Books about the history of the ancient world before the Tenth Century C.E., and relating to mythical themes, in religion and folk lore, including traditional fairy tales.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

The Chosen People

A Study Of Jewish History from the Exile Until the Revolt Of Bar Kocheba. Claims Jews are derived from a mix of races in Palestine and not the tribes of Moses and Abraham's time. Includes more material on the Mushroom cult. ISBN0586038590

G used paperback
$8 A/A
Panther 1971, 301pp. [PB1431 ancient history]

ANDERSEN Hans Christian & HOLMES 
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
cover image of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Holmes for sale in New Zealand cover image of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Holmes for sale in New Zealand cover image of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Holmes for sale in New Zealand cover image of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Holmes for sale in New Zealand cover image of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Holmes for sale in New Zealand

Juvenile retelling of Andersens tales with illustrations.
Illustrated Childrens Fairy Tales Hans Christian Andersen 1950s

VG- hardback in G+ dust jacket
Red cloth spine, pictorial papered boards
Gift inscription to fep, jacket clipped with chipping and loss to tail of spine, closed tears etc.
Corners of book boards rubbed back to the card, small red paint splash at head, still tidy copy
$20 B/C
Collins, London, undated but about 1950s.
144pp + colour plates, line illustrations in text.
[#4119 ]

Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales

illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard

VG- hardback, cloth slightly faded in VG unclipped dust jacket
$25 C/C
OUP 1961 first thus cloth, 327pp + plates. Line illustrations within the text. [#1876 fairy tales]

Atlas of Ancient & Classical Geography

Maps of the various nations and empires of antiquity.

G spine faded, split joints, private library markings to end papers, internally VG but may need rebind to tidy up
$8 C/C
Dent Everyman 1910 16mo cloth, x pp+ xxvii coloured folding maps + 90 pp index. [# 732 anct hst]


ASHE Geoffrey editor  
The Quest for Arthur's Britain

The story of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is the chief myth of Britain. But is it something more than myth? Most scholars now regard Arthur's reality as probable and accept 'Arthurian Britain' as a meaningful historical term. Solid facts have emerged through the recent work of archaeologists. The Quest for Arthur's Britain examines the historical foundations of the Arthurian tradition, and then, in five archaeological chapters, presents the results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury and less-known places. An outline of Arthurian Britain takes shape, and several fascinating questions emerge. For example, were the Dark Ages in Britain a transitory, unimportant period? Or did the Celtic resistance against the Anglo-Saxons - a resistance identified with Arthur- have a profound effect on the development of the British Isles? A collection of peices on Arthurian research, literary and archeological.

VG softback
$10 C/B
Paladin 1975 paperback, 238pp+ plates. [#2680]

VG softback
$10 C/B
Paladin 1977 paperback, 238pp+ plates. [#621, 3220 ]

Geoffrey of MONMOUTH translated Lewis THORPE
The History of the Kings of Britain

VG- bookseller stamp and name to first page, stamp to closed fore edge, some bookworming to page margins.

$8 C/B [Item# 232 ANCLT]

Penguin Classics 1984 paperback,373pp. Ancient British historical literature from the founding of Britain by Brutus the Trojan, Roman and Saxon invasions, much on Arthur and Merlin, includes The Prophecies of Merlin. Ceases with the crowning of Athelstan. ISBN 0140441700

Gawain: Knight of the Goddess
Restoring an Archetype
cover image of Gawain: Knight of the Goddess: Restoring an Archetype for sale in New Zealand

Gawain was once the most important knight at Arthur's court, a shining example of all that was best in chivalry at the time.
But as the popularity of the Arthurian romances grew the character of Gawain diminished, leaving him represented as a villain rather than as Champion of the Goddess.
This result of more than 20 years research into Arthurian and Celtic texts presents a unique view of the mythology of Britain, and the historical changes over a period of many hundreds of years in the religious and mystical traditions of the British.
celtic, british, arthurian, myth, Matter of Britain, grail, grail quest, goddess

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$30 C/C
The Aquarian Press 1990 first edition, 208pp

The Grail: Quest for the Eternal
Art and Imagination series
cover image of The Grail: Quest for the Eternal

Profusely illustrated account of the Grail legend and myth throughout history. Covers the exoteric and esoteric doctrines, the theme in literature and it's relation to Alchemy and Celtic myth.

