Official and unofficial military histories, biographies, memoirs and material related to warfare and soldiering.
Army, Navy and Air Force.

Third Reich / National Socialist

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

The Greek and Macedonian Art of War

VG $10 A/A California University Press 1967 paperback, 109pp. Covers Infantry, Naval, Mounted ( includes Elephants) and Siegecraft. [PB# 973 military history ancient ]

The Reluctant Legionnaire

Great Pan G141
G+ some wear to covers and spine, foxing to closed edges $8 A/B Pan 1958 first thus paperback. [PB#1291 militaria]


An account by a native of Kiev of the Nazi occupation.
Babi Yar is the ravine outside the city supposedly used to dispose of 200,000 victims of the Nazis.

VG paperback
$8 A/B
Sphere Books 1972 first paperback edition, 478 pages. [PB1416 military history ww2 third reich ]

Winged Words, Our Airmen speak for themselves

R.A.F. reminiscences
VG VG DW minor spotting $15 C/C Heinemann 1941 first reprint. 261pp + plates. Anonymous reports from RAF crew detailing actions against the German forces. [# 1758 military history]

BAIN Hamish 
The Morning Calm

British Infantry in Korea
VG- paperback rebound in boards and cloth spine, original wrappers laid over boards, spine cloth insect flecked $8 A/B Badger Book / John Spencer & Co undated about 1960, 157pp.
Story of British Light Infantrymen in action in late 1951. [PB# 862 military history modern]

BARKER Ralph  
The Thousand Plan

The Story of the First Thousand Bomber Raid on Cologne.
The first strategic (terror?) bomber raid made against Germany, intended to level Cologne, it failed but made the way possible for the later large raids on German industry and civilian centres.

G+ hardback in G+ dust jacket with large chips with loss to corners and spine ends, book has name stamps to paste down and closed edges, faint offsetting of red dye to bottom corner of closed edges (only) at the front part of the book
$20 C/C
Chatto 1965 first edition, ix 260pp + plates. [#2247 militaria]

BARNETT Correlli  
The Desert Generals

Pan Giant X128
G+ light wear, age toned $6 A/B Pan 1962 first paperback edition, 336pp + plates. North Africa 1940-43. [PB#1295 militaria]

BEEVOR Antony   Berlin
The Downfall 1945
VG- trade paperback with name to first page and AUTHOR"S SIGNATURE to title page $15 C/C Penguin 2003, xxxvii 490pp + plates ISBN 0141013443 [#1954]

BEEVOR Antony  
Berlin, The Downfall 1945
cover image of Berlin, The Downfall 1945,  for sale in New Zealand

The end of the Reich in th rubble of Berlin.
ISBN 0141013443

VG- trade paperback with name to first page and AUTHOR"S SIGNATURE to title page.

$15 C/C
Penguin 2003, xxxvii 490pp + plates
[#1954-B ]

BELL Leslie 
Destined Meeting

Singapore prisoners of war under the Japanese
VG VG- light chipping to DW $5 C/B Readers Book Club 1960 hard cover, 255pp + plates [# 1314 military history modern second world war]

BETHELL Nicholas 
The Last Secret
cover image of The Last Secret, Allied betrayal of the Axis Cossacks, for sale in New Zealand

The story of the Allied betrayal of the Axis Cossack units fighting with Nazi's against the Bolsheviks.
After negotiating terms they surrendered to the British and Americans only to be betrayed and forcibly repatriated to torture and death in Russia.
ww2, wwii, russian, cossack, axis, anti-bolshevik, patriots, war crime

VG paperback
$7 A/B
Coronet 1987 first paperback edition, 287pp + plates.
[PB1658 ]

BLOCH Michael  
Operation Willi

The Plot to kidnap the Duke of Windsor July 1940
Nazi plot to kidnap the Duke of Windsor for use as a pawn in coercing the British to cease hostilities or surrender to a German invasion.
Based on declassified sources such as intercepted German telegrams and the Duke's private papers.
wwii, ww2, espionage

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket
$15 C/C
Weidenfeld 1984 first edition, xiv 264pp + plates. [#2225]

Von Rundstedt, the soldier and the man

Memoir by Field Marshal Gerd Von Runstedt's Chief of Staff.
Translated from the German, this gives a good insight into the worsening situation one of Hitler's greatest generals found himself confronted with.
wehrmacht, ww2, wwii, german high command,

VG hardback with lightly sunned spine and boards, light spots of foxing in places, missing the dust jacket.
$40 C/B
Odhams 1952 first edition, 288pp + plates. [#2261]

BOWMAN Martin. 
Jane's Battles with the Luftwaffe
The Bomber Campaign Against Germany 1942-45.
cover image of Jane's Battles with the Luftwaffe, the Bomber Campaign Against Germany 1942-45, for sale in New Zealand

Covers technological advances and secret weapons, and in-depth service details of Luftwaffe aces.
Second World War, Fighter Pilots, Bomber Command, Aviation, Military, wwii

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket
$45 D/D
Harper Collins 2001 First Edition, 240pp.
[#4388 ]

BOYLE Andrew  
No Passing Glory

The Full and Authentic Biography of Group Captain Cheshire VC DSO DFC
Triple DFC winner with Bomber Command in the Second world War, Cheshire was an eye witness observer to the Nagasaki bomb and a devoted christian missionary.

