Criminology, Law and legal books.
Also true crime including serial killers, Jack the Ripper, criminal biographies, famous trials etc.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

ATKINS Susan with Bob Slosser 
Child of Satan, Child of God
Charles Manson's Woman, from Helter Skelter to her miraculous rebirth.
cover image of Child of Satan, Child of God

Atkins relates her childhood, time with the Charles Manson clan at Spahn Ranch, the 'Helter Skelter' killing spree, and her conversion to Born Again Christianity while on Death Row.

VG hardback in G+ price clipped dust jacket with rubbing and edge wear. Inscription to front end paper.
$45 C/C
Logos International 1977 first edition, 290 pages.
[#3328 ]

ATKINS Susan with Bob Slosser 
Child of Satan, Child of God
Charles Manson's Woman, her own story.
cover image of Child of Satan, Child of God

Atkins relates her childhood, time with the Charles Manson clan at Spahn Ranch, the 'Helter Skelter' killing spree, and her conversion to Born Again Christianity while on Death Row.

G paperback with rubbed edges
$20 A/B
Hodder 1978 reprint, 287pp.
[PB705 ]

The Anatomy of Villainy

A study of thirteen infamous villains throughout the ages including Judge Jeffreys; Marquis de Sade; G.J. Smith; Titus Oates; Richard III; Matthew Hopkins; Rasputin, Marquis de Sade.

VG cloth hardback with no dust jacket.
$15 C/B
Collins 1950 first edition, 256pp.
[TRC6 ]

cover image of Zero-Alpha The New Zealand Armed Offenders Squad official history for sale in New Zealand

The New Zealand Armed Offenders Squad official history.
From Armed Constabulary to anti-terrorist commandos.
police, crime, law enforcement, AOS

VG softback with a minor crease to the cover.
$20 C/B
Howling At The Moon Productions Ltd. 1998 first edition, 244pp.
[#4145 ]

Famous Trials

Famous cases from Mary Queen of Scots to Landru. Includes Captain Kidd, Marie Antoinette and Joan of Arc.

VG hardback with light fade to spine, rubbed joints, red decorated cloth, aged but still tidy. No dust jacket.
$25 C/C
Hutchinson undated approx 1930? 567pp + plates.
[#1599 ]

More Famous Trials

Famous cases includes a trial for witchcraft, Dick Turpin, Eugene Aram, Admiral Byng, Rob Roy, Titus Oates, Marshal Ney, Cagliostro and many more with 41 illustrations.

G decorative cloth hardback with well rubbed joints and corners, lacks fep, foxed prelims, name to half title, rear hinge cracked. No dust jacket.
$15 C/C
Hutchinson 1938 first edition, 575pp + plates.
[TRC4 ]

BIRT Chris 
The Final Chapter
The Truth Bedhind New Zealand's Most Famous Murder Mystery
cover image of The Final Chapter: The Truth Bedhind New Zealand's Most Famous Murder Mystery for sale in New Zealand

The author revisits the terrible 1970 murders of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe on their isolated farmhouse at Pukekawa.
Arthur Allan Thomas was twice convicted of murder, but later declared innocent and pardoned.
Birt posits another candidate for the crime, who had motive, means and opportunity.
That man was Jeanette's own father, Lenard William Demler.
Crewe murders, new zealand, true crime

VG softback, name to inside cover with tippex over it.
$15 C/B
Penguin 2001, 227pp + plates.
[#3754 ]

VG softback, former owner name stamp to first page.
$15 C/B
Penguin 2001, 227pp + plates.
[#3901 ]

BLOM-COOPER Louis  The A6 Murder Regina v. James Hanratty: The Semblance of Truth
VG $9 A/A Penguin Special [S216] 1963 first edition paperback, 142pp. Exposure of the flaws of English judicial system as relates to a famous murder in Britain. [PB# 704 true crime]
BROWN Wenzell
Introduction to Murder, the unpublished facts behind the notorious Lonely Hearts killers Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez.

VG VG chipped spine ends, rubbed corners, name to fep.

$25 C/B [TRC 20]

Andrew Dakers 1953 first edition hardcover, 232pp. Covers right up to the execution in Sing Sing's electric chair.

