Rare and used books relating to world economics, political theories and geo-politics.
Standard political theory works on Communism and Fascism.
Works by economists such as Galbraith and Keynes, as well as more radical theorists.

All these fortunabooks.com prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

Third Reich / National Socialist

ALLEN Gary  
None Dare call it Conspiracy

The One World Government/ New World Order threat to freedom posed by Communism, Socialism, the Bilderbergers, CFR etc. Chapters; 1. Don't Confuse Me with Facts; 2. Socialism ---Royal Road to Power for the Super-Rich; 3. The Money Manipulators; 4. Bankrolling The Bolshevik Revolution; 5. Establishing The Establishment; 6. The Rockefellers and the Reds; 7. Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below; 8. You Are the Answer;"This book concerns the way in which our nation and other nations are actually governed. As Benjamin Disraeli said, this is not the way in which most people think nations are governed." Strangely Allen skirts the fact that the conspirators he rants against are predominantly Jewish.


G+ to VG paperbacks available, may have conservative book distributer stamp, or some reading wear $8 A/A Concord Press 1972 third printing. [PB1408 politics new world order ]

G+ paperback with some soiling and wear $10 A/A Concord Press 1971 first printing. [PB1409 politics new world order ]

G+ paperback with light handling soiling, distributers stamp to first page. $7 A/A Concord Press 1972 third printing. [PB# 35 politics new world order ]

ALLEN Gary  
Say "No!" to the New World Order

A follow up to "None Dare call it Conspiracy'. The attack on US sovereignty by international capitalists and New World Order organisations...and how to keep America independent. One World Government/ New World Order.

VG paperback, cover has crease down centre
$15 A/A
Concord Press 1987 softcover, 268pp. [PB1405 ]

VG paperback, cover has ghost of erased writing
$15 A/A
Concord Press 1987 softcover, 268pp. [PB1406 ]

VG + paperback
$15 A/A
Concord Press 1987 softcover, 268pp. [PB1407 / PB1532 ]

Marxists on literature, an anthology

G+ age browned.

$7 C/B [Item# 93 PP]

Penguin 1975 first edition paperback, 528pp. Includes George Thomson, George Plekhanov, Christopher Caudwell, G M Matthews, David Craig, V G Kiernan, Karl MArx, Friedrich Engels, Arnold Kettle, Jack Mitchell, George Lukacs, Lenin, Trotsky, Lu Hsun, Brecht, Victor Serge, Max Adereth, Ernst Fisher. ISBN 0140218092

The Media Monopoly

VG- contact sealed, name to fep, sunned spine, small stain to lower corner of rear pages.

$5 C/C [Item# 276 PP]

Beacon Press 1983 first trade paperback, 282pp. How a few companies control the US media and through it US public opinion and politics. ISBN 0807061638

BARY William Theodore de
Sources of Indian Tradition vol 2

G rubbed cover tear to part of joint, minor pencil notes

$10 B/B [PP 7]

Columbia University Press 1966 softcover xvi 384pp sources for study of the politics of India and Pakistan from 1498, covers religious and philosophical influences on the make up of modern India

Towards a Socialist Agriculture, studies by a group of Fabians

VG sunned spine, name to title

$15 B/B [PP 27]

Victor Gollancz Left Book Club Edition 1946 first edition, pink papered boards with black titling, 186pp . With reference to war and post-war economic conditions.

BOURNE Richard 
Political Leaders of Latin America

Pelican Political Leaders of the Twentieth Century series
VG aged paper, owner details at front $5 A/B Pelican 1969 paperback, 306pp. Covers; Che Guevara, Edouardo Frei, Alfredo Stroessner, Juscelino Kubitschek, Carlos Lacerda, Evita Peron ISBN 0140210911[PB# 965 politics ]
Subject India

VG sunned spine, edge wear, name to fep

$15 B/B [PP 29]

Victor Gollancz Left Book Club Edition 1943 first edition, pink papered boards with black titling, 223pp. Includes discussion of Hindu- Muslim affairs and the successes of Gandhi.

Freedom or Slavery?