G+ hardback in G+ unclipped dust jacket with short edge tears and rubbing, some browning to spine.
$20 C/C
Collins 1955 first edition, 384pp. [#5491 / BIO 18]

VG hardback in VG- unclipped dust jacket with edge wear and short edge tears at spine ends and corners, owners details to paste down.
$15 C/C
Collins November 1955 (third impression), 384pp.[#2294 militaria ]

G+ G+ DW rubbed and foxed, book foxed, head of fep trimmed, corners bumped.
$10 C/C
Collins 1955 (second impression), 384pp. [#125]

Escape - or Die

Authentic Stories of the RAF Escaping Society
VG- minor handling $5 A/A Pan 1957 paperback reprint,190pp. Introduction by H E Bates. Pan 292 [PB#1355 militray history]

BRYANT Arthur 
Triumph in the West 1943-1946

A history of the Second World War based on the War Diaries of Field Marshal Viscount Alanbrooke, one of the British Commanders.
Military history, ww2, wwii

VG- hardback in VG- dust jacket with light foxing to prelims and closed edges, jacket edge worn with sunned spine.
$15 C/C
Collins 1959 first edition cloth, 576pp.
[#2979 ]

CAIDIN Martin  
Me 109: Willy Messerschmitt's Peerless Fighter

Illustrated History of World War II Weapons Book
G+ some pages detaching as glue perishes otherwise tidy $8 C/B Pan/Ballantine 1968 soft cover, 160pp, illustrated. ISBN 0345097904 [#1959 military history]

Invasion-They're Coming

The German account of the Allied landings and the 80 days' Battle for France
G creased cover, bookshop stamps to first page $5 A/A Bantam 1973 paperback, 325pp. English translation from the German. ISBN 55307597125 [PB# 1009 modern military history second world war ]

CHAPMAN F Spencer  
The Jungle is Neutral

Second World War British guerilla in Malaya.
Second World War Malayasian campaign and the British guerilla leader working with the locals to ambush the Japanese.

VG- lightly soiled cloth, name to endpaper $10 C/C Chatto 1949 reprint (another copy 1951) xiv 436 pages + plates and folding map at rear. [#2223 military ]

Chief of Intelligence (Canaris)

G foxing and soiling to book and boards.

$9 C/B [Item# 120 MH]

Gollancz 1951 2nd imp. cloth 223pp. Biography and history of Canaris and the Abwehr in Second World War.

CORTESI Lawrence 
Target: Daimler-Benz

Allied bombing of German industry
G+ cover wear $5 A/A Leisure Books 1980 paperback, 222pp ISBN 0843907134175 [PB# 1010 modern military history second world war ]

COWLES Virginia 
The Phantom Major, The Story of David Stirling and the S.A.S. Regiment

G+ sunned spine, faint marker price to cover, age browned paper stock, rubbed joints $10 C/B Collins 1958 first edition hard cover, 320 pp+ frontis port. [# 1356 military history modern second world war]

COWLES Virginia  
The Phantom Major, the story of David Stirling and the SAS Regiment

Special Forces Library volume 1
VG+ VG+ $20 Arms and Armour Press 1985 first reissue in this series, hardcover, 320pp. ISBN 0853687242 [# 1693 military history modern]

Special Operations Europe, scenes from the anti-nazi war.

Basil Davidson's work with the partisans of Yugoslavia and Italy during the Second World War.

VG hardback in VG dustjacket lightly scuffed to lower panel. A blank leaf between dedication and chapter one has been neatly removed, light foxing to closed edges.
$20 C/C
Gollancz 1981 second impression, 288pp. [#2284 militaria ]

DEACON Richard 
A History of the British Secret Service

British military intelligence and spying from the Elizabethan age to the Cold War with emphasis on the First and Second World Wars.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket under plastic sleeve.
$30 C/C
Muller 1969 first edition hardcover, 440pp + plates. [#2266 militaria]

A Scrap of Paper
cover image of A Scrap of Paper; The Inner History of German Diplomacy and Her Scheme of World-Wide Conquest, for sale in New Zealand

The Inner History of German Diplomacy and Her Scheme of World-Wide Conquest
The author was proclaiming Germany's expansionist warmongering for years before the outbreak of war, and here reviews German belligerance leading up to the outbreak.
ww1, wwi, great war, armaments, prussianism

G+ hardback with no jacket.
Bookseller stamp to free end paper, some age browning.
$25 A/B
Hodder 1914 first edition decorative cloth 16mo xxvii 220pp + frontis, newsprint stock but sewn binding.
[#4918 ]

DUNNIGAN James F. & Albert A. Nofi 
Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War

Military Information you are not supposed to know.
VG $15 C/C Thomas Dunne Books 2000 first thus edition, softcover xx 374pp ISBN 031225282X [#1906 military history]

ELFORD George Robert & Hans Josef Wagemueller 
Devil's Guard
cover image of Devil's Guard

Recounts the experiences of German soldiers who, fleeing Soviet gulags after the defeat of the Reich, join the French Foreign Legion and fight in Indochina. The ghost-written memoirs of Hans Josef Wagemueller

VG- paperback
$20 A/B
New English Library 1984, 349pp.
[#007683 ]

EZELL Edward C.  
Personal Firepower

The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War volume 15
G+ wear to spine ends $9 C/B Bantam 1988 soft cover 158pp. ISBN 0553345494 [#1927 militaria vietnam war]

