World history from the modern period from the Renaissance of the 16th cenutry onwards.
Social, political, economic and cultural history.

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The Black Hole of Calcutta
cover image of The Black Hole of Calcutta; a reconstruction by Noel Barber, for sale in New Zealand

A reconstruction of the events culminating in the atrocity of the Black Hole at Calcutta during the Indian Mutiny of 1756.
British Empire, Raj, East Indian Company, siege of Calcutta

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$8 C/B
Readers Union 1966 hard cover, 254pp.
[#5023 ]


The Newgate Calendar with contemporary engravings

VG VG- chipped and foxed DW

$25 C/C [HST 5]

Folio Society 1952 second impression, quarter cloth with marbled paper boards, lacks fep, foxing to endpapers and closed edges as well as to the DW, DW has a chip out of the top corner of the joint, 260pp + plates, a record of crime and punishment in Eighteenth Century Britain.

BLOCH Michael  Operation Willi The Plot to Kidnap the Duke of Windsor, July 1940
VG+ VG+ $15 C/C Weidenfeld 1984 first edition hard cover, xiv 264pp+ plates. The Dukes alleged sympathy for the Nazi Third Reich caused some to consider using him as a puppet over a defeated Britain. ISBN 0297784625 [# 921 modhst]

BOOKER Christopher  The Neophiliacs a study of the Revolution in English life in the fifties and sixties
VG $7 A/A Fontana 1970 paperback, 379pp. [PB# 974 modern history]

BULLOCKE J G   Sailors' Rebellion
A Century of Naval Mutinies
G sunned spine, rubbed joints, soiled cloth, shaken, lightly foxed, inscription to paste down. $15 C/C Eyre & Spottiswoode 1938 first edition, cloth, 318pp + plates. Includes Mutiny of Admiral Benbow's Officers/ Loss of the Wager / The Bounty / Mutiny at Spithead / Mutiny at the Nore / Mutiny on the Hermione [# 912 mod hst]

A History of the English-Speaking Peoples
cover image of A History of the English-Speaking Peoples by Churchill for sale in New Zealand

Illustrated 4 volume complete set, in cloth with dust jackets
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples from pre-Roman to the early Twentieth Century.
Winston Churchill, british history, cloth binding

VG hardbacks in VG dust jackets.
Some spines sunned, vol 1 has small splits top edge and corner of jacket.
$200 (3.2kg for postage by destination)
Cassell 1980.
[#4358 ]

COLEMAN Ann Raney   Victorian Lady on the Texas Frontier The Journal of Ann Raney Coleman
edited by Richard C King
VG paperback with light soiling, $8 A/A New English Library 1973,157pp. ISBN 0450015688 American west, historical womens writing, feminist studies [PB#140 mod hst]

de CREVECOEUR J. Hector St John edited by Albert E Stone 
Letters from an American Farmer
Sketches of 18th-Century America
cover image of Letters from an American Farmer and Sketches of 18th-Century America

An account of the pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary era, followed by a description of the physical setting in which American settlers created their history.

VG paperback
$8 A/B
Penguin 1981, 491pp.
[PB1542 ]

CRONIN Vincent  Napoleon
VG $8 C/C Penguin 1982 paperback,592pp. ISBN 0140061568 [# 985 mod hst]

EARLE Peter  The World of Defoe
VG VG $7 C/C Reader's Union 1977 first thus hardcover, 353pp Printed on newsprint. Survey of the social climate of Defoe's time. Seventeenth Century Britain. [# 1373 modern history

EDMONDS Mark   Inside Soho
VG paperback $5 A/B Nicholson 1988, 256pp. The history, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars etc of the Soho district. An in depth guide. ISBN 094857612X [PB# 129 hstmod]
FRASER Antonia
The Weaker Vessel, Woman's lot in Seventeenth-Century England

VG VG gift inscription to title, DW short closed tear bottom of upper Spine fold and minor edge creasing.

$20 C/D [HST 26]

Weidenfeld 1984 first edition hardcover, xvi 544pp + plates. ISBN 0297783815

GRAVES Robert 
Lars Porsena
Or the future of Swearing and Improper Language.

Equal parts history and absurdity, this tongue-in-cheek treatise laments the decline of swearing and foul language in England and looks back with nostalgia at the glory days of oaths and blasphemies. Written when censorship in England was still in full sway, this was an impassionate defense of the foul-mouthed in literature and a resounding attack of hypocrisy and Puritanism.