$10 B/B [PP 53]

New Puritan Library 1990 182pp softcover by Pat Brooks, Des Griffin, Haviv Schieber, Dale Crowley Jr. charts the rise and power of the jew controlled banks and stock market systems and how they have stolen the material reserves of the world through economic sleight of hand, authors are from a Christian Protestant angle but the information is valid for secular use as well, they show how international-finance-zionism hurts the worlds jews as well as gentiles and will lead to one world government new world order etc, good understanding of the importance of the US constitution as a safeguard of civil liberties and why it clearly stated that the US monetary sytem was to be gold based and the illegality of the federal reserve printed money scam. ISBN 0932050425

Class and Feminism
a collection of essays from The Furies
G water stain to cover spine, name to fep, grubby covers $8 B/A Diana Press 1974 first edition soft cover, 90pp. ISBN 0884470040 [# 1597 politics feminism]
The Theory and Practise of Communism

G+ age browned, white out and name stamp to fep, name to closed fore edge.

$7 C/B [Item# 98 PP]

Pelican 1964 paperback, 315pp. Marxism, Socialism, Leninism, Stalinism. 5th revised edition.

CARR William Guy  
Pawns in the Game

An expose of the World Revolutionary Movement, the communistic, totalitarian, atheistic secret agenda behind globalism, one world government and the new world order. The history of Zionism, Bolshevism, capitalism and fascism, which are all pawns in the schemes of the Illuminati and oligarchs. includes the British, French, American and Russian revolutions, First and Second world wars etc.

VG softback with Conservative Book distributor stamp to fisrt page
$30 C/B
Omni Publications undated (about 1970), xxi 193 pages + glossary [#2644 politics ]

Fidel and Religion, conversations with Frei Betto

VG- small area water staining to top edge at spine corner, light surface wear.

$10 B/c [PP 47]

Pathfinder Press 1986 first edition softcover. 268pp + plates. A Brazillian priest interviews Castro in 1985 about religious topics and Castro's politics and childhood. Communism, Cuba. ISBN 0947083006

Avowals and Denials, a book of Essays


$20 A/A [PP 52]

Methuen 1934 first edition, sewn sheets in printed paper wrappers, vi 218pp. 36 essays including; Fallacy of Eugenics / The Prison of Jazz / The One Party System / Prussian Paganism.

CLEAVER Eldridge
Soul on Ice

VG name etc to fep

$10 C/C [PP 25]

Cape 1969 first UK edition hardcover, xv 210pp. Afro-American Black Negroe Communist racist's political mouthings. Chapters include; Letters from Prison / Blood of the Beast / White woman, Black man. A philosophy of depravity and hate, by a black Beat Generation writer.

CLEAVER Eldridge
Soul on Ice

VG name to first page, age browned.

$5 A/A [Item # 186 PP]

Panther 1970 first paperback edition (UK) 188pp. Intro Maxwell Geismar, complete and unabridged. Afro-American Black Negro Communist racist's political mouthings. Chapters include; Letters from Prison / Blood of the Beast / White woman, Black man. A philosophy of depravity and hate, by a black Beat Generation writer. ISBN 586033300

CLEAVER Eldridge 
Soul on Ice
first Dell paperback edition
VG- small pen note to rear cover, pen underlining throughout, final leaf folded $5 A/A Dell [8163] 1970 first thus paperback, 192pp. Black American negro political philosophy, Cleaver was linked to the Black Panthers. ISBN 044008163095 [PB# 584 politics]

CLEAVER Eldridge 
Post-Prison Writings and Speeches
edited by Robert Scheer
G+ rubbed wrappers and age soiled $5 A/B Panther 1971 first thus paperback, 220pp. Black Panther sympathizer and racial bigot, a collection of his writings urging for criminal and political revolution against white society. ISBN 0586035559 [PB# 542 politics]
Rosa Luxemburg, a study

G boards mottled, minor soiling to prelims.

$15 B/A [Item# 213 PP]

International Socialism Quarterly numbers 2 & 3, 1959, first edition, cloth, 96pp. Starts at pp3 lacking fep. Study of early Marxist martyr published as two issues of the Marxist Theory quarterly. German socialist/ communist movement.

Racial Myths, The Race Question in Modern Sceince.

VG name to cover, light pencil notes to text.

$10 B/ $5 international [PP 37]

UNESCO 1961 sewn wrappers, 49pp. Liberal attempt to disprove any validity to racial theory, approaches such theories as 'myths' and ignores any evidence in support of inherited racial characteristics. The bulk is on the Jewish Myth and the Aryan/ Nordic superiority 'myth'. Author was Professor of Anthropology at Mexican School of Anthropology.

