The socio-political theories and history of National Socialist Germany during the Third Reich (1933-1945).
Includes domestic and foreign policy, cultural renewal, and post war studies of all non-military aspects of NAZI theory and practice.
The political and intellectual influences of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP as they impacted Germany and the world.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars.

BEEVOR Antony   Berlin
The Downfall 1945
VG but has gift inscritpion to title page $12 V/C Penguin o/s pbk, xxxvii 490pp + plates ISBN 0141013443 [#1954 third reich]

BIRD Eugene  The Loneliest Man in the World
The Inside Story of the 30 Year Imprisonment of Ridolf Hess
VG lacks DW, light age browning to page edges $25 C/C Secker 1974 first edition cloth, vii 270pp+ plates. Memoir by the US commandant at Spandau, where Hess was imprisoned until his death. In essence a defense of Rudolf Hess and a testimony to his conscience and the injustice of his sentence and lack of release. Hess spent many years as the only inmate at Spandau, after others, more culpable for crimes than himself, were released. ISBN 436042908 [#1180 third reich]

BRADY Robert A.  The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism
Left Book Club
G+ soiled cloth wrappers $30 C/B Gollancz 1937 first edition sewn sheets in printed limp wraps, 383pp + folding diagrams. In depth look at political structure of Nazism, includes economic structuing etc. [#1167 third reich]

BULLOCK Alan  Hitler a Study in Tyranny
VG minor marks to first few pages $8 C/B Penguin 1971 paperback, 848pp. ISBN 0140205640 Study of the Nazi Fuehrer [PB#136 thirdreich]

DALTON M.P. Hugh  Hitler's War, Before and After
Penguin Special
G+ marker price to cover, wrapper split and chipped to spine and pulling away from book block, name to fep and title page $10 A/A Penguin [S57] 9140 first edition paperback, 191pp. March 1940 book by a British M.P. on the way he believes the War should be wound up and the post war treaties and restitution needed to safeguard peace in Europe. Three parts; Between two wars - why the War occured / How Hitler brought the War- / After the Second War- restitution to Poles, Czechs and Austrians, Association of States, world economics. [PB# 607 third reich]

DODD Martha  My Years in Germany
as daughter of the American Ambassador to the Third Reich
G aged war era paper stock, sunned spine, rubbed cloth $10 C/B V Gollancz 1940 (11th impression) cloth, 319pp. Author was daughter of the Ambassador and attended many functions and new most of the Nazi hierarchy quite well. Although by no means pro-Nazi she admits that many were charming and seemed perfectly normal.
Includes a visit to Stalin's Russia. [# 1555 third reich ]

DOUGLAS-HAMILTON James  Motive for a Mission
The story behind Hess's flight to Britain
VG VG- DW has edge wear and short tears along fore edge folds $25 C/C MacMillan 1971 reprint cloth, 290pp+ plates. Covers the Albrecht Haushofer designed peace proposal delivered by Rudolf Hess to Britain and its suppression and his internment by the Churchill administration, also Himmler's late war peace negotiations via Count Bernadotte. ISBN 0333122607 [#1174 third reich]

EBERLE Henrik and Matthias UHL 
The Hitler Book
The Secret Report by His Two Closest Aides.

On breaking open the Berlin Bunker on 2 May 1945, Soviet troops captured two of Adolf Hitler's closest associates: his personal valet, Heinz Linge, and his SS adjutant, Otto Guensche. The two men had just disposed of the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. On Stalin's orders they were questioned for two years, to produce this astonishing fly-on-the wall account of all they saw in Hitler's headquarters, where they had worked since 1933. It has been held in top-level Russian archives since 1949. The book contains remarkable insight into Hitler's daily life before and during the Second World War. Chilling, revealing and compellingly readable, it is one of the most authentic sources of information in existence on the history of the Third Reich, unique in the circumstances of its compilation and its closeness in time to the events described. Translated from the German by Giles MacDonogh

VG+ softback
$10 C/B
John Murray 2005, 370pp + plates.
[#3002 ]

EVANS Jon  The Nazi New Order in Poland
Left Book Club
G worn and soiled boards, lacks endpapers $15 B/B Gollancz 1941 first edition hardcover, 184pp. Left Wing propaganda work on conditions in Poland after the Soviet-German invasion [#1169 third reich]

FISHMAN Jack  Long Knives and Short Memories
The Spandau Prison Story
VG VG $25 C/C Souvenir Press 1986 first edition hard cover, 474pp+plates. In depth study of the Spandau Seven ( Hess, Funk, Speer, Schirach, Neurath, Doenitz and Raeder) with accounts of the men's backgrounds before and during the Nazi era as well as the time incarcerated by the Four Powers at Spandau. ISBN0285626884 [#1173 third reich]