VG clothbound hardback in G+ dust jacket with minor sun-fading. Name to free end paper.
$10 A/B
Martin Brian and O'Keefe 1972 first thus edition, 68pp.
[#3001 ]

HALE John 
The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
cover image of The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance, for sale in New Zealand

A rich portrait of Europe and its civilization in the 16th century - the moment when what had been known as Christendom first became Europe, an entity in the minds of its own inhabitants.
A gigantic portrait of the age, enlivened by a mass of detail about the lives of often obscure figures who Hale brings to life to give point to his multiplicity of arguments.
What precisely is meant by "civilization"?
How usefully descriptive of the period as a whole is "Renaissance"?
What, indeed, did "Italy" (for example) mean to contemporaries?
ISBN 0002153394
Europa, European history, heritage

VG softback
$35 C/D
HarperCollins 1993 first edition, 672pp.
[#5042 ]

Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations
cover image of Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations, for sale in New Zealand

This illustrated guide decribes the history of the hundred most numerous surnames in Ireland, as well as listing over 1000 others.
An overview of each County is also included.
Illustrated with colour photographs.
ISBN 071711225X
celtic, gaelic, genealogy, Irish history

VG softback
$20 C/C
Gill and MacMillan 1985, 192pp
[#5518 ]

[JEWS] EYTAN Walter.  
The First Ten Years, a diplomatic history of Israel

A history of Zionist Israel.

VG hard back with no dust jacket, stamp to fep, name to title.
$15 C/C
Weidenfeld 1958 ix 219pp.
[#5741 ]

[JEWS] AGAR Herbert  
The Saving Remnant, an account of Jewish survival since 1914.

Zionism, Israel

VG hardback with G dust jacket.
Gift bookplate to fep, price clipped DW sunned with edge wear and chipping.
$15 C/C
Hart-Davis 1960 first edition, 263pp.
[HST18 ]

KEITH Arthur Berriedale 
Speeches and Documents on British Colonial Policy and the British Dominions 1918-1931.
cover image of Speeches and Documents on the British Dominions 1918-1931: From Self-Government to National Sovereignty, for sale in New Zealand

From Self-Government to National Sovereignty
Collected speeches on various aspects of the British Empire and it's relationships with it's former colonies.
Irish Free State, British Constitution, British Empire, Locarno Pact, treaties, Dominions, Irish Treaty

VG softback.
$20 A/B
OUP 1961, xlvii 501pp.
[#5282 ]


The Famine Decade


$20 C/C [HST 2]

Blackstaff Press 1996 softcover 274pp Contemporary Accounts 1841-1851, of the Irish potatoe famine, compiled by Killen. ISBN 0856405604 ireland irish history nineteenth century

KING Coretta Scott
My Life with Martin Luther King Jr

VG VG name and address to half title, DW price clipped, creased inside flap, small taped tear top edge.

$15 C/C [BIO 3]

Hodder 1970 first Uk edition hardcover, 384pp + plates.

KULKE Hermann and Dietmar Rothermund 
A History of India, fourth edition

This fourth edition of A History of India presents the grand sweep of Indian history from antiquity to the present in a compact and readable survey. The authors examine the major political, economic, social and cultural forces which have shaped the history of the subcontinent. Providing an authoritative and detailed account, Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund emphasize and analyze the structural pattern of Indian history. The fourth edition of this highly accessible book brings the history of India up to date to consider, for example, the recent developments in the Kashmir conflict. Along with a new glossary, this edition also includes expanded discussions of the Mughal empire and the economic history of India. ISBN9780415329200

VG- softback, minor wear at foot of cover
$15 B/C
Routledge 2007, 432pp. [#2816 modern history ]

The Terrible Secret, an Investigation into the suppression of information about Hitler's 'Final Solution'

G VG ex library with stamps etc, unclipped DW shelf mark to spine

$10 C/C [HST 15]

Weidenfeld 1980 first edition hardcover, 262pp. How the Allies suppressed information coming to them from within occupied Europe about the incarceration and treatment of the Jews, and how they did nothing to help Jewish rescue attempts. ISBN 0297778358

LASLETT Peter  The World We Have Lost
social history of pre-Industrial England
VG light wear, name at front $8 C/C Methuen 1971 second edition soft cover, xiv 325pp ISBN 0416084001 [#1953 modern history]
A Look at Early Grand Rapids, a short history of Grand Rapids Michigan


$10 B/B [HST 19]

Kregel 1976 first thus softcover, 191pp, b&w illustrations. Taken from "The Story of Grand Rapids" by ZZ Lydens.

