From the ancient records of 'signs in the skies', the Flying Ships scares of the 1900s
and up to the present UFO sightings and alien abduction theories, all cultures and periods have recorded events
that may be considered contact with extra-terrestrial beings, be they gods or spacemen.

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ADAMSKI George   Inside the Flying Saucers

(paperback title of Inside the Space Ships)

FINE aged closed edges, minimal reading crease to spine, tight tidy copy, $10 A/A Paperback Library (54-796) June 1969 reprint, paperback 192pp.One man's startling account of his amazing encounters with creatures from Mars, Saturn and Venus aboard UFO's on Earth-and in outer space!.[PB1385 ]

ADAMSKI George  
Flying Saucers Have Landed
cover image of Flying Saucers Have Landed, for sale in New Zealand

An early and exhaustive overview of the UFO phenomenon.
Includes ancient encounters, accounts of UFOs in Sanskrit texts, Atlantis and Celtic connections.
Adamski claimed to have photographed spaceships, met with friendly aliens, and to have taken flights with them.
extra terrestrial contact, contactee, close encounter

VG- hardback with lightly soiled boards.
$15 C/C
Werner Laurie 1954 (8th impression), 232pp + plates.
[#4568 ]

ASHPOLE Edward   The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence

A rational scientific investigation into the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. SETI etc.

FINE hardback in FINE dust jacket $15 C/B Blandford 1989 first edition hardcover,170pp + colour plates. ISBN 071371963X [#2405 ufo, extra terrestrial ]

BERLITZ Charles & William Moore  The Roswell Incident VG- split at head of spine $8 A/A Granada 1982 paperback 176pp + plates. ISBN 0586051821 [PB# 210 ufo]

BINDER Otto introduction by John A Keel   What we really know about the Flying Saucers

Dozens of cases of absolute Unidentified Flying Objects sightings exhaustively checked and charted by a famous science writer and space specialist.

G+ aged, foxed edges, cover wear, name to title page, $8 A/A Fawcett Gold Medal 1967 first edition paperback, 224pp b&w photos in the text. [PB1386 ]

BIRNES William J. (publisher) 
UFO Magazine

A bulk lot of vol 15, numbers 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 + UFO 2003 Directory
ISBN 071486026983

VG stapled magazine (glossy).
$50 C/C
William J. Birnes 2000
[#5134 ]

BOWEN Charles editor  
The Humanoids

A survey of World-Wide reports of landings of unconventional aerial objects and their alleged occupants. Contributors include Aime Michel, Jacques Vallee, Socorro case, Antonio Villas Boas case. Well documented cases of UFO activity and human contacts.

VG hardback in G+ dust jacket with some chipping loss to edges. Endpaper clipped.
$25 C/C
Neville Spearman 1969 first edition, 256pages. [#2526 ]


VG paperback
$10 A/A
Futura 1974 first paperback edition, 256pp. [PB1751 ]

BUTTLAR Johannes von  
The UFO Phenomenon

General overview and history of the field including in Europe and behind the Iron Curtain, as well as North ans South America.
ISBN 0283985380
Antonio Villas Boas, East Germany, ET, Barney and Betty Hill

G+ hardback with VG- dust jacket. Ex-library with stamps etc.
$5 C/C
Sidgwick and Jackson 1979 first English edition, 204pp + index.
[#5732 ]

cover image of The UFO Phenomenon, for sale in New Zealand

CAIDIN Martin  The Mendelov Conspiracy VG- sunned spine $8 A/A Mayflower 1974 paperback, 224pp. This time it was for real. Thousands of people saw the silver discs hovering in the sky above Barstow Air Force Base, thousands of radios were jammed. But when tough, experienced newsman Cliff Brady tried to get the full story he met with a barrage of evasions and glib state denials. The deeper his enquiries went the blander the government's hush-up story became. Despite warnings and obstruction Brady and Ann, his airstewardess girlfriend, rake and root until a horrifying and inescapable picture emerges. The ghastly conclusion has to be that the government is lying. Things become desperate for Brady and Ann when their search leads them to the brilliant scientist, Dr Vadim Mendelov, who holds a holocaust in the palm of his hand. COULD IT BE THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS REALLY ENDORSING A GROTESQUE, MISGUIDED EXPERIMENT INTENDED TO SHOCK THE WORLD INTO NUCLEAR SUBMISSION? ISBN 0583123708 ufo theme [PB# 199 ufo, Speculative fiction]