CORTI. Count Egon Caesar, translated from the German by Brian and Beatrix Lunn 
The rise of the house of Rothschild
cover image of The rise of the house of Rothschild by Count Egon Caesar Corticover image of The rise of the house of Rothschild by Count Egon Caesar Corti

This work studies the influence of the Rothschild family on the politics of the period 1770-1830 in Europe and throughout the world. When published in 1928 it was regarded as the only unbiased, thoroughly researched publication that was “free from political considerations and influenced by racial, national, and religious predilections or antipathies”.
Meyer Amschel Rothschild and his sons and further descendants built a global banking dynasty with power and influence over heads of state and business.
Amschel Meyer, plutocracy, banking, oligarchy, globalist, banking

G+ hardback with no dust jacket, insect damage to surface of cloth boards.
$15 C/C
Victor Gollancz 1928 first edition, 463pp.
[#3531 ]

DAVIES A Emil  Foreign Investments
VG $5 C/C A W Shaw & Co 1928 cloth vii 224pp [# 740 politics]

Revolution in the Revolution?
Armed struggle and political struggle in Latin America
VG $10 A/A Pelican [A999] 1968 paperback, 127pp. Marxist guerilla work by confidante of Che Guevara and Castro. [PB# 608 politics]

A Critique of Arms
vol 1
VG $10 C/B Penguin 1977 paperback, 315pp. Marxist guerilla work by confidante of Che Guevara and Castro. Translated by Rosemary Sheed ISBN 0140551204 [# 1591 politics]

DE STAEL Madame 
Madame De Stael on Politics, Literature and National Character
trnslated by Morroe Berger
VG $10 A/B Doubleday Anchor 1965 first thus paperback, xii 344pp. An anthology of her polticial and sociological writings. Nineteenth Century. On National Character includes Germany, England and Russia. [PB# 852 politics]
Keynes's Economics and the Theory of Value and Distribution

VG- rubbed edges

$15 C/C [PP 40]

Duckworth 1983 softcover, 294pp. Essays on the study of Keynes's theory in light of Marxian theory of value and distribution. ISBN 0715617494

ENGELS Frederick
Dialectics of Nature

VG VG- lightly sunned or soiled DW.

$30 C/C [PP 49]

Progress Publishers 1986 leatherette, 403pp.

The Condition of the Working-Class in England
From personal observation and authentic sources
VG VG- DW top and bottom edges taped, minor wear at spine ends.$35 A/C Progress Publishers Moscow 1973 first thus cloth, 351pp. "This book is printed according to the text of the authorized English Edition of 1892, London, with the addition of the appeal 'To the Working-Classes of Great Britain' and the Prefaces to the First German and the American Edition, and an excerpt from the Preface to the Second German edition. The present English text has been checked with the text of the Second German edition of 1892, Stuttgart."[PP 61]

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
in the light of the researches of Lewis H. Morgan
VG VG- some wear and short tears to DW $10 A/C Progress Publishers 1972 cloth, 181pp Marxist theory [# 1656 politics ]
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (Chinese Communist Party)


$15 B/B [PP 41]

The Epoch Times 2004 softcover, xx 344pp. Severely critical look at the Chinese Communist Party accusing it of all the aspects of a religious cult. Chapters on the suppression of Falun Gong, CCP brainwashing and torture techniques, religious type behaviour etc. ISBN 1590681010.

The True Story of The Bilderberg Group
updated, revised and expanded edition
VG+ name label inside cover $15 C/C Trine Day 2009 second edition North American Union edition soft cover, 398pp. New World Order NWO ISBN 9780979988622 [#1888 politics]

The Truth about New Zealand
cover image of The Truth about New Zealand by A N Field for sale in New Zealand

A book about the hidden hand behind politics by an influential right-wing theorist, prominent in Australia and New Zealand.
"Kiwi theoretician of the Australian Radical Right", Field's books are rarely found in circulation.
politics, marxism, marxist, communism, new zealand, sovereignty, globalism, nationalism

VG- with some private library marks.
$65 C/B
Veritas Publishing Company 1987, third printing, 171pp.
[#4099 ]

FEUER Lewis S editor
Marx and Engels: Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy

G+ sunned spine, spine lean, name inside cover, small amount of pencil underlining.