MACAULAY Thomas Babington, Lord 
Macaulay's Complete Works
The Albany Edition
6 vols History of England, 4 vols Essays And Biographies 2 vols Speeches, Poems & Miscellaneous writings

All 12 volumes in uniform dark red cloth with gilt titling. Part of 'The Silver Library '.
Volume one has "Frederick W Gale Kaikoura May 1901" in India ink to fly leaf.

VG hardbacks in red buckram cloth with faint foxing to closed edges. 8 x 5 " HEAVY set ideal for furnishing the decor of your home library, spines uniformly sunned to the set.
$300 +postage by destination at 12KG rate.
Longmans Green and Co, London, 1898.
[#3098 ]

The Scarlet Sisters
Sex, Suffrage, and Scandal in the Gilded Age
cover image of The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Suffrage, and Scandal in the Gilded Age for sale in New Zealand

The life and times of Victoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin, two sisters whose radical views on sex, love, politics, and business threatened the white male power structure of the nineteenth century and shocked the world.
Myra MacPherson deconstructs and lays bare the manners and mores of Victorian America, illuminating the struggle for equality that women are still fighting today.
feminism, suffrage, USA, america, biography

NEW softback
$10 C/B
Twelve Books 2015, 399pp + plates.
[#3957 ]

MAYO Katherine   Mother India
A controversial work condemning the then backward state of Indian society, by an American commonly held to be a racialist.

G+ hardback with no dust jacket. Inscribed at front 'Mardan NWFP India'. $9 C/C Cape1927 (December, 8th impression) [#2302 history ]

MICHEL Lou & Dan Herbeck  American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the tragedy at Oklahoma City
VG+ $10 C/B Avon 2002 paperback 530pp + photos. Updated for paperback release with new material. Patriot movement, militia.ISBN 0061065188 [PB# 31 hstmod]

PENDLE George  A History of Latin America
Pelican A620
VG aged paper, owner details at front $5 A/B Pelican 1969 revised edition paperback, 256pp. [PB# 964 modern history ]

The Rise, Growth and End of the Spanish Inquisition
3 Vol Set.
cover image of The Rise, Growth and End of the Spanish Inquisition, for sale in New Zealand

Three paperback volume set of Jean Plaidy's history of the Spanish Inquisition.
Witchcraft, Heresy, Heretic, Torquemada, Religion, Christianity

VG paperback, vol 2 and 3 have remainder stripes to bottom edges.
$20 A/B
Star Books 1978 first paperback editions, 200-220pp per volume
[PB1663 ]

History of the Conquest of Peru (Everyman)

VG creased lower board, soiled closed edges

$8 C/B [HST 7]

Dent Everyman's library 1911 red cloth gilt spine, xlii 649pp 12mo. pizarro inca spain south america conquistador

The Conquest of Mexico 2vols

VG VG chipped DWs, vol 1 hole to DW spine

$20 C/C [HST 8]

Dent Everyman's library 1948 red cloth gilt spine,xviii 407pp + ix 436pp. cortes cortez mexico spain south america conquistadors

READ Donald  The Power of News, the History of Reuters
second edition
VG+ VG+ near fine $15 C/D Oxford University Press 1999 second edition hardcover, xvii 540pp+ plates ISBN 0198207689 [#1848 modern history]

ROBERTS J. M.   The Penguin History of Europe
Near FINE $15 C/C Penguin 1997 soft cover, 722pp. European history from the Neolithic to the present. ISBN 0140265619 [#2158 history]
Lawrence, the Story of His Life

VG lightly sunned spine, faint foxing prelims, prize plate tipped onto fep.

$30 C/C [BIO 11]

Oxford University 1936 first reprint, dec. cloth, 250pp + plates and col. frontis. portrait. Lawrence of Arabia.