VG softback, name blacked out to title page.
$15 B/C
Thames and Hudson 1999, 96pp.
[#3315 ]

TROYES Chretien de trsl D D R Owen
Arthurian Romances (including Perceval)

G archival taped spine, light staining to prelims, worn wraps

$9 C/B [RM 65]

Dent Everymans 1988 paperback xxvi 526pp includes introduction, bibliography, glossary. ISBN 0460116983 grail king arthur celtic myth romance

ASHE Geoffrey  
The Virgin, The Myth and Cult of Mary

Behind the haloed and pure figure of the Holy Mother of God in Christian theology lies an altogether more pagan goddess, an Eternal Woman. In conflict with the Immaculate Virginity is a Queen of Heaven, an Earth Mother and a Symbol of Fertility. For many Catholic and non-Catholic Christians the deity to whom they plead for intercession is Mary and not the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Is this because, asks Geoffrey Ashe, Mary is no less than a reappearance of that earliest of all supernatural beings- the Earth Goddess? The New Testament provides remarkably little information about Mary - how did the Immaculate Conception really take place, did Mary have a sexual relationship with Joseph, why did Mary never see the Risen Christ, when and how did she die, how many Marys in fact were there ? The beliefs of the Church seem to have sprung up despite the biblical evidence and separate again are the traditions of Mary-worship that have evolved all over the Mediterranean and beyond. The myth and cult of Mary leads not only to a redefinition of fundamental religious impulse but to a reappraisal of femininity itself. ISBN0586082697

VG softback
$14 C/B
Paladin 1976 paperback 268pp + plates. [#620 anc hst]

ATLANTIS and Lost Civilisations

Atlantis Destroyed
cover image of Atlantis Destroyed for sale in New Zealand

Is the account given by Plato historically true?
Castleden first considers the location of Atlantis, re-examining two suggestions put forward in the early twentieth century; Minoan Crete and Minoan Thera.
He outlines the latest research findings on Knossos and Bronze Age Thera, discussing the material culture, trade empire and agricultural system, writing and wall paintings, art, religion and society of the Minoan civilization.
He demonstrates the many parallels between Plato's narrative and the Minoan Civilization in the Aegean.
Castleden discusses how the recent idea of Atlantis as a lost utopia has become confused with Plato's genuine account.
ancient history, atlantean, utopia, earth changes, lost civilisations, classical studies, mediterranean

VG softback
$20 C/B
Routledge 2001 first softcover edition, 225pp.
[4176# ]

CHILDRESS David Hatcher 
Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean.
cover image of Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean for sale in New Zealand

An investigation of the ancient and sometimes legendary civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean as well as Atlantis etc, with some way-out excursions into strange places!
Mu, Lemuria, Europa, Aryan Prehistory, Ancient Mysteries, Grail, Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilisations

VG softback (sewn binding)
$25 C/C
Adventures Unlimited Press 1996 First Edition, 488pp.
[#4177 ]

De CAMP, L.Sprague & Catherine  Citadels of Mystery Unsolved Puzzles of archaeology.
Atlantis, Stonehenge, Tintagel and More
G+ lightly soiled $6 A/B Fontana paperback 292pp+ plates. Also Pyramid Hill, Troy, Ma'rib, Zimbabwe and King Solomons Mines, Angkor, Tikal, Machu Picchu, Nan Matol and Rapa Nui [PB# 512 ancient history]

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

Here you will find in depth research and documentaion to support the bloodline of Jesus thesis. Priory of Sion, Knights Templar etc. ISBN0224017357

VG hardback but lacks dust jacket.
$8 C/C
Cape 1982 reprint, hard cover. [#2169 ancient history]

BROOKE Christopher 
The Saxon and Norman Kings

Includes some details of Saxon kingly genealogy and William the Conqueror's heirs. ISBN0006329489

VG paperback
$8 A/B
Fontana 1973, 224pp + plates. [PB# 731 ancient history]

BUDGE E. A. Wallis 
An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Reading Book for Beginners
cover image of An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Reading Book for Beginners

Twenty Egyptian texts dating from circa 2400 BCE to 250 BCE on historical, religious, funereal, and other topics printed in hieroglyphics together with transliterations and a complete vocabulary. Includes full English translations of 8 of the texts.
ancient egypt, hieroglyphs, texts

G+ softback, has crease to the front cover.
$20 C/C
Dover 1993, liv 593pp.
[#3547 ]

CAESAR Caius Julius translated Rex Warner 
War Commentaries of Caesar

Complete war diaries of Caesar. Gallic Wars and the Civil War.

VG- paperback with light reading crease to spine, aged.
$9 A/B
Mentor MD280 1960 first edition thus paperback, edges dyed red by publisher, 335pp. [Item# 188 HST]

CAESAR translated by S A Handford 
The Conquest of Gaul

Ancient Roman history of the conquest of Gaul by Caesar.

