionists, Pop Witches, Christian-defined Witches and Satanists.
Witchcraft, or the Old Religion, is probably the only one that has not discriminated against women. In many branches the Goddess is superior to the male God, in others they are equal.
Dr. Martello is an initiated Witch and elder in three other witch traditions besides his own. His views as both theorist and activist have often been controversial. He is founder of the Witches Liberation Movement, director of WICA (Witches International Craft Associates) and the Witches Anti-Defamation League.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket with light rubbing to edges.
$45 C/C
University Books undated (mid 1970s) first edition, 287pp. [#2890 occult, wicca ]

McLELLAND Lilith  The Salem Witches Book of Love Spells Ancient Spells from Modern Witches
VG light edge wear $15 B/B Citadel Press 1999 softcover, 152pp. Wicca / Witchcraft spells and charms, mainly to do with relationships and love, includes runic charms. ISBN 0806520205 [Item# 440 OCC]

MEADOWS Kenneth 
The Medicine Way
A shamanic path to self-mastery

How to live the teachings of the Native American medicine wheel.
To the North American Indian, medicine meant more than just a substance to restore health and vitality to a sick body. Medicine was energy - a vital force and source of knowledge that was inherent in nature itself. This book introduces the practical workings of this means of self-development, which aims to help the reader: realize the true wonder of nature and their place within it; find the way consciously to shape their own destiny; and learn how to enjoy the present moment and find fulfilment in life. It also contains information on the origins of important traditional teachings, including insights into symbolism and meaning of the Crystal Skulls.

VG- softback with minor curling of lamination at edges
$15 B/C
Element 1998, 228pp.
[#3232 ]

Wolf Medicine
A Native American Shamanic Journey into the Mind.

Embark on a journey of the spirit, a shamanic journey to explore the spiritual experiences of the mind. Here a respected Native American Shaman takes you to the North section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel, in which resides the brain/mind and the path of the soul. As you open up your mind and explore the feelings of the heart, you will understand the lessons of Trust, Limits, Expectations, Failure, Listening, Forgiveness, and Inner Peace, and encounter spirit guides and animal totems. You will learn which medicines to use, explore the teachings of marriage and of soul retrieval, and walk on the Rainbow path to make a total connection with Great Spirit's will for your life. By absorbing this information, making your own sacred tools, and carrying out the ceremonies outlined here, you will find yourself uplifted, enlightened, and enriched, having reached a new state of personal harmony--because when you understand your mind, you understand your spirit.

VG softback
$25 C/B
Sterling Publishing Co. 2001, 192pp.
[#3233 ]

OSBORN Marijane & LONGLAND Stella 
Rune Games
cover image of Rune Games for sale in New Zealand

A work of contemplative investigation into the Anglo Saxon Runes, including the Fourth Aett.
Covering many aspects of runelore, from divination to self-realisation.
Draws non-European philosophies into the discussion (Kabbala,Greek) but still focused on the heathen sources including Havamal.
Illustrated by Steven Longland.
runes, runic, anglo saxon, rune poem, divination, viking, norse culture, metaphysics, magic, pagan

VG- softback with sewn signatures, minor wear, spine browned, scattered spotting of foxing to closed edges.
$35 C/C
Routledge 1982 first edition and first printing, 299pp.
[#4129 ]

PENCZAK Christopher   The Witch's Shield Protection Magick and Self-Defense (LACKS CD)
G ex-library, laminated with labels etc, is missing the CD $5 C/C llewellyn 2004 soft cover 203pp. ISBN 073870542X [#1997 wicca]

ROSEN Barbara editor  Witchcraft Stratford-Upon-Avon Library 6
G/ VG ex-library, stamps, hinges weak, DW light edge wear, tape rust to reverse side, but tidy. $35 C/C Edward Arnold 1969 hard cover, xii 407pp, some illustrations. The present volume is concerned with manifestations of witchcraft in Elizabethan and Jacobean England. Pamphlets, reports, accounts of trials and other material describing the experience, interpretation and punishment of witchcraft have been collected and arranged in sequence. The work is a considerable contribution to a subject which has been by no means fully explored or understood. In her introduction, Barbara Rosen describes the wide range of factors contributing to the curious events and beliefs which have been termed 'witchcraft'. Her diagnoses of the causes, which include considerations of medical ignorance, environmental, social and political pressures, response to religion and psychological disorders, are suggested in close context with informative descriptions of the exact forms which the practices of witchcraft took and in connection with the court proceedings which tended to define them. The selection of pamphlets reprinted covers a broad variety of the different aspects of witchcraft. Poor and hurried writing, reported dialect and bad printing tend to make the original text unattractive and difficult to read: it has therefore been modernised in certain respects to make the reading as clear as possible. However the book retains its value for scholars: omissions are detailed in the notes and additions marked; obsolete words and grammar have been retained and are referred to in the glossary. ISBN 0713154721 [#618 wicca]

