Books on all divinatory practices such as cartomancy, scrying, reading omens and portents.
Astrology, Yi King, palmistry, tea leaf reading etc.

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ATKINSON William Walker 
Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing

A Course of Lessons...
G+ some doodling to front cover, and addresses written on rear cover $15 A/ $5 internationally Yogi Publication Society undated, reprints 1908 original, soft cover, 93pp [# 1322 divination]

The Magical Language of Runes

VG softback with sunned spine. $15 B/B
Bear & Co 1990, 188pp.
"Anyone interested in runes, in external approaches to unlocking inner guidance, in exploring the interconnectedness between symbology and intuition, or in developing their own psychic ability, will find P.M.H. Atwater's The Magical Language of Runes must reading!
This book examines everything from the potential uses of runes and the proper precautions and procedures for utilizing psychic guidance, to a dozen sample casts and approaches to their interpretation.
Those familiar with runes, as well as the complete novice, will find Atwater's material an informative step-by-step guidebook and reference manual" Kevin Todeschi, manager of educational development, Association for Research and Enlightenment.
'P.M.H. Atwater does a splendid job of placing runes in their proper historical-spiritual context and of emphasizing that the powers lie not in the stones but in our own inner wisdom' Brad Steiger, author of Exploring the Power Within, Discover Your Past Lives, and Gods of Aquarius.
"This work should be of interest to all who feel themselves drawn to the power of the runes, the mysteries of the self and the world. Ancient Teutonic myth relates that the God Odin 'took up; or discovered, the runes in an initiatory paradigm which involved self-sacrifice and a near-death experience. P.M.H. Atwater's own awakening to mysterious powers under similar near-death conditions makes me stop and listen to what the work conveys. This is destined to become a classic of the new free-form, non-tradifionalist, runic school' Edred Thorsson, Yrmin-Drighten of the Rune-Gild, author of Futhark, Runelore, and At the Well of the Wyrd.
ISBN 093968070X [# 409 divin]

CHEIRO (Louis Hamon) 
Cheiro's When were you born?

Prognosis from the month of birth, includes zodiacal sign, friendship, health colours and stones suited. Your Character Told,Your Tendencies Explained,Your Future Indicated,Your Marriage Patner Selected From Your Date Of Birth. With Engravings Illustrating Life's Mysterious Triangles.

VG hardback in G dustjacket with browned backstrip with tail missing, unclipped, rubbed edges. Book has minor pencil to fep, amazingly the blank pages where the reader was to write notes are clean and unused, one page at rear has small nick from fore edge.
$25 C/B
Jenkins 1954 hardcover, 127pp [#2827 divination, astrology, sun sign ]

CHEIRO ( Louis Hamon )   Palmistry For All containing new information on the study of the hand never before published
VG- G+ pictorial boards lightly rubbed, closed edges dust soiled and lightly foxed, DW has chipping to edges with some loss to corners and head of spine, dust soiled $20 C/B Herbert Jenkins undated 12th printing, 187pp + 4pp adverts. Illustrated port. frontis. + in line [# 1343 divination]

CHEIRO ( Louis Hamon )   Cheiro's Guide to the Hand
VG VG- pictorial cloth, closed edges faintly foxed, DW has edge and corner rubbing with short splits and minor chipping, spine are reinforced on reverse with pasted paper, hole punched spine to remove publisher price $25 C/B Herbert Jenkins undated but the DW seems to infer Cheiro is still alive at the time and this would place the book before 1936. 123pp + plates, illustrations in text. [# 1344 divination]

CHEIRO a.k.a. Louis Hamon 
Cheiro's Language of the Hand

A complete practical work on the sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy containing the system and experience of Cheiro.
Palmistry for personality reading and prediction / divination by the world's most famous proponent.

G+ hardback with small water stain bottom corner of upper board and base of spine, closed top edge discoloured
$20 C/C
Herbert Jenkins 1955 (31st edition) decorated hardcover, 224pp + plates and frontis portrait.
[#3239 ]

CONFUCIUS translated and edited by Alfred HUANG 
The Complete I Ching

The definitive translation, into modern English, of the I Ching/ Yi Jiang, the Chinese Taoist classic work of philosophy and divination.
Includes the name, description, and pictogram of each hexagram.
Different divination techniques described.

VG softback, with a very few minor pencil notes to margins.
$25 C/C
Inner Traditions 2010, 541pp. [#2697 divination ]

COOPER Helen & Peter 
Or the Art of Phrenology.

Illustrated throughout. Sewn binding. Character as discerned from the physiognomy of the skull.

G+ softback, minor watermark at bottom edge of rear few pages.
$10 B/B
London Phrenology Company 1983 first edition, 107pp.
[#3251 ]

DIXON Jeane as told to Rene Noorbergen 
My Life and Prophecies
cover image of Jeane Dixon My Life and Prophecies

A biography of one of the 20th century's most well known psychics. Her predictions regarding US politics brought her to prominence.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket.
$20 C/B
Frederick Muller 1971 first UK edition, 224pp.
[#3334 ]

DOUGLAS Alfred  The Oracle of Change How to consult the I Ching
VG $7 A/B Penguin 1977 paperback 239pp. Chinese divination practice. Lot casting and interpretation. Y King. ISBN 0140033971 [PB# 47 occ]

GATTEY Charles Neilson 
They Saw Tomorrow, Seers and Sorcerers from Delphi to today.