$5 C/B [Item# 94 PP]

Fontana 1976 paperback. ISBN 00063187916

The Power of Beauty


$8 C/B [PP 9]

Arrow 1998 paperback 784pp image consciousness and the desire for beauty. ISBN 0099426412 feminist feminism

My Mother MY Self


$6 C/B [PP 10]

Fontana 1983 paperback 475pp study of the impact mothers have on their daughters. ISBN 006357024 feminist feminism autobiography


VG name to fep

$7 C/B [PP 11]

Fontana 1987 paperback 594pp the role of jealousy within family dynamics. ISBN 0006370713 family issues counselling feminist feminism

Free to choose, a personal statement


$15 C/B [Item# 96 PP]

Penguin 1981 paperback, 386pp. Personal and political freedom's reliance on the free market. ISBN 0140223630

Bright Promises, Dismal Performance: an economists protest


$15 C/B [Item# 97 PP]

Harcourt Brace 1972 paperback, x 393pp. Essays on economic and political freedom. ISBN 0156141612

GALBRAITH John Kenneth
The Nature of Mass Poverty


$6 A/A [Item# 91 PP]

Pelican paperback 1980, 120pp. Economics ISBN 0140222898

GEORGE Wesley Critz 
The Biology of the Race Problem
As New xeroxed facsimile $15 B/ $5 internationally Raymond Bamford, 1963 saddle stitched into plain blue card wrappers, vii, 87pp. Facsimile of The Race Issue Pamphlet No 12. saddle stitched into plain blue card wrappers. Author was Professor of Histology and Embryology, emeritus, formerly head of the Department of Anatomy, University of North Carolina Medical School. This report was commissioned by the Governor of Alabama , 1962. vii, 87pp. contents include; mechanism of heredity / are there fundamental differences between the white and negro races? / physical bases for intellectual and behavioural differences / inheritance of intelligence and behaviour in man / are racial differences hereditary? / should we promote racial amalgamation? / the influence of Franz Boas [ #000904 politics]

Our Threatened Values
VG- spine tail rubbed, age browned paper stock $15 B/B Victor Gollancz/ Left Book Club Edition 1946 first edition pink papered boards, 157pp. Left wing political take on the trend of post war government, policies and morals in war-ravged Europe, and how the inhumane treatment of German civilians bodes ill for the future. [# 713 politics]

Your M.P.

VG sunned spine $8 B/A Gollancz 1944 cloth 110pp socialist comment on a generic Tory MP. British post war politics. [# 741 politics]

America's Money Machine

The Story of the Federal Reserve. Revised edition of 'Fifty Years of Managed Money' (1966)

VG- softback with small amount of damp rippling to top corner at front of book
$15 B/C
Mises Institiute 2009 reprint soft cover, xv 286pp. [#1824 politics]

Table Talk, or Original Essays (Everyman Library)

VG light wear to covers, ink name to fep.

$10 C/B [PP 45]

Dent Everyman 1925 cloth with gilt spine, 338pp +4 pp adverts.

HEILBRONER Robert L  Behind the Veil of Economics essays in the worldly philosophy
VG- minor pen marking $8 B/B Norton 1988 soft cover, 207pp ISBN 0393305775 [#1189 politics economics]
HOBBES edited Frederick J E Woodbridge
Hobbes Selections

G name and stamp to half title, rubbed wrappers, taped spine.

$5 A/B [Item# 235 PP]

Scribners (1930) softcover, xxx 418pp. Selections from Elements of Philosophy Concerning Body and Leviathan.

HUTTON J. Bernhard 
The Subverters of Liberty
The first full exposure of the Communist plot to undermine the Western way of life.
cover image of The Subverters of Liberty, The first full exposure of the Communist plot to undermine the Western way of life.

Describes the Communist system of subversion from within to destroy capitalism and democracy around the world by political agitation and social unrest.

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket with some edge tears.
$10 C/C
W H Allen 1972, 266pp + plates.
[#3335 ]

KATZ Robert
Days of Wrath, The Public Agony of Aldo Moro

VG- VG- light dent to front board and DW, DW small hole top of lower joint, spine title lightly faded.