SERITH Ceisiwr 
The Pagan Family
Handing the Old Ways Down.

Provides general advice for Pagans who wish to celebrate their religion as a family. The construction of rituals, as well as ritual guidelines for weddings, births, birthdays, seasonal celebrations, lunar phases, coming of age, divorce and death. Suggestions for the creation of the sacred home (including blessings and household shrines); activities for children such as meditations, mask and rattle making, drumming and storytelling; suggested prayers for throughout the day; tips for teaching children about paganism. References and resources for further information are included in the appendices.

VG softback with shop stamp and name at front .
$25 C/C
Llewellyn 1994 second impression, xiv 241pp.
[#3201 ]

SJOO Monica and Barbara MOR 
The Great Cosmic Mother
Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Classic exploration of the Goddess through time and the world, of interest to wiccans and neo pagans reasserting the Feminine in their spiritual life. Posits universal prehistoric matriarchy.

VG softback, name to first page.
$20 C/C
Harper Collins 1991, new edition with introduction and colour art. 501pp + plates.
[#3221 ]

STARHAWK (Miriam Simos) 
Truth or Dare
Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery

Women's rituals and myths for feminists and wiccans. Exploring the Goddess through myth and performance, by the author of The Spiral Dance. Includes writings and rituals for solo and group workings. Suitable for Wiccan covens and Neo-Pagans. Also includes visualisations.

VG softback, name at front.
$12 C/C
Harper & Row 1990 softcover, xiii 370pp. [#2889 ]

VG softback.
$12 C/C
Harper & Row 1990 softcover, xiii 370pp. [#3218 ]

STARKEY Marion L.  The Devil in Massachusetts A modern enquiry into the Salem Witch Trials
G cover wear, name to first page, some pages detached but present, $9 C/B Doubleday 1969 paperback, 310pp The reign of terror that swept Salem Village in 1692 is still the most celebrated of all witch hunts. It was a tragedy of individuals, which underlined as sharply as has any event in history the power of self-righteousness, fantasy, and fear to turn decent people into fanatical persecutors. The accused were diverse personalities- a well-respected grandmother and an honest, skeptical farmer, as well as a pipe-smoking female tramp. One by one they were sent to the gallows by a pack of unbalanced young girls and a stiff-necked little Puritan community inflamed by the girls' "testimony." Born in the state that once countenanced these atrocities, Marion L. Starkey first published her deeply moving The Devil in Massachusetts in 1949. An authentic historical narrative, it takes its dialogue from the actual trial records but applies modern psychiatric knowledge to the witchcraft hysteria. At the same time the author's unerring sense of drama succeeds in creating the pity and the terror so necessary to an understanding of man's capacity for evil and for suffering. [PB#138 wicca]

Faery Wicca
Book one; Theory and Magick: A book of Shadows and Light.

The Ancient Oral Faery tradition of Ireland, Celtic Wicca, mythology and shamanism. Divided into sections on Celtic metaphysical theory, Magickal enchantments, Appendices and Guided visualisations and Rituals.

$20 B/C
Llewellyn 1994, xix 310pp.
[#3213 ]

STONE Merlin  Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, Volume 1 Our Goddess and Heroine Heritage
VG VG DW slightly rubbed $10 C/B New Sibylline Books 1980 second printing. Softcover with DW, 212pp. ISBN 096033520X [# 1760 wicca]

WOMBWELL Felicity 
The Goddess Changes
A personal guide to working with the Goddess

A book of womens spirituality for wiccans and goddess worshippers.

VG softback with slightly sunned spine.
$20 C/B
Mandala 1991, 175pp.
[#3036 ]

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