G+ paperback, spine light wear, minor stain to lower corner of some pages.
$5 A/B
Penguin 1951 first edition paperback, 283pp. [Item# 333 ANCLT]

CAESAR translated by S A Handford revised edition by Jane F Gardner 
The Conquest of Gaul

Ancient Roman history of the conquest of Gaul by Caesar. ISBN0140444335

Good only paperback with damped bottom corner of some pages, name to fep and top edge.
$4 A/B
Penguin 1988 revised edition paperback, 283pp.[# ]

CAESAR translated by S A Handford  
The Conquest of Gaul

Ancient Roman history of the conquest of Gaul by Caesar. ISBN0140440216

VG paperback with name at front.
$8 A/B
Penguin 1974 paperback, 283pp [Item # 335 ANCLT]

CAVENDISH Richard illustrated by Eric Fraser 
Legends of the World


VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$10 C/C
Orbis 1982 cloth 433pp [#520 ancient history ]

A Dictionary of Symbols

Intended to be used to interpret the symbology encountered in dreams, relies heavily on Jungian symbolism. ISBN0586083510

VG softback with a light crease to cover corner
$20 C/B
Granada Paladin 1982 first edition paperback, xv 459pp. [RM 74]

A Dictionary of symbols

English translation of a classic text on symbols and symbolism. ISBN071020017X

VG softback with sewn binding, light crease to corner
$20 C/C
Routledge 1983,lv +419pages. [RM 55]

CLARK R T Rundle 
Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt

Much on Osiris and Esoteric Osiris as well as mythological symbology, illustrated in line. ISBN0500271127

VG softback with minor tape stain to half title, sunned spine
$20 C/C
Thames & Hudson 1978 softcover 292 pages. [RM70]

CLEMENT Clara Erskine  
Legendary and Mythological Art

Reprints 'A Handbook of Legendary and Mythological Art (1876) ISBN1858911354

VG softback
$10 C/C
Bracken Books 1994 trade paper x 510pp. [#528 ancient history]

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols

Photographic reproductions of illustrations. ISBN0500271259

VG softback with light fade to covers, light pencil marking to frontis.
$15 B/C
Thames and Hudson 1982, 207pp. [RM 165]

COTTERILL H B   Ancient Greece
VG+ $10 C/C Oracle 1996 softcover facsimile of 1915 edition, xxiv 499pp +plates (on newsprint pages). ISBN 1861960069 [# 1043 ancient history]

COTTRELL Leonard  The Bull of Minos Schliemann and Evans' excavations of Troy, Knossos and Mycenae
VG- age toned or foxed closed edges, name to first page $5 A/B Great Pan [ GP36 ] 1960 paperback, 223pp + plates. [PB# 951 ancient history]

These are Ancient Things, Selected Articles
cover image of These are Ancient Things, Selected Articles from the Association of the Covenant People, for sale in New Zealand cover image of These are Ancient Things, Selected Articles from the Association of the Covenant People, for sale in New Zealand

Reprints articles from various British Israelite sources, interesting material on early British history and christianity.
British Israelite, Aryan, Christianity, Christian Identity, Religion, History

G+ softback, soiled wrappers, name and price stamp to half title.
$30 C/B
Association of the Covenant People undated, 158pp.
[#3979 ]

Mabinogian ( O Lyfr Coch Hengest)

VG old copperplate ink inscription to fep, lightly rubbed boards.

$30 B/A [RM 185]

Hughes A'i Fab, Heol Estyn undated (early twentieth century?) cloth, small pocket size, 96pp + plates in line. Contains; Pwyll, Pendefig Dyfed / Branwen Ferch Llyr / Manawyddan Fab Llyr / Math Fab Mathonwy. Completely in Welsh.

EHRENBERG Victor  From Solon to Socrates Greek history and civilization during the 6th and 5th centuries BC
VG name to first page $10 C/C Methuen 1981 second edition, soft cover, 505pp. ISBN 0416777600 [# 1647 ancient history ]

ELDER Isabel Hill   Celt, Druid and Culdee Fourth Edition Revised
VG in VG surface rubbed dust jacket $20 C/B Covenant Publishing 1962 hardcover, 167pp. The ancient history of Celtic Britain (pre-Roman) down to the time of the Anglo-Saxons from a British Israelite stance, Also touches on the Reformation,published by a British - Israelite publisher and concerns the descent of the British and Celts from the lost tribes of Israel. Christian identity racial theory. [#2208 ancient history]

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
cover image of The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries for sale in New Zealand

A complete anthropological study of fairy-lore in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany.
Taken from first-hand interviews with witnesses, as well as Celtic literature and mythology, the historical and cultural record.
fairies, sidhe, little folk, alfar, pagan, heathen,

VG softback
$20 C/C
Colin Smythe 1988, 524 pages.
[#2540 ]

FARRINGTON Benjamin  Greek Science, Its Meaning for Us 1- Thales to Aristotle, 2- Theophrastus to Galen
VG+ light rubbing to spine ends, slight age browning, very tidy set $8 B/B Penguin/ Pelican ( A142, A192) 1949 sewn binding paperbacks. 1- is first reprint, 154pp + adverts. 2- is first edition, 181pp = adverts. [PB# 415 anc hst]

FINLEY M I   The Ancient Economy second revised edition
VG $15 C/B Hogarth 1985 paperback, 262pp. Economics of the ancient and classical world. ISBN 070120625X [# 930 anchst]