$10 C/C [PP 35]

Granada 1980 first edition hardcover, 352pp + plates. 'The Kidnapping, The Execution, The Aftermath.' The Christian Democrat party President and a leading statesman in Italy was kidnapped by Red Brigades, and due to official intransigence allowed to be executed by the kidnappers. The author explains how this was allowed to happen, and the effect it had on Italian politics. ISBN 0246111402

Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control
cover image of Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control for sale in New Zealand

Veteran investigator Jim Keith uncovers information on the technology, experimentation and implementation of Mind Control technology.
Various Chapters on early CIA experiments such as Project Artichoke and Project RHIC-EDOM, the methodology and technology of implants, Mind Control Assassins, Couriers, and victims such as Sirhan Sirhan and Candy Jones.
Also Mind Control technology links to UFO activity and UFO abductions.
conspiracy, deep state, black ops, mkultra, oss, tavistock, haarp

VG+ softback
$20 C/B
Adventures Unlimited Press 1998, 311pp.
[#3793 ]

KEITH Jim and Kenn Thomas 
The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro
Revised Edition
cover image of The Octopus - Revised Edition: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro for sale in New Zealand

Amidst researching a transnational power bloc using subversion, dirty money and election fraud, Danny was found, "suicided".
This book presents his extant research, with new information by the authors.
This revised edition includes Casolaro's insights and research into the post-911 world
nwo, deep state, globalists, globalism, conspiracy, 9/11, 911, Iran-contra

VG+ softback
$20 C/B
Feral House 2004, 235pp.
[#3794 ]

KING Martin Luther 
Where Do We Go From Here; Chaos or Community?

VG age browned pages, bookseller stamps to first page $15 A/B Bantam 1968 first thus paperback, 242pp. Complete and unabridged. Black American political work. [PB# 417 politics]
KNIGHT Derrick
Beyond the Pale, The Christian Political Fringe.

VG name to fep.

$10 B/B [PP 46]

Caraf 1982 first edition softcover, 192pp. Surveys links between conservative christian groups and white separatist and or racist political groups in South Africa , Britain, Australia and New Zealand as well as Europe, chapters include one on the skinhead/ bootboy political groups centred on the BNP and NF. ISBN 0907723004

Citizen Toussaint

VG sunned spine, edge wear, bruised corners, name facing title

$15 B/B [PP 26]

Victor Gollancz Left Book Club Edition 1945 first edition, pink papered boards with black titling, 260pp map endpapers. The rise of Haiti under Toussaint Louverture, includes history of Haiti before his seizure of power.

KROPOTKIN Peter edited Colin Ward
Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow


$20 B/B [PP 23]

Freedom Press 1989 softcover, 205pp.edited, introduced and with new material. Socialist - Communist approach to the workforce in city and country. ISBN 090038428X communism politics socialism

Behind the Dictators
Jesuits behind Nazi-Fascism
VG light wear, some minor notation being small dots in margins $30 B/B Patriotic Christian Distributors 2002 soft cover reprint of 1942 edition, 79pp. Author sees Jesuit plot behind the Nationalism and Fascism of the pre war years as a symptom of Catholic reaction against the liberalism of the Enlightenment and Reformation. Beleives the work of the Jesuits is to support fascist regimes to bring about the Restoration of the Papal Holy Roman Empire. Emphasis on Hitler's 'Positive Christianity', Mussolini's Lateran Treaty with the Vatican, and the role played by the Catholic Church in the Eastern European Fascist regimes. Uncommon [# 1198 politics]

LEON Abram 
The Jewish Question
a Marxist interpretation
VG faint sunning to spine $20 C/B Pathfinder Press 1993 softcover, 270pp. Political and economic history of Judaism from the Roman period to World War Two. Includes discussion of anti-semitism. ISBN 0873481348 [# 999 politics]
Conversation with Eldridge Cleaver Algiers

VG dust soiled covers.

$8 B/B [Item# 230 PP]

Jonathan Cape 1971 first edition softcover, 129pp. Interview with Cleaver during his hiding from US authorities in Algiers. Black Panther negro politics. ISBN 0224005529

MACHIAVELLI Nicolo translated W K Marriott
The Prince

VG VG DW taped to outside at head of spine and top corners

$15 C/B [PP 18]

Dent Everyman 1935 cloth, xxvi 290 +4 +16pp adverts.

MACHIAVELLI Niccolo trsl George Bull
The Prince


$8 A/A [Item# 266 PP]

Penguin Classics 1985 paperback,154pp. ISBN 0140441077

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory

VG sunned spine, name to first page,

$7 B/$5 international [PP15]

Pathfinder Press 1976 softcover 78pp.