BROWNE Douglas G & E V TULLETT  Bernard Spilsbury his life and cases
G rear hinge cracked, name whited out to fep, cloth boards rubbed, light spotting $15 C/C Harrap 1951 first edition cloth, 422pp + plates. Biography and case studies of one of the foremost Criminal Pathologists of modern times. Includes such infamous cases as; Hawley Harvey Crippen, The Brides in the Baths murders, Bonati Charing Cross Trunk case and more. [# 1395 true crime]
Helter Skelter; the Manson Murders

G+ short splits at spine ends, reading curl to edges.

$15 C/B [Item# 187 TRC]

Penguin 1977 paperback, 623pp+ plates. cover image is still of shaven headed Robert Hendrickson as Manson from the film Helter Skelter. ISBN 0140042962.

BURT Leonard
Commander Burt of Scotland Yard

VG- VG- small watermarkbottom edge of DW and pages, just to the margin, light wear to DW, name to fep.

$10 C/C [TRC 16]

Heinemann 1959 first edition hardcover, ix 246pp + plates. The memoirs of the man who rose from bobby to Commander of Sctoland Yard, full of information on his varied and interesting cases, including William Joyce 'Lord Haw Haw'; various spies; the IRA and Palestinian extremists, murderers etc.

BUTLER Ivan  Trials of Brian Donald Hume Celebrated Trials series
VG VG slightly sunned spine to DW $10 C/B David & Charles 1976 first edition hardcover 128pp + plates. In 1950 Hume stood trial for the murder of Stanley Setty, whose dismembered body he dumped into the sea from a light aircraft. ISBN 0715371185 [# 1608 true crime]
Case for the prosecution, Behind the scenes in crime detection

VG G DW edge worn, small paint splash to cover, foxed closed edges

$10 C/B [TRC 8]

Naldrett 1956 hardcover, xi 180pp + plates, deals with the gamut of crime from petty thieves to murderers, as seen from the police of Scotland Yard.

Cherrill of the Yard

G+ light insect damage to cloth surface.

$10 C/C [TRC 17]

Harrap 1954 cloth, 248pp + plates. Autobiography of the Ex-Chief Superintendent of the Fingerprint Bureau of New Scotland Yard.

COOKE Robin (editor) 
Portrait of a Profession
cover image of Portrait of a Profession, The Centennial book of the New Zealand Law Society.

The Centennial book of the New Zealand Law Society.
A book by lawyers about lawyers, being a collection of essays on the history of the legal profession in New Zealand, including notable individuals and regional bodies.
lawyers, judges, chief justice, law society

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with rubbed corners and a small area of chipping loss to rear panel.
$20 C/D
Reed 1969, 439pp + plates.
[#3606 ]

CORNWELL Patricia   Portrait of A Killer Jack The Ripper - Case Closed FIRST EDITION
VG- top rear corner bumped VG unclipped DW rubbed to top edge with some folding creasing $15 B/C Little Brown 2002 first UK hard cover, 387pp + plates. Cornwell believes she has un-masked the identity of Saucy Jack, as a prominent Victorian artist Walter Sickert. ISBN 0316861596 [#1883 true crime]
The Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath

VG two small dark spots to upper board

$40 C/C [TRC 5]

William Hodge 1951 first edition cloth, 239pp + plates. Notable British Trials series. Taken from the court transcripts etc of the trial of the sadist Heath.

CROWE Desmond T. 
Beyond the Beat
cover image of Beyond the Beat

The recollections Desmond Crowe, a retired Police Officer and Local Body Politician. During his service in the police he had some unique experiences. He began his training at the Police Training School at Lyttelton in 1954.

VG softback
$20 C/B
Desmond T. Crowe 2005, 184pp.
[#3365 ]

CURLEWIS H. R.  The Mirror of Justice A layman's introduction to the legal process
VG sunned spine and minor foxing to prelims $20 C/C The Law Book Company of Australasia 1906. iv 304pp. Memoirs and anecdotes as well as cases etc. Curlewis was married Ethel Turner, the author of Seven Little Australians. [# 1757 law]

DOUGLAS Hugh  Burke & Hare: the true story of the bodysnatchers VG rubbed spine. $8 A/A New English Library 1974 paperback 191pp.Nineteenth century grave robbers supplying the anatomists with subjects to dissect. Contains a good bibliography at the rear. ISBN 450019055 [PB# 20 truecrime]

cover image of Mindhunter, Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit for sale in New Zealand

Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, who study crimes to build a profile of suspects.
The basis for the Netflix true crime series of the same name.
This copy is the US first edition by Scribner, but it has the UK dust jacket of the Heinemann edition.
true crime, serial killers, criminology, behavioural science, mind hunter

VG hardback in VG dust jacket.
$15 C/C
Scribner 1995 first US edition, 384pp + plates.
[#4073 ]

FARRAR & DUGDALE  Introduction to Legal Method second edition
VG- very minor pencil underlining to a few pages $15 C/C Sweet & Maxwell 1984, 2nd Revised edition, soft cover, 307pp. ISBN 0421297808 [# 1594 reference law ]

FARRAR John  Introduction to Legal Method
VG- worn wrappers $9 C/C Sweet & Maxwell 1981 (3rd imp of first edition) soft cover xvi 258pp. ISBN 0421211903 [# 1604 reference law ]

cover image of Backtracking

Field was a New Zealand Police Dog Handler from 1974-1987. He describes his experiences of the selection, training and operation of police dogs. He saw service in Masterton and the Wairarapa, and policed the Springbok Tour protests.
police, dog-handler, canine, memoir

VG softback with gift inscription and signed by Jim Field
$25 C/C
Wairarapa Times-Age Co. Ltd., 248 pp.
[#3460 ]

FOUCAULT Michel ed
I Pierre Riviere, having slaughtered my mother, my sister and my brother...A Case of Parricide in the 19th Century

VG light wear, sunned spine

$15 B/B [TRC 1 ]

Bison / Univ Nebraska 1982 softcover 288pp trsl by Frank Jellinek. ISBN 0803268572

FOX Sylvan  The Unanswered Questions about President Kennedy's Assassination revised edition
VG faded spine $7 A/A Award Books 1975 fourth revised edition, paperback, 238pp + adverts. 'Shatters the Warren Commission cover- up...includes... the Cuban Connection' [PB# 665 true crime]

FRANK Gerold  The Boston Strangler
G date to half title, names to title page, no wrapper, corners bumped, tail of upper joint split $10 C/C Cape 1967 first edition hard cover, 352pp Author was a journalist covering the case as it unfolded with access to all the scenes and participants. [# 1396 true crime]

FRANK Gerold  The Boston Strangler
VG- pen name and some pencil erasure to half title, no wrapper, $15 C/C Cape 1967 first edition hard cover, 352pp Author was a journalist covering the case as it unfolded with access to all the scenes and participants. [# 1532 true crime]

FRANK Gerold   The Boston Strangler
VG- VG one page has tape repair to lower margin tear unclipped DW light handling wear $20 C/C Jonathan Cape 1967 first edition hard cover, 352pp. [#1945 true crime]

FRANKLIN Charles  The World's Worst Murderers Exciting and authentic accounts of the great classics of murder
VG- two small holes to bottom edge of lower board lacks DW $10 C/C Odhams 1965 first edition hard cover, 320pp + plates. Includes Jack the Ripper, Peter Kurten, Gordon Cummins, Christie, heath, Haigh, Landru, Petiot, Bela Kiss, Fernandez and Beck ( The Honeymoon Killers), Crippen, Lizzie Borden, William Palmer, Neil Cream, George Joseph Smith, Peter Manuel, James Hanratty, Donald Hume, Leopold and Leob and Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme ( the New Zealand lesbian lovers guilty of matricide and filmed by Peter Jackson in 'Heavenly Creatures'). [# 714 truecrime]

FURNEAUX Rupert  Famous Criminal Cases 2 includes Parker & Hulme lesbian murderesses
VG- Fair DW chipped and worn with large peices missing from spine ends, book a little tired $10 C/B Roy c.1954 first edition cloth, 197pp + plates. [#1155 true crime]

GLAMUZINA Julie & Alison J. Laurie 
Parker and Hulme, a Lesbian View
cover image of Parker & Hulme, a Lesbian View for sale in New Zealand

An in depth scholarly study of the case and the reaction it created in the general public and academia at the time.
The allegedly lesbian teen couple killed the mother of one who was threatening to split the pair up.
This case was the basis for the film Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson.
Juliet Hulme, Pauline Parker, Lust Murder, Lesbian Youth, Folie a Deux, Crime