Includes Nostradamus, John Dee, Brahan Seer, Cagliostro, Mlle Lenormand, Cheiro, Krafft (Hitler's Astrologer) and bibliographies for each.

VG paperback with rubbed spine.
$7 A/A
Panther Granada 1980 paperback, 289pp. [PB1402 ]

Romance on your hands
Palmistry for lovers.

This book presents insights from palmistry showing how to analyze and compare the features of your hand and those of a lover, spouse or would-be partner. Detailed chapters on the shape of your hand and fingers and the major and minor lines, end with compatibility profiles that compare you to your partner. For example, the reader may find out how faithful their partner will be and whether he or she will be a good marriage partner. This enables the reader to rate their potential for love and compatibility.

VG softback, bookseller stamp inside cover.
$15 B/C
Llewellyn 1994 first edition, xxix 171pp.
[#3215 ]

KWOK Man Ho, Martin PALMER, Joanne O'Brien  
Lines of Destiny, How to read faces and hands- the Chinese Way.

Reading personality from the physiognomy of the hands and face, based upon ancient Chinese texts.
Chinese phrenology and palmistry.
ISBN 0712612041

VG softback with name to inside cover.
$15 C/B
Rider 1986, 190pp. [#2457 ]

KAY Tom  When the Comet Runs Prophecies for the New Millenium
VG name blacked out to first page. $8 C/B Hampton Roads 1997 trade paper, 239pp Investigates the prophecies of Nostradamus, Hildegard of Bingen, Edgar Cayce, MAry Summer Rain, Abd-Ru-Shin, Mother Shipton, and others and how they relate to the 'end-time' star, a comet, which the author equates with the Hale-Bopp comet. ISBN 1571740597 [#608 occult]

LEEK Sybil 

Famous British witch gives her insight into the meanings of dreams.

VG- hardback with VG- price clipped dust jacket, name to fep.
The book is perfect hardbound with glued pages not sewn and is separating a bit at the middle.
$25 C/B
WH Allen 1976 first edition, 200pp [#2844 ]

LEGGE James edited by VAN OVER Raymond
I CHING ( Y King)

VG light wear $8 C/B [Item# 429 OCC] Mentor 1971 paperback, 444pp. New edition of Legge's translation of the I Ching. Includes Legge's notes to the hexagrams. Chinese yarrow stick divination.

LEGGE James edited by Ch'u Chai & Winberg Chai
I CHING Book of Changes edited and with study guide. ( Y King)

G+ cover wear and light foxing taped heel of spine .$8 C/B [Item# 430 OCC] Bantam 1969 paperback,ci + 448pp. New edition of Legge's translation of the I Ching. Includes Legge's notes to the hexagrams. Chinese yarrow stick divination.

MACKENZIE Alexander with foreword, commentary and conclusion by Elizabeth SUTHERLAND 
The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer
Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche

An account of the life and prophecies of a seer with the Second-sight from the north east of Scotland in the Seventeenth century. These prophecies were first recorded from the Gaelic oral tradition in 1877. Now reissued with additional material.

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with small tear at base of spine and lower front corner, some creasing to corners.
$20 C/C
Constable 1977 first thus edition, 152pp + plates, map endpapers.
[#3033 ]

PARACELSUS Theophrastus with Introduction by Eliphas Levi.  
The Prophecies of Paracelsus

Woodcut engravings of allegorical meaning illustrate prophecies by Paracelsus.
Tthese prophecies were first published in 1530 and fell into oblivion until rescued by a Kabbalist and Magician Eliphas Levi.
ISBN 009120261

VG softback with sunned spine, name blacked out to endpaper, bookseller label inside cover
$20 C/A
Rider 1974,115pp [#2466 divination,prophecy, medieval ]

POLLACK Jack Harrison  
Croiset the Clairvoyant

A famous Dutch clairvoyant working under the guidance of a Professor of Para-Psychology for European and American police forces.

VG hardback with VG- dust jacket.
Small edge tear top of cover, light edgewear
$10 C/C
Quality Book Club 1965, 200 pages. [#2531 ]

RAMER Jesse E. 
Whats next - whats needed.
cover image of Whats next - whats needed, for sale in New Zealand

This unusual book predicts Armageddon in 1968...obviously incorrect!
Treats of many different theories of prophecy including psychometry, numerology, astrology, theology, divination and biblical prophecy.
He gives many prophecies for the late 1960s many based on astrological readings.
pyramids, gizeh, zodiac, bible

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket.
some wear and closed edge tears 6 line inscription to free end paper.
$10 C/B
Carlton Press 1962 First Edition, 139pp.
[#4285 ]

The Seer of Kintail
Coinneach Odhar

An historical novel based on the legendary Scottish Seer of Kintail, known as Kenneth MacKenzie or the Brahan Seer.

G+ paperback
$7 A/B
Arrow 1976 paperback, 223pp.
[PB1522 ]

WARD James  Dreams & Omens Foulsham's New Popular Handbooks
VG small split at tail, light age browning to pages $10 B/A Foulsham nd stapled sheets in paper wrapper, 95pp. Dream and omen interpretation as well as tea-leaf reading. [# 672 occult]

WILHELM Richard  
I Ching, or book of changes

English translation by C F Baynes from Wilhelm's German, foreword by C G Jung, classic work on Chinese Confucian oracle for use in divination and self development

VG hardback with a VG dust jacket with minor sunfading to red titling
$30 C/C
RKP 1977, lxii + 740 pages ISBN071001581X [#2653 divination ]

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