MARX Karl (Pelican Marx Library)
Grundrisse, Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy (Rough Draft)

G aged and cigarette smoked

$10 C/C [PP 19]

Pelican Penguin Books 1973 first English translation by Martin Nicolaus, paperback 895pp, this is the outline for the many ideas Marx intended to publish to expand Das Kapital. Communist philosophy, communism, socialism, marxism. ISBN 0140216677

MARX Karl & ENGELS Frederick
Karl Marx and Frederick Engels Selected Works in one volume

VG VG- rubbed and edgeworn DW.

$40 C/D [PP 48]

Lawrence & Wishart 1977 hardcover, 790pp. Selection of the essential writings of these socialist / communist thinkers. Lqarge thick book.

MARX Karl & ENGELS Frederick
Ireland and the Irish Question

VG VG- light chipping head of DW spine.

$30 C/C [PP 50]

Progress Publishers 1978 hardcover, 665pp.

MARX Karl & ENGELS Frederick edited C J Arthur
The German Ideology Part One, with selections from parts two and three together with Marx's 'Introduction to a critique of political economy'

VG sunned covers.

$10 B/B [Item# 95 PP]

International publishers 1978 softcover, 158pp. Political science, communism, marxism. ISBN 717803023

MILLER Alexander
The Christian Significance of Karl Marx

VG light waer to boards.

$6 B/A [Item# 322 PP]

SCM Press 1946 first edition hardcover, 126pp. What Communism is / contemporary criticism / what christians have to say / what christians have to do / annotated book list.

NELSON Truman 
The Torture of Mothers

Black negro mothers speak of the arrest and imprisonment of their children during US 1960s civil rights disturbances and the climate in the black neighbourhoods.
Cultural studies. American studies.

G softback with some marking in margins in black.
$10 C/B
Garrison Press (introduction dated 1965), 121pp with illustrations in text.
[#3149 ]

The Yahoos

The sobering expose of the attempt to poison the American mind by the inciters of racism, violence and mayhem... the Yahoos. Includes reproductions of advertisements and handbills by US fascist groups. This work attacks American conservative groups and labels them as fascists and Nazis. Undoubtedly some of them were, but the main aim of them was the fight against Communist infiltration of American society, be it political or cultural. Covers Birchites, Minute Men, American Nazi Party, anti-communists, right wing activists.

G softback with sunned covers, pen notation throughout.
$10 C/B
Marzani & Munsell 1964 sewn wrappers, 222pp. [#2626 politics, right wing, conservatism ]

NICHOLS Beverley 
Verdict on India
1940s politics and society
VG book mark tipped onto endpaper, name to fep and rear fep, foxed closed edges $5 C/B Cape 1946 cloth, 259pp. Survey of the socio- political climatee of India and the author ponders whether it is time for Britain to 'pull out'. [# 1323 politics]

PARIS Edmond  
The Secret History of the Jesuits
catholic nazis etc!
VG minor wear and sunning to spine $15 C/C Chick Publications 1975 soft cover, 206pp. Translated from French. ISBN 0937958107 [# 1674 politics]
My Dear Churchill and other Open Letters to Persons in Authority

G backstrip detaching, soiled cloth, marked endpapers.

$5 B/A [PP 59]

Gollancz 1941 first edition cloth, 120pp. Letters to Clement Atlee, Ernest Bevin, Andrew Duncan, David Margesson, Anthony Eden, L. S. Amery, Herbert Morrison, Kingsley Wood, Archibald Sinclair, Hugh Dalton. By a left wing publisher so they are anti-war (or anti-governement) in sentiment.

PRITTIE Terence & Walter Henry NELSON
The Economic War against the Jews

VG sunned spine.

$8 C/B [PP 36]

Corgi 1979 paperback, 271pp. Pro-Israeli account of the Arab Boycott Office and its attempt to 'blockade'world trade with Israel. An interesting contrast to the Jewish Boycotting of german commerce in the early 'thirties. ISBN 0552111015

The Camp of the Saints (aka The End of the White Race)

A haunting and prophetic vision of Western Civilization overrun by burgeoning Third World population. A dystopian novel of 'refugee' boat-people invading France, this groundbreaking piece of fiction that opened the eyes of many Europeans to the threat of unchecked illegal immigration, unchecked due to the spiritual and cultural void breeding in the heart of the European soul since the defeat of the nationalist autocracies of the mid twentieth century. Raspail warned us in 1973, but no one listened.

