The pulp fiction novels written by Alan Yates under his Carter Brown pen-name.
Australian and US editions, from rare and collectable vintage copies, to more recent reading copies.

Carter Brown ( also Peter Carter-Brown) was the pen-name of Alan Geoffrey Yates, an English-born writer of detective fiction. In his autobiography he claims to have jumped ship from the Royal Navy to start a new life in Australia.

His books, published by Horwitz and Signet, were set in the United States and published throughout the English-speaking nations. Yates chose American settings because Australians preferred them.

The novels were popular in Europe and were translated into French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch.

Prominent for their "cheesecake" and suggestive covers, and catchy titles. The printings of these paperbacks exceeded 120 million copies, with 322 published Carter Brown novels, including multiple series featuring protagonists Mike Farrell, Andy Kane, Mavis Seidlitz, Lt. Al Wheeler, Rick Holman, Danny Boyd, Larry Baker, Zelda Roxanne, etc.

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Ready When You Are, C.B.!
The autobiography of Alan Yates alias Carter Brown.

Autobiography of one of Australia's most prolific writers and a legend in the 'hardboiled' genre. King of the pulps. Includes full page colour plates of some of the paperback cover art.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$20 C/B
MacMillan 1983 first edition hardcover, 109pp+ colour plates. [#3613 ]

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with light grease mark to top edge of front panel, small pen X to fep, minor chip to spine tail.
$15 C/B
MacMillan 1983 first edition hardcover, 109pp+ colour plates. [#2904 ]

The Desired

Horwitz IE 15. A Danny Boyd story. Second edition.

G+ paperback, rubbed joints, reading crease, bookseller stamps to first page and inside cover, small pen price top corner
$10 A/A
Horwitz 1962, 128pp.[PB826 crime, thriller, carter brown]

The Desired

Horwitz IE 15. A Danny Boyd story. Second edition.

G+ paperback, rubbed joints, reading crease, small pen X to first page
$10 A/A
Horwitz 1962, 128pp.[PB1535]

BROWN Carter  The Desired Al Wheeler story
G rubbed and worn wrappers, sunned spine $5 A/A Horwitz [IE 68] 1970 reprint paperback, 126pp+ adverts. ISBN 0725500875 [PB# 531 crime mystery]

Charlie Sent Me!
First release

Horwitz No 114 First edition.

G+ paperback, minor wear and handling soiling, one page has small archivally repaired tear.
$25 A/A
Horwitz 1963, 130pp.[PB1584]

Charlie Sent Me!

Horwitz IE 46. A Larry Baker story. Second edition.

G+ paperback, VG- rubbed joints, spine roll
$10 A/A
Horwitz 1965, 130pp.[PB828 crime, thriller, carter brown]

The Murderer Among Us!

Horwitz No 104 A Rick Holman story. First edition.

G paperback, lightly rubbed cover, spine roll, reading crease to spine, bottom corner of cover torn off, internally clean
$20 A/A
Horwitz 1962, 130pp.[PB1540]

Donavan's Delight

Belmont Tower 51382. Photo cover.

VG- paperback, light reading crease to cover spine
$5 A/A
Belmont Tower 1979, 139+5pp adverts.[PB835 crime, thriller, carter brown]

The Dance of Death

Belmont Tower 51382. Photo cover.

G paperback in soiled wrappers with reading creases to cover and spine.
$10 A/A
Horwitz 1966 second edition, 124pp.[PB1556]

Blonde on the Rocks

Horwitz IE41.

VG paperback.
$20 A/A
Horwitz 1964 second edition, 130pp.[PB1562]

The Lady is Not Available

Horwitz No. 105.

VG- paperback with pencil name to cover and some soiling or paper browning.
$30 A/A
Horwitz 1963 first edition, 130pp.[PB1563]

Who Killed Doctor Sex?

Rick Holman thriller.

VG- paperback, first (blurb) page has a tear.
$15 A/A
Horwitz International Inc. 1965, 128pp.[PB1564]

The Deep Cold Green

Horwitz No.144. Al Wheeler mystery.

VG- paperback.
$20 A/A
Horwitz 1968 first edition, 127pp.[PB1565]

The Deadly Kitten

Signet Books D3345. Rick Holman thriller.

VG paperback.
$20 A/A
Signet 1967 first edition, 127pp.[PB1566]

The Charmer Chased

Horwitz No.56.

VG softback with light rubbing to spine, light creasing to wrappers, aged paper stock, stapled sheets in pictorial wrapper.
$45 C/A
Horwitz 1958 first edition, 128+2 pp.[#3887]

Swan Song for a Siren

Horwitz No 34. Third edition.

VG paperback, spine roll, mild rubbing or creasing.
$15 A/A
Horwitz 1960, 98pp. [PB1590]

BROWN Carter  The Temptress
G $5 A/A Horwitz 1962 second release [HOMEBASE#1656]

BROWN Carter  Burden of Guilt Al Wheeler story
G+ pen price to cover, bookseller stamps to first page, light cover wear, spine leans $8 A/A Horwitz (152) 1971 first edition paperback,127pp ISBN 072550076X [PB# 395 crime]

BROWN Carter  The Phantom Lady Carter Brown Rick Holman mystery
VG $8 A/A Belmont Tower 1980 first US paperback, 139pp. ISBN 0505515164150 [PB# 443 crime]

BROWN Carter  Walk Softly Witch Horwitz IE 7
G joints rubbed, tail chipped, aged paper stock with some foxing, glue perishing, soiled rear wrapper $10 A/A Horwitz 1961 second edition paperback, 121pp Al Wheeler [PB# 824 crime thriller mystery]

BROWN Carter   Until Temptation Do Us Part Al Wheeler
G creased cover crossed twice with red pen $5 A/A Signet D3122 1967 first US paperback edition, 128pp [PB# 906 carter brown crime thriller ]

BROWN Carter   The Plush-Lined Coffin Al Wheeler
G+ $15 A/A Signet D3289 1967 first US paperback edition, 125pp [PB# 907 carter brown crime thriller ]

BROWN Carter  The Wind-Up Doll Rick Holman
G marker price to cover, tiny pen doodle, small chip to edge $10 A/A Horwitz 1965 [IE 48] second edition paperback, 128pp "Did you hear about the murderous wind-up doll? Rick Holman found it was no joke when the spring snapped..."[PB# 908 carter brown crime thriller]

BROWN Carter  The Brazen Horwitz No 88
G label lift to top corner of cover, spine roll, taped heel $20 A/A Horwitz 1960 first edition paperback, 130pp. Al Wheeler [PB# 909 crime mystery]

BROWN Carter  The Dance of Death
G covers well rubbed to edges with some chipping to spine ends, small nick to fore edge, glue perishing and paper browning $10 A/A Horwitz undated first edition paperback 124pp [PB# 911 crime mystery]

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