[FALKLANDS] THOMPSON Julian (Major-General  
No Picnic 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic; 1982.
cover image of No Picnic 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic 1982, for sale in New Zealand

Falklands War between UK and Argentina as seen by 3 Commando Brigade, of which the author was the commanding officer.
[ISBN 0436520524]
Goose Green, Port Stanley, British forces

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket
$15 C/C
Guild Publishing/ Book Club Associates 1985, 201pp + plates in colour and black and white, map endpapers.
[#5638 ]

FARAGO Ladislas  
The Game of the Foxes

British and German intelligence operations and personalities which changed the course of the Second World War.
An exhaustive and complete account.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket with light edge wear with chipping and short tears and some minor loss at head of front panel.
$40 B/D
Hodder 1972 first edition, xxi 696pp. [#2258 militaria]

The Edge of the Sword

The Gloucestershire Regiment and the Battle of Imjin River
VG VG DW has sunned spine. $10 C/B Readers Book Club 1955 hardcover, 286pp + plates, map end papers. Korean War and British regiment. [#1943 military history]

All for a shilling a day

Military History series No 1
VG-paperback with light cover wear $10 A/B NEL 1974, 174pp. Fiction firmlly based n historical research. Follows a group of recruits in a cavalry regiment in the 1840s and their service in India. Author is a military expert and designer of war games rules. [PB# 473 military history modern]

Bowmen of England

Military History series No 2.
G+ paperback with light cover wear $10 A/B NEL 1974, 174pp. Firm historical research on the medieval Eglish longbowman and archer. Author is a military expert and designer of war games rules. [PB# 983 military history medieval]

The Watery Maze, the story of Combined Operations.

The Combined naval and army landings in France North Africa and the Mediterranean,
which saw the beginning of the end of the second World War, also some South East Asian actions,
and the Port Said raid of 1956.

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket.
Name to half title.
$35 C/C
Collins 1961 first edition, 445pp + plates.[#2285 militaria ]

FOLEY Charles 
Commando Extraordinary
cover image of Commando Extraordinary, The Spectacular exploits of Otto Skorzeny SS, for sale in New Zealand

Otto Skorzeny was Hitler's go to man for special missions, infamously rescuing Mussolini with a daring glider operation.
wwii, SS, special operations, commando raids, nazi hero

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket.
$15 C/C
Longmans 1954, 232pp + plates
[#1981/5563 ]

G+ paperback with cover wear.
$5 A/B
Great Pan GP52 1956 first edition paperback, 251pp + plates.
[PB1289 ]

The Naval War of 1812

G worn spine, aged paper stock $7 A/A Four Square 1958 first thus paperback, 221pp + plates and maps. Anglo-American naval war. [PB# 448 military history modern]
The Fighting Fame of the King's Ships, dreadnoughts and captains of renown.

G Navy League gilt stamp to cover, scuffed, edgeworn some soiling internally

$20 C/C [HST 10]

Hutchinson 1910 cloth, xi 348pp + 24 plates and 11 illustrations, some plates loosening, one blank page has a pen scribble to it, lacks rear fep, frontis and guard are present. British naval greats.

Frogman V.C.

VG lightly sunned boards.

$15 C/C [Item# 226 MH]

Angus & Robertson 1957 first edition hardcover, 216pp+ plates, decorative endpapers. X and XE craft midget submarines and frogmen of the Royal Navy in the Second World War.

GAVSHON Arthur and Desmond Rice 
The Sinking of the Belgrano

The torpedo sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano ended any hope of peace without bloodshed in the Falklands conflict.
This is an account of the political, diplomatic and military circumstances around the incident.

G+ paperback
$5 A/A
NEL 1984, 238 pages. [PB1415 military history falklands ]

GEHLEN General Reinhard (translated by David Irving) 
The Gehlen Memoirs

The first full edition of the Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen 1942-1971 The head of Nazi Germany's Intelligence Service.
Gehlen transferred his intact espionage service to the Americans at the end of the war, which was later transferred to the German Federal Government and was a bulwark against Communism in Eastern Europe.
Extremely insightful in regard to Nazi German politics and actions as well as Cold War activities.

VG hardback in VG unclipped dust jacket which has fading to red titling on the spine, and paper tape on the reverse at the top and bottom edges.
$30 C/C
Collins 1972 first English edition, 381pp + plates. [#2245 militaria ]

GERLACH Heinrich 
The Forsaken Army

German account of Stalingrad
VG handling soiling to wrappers $9 A/B Paperback Library 1967 first thus paperback, 320pp. The real story of the 'forsaken' German Sixth Army encircled at Stalingrad by one who was there. [PB# 880 military history modern]

GRIBBLE Leonard H. 
Heroes of the Merchant Navy

first edition
G+ sunned cloth with light rubbing $8 C/B Harrap 1944 first edition, cloth, 204pp + plates. [#1877 military history]

GUDERIAN General Heinz 
Panzer Leader

VG small area label lift to cover, reading crease to spine $10 A/B Futura 1974 first thus paperback edition, 528pp + plates. Autobiography by the foremost German tank commander of the second world war. ISBN 0860070883 [PB# 953 military history modern ]

The Wolf

German Warship raiding in the Pacific in WW1
VG+ $9 C/B Heinemann 2010 paperback, 366pp + plates. ISBN 9781741666250 [#2094 militaria]