GEHLEN General Reinhard (translated David Irving)   The Service
The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen
VG sunned spine $9 A/B Popular Library 1972 paperback, xix 386pp + photographs on newsprint stock at centre. The head of Nazi Germany's Intelligence Service, Gehlen transferred his intact espionage service to the Americans at the end of the war, which was later transferred to the German Federal Government and was a bulwark against Communism in Eastern Europe. Extremely insightful in regard to Nazi German politics and actions as well as Cold War activities. [PB# 878 third reich]

GILBERT Martin  Auschwitz and the Allies
The truth about one of this century's most controversial episodes
VG with sunned spine $10 C/C Mandarin 1991 pb, 368pp + plates ISBN 0749306025 [#1899 third reich]

HESS Wolf Rudiger  My Father, Rudolf Hess
VG+ VG+ one small puncture to upper joint of DW $75 C/C W H Allen 1986 first edition hard cover, vi 414pp+ plates. One -time Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess, "Prisoner of Peace" and his plight as the sole remaining Nazi prisoner of the International Military Tribunal. Scarce book by his son. ISBN 0491037724 [#1181 third reich]

HIRSCHMAN Maria Anne  Hansi
The Girl Who Loved the Swastika
G rubbed joints, creased wrappers, inscription to inside cover $4 A/B Coverdale House 1974 first UK paperback, 224pp. A pathetic autobiographical account of a Czech girl raised in a Nazi School in Prague, her time as a Nazi Youth leader, her wartime ordeals, and her post-war conversion to christianity. ISBN 0902088602 [PB# 730 third reich]

H.M.S.O.  The Government Blue Book
Documents concerning German-Polish Relations and the outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939
VG VG DW chipped to spine ends, light wear, some age browning to paper $15 A/A Penguin Special S45 1939 first edition sewn paperback, 254pp. [PB# 889 third reich]

HOESS Rudolf (translated from)  Commandant of Auschwitz
The Autobiography of Rudolf Hoess
Fine light crease to rear cover corner $10 A/A Pan Giant X101, 1961 first paperback edition, 282+6pp adverts+ plates. Barbed wire and striped pyjama cover art, holocaust literature. There is disagreement over whether this is a true confession or one extorted under torture and threats. [PB# 1032 third reich ]

HOHNE Heinz (translated by Richard Barry)  The Order of the Death's Head
The story of Hitler's SS
VG $15 A/B Ballantine 1971 first thus paperback, xiii 786pp + plates and folding diagram. The definitive account and history of the SchutzStaffel, Hitler's elite bodyguard and political policing organisation. [PB# 879 third reich]

INFIELD Glenn B.   Hitler's Secret Life
The scandalous reality of the Fuhrer's private world
G rubbed edges of wrapper $7 A/B Hamlyn 1980 first UK edition, paperback, 285pp + plates ISBN 0600202518 [PB#1261 third reich]

Hitler's War 1939-1942
Volume 1
cover image of Hitler's War 1939-1942 by David Irving, for sale in New Zealand

The first half of Irving's monumental work on Hitler as a military strategist.
Based on (at the time) newly uncovered Nazi documents, showing the campaign from Hitler's own perspective.
Irving's meticulous research shows in this detailed study of the war from Operation White in Poland to Stalingrad.
ww2, wwii, third reich, wehrmacht, eastern front, german strategy

VG softback
$75 C/C
MacMillan Papermac 1983 first thus edition, xxxiii 449pp + bibliography, notes and index.
[#3694 ]

IRVING David  The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor
Journals of Dr Theo Morell
VG+ VG+ tiny pen number code top corner of fep $25 C/C MacMillan 1983 first edition quarter cloth, viii 310pp +plates. A presentation of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler's, medical condition from 1936 to the end, based on the newly available journals of his personal doctor. ISBN 002558250X [#1157 third reich]

KESSEL Joseph  The Magic Touch
Himmler's Masseuse
Fine light crease to rear cover corner, name to first page $10 A/A Pan X216, 1963 first paperback edition, 224pp [PB# 1034 third reich ]

von LANG Jochen  The Secretary
Martin Boorman: The man who manipulated Hitler
VG VG red titling to DW spine faded $25 C/C Random House 1977 first US edition, hardcover, x 430pp + plates. The Fuhrer's Private Secretary, virtually unknown by all but the inner circle of the NSDAP, Boorman weilded greater and greater power by controlling access to the Fuhrer. Biographical account including in depth the evidence for Boorman's death in the final breakout from the Bunker. ISBN 039450321X [# 1271 third reich nazi biography]

MAISKY Ivan  Who Helped Hitler?
Translated by Rothstein
G G ex librarry with stamps, lacks fep, DW under plastic sleeve, call number to base of spine $20 C/C Hutchinson 1964 first thus hardcover, 216pp. By the Soviet Ambassador to the UK 1932-43. Soviet account of how the Western Powers forced the Soviet Union into the non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany due to it's lack of committment to a Three Power Treaty with Britain and France. [#1172 third reich]