CANNON Dolores 
The Custodians, Beyond Abduction

This book traces the phenomenon of UFOs and alien abductions from the simple to the complex, exploring areas untouched by other investigators.
It makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable. Dolores Cannon's work in Hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction.
cosmology, ufo, alien abduction

VG softback
$20 C/C
Ozark Mountain Publishing 1999, 556pp. [#2765 ]

CANNON Dolores  
Keepers of the Garden, an Extra-Terrestrial Document

We are the garden. The gardeners are Extra-terrestrials from other worlds.
The ancient astronaut theory that ETs were responsible for human evolution becomes a reality as the story of the origin of life on Earth is brought forth through hypnosis. A young man wanting to explore past life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All of his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.
As the unique case is explored further, he finds that his association with Extra-terrestrials did not cease with these other lives. The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all of his present life, although the information was protectively hidden by his subconscious. He discovers that before entry into this life he agreed to be the experimentee, rather than the experimenter.
This strange case reveals the motives behind present day involvement between UFOs and humans, and the hopes and expectations of our creators for this garden. A fascinating range of planetary civilisations is described, their cities, technologies and purposes, and a vivid impression is gained of how different are life and agendas in fifth and sixth-dimensional worlds, compared with our very limited and physical three-dimensional one.

cosmology, ufo, channeling, new age

VG- softback
$20 C/C
Gateway Books 1997, 287pp [#2764 ]

cosmology, ufo, channeling, new age

VG softback
$20 C/C
Ozark Mountain Publishers 2001, 287pp [#3498, 4251 ]

CANNON Dolores 
Legacy from the Stars
cover image of Legacy from the Starsfor sale in New Zealand

Earth is not our only home, and we have lived many lives in unusual environments before deciding to journey here and learn the lessons of Earth.
Cannon believes the memories of these soul journeys are recorded in our subconscious and can be retrieved through regressive hypnosis.
UFO, past lives, survival, new age, aliens, metaphysics, regression

VG softback
$20 C/B
Ozark Mountain Publishers 2010, 320pp
[#4252 ]

Harmonic 33
cover image of Harmonic 33

A New Zealand commercial pilot's accounts of and explanations for UFO activity, based on a world wide energy grid spanning the globe.
ufo, earth energies, energy grid,harmonics

VG hardback in a VG- dust jacket with short edge tear, sunned spine, name to paste down
$55 C/C
Reed 1972, 207pp

VG hardback with no dust jacket
$25 C/C
Reed 1971, 207pp [#3792]

Harmonic 33
cover image of Harmonic 33

A New Zealand commercial pilot's accounts of and explanations for UFO activity, based on a world wide energy grid spanning the globe.
ufo, earth energies, energy grid,harmonics

VG softback, sewn binding.
$35 C/B
Reed 1977, 207pp

Harmonic 695
The UFO and anti-gravity

Cathie's further researches into the harmonic grid pattern of energy fields on the Earth, and how they relate to UFO sightings and nuclear testing
ISBN 0589006614
ufo, earth energies, energy grid

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with chipped head of spine.
$20 C/C
Reed 1973 hardcover, 201pp + plates, map endpapers. [#2404 ]


VG softback with sewn sheets, name label to end paper.
$20 C/B
Reed 1973 reprint, 201pp + plates, map endpapers. [#1335 ]

VG softback with sewn binding
$20 C/B
Reed 1977, 201pp + plates, map endpapers. [#2406, 3468, 3780]