The Wolf

German Warship raiding in the Pacific in WW1
VG corner crease to front cover $9 C/B Heinemann 2009 trade paperback, 366pp + plates. ISBN 9781741666243 [#2095 militaria]

Crete 1941 Eyewitnessed
cover image of Crete 1941 Eyewitnessed, for sale in New Zealand

Authentic testimonies from Australian, New Zealand, British, Cretan, Greek and German participants in the Battle for Crete.
From the airborne invasion, to the surrender of the German Garrison.
ISBN 9781869411152
Kreta, fallschirmjaegar,

VG softback
$20 C/C
Random Century 1991, 328pp.
[#5559 ]

HAMMER Richard  
One Morning in the War
The Tragedy at Pinkville ( My Lai massacre)
VG VG gift inscription to fep, price clipped DW $10 C/C Hart-Davis 1970 first edition hard cover, xvi 207pp ISBN 0246640162 [#1933 militaria]

HASTINGS Max & Simon Jenkins 
The Battle for the Falklands

The military and political aspects of the Falklands War from the experiences of an enmbedded combat journalist and a political reporter.

Vg hardback in VG dust jacket
$20 B/C
Micahel Joseph 1983 second impression, ix 384pp+ plates. Excellent first hand account from a reporter with the Task Force. Hastings was with the Marines and Paras at the major actions of the Falklands war. [#2259 militaria]

The Bells of Hell go Ting-a ling-a ling

war memoir
VG+ $10 A/A Corgi 1977 first paperback edition, 157pp. A 14 year old volunteer in the Great War, this is a chilling memoir. ISBN 055210583X [PB# 501 military history first world war]

HOHNE Heinz & Hermann ZOLLING 
Network, the truth about General Gehlen and his spy ring

Gehlen's role in Nazi Germany's intelligence services and his work for the West German anti-Communist espionage effort. Draws on hitherto untapped sources - including the German edition of Gehlen's own memoirs - and describes the vigorous growth of the German secret service in the last century.

VG hardback in VG unclipped dust jacket with minor wear to spine ends, red lettering to spine lightly sunned. Minor tape scar to paste down
$25 C/C
Secker 1972 first edition buckram, xxxiv 347pp + plates. [#2246 military history]

VG hardback in VG dust jacket, pen initial to free end paper
$25 C/C
Secker 1972 first edition buckram, xxxiv 347pp + plates. [#1864 military history]

An Atlas of Current Affairs

inter-war geo-politics
G+ papered boards rubbed through at spine ends and corners, inscription to paste down $5 C/B Left Book Club 1938 (June eighth impression revised) hard cover, 168pp Shows the then current borders and political climate, treaties etc of various states in the period immediately before the Second World War. [# 1338 modern military history]

Sledge Patrol
Greenland resists the Germans
VG aged paper stock, one page folded otherwise tidy $10 A/A Ballantine 1957 first thus paperback edition, 160pp. Film still cover. Ballantine 283 K. Seven men in Greenland to protect the weather station against Nazi sabotage. [PB# 940 military history second world war ]

A Sacrificial Pawn
cover image of A Sacrificial Pawn: Being a Memoir of His War Experiences, Particularly of His Time as Prisoner of the Japanese, 1942-1945 for sale in New Zealand

A member of the Suffolk Regiment, Peter was captured at the Fall of Singapore and managed to survive the Thai-Burma Death railway.
He wrote this memoir for his New Zealand wife.
He spent four years as a POW.
ww2, wwii, singapore, pow, british, 1942-1945

VG softback.
$20 C/B
Wily Productions Ltd. 2011, 200pp + plates.
[#3632/4991 ]

JACKSON Major General W. G. F.  
The Battle for Rome
cover image of The Battle for Rome, for sale in New Zealand

Account of Operation Diadem by one who took part, culminating in the Fall of Rome.
ISBN 071341152X
second world war, Italy, Italian campaign

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket under plastic sleeve.
$15 C/C
Batsford 1969 first edition, 224pp + plates.
[#5083 ]

Happy Yesterdays

G+ cloth soiled, names to fep.

$5 C/B [Item# 126 BIOG]

John Murray 1951 reissue cloth 184pp. Biography includes World War One and the middle East, illustrated with cartoons.

The Road to En-Dor
cover image of The Road to En-Dor , for sale in New Zealand

Being an account of how two prisoners of war at Yozgad in Turkey won their way to freedom.
ww1, wwi, First World War, Great War, World War One, Escape, Turk, Turkey, ottoman

VG hardback with no dust jacket.Spine ends rubbed/ frayed.
$15 A/B
Bodley Head 1930, first edition in The Week End Library series, 16mo cloth, 336pp.
[#4440 ]

The Road to En-Dor

escape from Turkish POW camp in Great War
VG $7 A/B Pan (364) 1955 first thus paperback. [PB#1290 militaria]

JONES Ira 'Taffy'  
Tiger Squadron

History of the British First World War RFC Tiger Squadron later 74 Squadron RAF in Second World War.
Jones recieved DSO, MC, DFC, MM during his time in the RAF in both World Wars.