MANVELL Roger &Heinrich Frankell  Doctor Goebbels
VG- light waer, light foxing, name to fep $7 A/B NEL Mentor 1968 revised paperback edition, 253pp. Biography of reichsminister Doctor Josef Goebbels. ISBN 0450001873 [PB#1298 third reich]

McKENZIE Vernon  Here Lies Goebbels!
Nazi propaganda minister
G rubbed and soiled cloth, spotted closed edges $30 C/C Michael Joseph 1940 second impression hard cover, 319pp. Condemnation of Nazi propaganda, and the utterances of the Reichsminister in particular. [# 1352 third reich]

McKENZIE Vernon  Here Lies Goebbels!
Nazi propaganda minister
G+ spine mottled, book club stamps to closed edges, lacks fep, hinges reinforced with paper tape, a few book club stamps. $30 C/C Michael Joseph 1940 first edition, cloth , 319pp. Condemnation of Nazi propaganda, and the utterances of the Reichsminister in particular. [# 1748 third reich]

NEAVE Airey   Nuremberg
A personal record of the trial of the major Nazi war criminals
G+ G+ ex-library, DW edge wear with some minor edge loss $9 C/C Hodder 1979 reprint hard cover, 348pp + plates. ISBN 0340181281 [#2109 third reich]

NYISZLI Miklos  Auschwitz a Doctor's Eyewitness Account
VG+light crease to rear cover corner, a few small pen ticks to rear advert $10 A/A Panther 1325, 1963 paperback 158+2pp adverts. Doctor Nyiszli was a sonderkommando who worked with Mengele.[PB# 1033 third reich ]

REIMANN Gunther  Patents for Hitler
Left Book Club
G worn and soiled boards, inscription to endpapers $15 B/B Gollancz 1945 hardcover, 160pp. Investigation of the before and during war trading of technology patents vital to the German war effort, or the restriction of the use of processes claimed to have been withheld to retard the American war effort. [#1170 third reich]

REYNOLDS Quentin translates Katz and Aldouby   Minister of Death
The Adolf Eichmann story
VG G+ cup ring to front of DW and marked also to upper board, DW has edge wear and short splits $15 C/C Cassell 1961 first edition hard cover, x 246pp+ plates. Biographical account of SS Officer Eichmann published after his abduction by the Israeli's but before his trial. [#1768 third reich]

REYNOLDS Quentin translates Katz and Aldouby   Minister of Death
The Adolf Eichmann story
G+ hardback, minor soiling to boards, foxed closed edges and prelims. $10 C/C Cassell 1961 first edition, x 246pp+ plates. Biographical account of SS Officer Eichmann published after his abduction by the Israeli's but before his trial. [#2207 third reich]

SCHMIDT Matthias  Albert Speer, the End of a Myth
Translated by Joachim Neugroschel
VG+ VG DW sunned spine $30 C/C Harrap 1985 first English edition, hard cover, 276pp. Schmidt argues that the bulk of the post war writing on Speer and his role in the Third Reich are based on Speer's own self portrayal of himself through his biography and interviews with the post war researchers. He claims that either through design or self-deception, Speer has created an image of himself that, through hindsight has glossed over his active and willing participation in activities which, even though he has admitted his culpability for, he is still denying he pro-actively pursued. ISBN 0245542442 [#1184 third reich]

SCHMIDT M  The New Reich, Violent Extremism in Unified Germany and Beyond
Penetrating the Secrets of today's Neo-Nazi networks
VG+ $15 C/B Hutchinson 1993 soft cover, 255pp. ISBN 0091780047 [# 1427 third reich]

SERENY Gitta   Albert Speer
His Battle With Truth
VG $9 C/C Picador 1996 paperback xx 757pp + plates. An appraisal of Hitler's architect based on his written works ( published and unpublished) and interviews with him and his associates. ISBN 0330346970 [#2153 third reich]

THOMAS Hugh  The Murder of Rudolf Hess
Introduction by RebeccaWest
VG+ VG+ light wear to price clipped DW $20 C/C Hodder 1979 second impression hard cover, 224pp+ plates. Author believes the Hess held at Spandau Prison was in fact a double, and gives his reasons for believing this. He believes the Allied Governments will never release this double as it would expose the plot which saw the Deputy Fuhrer murdered by the Allies after his flight to Scotland and the refusal of his Peace Mission in 1941. ISBN 0340243015 [#1182 third reich]

TOLAND John  Adolf Hitler
VG spine bowed due to books massive size,some age browning $10 C/C Ballantine 1977 paper back xviii 1371pp + plates and maps, complex biography of Adolf Hitler. ISBN 0345258991 [PB#137 thirdreich]

TREVOR-ROPER H. R.   The Last Days of Hitler
VG- spine faded slightly, light soiling to cloth, name to fep $9 C/B MacMillan April 1947 first reprint after March first edition, cloth, xii 281pp + frontis port. of Hitler and Himmler. [#2061 third reich]

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