The Pulse of the Universe
Harmonic 288

Cathie's further researches into the harmonic grid pattern of energy fields on the Earth, and how they relate to UFO sightings and nuclear testing, as well as the secrets of the Great Pyramid, Tesla, and how Harmonics can be used for better health.
ufo, earth energies, energy grid

VG hardback in VG dust jacket, top edge dusty and foxed
$40 C/C
Reed 1977 first edition hardcover, xiii 214pp.
[#2403 ]

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with short corner tear and mild fading to red on spine. Pen gift inscription to free endpaper.
$40 C/C
Reed 1977 first edition hardcover, xiii 214pp.
[#3050 ]

UFOs Key to Earth's Destiny!
cover image of UFOs Key to Earth's Destiny! for sale in New Zealand

Contains compiled information on various well known contactees and ufology organisations etc.
includes mimeographed sheet with new address for Dr. Daniel W. Fry ( contactee, now residing near White Sands New Mexico).
ISBN 0960447806

VG- softback.
$15 C/B
Legion of Light 1980 First Edition,vii 214pp.
[#5612 ]

[CONTACTEE] CHAPLIN James Paul and Page Bryant  
Encounters in the Devil's Triangle
psychically channelled teachings
VG $8 A/A Zebra 1978 paperback, 253pp. Page Bryant has been contacted by aliens and informed the Triangle is in fact a UFO base used by aliens to abduct human technology and guinea pigs! ISBN 0890833591195 [PB# 574 ufo]

Flying Saucer Message

New Age philosophy as dictated through the messages contactees have recieved from various aliens distilled into a course of action for Planet Earth.

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket, book has name to fep, $20 C/B Pelham 1972 first edition hardcover, 117pp. ISBN 0720703638 [#2401 ufo, new age ]

Abductions; Encounters with Extraterrestrials

Clinical psychologist uses hypno regression to investigate UFO / alien abductee claims. Includes transcripts of regression sessions to recover 'lost time' etc

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with light edge wear, book closed edges age browned. $15 C/C Guild 1989 hardcover, 342pp. [#2402 ufo, aliens ]

The Andreasson Affair
Betty Andreasson UFO abduction
VG faint waterline top edges $15 A/B Bantam 1980 paperback, 241pp + plates. Documented account of Betty's encounter with, and abduction by aliens. Illustrated. Based on hypnotically recalled memories, backed up with physical evidence. ISBN 0553130234 [PB# 581 ufo]

DEYO Stan 
The Cosmic Conspiracy
cover image of The Cosmic Conspiracy, for sale in New Zealand

Recruited by the Illuminati, Stan Deyo was taken secretly to Australia in 1971 to design flying saucer propulsion systems with Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, and learned shocking secrets that send people to an early death.
Thirty years later he was able to recover his passport with help from powerul government contacts and return to his native America.
The stories he tells of his time away are truly extraordinary, and after literally running for his life Deyo reveals why the keep the alien/UFO agenda from the public, and that soon you will know who they are.
Many have investigated this huge conspiracy from the outside looking in; but only one has come forward from an insider's perspective.
Described is a world of black budgets, super advanced technology, and flying saucers.
ISBN 0908477007

Table of Contents

SECTION I: Flights of Reasons
CHAPTER 1 – Sightings and Suspicions
CHAPTER 2 – Electro-Gravitic Propulsion
CHAPTER 3 – Constructs of Reality
CHAPTER 4 – Radiant Genius: Tesla
CHAPTER 5 – Effecting Weather Warfare
CHAPTER 6 – The 1982 Alignments

SECTION II: Mysticism And Numerology: Mystery Babylon
CHAPTER 1 – Centuries Of Darkness
CHAPTER 2 – Orders of Illuminism
CHAPTER 3 – Seal of Deception
CHAPTER 4 – Model For ‘Peace’
CHAPTER 5 – It’s All Happening
CHAPTER 6 – Circles of Illuminati

SECTION III: Not Of Earth: Ichthus
CHAPTER 1 – In the Beginning
CHAPTER 2 – Conflicts Bear Witness
CHAPTER 3 – How to Survive
CHAPTER 4 – Taken to Safety
CHAPTER 5 – Horror With Grace
CHAPTER 6 – Until Sin Dies
CHAPTER 7 – Spread the Word