VG hardback in G+ unclipped DW rubbed to edges with chipped spine ends and corners.
$25 C/C
W H Allen 1954 third impression, 295pp + plates. [#2231 militaria]

VG hardback in VG facsimile dust jacket that is lightly faded. Book has light soiling or foxing to prelims.
$20 C/C
W H Allen 1954 third impression, 295pp + plates. [#4727]

The Battle of Britain, July-September 1940

VG paperback $7 A/B Panther 1969, 256pp. Air war between RAF and Luftwaffe, Second World War. [PB# 94 milhstmod (second copy G+ $5)]

KNOKE Heinz 
I Flew for the Fuhrer, The Story of a German Airman.

Knoke was with the fighters until the last, awarded: Iron Cross (1939) 2nd and 1st Class / Front Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe in Gold for Fighter Pilots / Wound Badge (1939) in Silver / German Cross in Gold (17 November 1943) / Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (27 April 1945)

VG hardback with no dust jacket
$10 C/C
Evans, sixth printing March 1954. 187pp + plates. [#2940 military history]

G+ hardback with no dust jacket, spine leans, pages browned, minor paper residue to cloth boards
$8 C/C
Evans, seventh printing December 1954. 187pp + plates. [#2151 military history]

Knights of the Floating Silk

VG VG light foxing to prelims and closed edges, light wear and foxing to DW $15 C/C Quality Book Club 1959 first thus hard cover, 320pp. Allied secret agent parachuted into occupied Vichy France. [#821 milhstmod]

Warships of World War One
Number 1 - Battleships.
cover image of Warships of World War One Number One Battleships for sale in New Zealand

British and German battleships and battle cruisers, illustrated with black and white photographs.
ww1, wwi, naval, military, battleships

G+ stapled in pictorial wraps, some soiling, wear, and a light waterstain to top margin.
$10 A/A
Ian Allan 1961 revised, 64pp.
[#4204 ]

Warships of World War 1 No 3 Destroyers (British and German)

Destroyers from 1893 to their scrapping etc after the war.
Gives full details of tonnage etc.
Illustrated Ian Allan abc series.
ww1, wwi, naval, military, battleships

VG softback with small area label lift to cover.
$15 A/A
Ian Allan abc series, undated stapled wrappers, 80pp. B&W photos. [#2222 military ]

The Other Side of the Hill
German Generals at war
G- well worn, glue perishing, first (blurb) page torn $15 A/B Panther 1956 paperback, 346pp. In depth look at the German Generals under Hitler's command. Scarce title.[PB# 980 military history modern ww2]

Bid the Soldiers Shoot

VG VG- dust wrapper has short edge splits to head of spine, light browning or foxing to closed edges. $10 C/B Quality Book Club 1959 hard cover, 296pp. Autobiography of a French Legionnaire during the Second World War and his periods of captivity. [# 661 milhstmod]

June 1941

Hitler and Stalin
FINE in FINE DW $8 C/B Yale Univ. Press 2006 first edition hardcover, 169pp. ISBN 0300114370 [#2161 militaria]


VG paperback $9 A/A Great Pan 1960 first thus, 222pp + plates.The greatest naval battle of World War One. [PB# 41 milhstmod]

Afrika Korps

Purnell's History Of The Second World War; Campaign Book 1
VG- some names to page facing title, one blacked out, small area label lift to cover, good copy, 160pp well illustrated $8 B/B MacDonald 1968 first edition soft cover, 160pp. Well illustrated. ISBN 0356025470 [#1828 military history]

The Battle of El Alamein

Great Battles of History Series
VG name to fep $10 C/B Weidenfeld 1965 first edition cloth, 164pp + plates, maps. Decisive battle in the Second World War. [# 911 milit hst mod]

MANGOLD Tom & John Penycate  
Tunnel Warfare

The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War volume 6
G+ $9 C/B Bantam 1987 soft cover, 158pp. ISBN 0553343181 [#1926 militaria vietnam war]

Underwater Saboteur

rare book on famous frogman
G+ cloth rubbed and light insect damage to surface, inscribed fep. No DW. $40 C/C William Kimber 1953 first edition cloth, 239pp + plates. Author's war time missions as a frogman saboteur in occupied Norway.The exploits of the famous naval frogman, Max Manus. [Item# 121 military history modern]

Underwater Saboteur

rare book on famous frogman
VG- reading crease to spine, some age browning $15 A/A Kimber first thus paperback edition, 203pp + plates. The exploits of the famous naval frogman, Max Manus. [PB# 866 military history modern]
The White Rabbit

G+ erased name to fep, cloth sunned/ faded, interior tidy.

$8 C/C [Item# 124 MH]

Evans 1953 cloth, 262pp + plates. Second World War aviation.

MASON David 
U-Boat the secret menace

Purnell's History Of The Second World War; Weapons Book 1
VG- name to title page $9 B/B MacDonald 1968 first edition soft cover, 160pp. Well illustrated. ISBN 0356025470 [#1805 military history]

MAULE Henry 
Out of the Sand
General LeClerc and the Fighting Free French
VG name to fep $9 A/B Corgi 1967 paperback, 286pp + plates. [PB# 981 military history modern ww2]

The Berlin Raids
RAF Bomber Command 1943-44
NEW /FN $25 C/C Viking 1988 407pp + plates, month by month account of the RAF raids against Berlin, targeting war factories, but also civilian infrastructure and homes in 'Bomber' Harris' attempt to destroy German morale and force a surrender through air terror alone. ISBN 0670806978 [# 684 milhstmod]

The Concise Guide to Axis Aircraft of World War II.

