Books about tarot cards and card divination,
from parlour reading to the kabalistic philosophy behind modern occult tarot pathworking.
When available vintage decks will be listed.

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CASE Paul Foster 
The Tarot a Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

This work mainly focuses on the kabbalistic / occult symbology of the Trump Cards, as taught by the Builders Of The Adytum.
BOTA, tarot, occult, builders of the adytum, divination

VG hardback in G+ rubbed dust jacket, chipped to edges. Name to endpaper, and a few pages of tidy pencil underlining. Tiphareth on the Tree of life diagram at the rear is neatly painted yellow.
$30 C/B
Macoy 1975, 214pp.
[OCC 124 ]

CICERO Chic and S. Tabatha 
Guide to the Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot
cover image of Guide to the Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot for sale in New Zealand

A guidebook for the only deck specifically designed for Enochian ritual work, including angelic invocations, evocations, and talismanic magic.
This is the guidebook only, NO TAROT CARDS PRESENT
The Enochian Watchtower Tarot has four suits of 22 cards with symbolic Enochian information.
The reverse sides have the Western Tattvas Tarot, based on the Eastern tradition used by the Golden Dawn where the elements are associated with simple geometric shapes.
Chic and Tabatha Cicero are Chief Adepts of the Golden Dawn as re-established by Israel Regardie.
divination, tarot, G:D:, dee, enochian

VG softback, publisher's lamination is wrinkling at edges
$95 C/C
Llewellyn 2004 stated first edition first printing, 418pp.
[#2160 ]

EASON Cassandra   Cassandra Eason's Complete Book of Tarot

Everything you need to know; spreads, analysis, divination.
This provides an overview of the Tarot, from its history and development, to basic and more advanced techniques.
It explores the link between Tarot and other arts, such as numerology and astrology, as well as providing a guide to different Tarot packs, and how to use the skills professionally.
ISBN 074992019X

VG softback with sewn binding
$25 B/C
Piatkus 1999, 250pp. [#5107 ]

FREER Jean   The New Feminist Tarot
VG $10 B/B Aquarian 1987 revised and expanded softcover, 128pp. Feminist interpretation of the Tarot, the author was initiated into wicca by Z Budapest. ISBN 0850305632 [#2204]

GREER Mary K   Tarot Mirrors
Reflections of personal meaning.

Incorporates teachings from Papus and the entity Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts.
Also Seven Rays and kabalistic teachings combined into her system of spreads.
ISBN 087877131X

VG softcover
$25 B/C
Newcastle Publishing 1988 first edition 4to, xvi 206pp. [#5087 ]

HOELLER, Stephen A. 
The Royal Road

A Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot

G+ softback with sunned spine.
$15 C/B
Quest Theosophical 1975, xx 119pp.
[#3231 ]

PAPUS (Gerard Encausse) edited Arthur Edward Waite 
The Tarot of the Bohemians
cover image of  The Tarot of the Bohemians  for sale in New Zealand

The Absolute Key to Occult Science
History and symbology of the Tarot including kabbalistic attributions.
Facsimile reprinting of the third revised edition of A E Waite's translation.
occult, rosicrucian, initiated

VG- softback with rubbed wrappers, Helios Book Service label to fep, soiled closed edges.
$25 C/C
Wilshire Book Company 1973 softcover, xxv 355pp
[#4043 ]

PEACH Emily   The Tarot Workbook

Understanding and using Tarot Symbolism.
In two parts; The Tarot as Divinatory tool, and The Tarot and the Tree (of Life/ kabbalah).
Includes blank squares in card descriptions to fill in own design for cards if needed.
A user friendly manual.
ISBN 0850303907

VG- softcover, rubbed to edges
$25 B/C
Aquarian 1984 first edition 4to, 256pp. [#5088]

PLATT Charles 
Card Fortune Telling
cover image of Card Fortune Telling, for sale in New Zealand

A Lucid Treatise Dealing with all the Popular and more Abstruse Methods.
Divination with playing cards and includes English methods of Telling, Napoleon's Method and Tarot divination.

G+ hardback in mottled red cloth with faint water stain to bottom edges, some spotting to closed edges.
No dust jacket.
$15 C/B
Foulsham undated (1960s) 155pp + 5pp adverts.
[#4765 ]

SCHUELER Gerald & Betty 
The Enochian Tarot

A complete course in using the Tarot for divination and spirituality written by two of the most prolific writers on the Enochian system.
Includes three separate courses for learning how to use the cards, a beginner's two-week training program, four-week advanced program, and the Master of Tarot course.
These training programs outline what you need to practice and learn in order to give excellent Enochian Tarot readings, with details in the rest of the book.
Includes a history of both the Tarot and the Enochian magickal system.
The spiritual and divinatory meaning of each card is given, as well as ten spreads you can use.
Unique to this book are exact instructions on how to become a professional Tarot reader.
This is the guidebook only, NO TAROT CARDS PRESENT

VG- softback with minor handling wear.
$30 C/B
Llewellyn 1989 stated FIRST EDITION First Printing, 334pp.
[#3028 ]

The Tarot, A Guide to Reading Your Own Cards

For centuries, Tarot cards have offered mankind a helpful source of divine inspiration.
Now, this new guide to card reading provides a personalized approach for your own life and times.
Whether a new or experienced card reader, this practical handbook sheds new light on traditional readings of any Tarot deck.
It will direct you toward positive goals and will lead you on the path to true enlightenment.
ISBN 0425112632

VG paperback, rubbed joints, name and address to first page.
$35 A/A
Berkley 1988 paperback, 140pp.
[PB1753 ]

cover image of The Tarot, A Guide to Reading Your Own Cards, by Nancy Shavick, for sale in New Zealand

New Age Tarot
Guide to the Thoth Deck

Includes 22 essays on different ways of using the cards, 28 original layouts for readings, and complete interpretations and illustrations of all 78 cards.
This work uses the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot as its focus and includes explanations of Crowley's esoteric correspondence: Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy and Kabbalah.

VG softback, spine slightly sunned.
$20 B/B
Merrill-West 1987, 164pp.
[#3209 ]

Tarotmania, The Definitive Guide to the Tarot

A guide on Divination using the Tarot. Includes in depth discussion of Tarot spreads and how to interpet them.

VG softback, name at front.
$8 A/B
Sphere Books 1981, 223pp.
[PB1494 ]

VG softback, name at front.
$8 A/B
Optima 1994, 223pp.
[PB1695 ]

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