‘Survival Kit’: Reading List For Section III
Appendix No. 1 – New York Herald Tribune articles
Appendix No. 2 – Interavia Electro-Gravitics article
Appendix No. 3 – The Gravitics Situation (Gravity Rand Ltd.)
Appendix No. 4 – Copies of the Maxfield-Teller letters
Appendix No. 5 – Einstein’s Relativity Error
Appendix No. 6 – Electrodynamic Propulsion
Appendix No. 7 – Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System

G+ softback, spine taped.
$45 B/C
West Australian Texas Trading 1979 second printing completing 19,000 copies. 200pp.
[#5494 ]

FAWCETT Lawrence and Barry J. GREENWOOD  
Clear Intent, the Government coverup of the UFO experience

'What does the government know about UFOs and why won't it tell us'. With a forewrod by Dr Allen J Hynek.

GOOD ONLY ex library softback with taped spine and hinges, stamps etc.
$10 C/C
Prentice Hall 1984 , xxi 264 pages. ISBN 0131366491 [#2665 ufo, flying saucer, extra terrestrial]

The Interrupted Journey; two lost hours aboard a flying saucer
VG VG- DW lightly sunned. $25 C/C Souvenir 1980 first UK edition hardcover, 340pp. Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth , New Hampshire were allegedly abducted aboard a UFO, losing two hours of 'lost time' which later under hypnosis was revealed to be an alien abduction. Considered one of the best documented cases and probably the first"alien-abductions" recognised as such. ISBN 0285624504 [Item# 205 UFO]

They Rode in Space Ships

Fantastic Meetings with Spacemen
Contains a compilation of information from the works of Daniel W. Fry, followed by the contact experience of Truman Bethurum
The White Sands Incident, Captain Aura Rhanes, The Prescott Meetings, Clarion, Adamski, The Space Ship of Mormon Mesa, Aylan, The Vimana at White Sands (1950).

Good hardback in G- dustjacket.
Ex-Library, lacks free end paper, one stamp to each preliminary leaf upto the contents, also to rear fep and paste down, pocket and slip at rear.
Jacket chipped spine ends and large chips / peices missing to cover.
$25 C/C
Neville Spearman 1958 second impression, 217pp +plates.
[#5656 ]

cover image of They Rode in Space Ships, for sale in New Zealand

GREER Steven M. 
cover image of Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History for sale in New Zealand

Military and Government witnesses reveal the greatest secrets in modern history, including UFOs and alien encounters and technology and hidden weapons programs.
"This ...testimony by...government insiders proves that UFOs are real, (and) are of extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable humanity to begin a new civilization... without pollution, (or) poverty... capable of traveling among the stars."
black budget, e.t., alien technology, anti-gravity, Star Wars missile defence, UFO, military industrial complex, NASA

VG softback
$25 C/C
Crossing Point Inc. 2001 pre-publication edition, 573pp.
[#3797 ]

HALL Richard 
Uninvited Guests
A documented history of UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters and Coverups

Former CIA UFO informant uses freedom of information act to access top secret files reproduced here.

VG softback with some very minor pencil lining.
$15 C/C
Aurora Press 1988 FIRST EDITION, 381pp
[#3242 ]

HOBANA Ion & WEVERBERGH Julien  UFO's from behind the Iron Curtain
The first account of Unidentified Flying Objects from Bulgaria, Hungary, Jugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania and Russia to be published since the official clamp-down on information in 1968.