FOX Robin Lane 
The Classical World

An epic history of Greece and Rome, from the foundation of Greek democracy to the expansion of the Roman Empire. ISBN9780141037615

VG paperback with minor cup ring to cover
$8 A/ B
Penguin Books 2008, 704 pages.[PB1429 ancient history, classical]

FRAZER James George
Magic and Religion (excerpted from The Golden Bough)

VG G chipped with loss

$7 A/A [RM 64]

Watts & Co (Thinker's Library #100) 1945 hardcover vii 184pp being ch 1-7 of the abridged Golden Bough viz 'The King of the Wood''Priestly Kings' 'Sympathetic Magic''Magic & Religion''The Magical Control of the Weather''Magicians as Kings''Incarnate Human Gods'

FRAZER James George
The Golden Bough, a study in Magic and Religion (abridged 1 vol edition)

VG dulled cloth

$25 C/C [RM 156]

MacMillan 1940 cloth, xiv 752pp. Top edge dusted red, very clean but mild ageing showing to paper stock. Abridged from the unwieldy 12 volume edition cutting out superfluous references etc.

The Golden Bough a study in magic and religion (abridged edition volume 2)


$10 C/B [RM 199]

MacMillan in St Martins Librry 1957 first thus softcover, viii 485-971. Second part of a 2 volume abridgement. Dying Gods, Corn Spirits, Scapegoats, Balder, Fire festivals.

GIBBINGS W.W.  Oriental Myths and Legends VG $9 B/B Senate 1996 trade paper viii 192pp (Reprints 1889 original) ISBN 1859581994 [#521 anc hst]

GIBBON Edward 
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
partial set.
cover image of Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire for sale in New Zealand

Gibbon's monumental history of the Roman Empire, from the beginning up to the end of the Byzantines.
Introduction by Hugh Trevor-Roper.
A landmark in its time for classical and historiographical scholarship, its fame rests more on the scope and force of Gibbon’s argument and the brilliance of his style.
The first part, being volumes 1-3 (of 6) of The Millenium Library edition, which uses the Everyman Edition of 1910.
Part 1 includes chapters 1-36 (upto 490 C.E.)
part one, gibbon's rome

VG+ hardbacks in VG+ dust jackets (no slipcase present).
$45 D/D
Everymans Library 1993, cxxv 567pp xx 592pp xix 556pp
[#3962 ]

GLOB P V  The Bog People Iron-Age Man Preserved
G+ sunned wrappers $8 B/B Faber 1977 first soft covered edition, sewn sheets in wrappers, 200pp. illustrated, Unearthed Iron Age corpses preserved in peat bogs, many as sacrifices or possibly executed criminals. Good information on early European culture and clothing. ISBN 0571110797 [#1114 ancient history]

GOARD Rev.Wm. Pascoe  The Post-Captivity Names of Israel British Israelite
VG VG slight insect damage to DW, light foxing to closed edges $18 C/B Covenant Publishing 1934 first edition hard cover, 126pp. [# 1311 ancient history british israel]

GRAVES Robert 
The White Goddess, a historical grammar of poetical myth

Amended and enlarged edition
The outcome of Robert Graves's vast reading and curious research into strange territories of folklore, mythology, religion, and magic. Erudite and impassioned, it is a scholar-poet's quest for the meaning of European myths, a polemic about the relations between man and woman, and also an intensely personal document in which Graves explores the sources of his own inspiration and, as he believed, all true poetry. Perhaps the finest of Robert Graves's works on the psychological and mythological sources of poetry. Graves explores the stories behind the earliest of European deities the White Goddess of Birth, Love, and Death, who was worshipped under countless titles. He also uncovers the obscure and mysterious power of "pure poetry" and its peculiar and mythic language. A foundation work for modern neo-paganism and wiccan witchcraft.

VG softback
$15 C/C
Farrar, Straux, Giroux 1978 eleventh printing, 511pp. [#2817 mythology, ancient history ]

VG softback, sunned spine
$15 C/C
Farrar, Straux, Giroux 1979 eleventh printing, 511pp. [# 172 RM mythology, ancient history ]

GRAVES Robert  The Greek Myths 2 volume set in Pelican series
VG- light age toning to closed edges and wrappers $15 A/B Pelican 1962 revised edition paperback, 370 + 412pp + maps incl folding. Pelican A509 Classic account of classical Greek Mythology and religion. [PB# 944 ancient history mythology]

GRIMM   Grimm's Fairy Tales
VG- faded cover $7 C/B Thomas Nelson nd hardcover 364pp + col frontis, illustrated by H.Rountree & R Moorwood, unsure of edition used for the stories. 68 tales, contents pages have minor edge tears to margin, title starting to detach at top [RM 62]

GRIMM  Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Harry G Theaker
G+ front hinge cracked and loose, rear hinge split completely, split at top of upper joint, rubbed edges, frayed corner, small inscription to half title $20 C/C Ward Lock & Co undated but inscription dated 1956, green cloth hard cover, 344pp + 30 coloured plates and 18 other illustrations, pictorial endpapers. Will need recasing or rebinding, but the book itself is tidy and complete. [# 953 fairy tales]