The warplanes of Germany, Italy and Japan during World War Two

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with short tear to top of upper joint.
$25 C/C
Smithmark 1996, 256pp. Colour plan illustrations and colour and black and white photographs. [#2267 militaria ]

MURLAND Captain J R W 
The Royal Armoured Corps
cover image of The Royal Armoured Corps by Murland for sale in New Zealand

A history of the British Army Armoured Corps in both World Wars and the period between them.
With information on the beginnings and development of armoured vehicles, their capabilities, and the organisation of them within the army structure.
tanks, armoured vehicles, armoured cars, ww1, wwi, ww2, wwii,

G+ hardback with no dust jacket, spine cloth faded and worn at head and tail. Rear free end paper removed.
$10 C/B
Methuen 1943 second edition, 106pp + plates and folding charts.
[#3715 ]

MURPHY Audie  
To Hell and Back

The personal adventure story of America's most-decorated hero of World War II
G+ spine faded, name to fep $15 C/C Hammond 1956 reprint hardcover. 282pp + dverts. [#1987 military history]

NELSON Richard B  
The Battle of Salamis

In the 'Background Books for Wargamers and Modellers' series.
Ancient Greek and Persian naval battle rules.
Intended for wargamers and modellers has strategy and tactics as well as the history of the action etc.

VG hardback in VG- chipped dust jacket.
$15 C/B
William Luscombe 1975 first edition,160pp with illustrations and diagrams. [#2233 ]

Oxford Faculty of Modern History 
Why We Are at War; Great Britain's Case

original documents pertaining to the outbreak of the First World War
G mottled watermarked cloth with some minor dye staining to the endpapers $15 C/C Oxford Clarendon Press 1914 revised third edition, cloth, 264pp. Includes appendices with; authorized English translation of the German White Book, Russian Orange Book and Belgian Grey Book. Gives the political climate and diplomatic communications between the various participants in the crisis leading to the war. [# 1339 modern military history]

OWEN Frank 
The Fall of Singapore

VG shows minor age $5 A/A Pan Giant 1962 first thus paperback, 206pp + plates. [PB# 1008 modern military history second world war ]

The Boer War

VG+ VG- DW small edge tear, handling soiling $20 B/D Jonathan Ball 2004 reprint hardcover, xxii 659pp + plates ISBN 186842202X [#1881 militaria]
The Roman War Machine


$40 C/C [HST 17]

Alan Sutton 1994 first edition hardcover, xiii 169pp, illustrated throughout with drawings, diagrams, maps and photos. Complete survey of Roman military structure and tactics. ISBN 0750906731

A History of Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg tactics in the First and Second world wars and after.

Near fine hardback in tidy dust jacket under plastic sleeve. $25 C/C Hale 1983 first edition, 296pp + plates. History of the equipment and tactics employed by early blitzkrieg in the First World War and widely by nazi forces in the Second World War as well as an investigation into post world war adoption by other armed forces. ISBN 0709188676 [#2243 militaria ]

Cockleshell Heroes

Royal Marine Commando raid on the Bordeaux / Gironde port. Canoe borne limpet miners sank six German cargo ships, but only two men survived.

Very good hardback with small area blanked to fep, in good dust jacket unclipped with edge wear and short edge tears, chipped corners.
$20 C/C
Heinemann 1956 hardcover, ix 262pp. Illustrated throughout. [#2265 militaria ]

The Air War; 1939-1945

Axis and Allied accounts and reports of all aspects of the air war in Europe and the Far East/ Pacific theatres.

VG hardback with VG price clipped dust jacket with light edgewear
$25 B/D
Blandford 1985, 436pp illustrated throughout with b&w photos, covers Nazi German, Fascist Italian, Imperial Japanese, Soviet Russian and Royal British air forces as well as their allies. ISBN 0918678056 [#2241 militaria]

PITT Barrie  
Special Boat Squadron

The story of the SBS in the Mediterranean, Second World War
Thorough history of the squadron in the Mediterranean theatre during World War Two.

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket with faint foxing to fold in flaps.
$30 C/C
Century 1983 first edition, 212pp + plates. Thorough history of the squadron in the Mediterranean theatre during World War Two. ISBN 0712601802 [#2237 militaria ]

POOLMAN Kenneth 
Ark Royal

VG two pen doodles to cover, bookshop stamp to first page
$5 A/A
NEL 1975 paperback, 173pp ISBN 0450018032 [PB# 971 military history second world war]

Sea Flight, A Fleet Air Arm pilot's Story

The author's service in Hurricanes on the Carrier Indomitable with the Malta Convoy and in Seafires from HMS Illustrious

Good only hardback in soiled cloth, grubby endpapers and fore edge.
$15 C/C
Kimber 1954 first edition, 200pp + adverts and plates. [#2242 militaria]

Good hardback with ownership inscription to middle of title page, rubbed boards, foxed edges.
$10 C/C
Kimber 1954 first edition, 200pp + adverts and plates. [#122 militaria]

RAWICZ Slavomir  
The Long Walk

The author, a young Polish cavalry officer was arrested by the Russians and sent to a Siberian prison camp. He later escaped with a group of others and trekked across the Gobi desert and Himalayas to freedom.