G+ pen price to cover, light wear to covers, aged paper stock, $15 A/A Corgi 1975 first paperback edition, ix 308pp, many black and white photos and diagrams within the text. ISBN 0552100234 [PB1384 ]

Prelude to a Landing on Planet Earth

Scarce book in which a group of scientists and psychics communicate with extra terrestrials, two hundred hours of these channelled communications investigated in this book, in which Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller and others open a psychic connection to an entity called 'The Nine'. Non-fiction.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$145 C/C
WH Allen 1977 FIRST EDITION, 337pp.
[#3225 ]

HOLZER Hans  The UFO-nauts new facts on extraterrestrial landings
VG- $25 A/B Fawcett 1976 paperback, 304pp.
Evidence that superior beings from beyond our galaxy are studying life forms on the earth and are taking specimens.
Includes UFO Cults, Contactees, UFO types; Humanoids or Monsters, Uri Geller and the Spectra, Alien-Human mating.
ISBN 0449135691 [PB# 579 ufo]

HYNEK J Allen  The UFO Experience A Scientific Inquiry
VG sunned spine $10 C/B Corgi paperback 1978 336pp + plates. Hynek was the astronomical consultant to Project Blue Book. He here impartially investigates many UFO reports. ISBN 0552094307 [PB# 211 ufo]

KEYHOE Donald 
The Flying Saucers are Real
True Story Behind the Strangest Phenomena in History!

Gold Medal Book 107
A careful investigation of Air Force reports convince this author that UFOs are real.
The book that started the modern UFO movement.

G+ paperback with inscription to title, rubbed wraps, aged paper stock
$100 A/A
Fawcett Gold Medal 1950 first edition paperback, 175pp. [PB1505 ufo ]

KEYHOE Donald E.  Flying Saucers From Outer Space
G+ hardback with VG- dust jacket.
Closed edges soiled or foxed, DW small edge tears $35 C/C Wingate-Baker 1969 first thus hard cover, 256pp [# 1781 ufo]

LESLIE Desmond & George Adamski  
Flying Saucers Have Landed

A complete history of the saucer phenomenon from ancient times to the 1950s.
Includes Sanskrit vimanas, Biblical, Atlantis, Celtic prehistory, the Great Pyramid.

G+ hardback with no jacket, browned spine, name to fep, browned page edges
$15 C/B
Werner Laurie 1954, 232pp + plates
[#2164/2400 ]

LORENZEN Jim & Coral  UFOs over the Americas G+ label lift top corner, reading craeses, names at front. $10 C/B Signet 1968 first edition paperback 254pp+ plates. Here is a definitive, up to date study at the flying saucer phenomenon: the most carefully selected interviews, photographs, case histories and lie-detector tests, and the recently declassified government transcripts of military strategy and propaganda writings concerning the UFO scare. Now, far the tirst time, the American public will learn the truth about the spectacular drama marked 'top secret' in government files: the peiodic panics that are becoming increasingly frequent on this continent the reports that will no longer be silenced of all significant UFO sightings and actual encounters with alien beings. Jim and Coral Lorenzen, who founded APRO in 1952, are world-renowned experts and foremost leaders in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Some day science will know the debt it owes these pioneers [PB# 213 ufo]

LORENZEN Coral and Jim  UFOs The Whole Story
G+ edge wear , names at front of book $10 A/B Signet 1969 first edition paperback, 301pp + plates. [PB# 1000 ufo ]

LUNAN Duncan 
Man and the Stars
cover image of Man and the Stars: Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence, for sale in New Zealand

Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence.
Based on deciphering radio signals, the author believes he has found strong evidence of extra terrestrial contact, and/ or visitation in our recent past.
Illustrated by Ed Buckley and Gavin Roberts.
Epsilon-Bootis, UFO, E.T., Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

VG hardback with VG dust jacket.
$20 C/C
Souvenir Press 1974 first edition, x 324pp + plates.
[#5504 ]

MOON Peter and Preston B. Nichols  Montauk Revisited Adventures in Synchronicity
VG small damp ripple top corner first few pages $20 B/C Sky Books 1998 fourth printing soft cover, 249pp + adverts. Strange melange of Crowley, Parsons, Philadelphia Experiment, Nazi's, L Ron Hubbard... ISBN 0963188917 [# 1776 occult]

MOON Peter and Preston B. Nichols  
The Montauk Books 1-3
The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time
Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity
Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness
cover image of Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness for sale in New Zealand cover image of Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity for sale in New Zealand cover image of The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time for sale in New Zealand