VG softback with gift inscription to first page.
$15 C/B
New Women's Press 1991, 214pp. with illustrations.
[#3655 ]

GRAHAM Anne E. and Carol EMMAS 
The Last Victim

The life of Florence Maybrick, the wife of James Maybrick, claimed by some to have been Jack the Ripper. ISBN9780747262060

VG paperback
$8 A/A
Headline 1999, 327pp + plates [PB1430 true crime]

So Brilliantly Clever
Parker, Hulme and the murder that shocked the World.
cover image of So Brilliantly Clever<br>Parker, Hulme and the murder that shocked the World, for sale in New Zealand

An excellent work on the most sensational and shocking murder of modern New Zealand times.
Written with an expert lawyer's insights, Graham explores the psychology of the relationship between Juliet Hulme (now writing as Anne Perry) and Pauline Parker.
The pre-meditated murder of Parker's mother, Honorah Rieper, on 22 June 1954 in Victoria Park, scandalised Christchurch and shocked the world, especially as there were hints the killers were a lesbian couple.
Graham details what happened to the murderers after their sentences were served.
true crime, Heavenly Creatures, Peter Jackson, Honorah Parker, Folie Deux, matricide

VG softback
$35 C/C
Awa Press 2011 first edition, 341pp.
[#3991 ]

GREENO Edward  War on the Underworld Digit Books R494
G+ spine roll, light wear $5 A/A Digit/ Brown & Watson (1960) paperback, 160pp. Account by Ex-Det. Chief Supt. Greeno. British crime from the first half of the Twentieth Century, by a C.I.D. man. [PB# 871 true crime]
HAN Jeanette & ANN Ann
Death of a Prince; Jack the Ripper and Other Souls.


$20 A/B [Item# 185 TRC]

Arrow 2001 first edition, paperback 242pp. An Australian psychics three week 'psychic tour' of England uncovers new information about Jack the Ripper, the Royal Family and the Titanic disaster. ISBN 1740510623

Victorian Murderesses, a true history of thirteen respectable French and English women accused of unspeakable crimes

G reading creases to spine, opens flat at centre

$9 C/B [TRC 12]

Schocken Books 1977 paperback, 318pp. Includes Florence Maybrick accused of killing her husband who has been named as Jack the Ripper in connection with the 'Ripper Diary'. ISBN 0805206272 Victorian.

The Sex War and others- a survey of recent murder, principally in France.


$20 C/B [TRC 9]

Peter Owen 1973 first edition hardcover, 192pp + plates. Includes Haigh, Heath and Christie. ISBN 0720603226

HOOD Lynley 
Minnie Dean : Her Life & Crimes

In 1895 Minnie Dean was hanged for the crime of infanticide, as was regarded as a 'baby farmer', profiting by taking in unwanted babies, whom she was supposed to care for. The prosection claimed she instead murdered them. A study of her life and crimes.

VG softback
$30 C/B
Penguin 1994, 221pp + plates. [#2855 new zealand, crime, murder, biography, otago, winton ]

Trial by Trickery
Scott Watson, the Sounds Murders and the Game of Law
cover image of Trial by Trickery, Scott Watson, the Sounds Murders and the Game of Law

On New Year's Eve 1997, young holiday-makers Ben Smart and Olivia Hope disappeared from a party at a seaside resort, last seen boarding a mystery yacht with a mystery man. Five months later 26-year old Scott Watson was arrested and later convicted of their murders. But is Watson guilty? Keith Hunter is one of many who think not and in 2003 he produced a documentary that showed why. Now he goes further, showing how the jury's verdict was acquired
true crime, murder, justice

VG softback
$20 C/C
Hunter Productions 2006, 295pp.
[#3465 ]

JACOBS T C H   Aspects of Murder with 28 illustrations
G ex library, boards soiled spine leans, pen stripes to fore edge $5 C/C Stanley Paul 1956 first edition hard cover, 224pp + plates. Trials of Craig and Bentley , Murder on a Towpath, Porthpean Murders, Clapham Murder, Early Finger-print cases, triumphs of routine police investigation. Mainly British cases. [# 1079 true crime]