GUERBER H A   Greece and Rome -Myths and Legends VG $9 C/B Senate 1995 trade paper xiii 395pp Reprints 1907 original. ISBN 1859580025 [#526 anc hst]
Woman's Mysteries Ancient and Modern

G+ covers worn to edges $8 C/B [Item# 384 RM] Bantam 1973 paperback, xvii 299pp, illustrated in the text. 'A psychological interpretation of the feminine principle as portrayed in myth, Story and Dreams.' Concentrates on Egyptian, Classical and Near Eastern Moon worship. Introduction by C G Jung. ISBN 55307651195

HARRIS H. A.  Sport in Greece and Rome Aspects of Greek and Roman Life
VG VG name and address to fep, DW under plastic sleeve $25 C/C Thames and Hudson 1972 first edition hard cover, 288pp + plates. ISBN 0500400229 [# 1365 ancient history classical]

HAVELL H L   Republican Rome
VG+ $10 C/C Oracle 1996 softcover facsimile of 1914 edition, xiv 564pp +plates (on newsprint pages). ISBN 1861960050 [# 1042 ancient history]

HAWKES Jacquetta
Man and the Sun

VG VG- light chipping to spine ends of DW. $8 C/B [Item# 380 RM] Readers Union 1963 first thus hardcover, 280pp + plates. Illustrated within text. Philosophical and religious history of the sun in the cultures of the past, as well as a look into the science as well. Good overview of Egyptian and Graeco-Roman sun worship.

HOLE Christina
A Dictionary of British Folk Customs

G+ wear to cover edges, browned pages

$9 C/B [RM 140]

Paladin 1978 softcover, 349pp. A full account with great detail of various British customs, including defunct ones. ISBN 058608293X

HORNBLOWER Simon  The Greek World 479-323 BC
VG- pencil to inside cover, top corner first two leaves clipped $15 C/C Methuen 1983 soft cover, 354pp. ISBN 0416750001 [# 1648 ancient history ]

JONES A H M  A History of Rome through the Fifth Century vol 2 The Empire
VG- sunned spine, light wear to covers internally tidy $10 C/B Harper 1970 sewn soft cover, xv 358pp. Primary Source material collected into themes [# 1385 ancient history]
JONES Gwyn & Thomas
The Mabinogion, revised edition

VG name to first page

$8 B/B [RM 73]

Dent Everyman 1992 paperback xliv 291pp with introduction, bibliography, guide to pronunciation. Welsh Celtic national epic mythological history. ISBN 0460870661

JONES Gwyn  
Eirik the Red and other Icelandic Sagas

Translations of Hen-Thorir, The Vapnfjord Men, Thorstein Staff-struck, Hrafnkel the Priest of Frey, Eirik the Red, Thidrandi whom the Goddesses Slew, Authun and the Bear, Gunnlaug Wormtongue and King Hrolf and his Champions.

G+ paperback with sunned spine
$7 A/A
Oxford University Press World's Classics 1980, 318 pages.
ISBN0192815288 [PB1421 ancient history mythology ]

JOSEPHUS translated by G A Williamson  The Jewish War Penguin Classics
VG name to first page, minor age spotting to covers $7 A/B Penguin 1959 first edition thus [PB#1153 ancient history]

KERENYI Karl  Athene Virgin and Mother in Greek Religion
VG $15 B/A Spring Publications 1978 soft cover, 106pp Jungian interpretation of Athene archetype from classical literature and mythology. ISBN 0882142097 [# 1307 ancient history mythology]
LEVICK Barbara
The Government of the Roman Empire; A Sourcebook.


$35 B/B [Item# 318 HST]

Croom Helm 1985 first edition, softcover, xvii 260pp + maps. Extracts from ancient sources, grouped together under topics related to the governing of the Empire. ISBN 070991668X

LIVY ed. Robert Mitchell Henry  Livy - Book XXVI Latin text edited, with introduction, notes and appendices
VG- sunned and foxed spine, $10 B/B Arnold undated fourteenth impression, cloth, xxviii, 182 pp Map of central Italy. [# 1435 ancient history]

LIVY  LIVY Book XXVI 26 edited with introduction, notes and appendices by Robert Mitchell HENRY
G notated throughout, sunned and frayed spine $5 A/B Edward Arnold nd (1950s) cloth, xxviii 182pp, illustrated with maps. Latin text, not a translation. [# 1455 ancient history]
The Archaeology of Ireland

VG spine leans

$15 C/B [HST 21]

Bracken Books 1996 facsimile of original 1949 second edition, trade paperback, 386pp. From prehistory, stone and iron ages, and the conversion to christianity. Celtic history and religion. ISBN 1851705368