The author's posit the Montauk Project being involved in time travel and alien contact with Sirius, among other things.
Claiming links with Crowley, Parsons and Marjorie Cameron of the OTO, L. Ron Hubbard founder of Scientology, Howard Hughes... and the Philadelphia Experiment.
ISBN9780963188908 ISBN9780963188915 ISBN9780963188922
666, time travel, philadelphia experiment, OTO, Aleister Crowley, UFO, e.t., aliens

VG+ softbacks
$60 C/C
Sky Books 2008, 2010, 2008. 156+249+256pp.
[#3798 ]

Strangers in Our Skies, UFOs Over New Zealand
cover image of Strangers in Our Skies, UFOs Over New Zealand, for sale in New Zealand

A rare book that recounts the Airship scare of 1909, Kaikoura UFO sighting filmed by journalists aboard airliner, plus many less well known New Zealand sightings and encounters.
Includes a few illustrations.
ISBN 0864640048
close encounters, Argosy, Captain Startup

VG softback with light rubbing to wrappers.
$45 C/B
INL Print 1981 First Edition, 192pp.
[#5615 ]

UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere
cover image of UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere, for sale in New Zealand

Here, for the first time, is a complete history of UFO sightings in Australia and New Zealand, together with a brief outline of sightings that have been recorded since man first began to inhabit the globe.
Altogether they comprise a convincing case for those who believe that flying saucers do exist.
ISBN 0709147244

VG hardback in VG dust jacket. Rubber name stamp to fep and title
$30 C/C
Robert Hale 1975 First edition, 250pp + plates.
[#4832 ]

VG- hardback in VG- dust jacket. Rubber name stamp to fep, unclipped dust jacket has edge wear and handling soiling, closed edges foxed, small number code to imprint, from a lending library
$20 C/C
Robert Hale 1975 First edition, 250pp + plates.
[#1704 ]

G+ paperback with light cover wear.
$10 A/B
Horwitz 1969, 192pp.
[PB214 ]

POPE Nick   Open Skies, Closed Minds
'For the first time a government UFO expert speaks out'. Includes a chapter on the Roswell alien autopsy film.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with minor chip to top corners $10 C/C Simon & Schuster 1996 first edition hard cover, xviii 270pp + colour plates. ISBN 0684816644 [#2399 ufo, aliens ]

QUEST Publications International  UFO magazine the truth is out there 1994-2003 various issues VG $5 each B/B Quest Publications International stapled glossy magazine, price is per issue, available are 1994 Nov/Dec; 1995 Jan/Feb, May/June, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct; 1996 Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec; 1997 Mar/Apr, May/Jun; 1998 Mar/Apr; 1999 Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug ;2001 Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec ; 2002 Full year of 11 issues; 2003 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May , Jun, July. issues with / are bi-monthly. ISBN 977096611002003 [UFO 5 @ #001533]

[ROSWELL] RANDLE & SCHMITT   UFO Crash at Roswell 1997 reissue
VG- bookstore stamp to first page, reading crease to spine $7 A/A Avon 1997 paperback, viii 327pp + plates. ISBN 0380761963 [PB#1354 ufo]

UFO Secret; The Roswell Crash (VHS Pal)

Running time 75 minutes. Based on the research of Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt. Written and directed by Mark Wolf.
ISBN 18006770905

Original VHS cassette (Pal coded) has been in storage and not viewed in years as I have no VHS player.
$10 C/B
New Century Productions 1993.
[#5731 ]

cover image of UFO Secret; The Roswell Crash (VHS Pal), for sale in New Zealand

STANFORD Ray  The Socorro Saucer VG- rubbed wrappers $75 A/A Fontana 1978 paperback, 191pp+ plates. On 24 April 1964 a UFO landing was reported at Socorro, New Mexico, witnessed by policeman Lonnie Zamora and an unidentified tourist. That much has long been known, for the Socorro landing is one of the most famous in UFO history. What this book reveals for the first time is that the intelligence community censored the information that at least three items of physical UFO evidence of the Socorro landing were obtained; that Zamora was Ordered not to divulge the red insignia he saw on the UFO; that an FBI agent told him to deny having seen two humanoids beside the UFO; that the soil at the site was highly radioactive after the UFO s take-off but the U.S. Air Force tried to hide the fact. Why was the intelligence community so anxious to cover up the truth? ISBN 0006353193 [PB219/577]