VG softback, shows minor reading use
$35 B/C
The Social Contract Press 1987, 316 pages [#2440 politics ]

REED Douglas
Lest We Regret

VG used, name to paste down, rubbed cloth. Cape 1944 second impression cloth, 337pp. A detailed appraisal of the threat of International Zionism to the freedoms of Western culture and civilisation by an early opponent of the totalitarian threat from the Western democracies use of regulation and repression in the Second World War period and after. NZ$15 C/B [#496 politics]

REED Douglas
Insanity Fair


$15 C/C [PP 42]

Cape 1938 twenty first impression within six months of the original first impression! cloth, 431pp. Reed gives an account of his formative years then relates the rise of Nazism and fascism in Europe, which he sees as an 'Insanity Fair', Reed was one of the earliest journalists to warn of the imminent war. Later Reed saw that in the measures taken to destroy the fascist Axis the Western democracies had in effect become totalitarian themselves and was an untiring critic of the hidden forces operating against traditional White European forms of egalitarian democracy, and saw the two forces of Capitalism and Communism as both threats to national sovereignty and individual freedom.

Colour, Race and Empire

VG sunned spine, edge wear, bruised corners, name to fep

$20 B/B [PP 28]

Victor Gollancz Left Book Club Edition 1944 first edition, pink papered boards with black titling, 278pp. An investigation of the predicted 'race problem' in the Imperial British Colonies in the post war period.

SEALE Patrick & Maureen McConville  French Revolution 1968 Penguin special
G+ rubbed covers $10 A/B Penguin 1968 first edition paperback, 238pp+ plates. In depth study of the Student Marxist revolt against the French Government. [PB# 541 politics]

SEALE Bobby  Seize the Time The Story of the Black Panther Party
VG $10 A/B Arrow 1970 paperback, 476pp History of the negro armed political party, by the chairman. ISBN 0090042409 [PB# 585 politics]

SPENDER Dale editor  Feminist Theorists Three Centuries of Women's Intellectual Traditions
VG+ $15 C/B Women's Press Ltd 1992 paperback, 402 pp. ISBN 0704338890[# 1533 politics feminist ]

STRACHEY John  A Program for Progress Left Book Club
G lightly soiled boards, inscription to fep $15 B/B Gollancz 1940 first edition hardcover, 352pp. Left Wing work on Socialism as a panacea for the evils of Capitalism. Looks at the American New Deal, Fascist Economics, and a New Way Forward. [#1171 politics]

SUTTON Anthony C.  
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists. Drawing on State Department files, personal papers of key Wall Street figures, biographies and conventional histories, Sutton reveals: the role of Morgan banking executives in funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the US; the co-option of the American Red Cross by powerful Wall Street forces; the intervention by Wall Street sources to free the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whose aim was to topple the Russian government; the deals made by major corporations to capture the huge Russian market a decade and a half before the US recognized the Soviet regime; and, the secret sponsoring of Communism by leading businessmen.

VG softback with conservative bookseller label to first page
$30 C/B
Veritas Publishing Co. 1981, 228 pages. [#2645 politics ]

THOMAS Kenn and David Hatcher Childress 
Inside the Gemstone File
cover image of Inside the Gemstone File for sale in New Zealand

"The most notorious rant in the history of conspiracy theories"
Hundreds of letters by Bruce Roberts, the creator of synthetic rubies, which according to him, Hughes Aircraft stole in 1960 for use in laser weapons research.
The Gemstone letters, tracks the international mob and industrial espionage, and their role in political intrigue.
Includes connections with New Zealand.
Skeleton Key, conspiracy, usa, aristotle onassis, howard hughes, Kiwi Gemstone, octopus, casolaro

VG+ softback
$20 C/B
Adventures Unlimited Press 1999, 250pp.
[#3795 ]

TOCQUEVILLE Alexis de, translated M W Patterson 
L'Ancien Regime
cover image of L'Ancien Regime by De Tocqueville for sale in New Zealand

A study of the French Revolution.
politics, france, history

VG softback with light wear to spine tail.
Three quaint pencil caricatures, two to rear cover one to final blank page.
$15 C/B
Basil Blackwell 1956, xvii 233pp.
[#4122 ]