MacDONALD George   The Light Princess and other Fairy Stories
G+ pictorial boards rubbed to edges and corners, tips of corners frayed, front hinge open at half title but holding, prize plate to fep ( Roxburgh Sunday School Eva Rooney probably early 1900s) some mild foxing, this copy is missing all the plates. $10 C/C Blackie & Son undated, reprints half of the contnets of 'Dealings with the Fairies'. 192+16pp adverts [#2107 fairy tales]

MACKENZIE Donald A.  China and Japan -Myths and Legends VG $9 minor mark to rear wrapper C/B Senate 1994 trade paper xvi 404pp. ISBN 1859580130[#524 anc hst]

MACKENZIE Donald A.  Pre-Columbian America -Myths and Legends VG small crack across spine $9 C/B Senate 1996 trade paper xi 329pp Reprints 1923 original. ISBN 185958490X [#527 anc hst]
Essays in the Study of Folk-Songs


$30 C/B [RM 206]

Dent Everyman Library nd circa 1920, cloth, x 295pp. Includes in depth study of the Inspiration of Death in Folk-Poetry, Nature in folk-songs, Armenian, Venetian, Sicilian folk-songs, Greek folk-songs of Calabria, Folk-Songs of Provence, The White Paternoster, the Diffusion of Ballads, Songs for the rite of May, The idea of Fate ijn Southern Traditions, Folk Lullabies, Folk Dirges. very tidy copy.

MATTHEWS Caitlin & John
The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom, a celtic shaman's sourcebook


$25 C/C [RM 60]

Element 1994 FIRST EDITION softcover 456pp shamanic memory, initiation, shape shifting, prophecy, divination, sidhe. By respected celtic scholars. ISBN 1852305606

MITCHELL Bruce and Fred C Robinson 
A Guide to Old English

Revised edition with Prose and Verse Texts and glossary.
A comprehensive introduction to Old English, combining simple, clear philology with the best literary works to provide a compelling and accessible beginners guide.
Uses a practical approach suited to the needs of the beginning student.
Features selections from the greatest works of Old English literature. Includes a discussion of Anglo-Saxon literature, history, and culture, and a bibliography directing readers to useful publications on the subject.

VG softback
$20 C/C
Basil Blackwell 1988, 354pp. [#2763 ancient history, anglo-saxon, old english literature ]

MONCRIEFF A R Hope  Romance and Legend of Chivalry VG $9 C/B Senate trade paper xi 439pp illustrated ISBN 185958022X[#522 anc hst]
MURRAY Alexander S
The Manual of Mythology, Greek and Roman, Norse and Old German, Hindoo and Egyptian Mythology.

VG name date and price to half title, light wear to wrappers.

$15 C/C [RM 208]

Newcastle Publishing 1993 softcover, facsimile of 1882 edition. With line drawings of statuary etc. ISBN 0878771824

Early Greece (Fontana History of the Ancient World)

VG used, one copy has book sale stamp to first page.

$10 C/B [HST 20]

Fontana paperback, 320pp + plates. History of ancient Greece from the age of myth through the Dark Age and upto the Persian War. ISBN 0006861083

NEWMAN Louis I.  Hasidic Anthology Tales and Teachings of the Hasidim
G+ rubbed wrappers $15 C/C Schocken Books 1968 soft covers 556pp Translations from Hebrew Yiddish and German. Jewish folk sayings and mysticism. [# 1064 anc hst myth]
The Romans and their Gods

VG- college library stamp inside cover, light wear.

$10 B/A [RM 182]

Hogarth Press 1986 paperback,135pp + plates. Focuses on years 80 BCE to 69 CE and the Augustan Age. Argues that the Roman religion was an intelligent and dignified interpretation of how the world functions and eminently practical for its adherents. ISBN 0701207310

OPIE Iona & Peter  The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes
VG- softback $15 C/C Oxford University Press 1995 softcover xxvii 467pp + plates, illustrated from vintage rhyme books. Complete and exhaustive study of nursery rhymes and the variant forms as well as an explanantion of some of the nonsense terms etc. [#529, RM72]

OVID trsl Mary M Innes  The Metamorphoses of Ovid Penguin Classics L58 first edition
VG minor age toning, name to first page $10 A/B Penguin 1955 first edition sewn paperback, 394pp. [PB# 948 ancient history mythology]

PALSSON Hermann and Paul Edwards translate 
Orkneyinga Saga

The history of the Earls of Orkney. The only Norse Saga concerned with the British Isles, and the Viking conquest of Northern Scotland.