Revelation, the Divine Fire

Steiger investigates the rash of New Age channelling and concludes it all stems from the one source, the 'Divine Fire'. Extra-terrestrial intelligence and UFO contactees bringing warnings of the end times.

VG softback but opens flat at centre
$15 C/B
Inner Light 1988 revised edition, 197pp.
[#3224 ]

STEIGER Brad editor   Project Blue Book, the Top Secret UFO findings revealed
The official US Air Force files opened finally and edited by a major UFO researcher. Includes Project Sign, Project Grudge, Special Report #14 and Project Blue Book.

VG $15 C/B Ballantine 1976 first edition paperback, 423pp + plates. Includes photos, charts and diagrams. ISBN0345260910195 [PB1400 ufo, extra terrestrial ]

STEIGER Brad & Joan Whritenour  The New UFO Breakthrough
G+ name to first page and inside cover, age browned $10 A/B Tandem 1974 paperback, 155pp. Includes the cases of Albert K Bender, Wilhelm Reich, Carlos Allende, Serpent People and Atlantis, Deros and Shaver mystery, Admiral Byrd beyond the Poles, short chapter on Rosicrucian Alchemy with an interview with 'Augustus Magnus'. ISBN 0426134427 [PB# 580 ufo]

STEIGER Brad  The Gods of Aquarius UFOs and the transformation of Man
VG- light wear $45 A/B Panther 1980 paperback, 304pp +plates. Includes occult significance of Sirius as related by Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant. ISBN 0586045384. [PB# 1001 ufo ]

Flying Saucerama

A survey of UFO sightings by the founder of the National Investigation Committee on UFOs. Covers sightings of Unidentified Flying Saucers worldwide and possible explanations, including the reality of extraterrestrial visitation.

VG softback, sunned spine $20 C/B International Evangelism Crusades 1974 revised enlarged fifth edition, 128pp + 24 plates. [#2461 ufo, flying saucer, extra terrestrial ]

My Friend from beyond the Earth

Author claims to have met Val-Thor from Venus at a government base and been told he was sent from God to help mankind. Strange (!) meeting of Christian Fundamentalism and UFO belief by a minister and psychologist, who was also the author of 'Saucerama'.

VG softback
$15 B/ A
International Evangelism Crusades (1960) reprinted, folded A4 stapled sheets in stiff paper wraps, 18pp. [#2664 ufo, flying saucer, extra terrestrial ]

STRIEBER Whitley   Communion; A True Story
Encounters with the Unknown. Strieber's personal account of alien abduction experiences.

VG- split at tail $8 C/B Arrow 1988 paperback, 299pp. Strieber's personal account of alien abduction experiences. ISBN 0099534207 [PB# 196 ufo]

STRIEBER Whitley   Transformation; The Breakthrough
Continues Strieber's personal account of alien abduction experiences.

VG- $8 C/B Arrow 1989 paperback, 256pp. ISBN 0099616904 [PB# 197 ufo]

STRIEBER Whitley & Anne Strieber   The Communion Letters
The Striebers edit accounts of alien abduction sent to them by the public.