JAKUBOWSKI Maxim and Nathan BRAUND (editors) 
The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper
cover image of The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper for sale in New Zealand

An updated and expanded edition of the fullest ever collective investigation into Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders.
Contributions from the leading Ripperologists, including William Beadle, Melvyn Fairclough, Martin Fido, Shirley Harrison, James Tully and Colin Wilson.
The identity of Jack the Ripper has plagued professional historians, criminologists, writers and amateur enthusiasts.
The many suspects include Montague John Druitt, Walter Sickert, Aaron Kosminski, Michael Ostrog, William Henry Bury, Dr Tumblety and James Maybrick.
Collects the key factual evidence for 20 different arguments as to the identity of Jack the Ripper, including that advanced by Patricia Cornwell.
First published in 1999.
true crime, murder, victorian, saucy jack, evidence, anthology, non-fiction

VG+ paperback
$15 C/B
Robinson Publishing 2008, 502pp.
[#4211 ]

JAMES P D & T A Critchley 
The Maul and the Pear Tree
The Ratcliffe Highway Murders 1811

The notorious crime that shocked Regency London. P. D. James joins forces with historian T. A. Critchley to re-create the Radcliffe Highway murders, a series of vicious crimes committed in 1811. The scene is the London Docks near Wapping Old Stairs, a sinister neighborhood where pirates were often hanged. The first victims were two hardworking shopkeepers, along with their baby and shop boy. Twelve days later and only a few blocks away, an equally blameless pub owner was found together with his wife and servant, victims of equal cruelty and apparent absence of motive. The serial killings provoked nationwide notoriety and panic. With the atmosphere and pacing of her best novels, James reveals the rudimentary police system of Regency London coping with a major murder investigation, and crimes that rank up there with Jack the Ripper.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket. Top edge remainder striped
$15 C/C
Mysterious Press 1986 first US edition in quarter cloth, 234pp, illustrated. [TRC 15 true crime, criminology, history ]

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with faintly faded spine.
$20 C/C
Mysterious Press 1986 first US edition in quarter cloth, 234pp, illustrated. [#2851 true crime, criminology, history ]

Kirsa, a Mother's Story


$10 C/C [TRC 18]

David Ling 1994 first edition softcover, 378pp + plates. 1983 murder of a young girl and her mothers account of the search for the child and the killer. (ISBN 0908990219 Napier murder Kirsa Jensen.)

KENNEDY Ludovic  Ten Rillington Place John Reginald Christie
VG- light handling and age wear $9 A/A Pan M29 1963 first thus paperback, 320pp + plates. [PB# 1053 true crime]

KING Martin  Preacher of Death The Shocking inside story of David Koresh and the Waco Siege
VG remainder stripe to bottom closed edges $8 A/B Signet 1993 first edition, paperback 375pp + plates. ISBN 0451180003 [PB# 1025 true crime]

KIRKPATRICK Sidney D  A Cast of Killers the sensational true story of Hollywood's most scandalous murder- covered up for sixty years and solved at last by the film director King Vidor
VG $10 B/B Hutchinson 1986 1st edn uncorrected proof, trade paper format, 8vo 222pp The murder of director William Desmond Taylor. As a proof it lacks the photographs present in the final publication. ISBN 0091670802 [# 1063 true crime]

KLEIN Alexander  Grand Deception Swindles, Hoaxes and Frauds
VG $9 A/A Ballantine [372K] (1960) first thus paperback, 158pp. Includes; Oregon's secrect Love Cult of Joshua Elijah Creffield, Erle Stanley Gardner in an early case before he began writing, the Sir Francis drake inheritance scam etc. [PB# 737 true crime vintage paperback]

LAWRENCE D H associated  The Trial of Lady Chatterley, Regina v. Penguin books Limited edited by C H Rolph
VG- minor age $5 A/B Penguin Special [ S192 ] 1961 first edition paperback, 250pp. A day by day account of the trial where the paperback publisher of Lady Chatterley's Lover were prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act. [PB# 929 true crime]