G+ paperback $8 A/A Penguin 1981. 251 pages plus maps at rear. ISBN0140443835 [PB1414 ancient history british norse ]

PANGNIRTUNG edited by Stuart Hodgson   Stories from Pangnirtung ( Baffin Island ) Eskimo folk tales
VG G+ minor wear and tear to DW $8 C/B Hurtig 1976 hard cover100pp. Illustrated by Germaine Arnaktauyok. ISBN088830109X [#2051 mythology]

PETRIE W M Flinders  
Egyptian Tales

Translated from the Papyri, First Series IVth to XIIth Dynasty

VG hardback with foxed closed edges.$45 C/B Methuen 1918 third edition, blind dec cloth, 145pp. Illustrated by Tristram Ellis. Ten tales from ancient Egyptian papyri. [#2305 ancient history]

PLUTARCH trsl Ian Scott-Kilvert  The Rise And Fall Of Athens- Nine Greek Lives Penguin Classics L102 first edition
VG minor age toning $10 A/B Penguin 1960 first edition paperback, 318pp. [PB# 949 ancient history mythology]
PLUTARCH translated by Ian Scott-Kilvert
The Age of Alexander, Nine Greek lives by Plutarch Agesilaus, Pelopidas, Dion, Timoleon, Demosthenes, Phocion, Alexander, Demetrius, Pyrrhus.

VG used, name stamp to first page.

$10 C/B [Item# 317 ANCLT]

Penguin Classics 1986 paperback, 443pp. With maps. ISBN 0140442863

POWELL Barry B.  
Classical Myth

Fifth edition of this classical studies text book from Pearson.

VG softback $35 B/C Pearson Prentice Hall 2007, 732 pages ISBN9780131962941 [#2276 ancient history ]

REES Alwyn & Brinley  Celtic Heritage Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales
VG+ $15 C/C Thames & Hudson 1995 trade pb ISBN 0500270392 [#1866 ancient history mythology]

When Santa was a Shaman.
The ancient origins of Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree
cover image of When Santa was a Shaman the ancient origins of Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree, for sale in New Zealand

Traces the pagan roots of all things christmassy, back to the Northern European shamanic roots.
Historical and Neo-pagan sourcebook.
Woden, Odin, Wild Hunt, Christmas, Yule, Santa Claus, Pagan traditions, Hooded Man, Herne

VG softback
$40 B/C
Llewellyn 1995 first edition, 184pp.
[#4137 ]

A Shorter History of Greek Art
cover image of A Shorter History of Greek Art for sale in New Zealand

First published in 1981, this is the shorter work of the two volume set A History of Greek Art, intended for a general readership.
The abbreviation has been achieved by the selection of fewer objects for discussion rather than by a more summary treatment and the particular qualities of the larger History have been preserved.
classical history, classical art, hellenismos, hellenic, european, culture

VG softback
$20 B/D
Cambridge University Press, 1989, 240pp.
[#4262 ]

ROTHERY Guy Cadogan  The Amazons VG small area label lift to wrapper $9 C/B Senate 1994 trade paper v 218pp Reprints 1910 original. ISBN 1859581803 [#525 anc hst]
SALLUST translated S A Handford
Jugurthine War and the Conspiracy of Catiline

VG name to fep. $10 A/B [Item# 336 ANCLT] Penguin 1983 paperback, 240pp. Roman History ISBN 0140441328

The Lore of the Unicorn Myths and Legends


$10 C/B [RM 128]

Senate 1996 paperback, 312pp facsimile reprint on newsprint stock of 1930 book on the history of the unicorn. Well illustrated in b&w. ISBN 0091851351

SNYDER Gary  He Who Hunted Birds in His Father's Village The Dimensions of a Haida Myth
VG light handling soiling to wrapper $10 B/B Grey Fox Press 1979 soft cover, xix 133pp. American Indian myth and lore. ISBN 0912516380 [# 702 anchstmyth]

SPENCE Lewis  Germany- Myths and Legends VG $9 C/B Senate soft cover 1995 reprint of original edition, 380pp + poor b&w illustrations, page head reads Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine, so this was probably the original title. ISBN 1859580211 [Item#502 anc hst]

SPENCE Lewis  Mexico and Peru -Myths and Legends VG $9 C/B Senate 1994 trade paper xiii 367pp Reprints 1920 original. ISBN 1859580076 [#523 anc hst]

STAVELEY E.S.  Greek and Roman Voting and Elections Aspects of Greek and Roman Life
VG VG name and address to fep, DW under plastic sleeve $25 C/C Thames and Hudson 1972 first edition hard cover, 271pp + plates. ISBN 0500400199 [# 1366 ancient history classical]

STONE Merlin  When God was a Woman
VG sunned spine $15 C/C Harvest 1976 soft cover, xxvii 265pp. Goddess religion archeologically documented. ISBN 015696158X [# 1007 ancient history mythology]

SUETONIUS translated by Robert Graves and Michael Grant  
The Twelve Caesars

The history of the Caesars from Julius to Domitian. Covering the Roman rulers from Julius Caesar to Domitian, this remains one of the richest and most fascinating of all Latin histories. Suetonius gathered much of his information from eye-witnesses, checking his facts carefully and quoting conflicting evidence without bias. But his history is also the most vivid and the raciest account we have of scandalous and amusing incidents in the domestic lives of the first Caesars. Penguin Classics. ISBN0140440720