VG- label lift to top corner. $8 C/B Pocket Books 1998 paperback, 288pp. ISBN 0671017861 [PB# 198 ufo]

THOMPSON Richard L. 
Alien Identities
cover image of Alien Identities; ancient insights into modern UFO phenomena, for sale in New Zealand

Ancient insights into modern UFO phenomena.
A logical examination of modern UFO phenomena by a renowned scientist.
UFOs in the Vedic Hindu epics, Adamski case, modern accounts etc.
Includes the extraordinary and the extraterrestrial in European folk tales and looks at religious reports of miraculous visitations particularly the 1917 apparition at Fatima.
ISBN 0963530917

VG softback, with sunned spine.
$25 C/C
Govardhan Hill 1994, 492pp
[#5445 ]

TRENCH Brinsley Le Poer   Operation Earth
At different periods of your long and chequered history we came to your planet and left some of our people with you. However, our experiment in coming to Earth did not turn out the way we hoped it would: we withdrew from open contact and maintained an overall watch over you, occasionally making contact with an individual, here and there. We are still hoping to salvage the experiment and turn it from an initial failure into a success. We have never lost hope, but this time we do not wish to interfere. We have the greatest patience, we have all eternity before us.

VG light edge wear, name inside cover, paper browned. $8 A/A Tandem 1975 paperback, 143pp + plates. ISBN 0426134508 [PB#215]

VG- edge wear, clipped fep, paper browned $8 A/A Tandem 1975 paperback, 143pp + plates. ISBN 0426134508 [PB# 984]

TRENCH Brinsley Le Poer   Secrets of the Ages, UFO's from inside the Earth
Usual Hollow earth theories with also reference to Puma sightings in Great Britain, Shaver's Deros etc. Divided into three parts; The Case for Atlantis, The Case for a Hollow Earth, The Case for Inner Earth Peoples.

VG- glue weakening, name to inside rear cover $25 A/B Panther 1976 paperback 206pp+ plates. ISBN 0586043071 [PB# 985 ufo]

TRENCH Brinsley Le Poer  The Sky People extra terrestrial contact
G+ creased and rubbed covers, name to inside cover and first page $15 A/B Award 1970 paperback, 189pp. Proof of ET contact as recorded in mythology etc. [PB# 986 ufo ]

VALLEE Jacques  Anatomy of a Phenomenon UFOs in space
VG- rubbed edges, minor spotting $15 A/B Tandem 1974 paperback 210pp + plates. Serious rational look at the evidence for UFOs from the remote and recent past. ISBN 0426130715 [PB# 987 ufo]

VALLEE Jacques 
Messengers of Deception
UFO contacts and Cults

A scarce, classic UFOlogy book with some spooky cover art. The author holds a Ph. D. in computer science, and this book is the result of 18 years of UFO research with fellow scientific investigators. Very good insights into all the classic attributes of UFO activity. Includes information on Jack Parsons and other occult groups and their involvement with the UFO scene.

VG+ softback with sewn binding, small water splash to first page.
$65 C/B
And/Or Press 1979 First Printing, viii + 243pp with some illustrations.
[#3297 ]

 Messengers of Deception by Vallee

VALEE Jacques 

Messengers of Deception
UFO contacts and Cults

ISBN 0553139061
Revised edition by Bantam

VG paperback with wear to wrappers, bookseller stamps to first page
$35 A/B
Bantam 1980 paperback, 272pp + plates.
[PB1750 ]

cover image of Messengers of Deception UFO contacts and cults, for sale in New Zealand

VALLEE Jacques   UFOs: the Psychic Solution
UFO influences on the human race. Approaches UFOs from a psychic / spiritualist angle. Includes SPECTRA, Uri Geller, Government cover up etc. (original title; The Invisible College)

VG- rubbed edges, minor spotting, bookseller stamp to title page $15 A/B Panther 1977 paperback 221pp. ISBN 0586046534 [PB# 988 ufo]

VG- $15 A/B Panther 1977 first UK edition, paperback, 221pp. ISBN 0586046534 [Item# 174 UFO]

WILKINS Harold T.  
Flying Saucers on the Moon

'UFO' sightings since dawn of time, including signs in the skies etc., but more specifically focused on the spate of sightings in the early 1950s.
Foo Fighters, South America, Britain, USA

Very Good hardback with no Jacket.
Black cloth with dulled titling to spine, age toned fep, small pen scribble to fep, light scattered foxing to closed edges.
$20 C/C
Peter Owen, 1954. First Edition, 329pp + plates
[#5646 ]

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