LEWIS Christopher John  
Last Words

The autobiography of the man accused of the Tania Furlan murder and baby kidnapping, a man who fired a rifle in an assassination attempt on the Queen, a member of a little-known NZ terrorist group, a bank robber and Ninja.
Christopher John Lewis was found electrocuted to death while awaiting trial. The question is: was he guilty or was he framed?
He claimed he was framed by another ex-con and fitted up by the police. After a string of bank robberies in Christchurch, Chris served 8 years in prison before setting himself up in business, only to be charged with the Furlan murder, which he steadfastly denied.
true crime,

VG softback
$35 B/C
Howling at the Moon 1997, 352 pages. [#3598 ]

No Remedy for Death, the memoirs of a pathologist

VG G+ DW chipped head of spine, corners and top edge rear panel, sunned spine, rear fep torn, name to fep

$10 C/C [TRC 14]

John Long 1972 second impression hardcover, 192pp+ plates. Consultant pathologist to the New Zealand Police for three decades. Famous New Zealand cases.

MACHLIN Milt  Libby The biography of Libby Holman, the torch singer accused of murdering her millionaire husband.
VG remainder marked top edge. $5 C/B Tower 1980 first edition paperback, 384pp. Libby Holman was the first of the torch singers, a Broadway star whose sultry, honeyed voice was likened to a 'purple flame' when she sang the blues. Not remarkably beautiful, she possessed an allure irresistible to both men and women, and numbered among her lovers Tallulah Bankhead, Jeanne Eagels and Montgomery Cliff. Her marriage to millionaire playboy Smith Reynolds was front-page news. Scant months later, a bullet ended Reynold's life on his fabulous thousand-acre estate in North Carolina. Though Libby was accused of Reynold's murder, no conclusion was ever reached. Even her closest friends were divided as to her innocence or guilt. That uncertainty was to shadow the rest of her tragedy-haunted life, as violent death claimed many of those closest to her, including her only child. Award-winning author Milt Machlin's intensive research has unearthed startling evidence that sheds new light on the most sensational murder case of the 1930s, and on the character of the dazzling, erratic woman who, almost fifty years later, still occupies center stage! ISBN 0505515334275 [Item# 85 BIOG]

MAINE Henry J S  Ancient Law VG- cloth stained at spine heel with some dye staining to endpapers, top edge of upper board frayed in part. $20 C/B Dent Everyman 1927 cloth, 12mo, xviii 237pp. Surveys ancient law covering christian, Aryan, Teutonic, Roman,Greek, Biblical etc. [HST 28]
Spike Island Portrait of a Police Division

VG G+ DW small chips and tears to edges at corners and spine ends, fore edges rubbed, unclipped

$20 C/D [TRC 13]

MacMillan 1980 first edition hardcover, 533pp The author writes about the A division of the Merseyside Police of Liverpool. British Metropolitan Police Force. ISBN 0333234782

The Identity of Jack the Ripper

VG- light wear to wrappers, two line pen inscription to rear cover, top edge soiled, original price stamp to first page. $15 A/A [Item# 425 TRC] Great Pan 1962 first paperback edition, 224pp. A rare Ripper title, nice 'murder by gaslight' cover art by W Francis Phillipps, after discussing the case in detail the author claims there is good evidence that a certain Russian doctor by the name of Vassily Konovallov was the culprit.

The Red Squad Story
Policing the 1981 Springbok Tour
cover image of The Red Squad Story

Author was second in command of the Red Escort Group ( police riot squad) battling the anti-tour protesters and communist insurgents within the movement. With illustrations in the text.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$20 C/C
Harlen 1982 first edition, 216pp.
[#1367 ]

VG- hardback in G+ dust jacket
$15 C/C
Harlen 1982 first edition, 216pp.
[#3364 ]

My Silent War

VG- VG- light stain to fore edge, clipped fep, DW edgewear

$15 C/C [TRC 7]

MacGibbon & Kee 1968 first edition hardcover,xxv 164pp intro Graham Greene. Philby the traitor and spy writes his own story here. ISBN 261631373 espionage.