ROCCO Fiammetta   The Miraculous Fever-Tree; Malaria, Medicine and the Cure that changed the world

A history of malaria, quinine and European expansion

VG paperback
$10 C/C
HarperCollins 2003, 348 pages.
ISBN 9780002572033 [#2289 modern history ]

A Penguin Special
cover image of Poland, a Penguin Special, for sale in New Zealand

Published prior to the Nazi invasion.
Political, economic and social survey with a look towards Germany and Russia's ambitions towards Polish territory.
wwii, ww2, politics, polish history

G paperback with foxed covers and prelims, split at bottom of upper joint.
$12 A/A
Penguin 1939 first edition, sewn sheets in papercovers, 244pp + adverts.
[PB1670 ]

SAID Edward W. 
cover image of Orientalism, for sale in New Zealand

In this seminal work that has redefined our understanding of colonialism and empire, Said surveys the history and nature of Western attitudes towards the East, considering orientalism as a powerful European ideological creation - a way of dealing with the 'otherness' of eastern culture, customs and beliefs.
Tracing this view through the writings of Homer, Nerval and Flaubert, Disraeli and Kipling.
Drawing on his own experiences as an Arab Palestinian living in the West, Said examines how these ideas can be a reflection of European imperialism and racism.
ISBN 9780141187426
middle east, cultural studies, arab, palestine

VG paperback, pen gift inscription to first page.
$10 C/B
Penguin Modern Classics 2003, xxv 396pp.
[#5012 ]

SUMMERS Anthony & Tom Mangold  The File on the Tsar The Fate of the Romanovs
VG hardback in VG dust jacket $10 C/C Gollancz 1976 second impression, 416pp + plates, map endpapers, dramatic new evidence from a four year investigation. ISBN 0575021195 Imperial Russia [#511 mod hst]
Sex in History

G+ G worn with tears to folds

$10 C/D [HST 1]

BCA 1980 hardcover 480pp B&W photo illustrations in text, survey of sexuality in various cultures and historical periods, covers art, literature,religion. Name to fep.

TANNENBAUM Frank  Ten Keys to Latin America
VG aged paper, owner details at front $5 A/B Vintage 1962 paperback, 236pp + index. Overview of 10 fundamental aspects of Latin American history and culture. [PB# 966 modern history]

THEIMER Walter  The Penguin Political Dictionary An ABC of International Affairs
(Penguin Special S48)
VG $10 A/B Penguin 1940 (reprint of 1939 original) approx 260pp, sewn sheets in orange and white wrappers. Shows Allied bias against Axis ideology etc. Covers all nationalities, personalities, ideologies and recent events pertaining to a study of the Second World War. [PB# 420 modern history]

THOM James Alexander  Long Knife American Revolution
VG light reading creases to sunned spine $8 A/B Avon [44735] 1979 first edition paperback, xi 592pp + folding map at rear. Novelisation of the life and deeds of General George Rogers Clark, frontier warrior and Revolutionary commander. Firmly based on extensive research, more fact than fiction. [PB# 724 modern history united states of america]
The Great Enterprise, the history of the Spanish Armada


$15 C/C [HST 4]

Folio Society 1978 first edition decorative cloth, 192pp + plates in b&w and colour, colour dec endpapers, a few spots of foxing to closed edge. Concentrates on the sea battle, compiled from contemporary documents.

Lady WILSON   Letters from India
The collected letters of the wife of a civil servant in the British Raj in India in the late 19th and early 20th century.

VG- softback with sunfaded spine, name to first page
$8 C/C
Century 1984, xiv 417 pages. ISBN0712604553 [#2672 history, india ]

WOODWARD Bob  Veil The Secret Wars of the C.I.A. 1981-1987
VG $5 C/B Headline 1988 paperback, 543pp + plates. ISBN 0747289964 [PB# 393 modhst]

WOOLLEY Benjamin  
The Queen's Conjuror; The Life and Magic of Dr Dee

A historical study of Dr John Dee (1527-1608), alchemist, theurgist, spy, astrologer, and discoverer of the Enochian language, latterly used by Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn occultists.
ISBN 9780006552024

VG softback $15 C/B HarperCollins 2002 394pp. [#2290 modern history ]

The Fire of Liberty


$15 C/C [HST 3]

Folio Society 1983 first edition decorative cloth, 256pp + plates in colour & b&w, colour dec endpapers, the American Revolution 1774-1783.

The Vigil of a Nation

Chinese journalist visits China in 1946 before the Kuomintang succumbed to the Communists

VG hardback in VG lightly worn dust jacket $10 C/C Heinemann1946 (Australian edition), 324 pages. [#2345 modern history china ]

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