Very good hardback in Very good dust jacket with minor tape rust to endpapers and dust jacket flaps.
$25 C/B
Constable 1956 (seventh imp) hardcover, 239 pages. [#2256 militaria ]

RAWICZ Slavomir  
The Long Walk

The author, a young Polish cavalry officer was arrested by the Russians and sent to a Siberian prison camp. He later escaped with a group of others and trekked across the Gobi desert and Himalayas to freedom.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with rubbing and light chipping to corners and spine ends. Gift inscription to endpaper.
$20 C/B
Constable 1956 (fourth imp) hardcover, 240 pages. [#2431 militaria ]

ROFE Cyril  
Against the Wind

RAF 40 Squadron POW WWII escape story
RAF 40 Squadron Bomber Command crewman's third escape attempt suceeds after he travels across Poland and meets up with Russians

VG but foxed hardback with name to free end paper, dust jacket is chipped to spine ends with a sunned spine.
$10 C/C
Hodder 1956 first edition cloth, 319pp. [#2220 military ]

SAUNDERS Hilary St George 
The Red Beret
cover image of The Red Beret, for sale in New Zealand

The story of the British Second World War Parachute Regiment, The Red Devils.
Four Square 334
ww2, wwii, paras, UK,

G paperback with rubbed joints, one page taped in.
$5 A/B
Four Square 1961 first paperback edition, 315pp.
[PB1657 ]

SCHROTER Heinz translated by Constantine FitzGibbon 

VG name to half title $25 C/C Michael Joseph 1958 first English translation, 263pp + plates, account form the beginning to the end of the campaign, compiled from official German military records. [# 1623 second world war ]

SEYMOUR William  
British Special Forces

World War Two and up to and including the Falklands War.
Foreword by David Stirling.
Extensive maps at start of book, covers Commandos, Long Range Desert Group, Special Boat Section, Combined Operations Pilotage Parties, Popski's Private Army, The Special Air Service (SAS), The Special Boat Squadron and Raiding Forces, Royal Marines Special Forces

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$25 C/C
Sidgwick & Jackson 1985 first edition, xvi 334pp.[#2240 militaria]

The Last Six Months

Soviet conquest of the Reich
VG book exchange stamp to first page $10 A/B Zebra 1978 paperback, 436pp, illustrated. Soviet General's own account. ISBN 089083377X 225 [PB# 978 military history modern ww2 ]

SIMS James 
Arnhem Spearhead
A Private Soldier's Story
G ex library with stamps, and label residue to blank of rear fep G dustwrapper has flaps removed and is taped down to endpapers via plastic sleeve $12 C/B Imperial War Museum 1978 first edition hard cover, xiii 118pp+ plates, with some illustrations in the text, a Good working copy.
Account of Operation Market Garden by a soldier in 2nd Battalion of The Parachute Regiment. ISBN 0901627100 [#1878 military history]

With the Old Breed
At Peleliu and Okinawa
VG $8 A/B Ballantine Books 2007 pb xvii 353pp + plates. ISBN 9780891419198 [PB#1144 militaria]

A Prison-camp Diary
23 September 1943 - 24 September 1944
cover image of A Prison-camp Diary by Carlo Starace for sale in New Zealand

POW diary of Italian soldier interned by the Germans after the Italian declaration of war on Germany.
Includes some facsimiles of documents etc.

Second World War, Italy, Biography, Prisoner of War, New Zealand

VG softback.
Presentation inscription to title from the editor and publisher ( the author's daughter ) and signed above the imprint on the copyright page.
$25 C/B
Paola Starace, Timaru 1999 first edition, 123pp.
[#4123 ]

STEINHOFF Johannes  
The Last Chance
Luftwaffe Jagdwaffe Me262
G+ handling and some sunning to wrappers, foxed edges. $7 A/A Arrow 1979 first pbk edition, 204pp. ISBN 009920410X [PB#1139 militaria ]

SWOFFORD Anthony  
A Marine's chronicle of the Gulf War and other battles
"One of the best books ever written about military life"
VG paperback $7 A/B Pocket Books 2005. ISBN9781416513407 [PB#1379 mil hst]

SYKES Christopher  
Orde Wingate

WWII Chindit guerilla in Burma.
A biography of this military leader, with the Chindits in Burma against the Japanese, with Haile Selassie in Ethiopia and as an advocate for Zionism.

VG hardback with light foxing to endpapers, in G+ DW chipped to head of spine and short tear rear panel.
$20 C/C
Collins 1959 first edition cloth,575pp + plates. [#2224 military ]

Endless Story Being an Account of the Work of the Destroyers, Flotilla-Leaders, Torpedo-boats, and Patrol Boats in the Great War

First world war naval history.

VG- hardback with spine and head of upper board browned, endpapers foxed.
$15 C/C
Hodder July 1932 first cheaper edition cloth, 451pp + plates including colour frontis. [#2244 militaria]

German Warships of World War II
Illustrated Ian Allan abc series

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$20 C/C
Ian Allan abc series, 1977 hardcover, 168pp. Well illustrated in B&W. Gives full details of tonnage etc. ISBN 711001545 [#2221 military ]


With Prejudice

The War Memoirs of Lord Tedder the Marshal of the Royal Air Force during WW2.
With plates and unpaginated prelims and index, heavy 8vo book.