PLAIDY Jean  A Triptych of Poisoners Inside the minds of three infamous murderers
VG name to first page $5 A/A Star 1979 paperback, 186pp. Cesare Borgia / Marie D'Aubray / Edward Pritchard. ISBN 0352303476 [PB# 1028 true crime]
Great Cases of Scotland Yard 2 volumes


$10 C/D [TRC 11]

Readers Digest 1978 ifrst edition thus, illustrated papered boards, 414 = 398 pp illustrated. Ten famous cases written up by famous authors in the Readers Digest style. Thomas Neill Cream by Elizabeth Jenkins; Flannel Foot by Michael Innes; Stanley Setty by Andrew Garve; Portland Spy Case by Ludovic Kennedy; Muriel McKay by Clive Egleton; Siege of Sidney Street by Julian Symons; Crippen by Emlyn Williams; Billion Pound Forgery (nazi Germany) by Michael Gilbert; Shepherd Bush Case by Russell Braddon; The Wembley Job by Winston Graham.These are first editions of these works by these authors.

RICHARDSON Gerald  Crime Zone British Law Enforcement in controlled Tangiers
VG- mild scuffing to edge $5 A/A Digit Books [R410] 1959 paperback, 156pp. Author recounts 5 years as C.I.D. Chief in Tangiers. [PB# 872 true crime]

The Complete Jack the Ripper
revised edition.
cover image of The Complete Jack the Ripper

This revised edition sets the Whitechapel Murders by 'Jack the Ripper' firmly in their historical setting, examines the evidence comprehensively and scrupulously, disposes of a number of theories and legends and relates the murder to popular literature and to later similar sex crimes. In addition he has had the advantage of access to some of Scotland Yard's most confidential papers.
true crime, murder, serial killer

VG softback with AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION SIGNATURE to first page.
$15 A/B
Penguin 1988 revised edition, 310pp.
[#3548 ]

The Family
The Whole Charles Manson Horrorshow (cover title).

The story of Charles Manson's dune buggy attack battalion.
In August of 1969, during two bloody evenings of paranoid, psychedelic savagery, Charles Manson and his dystopic communal family helped to wreck the dreams of the Love Generation. At least nine people were murdered, among them Sharon Tate, the young, beautiful, pregnant, actress and wife of Roman Polanski.
This detailed look at the Manson cult is a classic of the true-crime genre, and remains the most meticulously researched account of the most notorious murders of the 1960s.
Using firsthand accounts from some of the Family's infamous members, including Manson. References the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. and the tenuous Crowley connection, as well as the symbolism of Helter Skelter.

G+ paperback with some cover wear and some old staining to bottom edges of a few pages. Pen name at head of title page.
$10 A/B
Panther 1976, 348pp.
[PB1524 ]

Poor paperback with worn covers, light water soiling to some pages at front and rear
$15 A/B
Panther 1973 FIRST EDITION THUS, 348pp.
[TRC22 ]

SMITH Colin  Carlos, Portrait of a Terrorist 'The Jackal'
G+ G+ DW has some edge tears, name to fep, browned paper stock $5 C/C Holt Rinehart 1977 first edition hard cover, 312pp + plates. Pro Palestine terrorist active in Europe in the 1970s as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberaion of Palestine. ISBN 0030194814 [#1104 true crime]
Policeman's Lot, a criminologists gallery of friends and felons

VG- G damaged fep, foxed edges, DW rubbed and with top of spine missing

$10 C/C [TRC 3]

Longmans 1957 first edition hardcover, x 388pp + plates,Swedish criminologist reviews his international career, includes his views on the Glozel artifacts.

SYMONS Julian  Crime and Detection an illustrated history
VG used condition with sunned spine $8 C/C Panther 1968 first thus soft cover, large format, 288pp, illustrated throughout. All the expected suspects plus more. [#1488 true crime ]

TAYLOR Bernard 
There Must be Evil: The Life and Murderous Career of Elizabeth Berry
cover image of There Must be Evil: The Life and Murderous Career of Elizabeth Berry

In 1887, Elizabeth Berry, an attractive young nurse from the grim Oldham workhouse, found notoriety throughout the nation after the death of her daughter, perceived by many to be the cruellest of murders - performed with a callousness that was almost beyond belief.
There were many who protested her innocence in the affair, but there were also suspicions surrounding another death related to the nurse: that of her mother. Suddenly Elizabeth Berry's dark story began appearing darker still.
Bernard Taylor, investigates the disturbing life of Elizabeth Berry endured during an era of grinding poverty when Victorian England was obsessed with the exploits of murderers and forensic science was in its infancy. He takes a fresh look at the demise of Berry's husband and two other young children, deaths that for a long time were considered to be of natural causes.
murder, true crime, British