TOCQUEVILLE Alexis de & Gustave de BEAUMONT  Tocqueville and Beaumont on Social Reform edited & translated by Seymour Drescher
VG $25 B/B Harper Torchbooks 1968 first edition soft cover, 222pp. Poverty and Industy / Crime and Reformation / Abolition of Slavery / Demands from Below. Includes peices never before translated. [#1203 politics]

TOYNBEE Arnold J.  A Study of History abridgement of volumes 1-6
VG- minor foxing to closed edges and boards name to fep, rubber stamp to copyright page $9 C/C Oxford University Press 1949 (third imp.) cloth, 617pp + folding chart. [# 1667 politics]

UNITED NATIONS   United Nations International Instrument on Human Rights a compilation relating to Human Rights in New Zealand
VG $5 B/A Human Rights Commission 1983 stapled wrappers 73pp Articles from various conventions on Human Rights. HUMBUG [# 1600 politics]
Marxism and the Philosophy of Language

VG sunned spine.

$15 B/B [PP 54]

Harvard University 1986 softcover, xviii 205pp. Philosophy of Language and its significance for Marxism / toward a Marxist philosophy of language / toward a history of forms of utterance in language constructions (sociological method to problems of syntax). ISBN 0674550986

WEAVER Henry Grady 
The Mainspring of Human Progress
Libertarian political economics
VG light wear $8 A/B Foundation for Economic Education 1977 paperback, 287pp. Throws light on problems facing post Secon World War world, and traces them back to the age old conflict between Pagan Fatalism and Christian Freedom. Author proclaims the revolution of the idea of Individual Freedom and Responsibility is the 'Mainspring of Human Progress'. Includes chapter on Socialism and (or) Communism. ISBN0910614024 [PB# 540 politics]

WEBSTER Nesta H.  
Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

One of the founding works of research on the threads that tie the world wide subversive network back to freemasonry and Jewish finance domination of world politics, the anti-church, anti-monarchy and anti-traditional movement directed by Illuminati and Freemasonic lodges, covers the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasonry, Jacobins of the French Revolution, Knights Templar, Communism as Jewish directed Atheism, Occultism, the Grand Lodge, Illuminism, Cabalists, Pan-Germanism, Zionism, Anti-Semitism, the Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, One World Government etc.

VG+ softback
$30 B/C
Christian Book Club of America, undated facsimile reprint of the 1924 original. [#2642 politics ]

World Revolution
The Plot Against Civilization

A work based on her lectures on the Origin and Progress of World Revolution. Charts the Illuminati as the hidden force at work behind World Socialism, Freemasonry and Bolshevism.

VG softback
$20 C/C
Omni Publications facsimile of the Constable 1921 edition. 327pp with folding chart at rear.
[#3246 ]

The Stealing of America
cover image of The Stealing of America for sale in New Zealand

Charts the fascist and totalitarian nature of the secular American state.
Explains how godlessness leads to abrogation of individual human rights in the name of the 'greater good' of totalitarian socialism.
Discusses Secular Humanism/ Social darwinism etc.
America, USA, conservative politics, conservative christian, population control

VG softback with some light wear.
$10 C/B
Crossway Books 1983 soft cover, 158pp.
[#3681 ]

Magnificent Journey, The Rise of the Trade Unions.

VG- VG- edge wear and chipping to DW, light foxing to book, soiled closed edges.

$20 C/C [Item# 19 PP]

Odhams 1954 first edition cloth, 448pp. Complete history of the founding of the British Trade Unions. Covers up to the 1950s.

Air Con
The seriously inconvenient truth about global warming
cover image of Air Con, The seriously inconvenient truth about global warming

Conservative journalist debates and refutes the claims of the 'Global Warming' climate change promoters. Scientific evidence to back his claims that the real agenda of the lobbyists is political rather than environmental.
climate change, agenda, NWO, globalism

VG softback with some minor wear to cover.
$10 C/C
Howling at the Moon Publishing 2009, 285pp.
[#3440 ]

The Great Secret

New Zealand book on One World Government / NWO / Zionism etc
VG- lightly soiled wrappers $20 B/B Sovereign Books 1990 soft cover, 198pp. Christian fundamentalist looks at Communism and Zionism as threats to New Zealand sovereignty and freedom. Includes Mikhail Lermontov sinking, United Nations etc. [# 1398 politics conspiracy theory]

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