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with closed tear to bottom edge of cover, small area chipped from head of front fold in flap. Book has name label to fep,
$25 C/D
Cassell 1966 first edition, 692pp.[#2286 militaria ]

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with a few small nicks from edges. Book has light foxing endpapers, small bookseller stamp to fep.
$25 C/D
Cassell 1966 first edition, 692pp.[#2295 militaria ]

TOKAYER Marvin & Mary Swartz 
The Fugu Plan

The untold story of the Japanese and the Jews during World War II

VG hardback with name to fep in VG dust jacket with edge wear and short tears
$15 B/C
Paddington Press 1979 first edition, 287pp + plates. A plan to evacuate Jewish refugees to a Japanese controlled colony in Asia which foundered after the Japanese declaration of war on the USA. ISBN 0709207751 (0448230364) [#2260 militaria ww2]

The Lousier War

British Prisoner of War in the First World War
VG minor foxing closed edegs $5 A/A NEL 1975 paperback, 125pp ISBN 0450026353 [PB#1268 military history]

Wings of War, an Air Force anthology.

Pieces excerpted from many aviation books dealing with the British air force
Covers both World Wars, as well as Imperial duties such as Afghanistan, air mail to Baghdad, long haul flights.
The air defense against Zeppelins in First War, Fleet Air Arm and aircraft production in Second War.

G+ hardback in rubbed cloth, tail of upper joint frayed, name to paste down, light foxing. $25 C/B Batsford 1942 cloth, 164pp + many plates. [#2312 military history ]

WARREN C E T & James Benson 
Above Us The Waves

The magnificent story of human torpedoes and midget submarines.
British marine commandos using midget submarines to sabotage Axis shipping during the second world war.

G+ paperback with rubbed joints, stamp to first page, age browned.
$7 A/B
Horwitz ( NA45 ) 1962, 226pp. [PB43/1011]

G+ hardback in VG- unclipped dust jacket under a plastic sleeve that has been taped down to endpapers, some tape damage to map endpapers and edges of covers
$10 C/C
Harrap 1953 second impression, 256pp + plates.[#2148]


The British revolt against Rome in C.E.60, based on archaeological investigation and a thorough understanding of the Roman Military establishment.
The British-Roman relations leading up to the revolt of the Iceni under Queen Boudica, and the military aspects of the revolt.

Very good hardback in very good dust jacket.
$15 B/C
BCA 1978, 152pp+ plates. [#2257 militaria]

WERNER Herbert A.  
Iron Coffins

A U-Boat Commander's War 1939-1945
VG $8 C/C Cassell 1999 paperback 329pp + plates. German U-boat commander's memoirs. ISBN 0304353302 [#1958 military history]

WERTH Alexander  
Russia at War 1941-1945
VG light wear $10 A/C Pan 1965 first thus paperback, 984pp Author was a foreign correspondent with the Soviets from 1941.[PB 979 military history modern ww2]

WHITING Charles (Leo Kessler). 
Werewolf, the story of the Nazi resistance movement.
cover image of Werewolf, the story of the Nazi resistance movement, for sale in New Zealand

Non fiction piece on the Nazi resistance (to Allied forces) movement named Unternehmen werwolf (werewolf) and who carried out attacks designed to harry the occupation forces in the hope of a national-socialist counterstrike.
Explains how a team of five men and a woman was chosen for "Operation Carnival", which was a plot to kill Franz Oppenhoff, the new mayor of Aachen, who the Germans saw as an American stool-pigeon and traitor.
Whiting is well known as Leo Kessler as well as writing other novels under this name and non-fiction as well.
ISBN 0850520975
guerilla, special forces

VG hardback in VG dust jacket, some mild foxing to closed page edges.
$25 C/C
Leo Cooper, 1972 First Edition, 209pp+plates.
[#5598 ]

WHITING Charles  
Hunters From the Sky

The History of the German Parachute Regiment 1940-1945 ( Fallschirmjaeger )
VG inscription at head of first page $8 A/B Corgi 1975 first paperback edition, 223pp. ISBN 0552098744 [PB# 1007 modern military history second world war ]

WHITING Charles  

The NAZI's Last Stand
G+ tidy used copy but photo section detached and missing a few $5 A/A Granada 1984 paperback, 335pp + plates. ISBN 0586060707 [PB#1345 military history]

WILCOX Peter & G A Embleton  
Rome's Enemies: Germanics and Dacians

Useful for wargamers and modellers. Covers the Germanic tribes that came into conflict with Imperial Rome.

VG softback
$12 B/B
Osprey Men-at-arms series #129, 1982 softcover, 40pp + colour plates. [#2298 militaria ]

The Reason Why

G+ boards soiled and canted.

$5 C/C [Item# 25 MH]

Constable 1953 first edition hardcover, 293pp + plates, col frontis, folding map at rear. Crimean campaign and the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava.

WRIGHT Lt Cmdr Bruce S. 
The Frogmen of Burma
cover image of The Frogmen of Burma, for sale in New Zealand

The Story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit.
Second World War amphibious commandos against the Japanese.
WWII, Pacific, S E Asia

VG hardback with VG- dust jacket with light wear and soiling.
$20 C/C
William Kimber 1970 first edition hardcover, 168pp + plates.
[#5383 ]

YOUNG Edward  
One of Our Submarines

Second World War naval submarine 'Storm' in Mediterranean and East Indies.
An account of the naval submarine 'Storm' by one who sailed in her.

G+ hardback in lightly soiled cloth with small cup ring to cover, spine lean, name to fep.
$10 C/C
Hart-Davis 1953, 320pp + plates, plan of submarine to endpapers. [#2228 military ]

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