G+ paperback
$8 A/A
Penguin 1989, 363pp.[PB1433 ancient history rome]

SYME Ronald  The Roman Revolution
VG cover wear $15 C/C Oxford 1974 paperback, 568pp. Covers the fall of the Republic and the decline of freedom in Rome between 60 BC and AD 14, and the rise to power of the Emperor Augustus. ISBN 0198810016 [# 978 anc hst]

SYME Ronald  The Roman Revolution
VG cover wear $15 C/C Oxford 1983 paperback, 568pp. Covers the fall of the Republic and the decline of freedom in Rome between 60 BC and AD 14, and the rise to power of the Emperor Augustus. ISBN 0198810016 [# 979 anc hst]

TACITUS translated by Kenneth Wellesley 
The Histories

The surviving parts of Tacitus' works on the death of Nero in 68 c.e. and the civil unrest that followed, seeing four emperors struggle to assert their rule. AD 69, the year following Nero's suicide and marking the end of the first dynasty of imperial Rome, was one of the most dramatic and dangerous in the city's history. In the surviving books of his Histories, the great barrister-historian Tacitus gives a gripping account of the 'long but single year' that saw the reigns of four emperors: disciplinarian Galba; conspirator and dandy Otho; unambitious hedonist Vitellius; and pragmatic victor Vespasian, who went on to establish the Flavian dynasty. Penguin Classics. ISBN0140441506

G+ paperback
$8 A/A
Penguin 1991, 336pp [PB1432 ancient history rome]

TACITUS trsl Michael Grant  Tacitus on Imperial Rome Penguin Classics L60 first edition
VG minor age toning, name to first page $10 A/B Penguin 1956 first edition sewn paperback, 447pp. [PB# 947 ancient history]

TACITUS ed. H Furneaux   Tacitus' Annals, Cornelii Taciti Annalium Liber I Latin text with introduction and notes for the use of schools and junior students
G+ inscriptions to inside covers, pencil in text $8 B/A Oxford 1948 dec.cloth, 133pp [# 1434 ancient history]

TACITUS trsl by FYFE edited by LEVENE   The Histories Oxford World's Classics
VG $9 C/B OUP 1999 paperback ISBN 0192839586 [#2015 ancient history]
Netherworld Discovering the Oracle of the Dead and ancient techniques of foretelling the future.

VG+ $15 C/B [Item# 431 HST] Arrow 2003 paperback, xxv 582pp + plates. An investigation of the Oracle of the Dead and the Sibyl's grottoes at Cuma (Cumae) and Baia (Baiae) and the Western tradition of prophesy based on soothsayers and Sibyls, later compared to the Chinese tradition of Yarrow stick oracles. Author investigates the archaeological remains and reconstructs the Descent into the Underworld from the literary evidence as given in Virgi, homer and others. ISBN 009941466X

THUCYDIDES  The Peloponnesian War trsl. Rex Warner , Penguin Classics
VG+ $10 C/B Penguin Classics 1972 large paperback, 648pp. Ancient Greek history. ISBN 0140440399 [PB# 54 anchst]

THUCYDIDES  History of the Peloponnesian War trsl. Rex Warner , Penguin Classics
VG $8 A/B Penguin ISBN 0140440399 [PB# 1073 ancient history ]

Ages in Chaos, volume 1

A reconstruction of ancient history from the Exodus to King Akhenaton. Cosmological interpretation of mythological source material, compelling theory, very controversial in its time, now considered at least a plausible possibility.

VG hardback in Good only dust jacket with edge wear, loss to spine ends. Split along joint so front detached from spine. US sheets printed by Doubleday but bound in Sidgwick and Jackson boards. $45 C/C Doubleday/ Sidgwick and Jackson 1952 first edition, 350pp + 9pp of reviews for Worlds in collision. [#2483 ancient history ]

VELIKOVSKY Immanuel  Oedipus and Akhnaton Myth and History
VG name to fep, light rubbing to cloth $15 C/B Doubleday 1960 first edition, cloth, 208pp Theory of the identity of Oedipus and Akhnaton as based on the same historical identity. [# 1315 ancient history]

Von HAGEN Victor W.  Realm of the Incas uncovered treasures of Peru
VG $ 7 A/B Mentor ( MP355) 1961 revised edition paperback, 223pp+ plates. Archaeological history of the Inca Empire. [PB# 445 ancient history]
WEST John Anthony
Serpent in the Sky, The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

FN new

$30 C/C[RM 166]

Quest Books/Theosophical Publishing House 1993 revised edition softcover, xx 266pp. Includes an appendix on West's redating of the Sphinx. Over 140 photos and drawings. The author tells of hermetic messages in the heiroglyphs, sophisticated Egyptian sciences, Egyptian knowledge recieved from an earlier civilization, and the geological proof of this from the Sphinx. ISBN 0835606910

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