VG softback
$15 C/B
Duckworth Overlook 2016, 242pp.
[#3459 ]

THOMPSON Thomas   Serpentine, a true odyssey of Love and Evil
VG VG $15 C/D MacDonald 1980 first edition hardcover, xi 659pp. The story of Charles Sobhraj, international swindler and murderer. ISBN 0354044885 [ TRC10 true crime]

Dinner With A Cannibal
The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo
cover image of Dinner With A Cannibal : The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo

A history of cannibalism and its influence on human evolution. How it began, and how it has become an unspeakable taboo today. Careful anthropological and archaeological analysis. Includes fascinating stories from around the world, including details about real-life and fictional cannibals.
anthropophagy, serial killer, anthropology

Fine hardback in Fine dust jacket.
$25 C/C
Santa Monica Press 2008 First Edition, 333pp.
[# 3562]

WILKINSON George Theodore  The Newgate Calendar volume 1
G+ cover wear, aged paper stock $7 A/A Panther 1972 paperback, 254pp. Selection from the annals of Seventeenth and Eighteenth century Briitsh crime cases. ISBN 05860249722 [PB# 860 true crime]

WILKINSON George Theodore  The Newgate Calendar volume 3
G+ cover wear, aged paper stock, lacks prelims but includes original title and contents list $7 A/A Panther paperback, 220pp. Selection from the annals of Seventeenth and Eighteenth century British crime cases. ISBN 05860249992 [PB# 869 true crime]

WILLIAMS Emlyn  Beyond BeliefA Chronicle of Murder and its detection ( Moors Murders )
VG VG name to paste down $8 C/B World Books 1968 hardcover,352pp. Novel firmly based on the Moors Murders case, focusing on Brady and Hindley. Almost a piece of journalism on the murder. [TRC 19]

WILLIAMS Emlyn  Beyond Belief A Chronicle of Murder and its detection ( Moors Murders )
VG- VG- unclipped DW rubbed and split to edges near corners, dust soiled, book has heavy foxing to the closed page edges, but the boards and pages are tidy $8 C/B World Books 1968 hardcover, 352pp. Novel firmly based on the Moors Murders case, focusing on Brady and Hindley. Almost a piece of journalism on the murder. [# 773 truecrime]

WILSON Colin   Written in Blood A History of Forensic Detection
VG- VG- unclipped DW has some small edge tears, sunned spine, handling wear, fep has two pen ticks at top corner, closed edges foxed $20 C/D Equation 1989 first edition hard cover, 512pp + plates. ISBN 1853360554 [#1970 true crime]

Arthur Allan Thomas: The Inside Story
Crewe Murders: New Evidence
cover image of Arthur Allan Thomas: The Inside Story: Crewe Murders: New Evidence

Arthur Allan thomas tells his side of the wrongful conviction and subsequent acquittal, as well as Wishart revealing his research into a possible new prime suspect for this 40 year old 'cold case'.

VG softback, gift inscription to first page.
$15 C/C
Howling at the Moon 2010, 280pp + plates.
[#3322 ]

YALLOP David A.  
Beyond Reasonable Doubt?
The Book that led to the pardon of Arthur Allan Thomas

Investigative journalism into the murder of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe on their farm at Pukekawa, and the case against Arthur Allan Thomas. Yallop's exposure of the shortcomings of the police case and the two trials were instrumental in the re-examination of the conviction against, and the ultimate pardoning of Thomas.

G+ paperback, some creasing to covers
$8 A/A
Penguin 1980, 372 pages + plates. [PB1423 new zealand, crime ]

G+ paperback, cover wear and name to first page
$5 A/A
Penguin 1980, 372 pages + plates. [PB1138 new zealand, crime ]

YALLOP David A.  
Deliver Us from Evil
The hunt for and capture of Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.

The murders, the arrest, the trial. David Yallop is the investigative writer whose previous books have solved other murder mysteries. In this book he turns to the most infamous murderer in the world today - the Yorkshire Ripper. This is the story of a man who killed his women victims with grotesque cruelty. Who eluded one of the greatest hunts in history. And it is the story of the numbing fear that gripped northern England where, if you were a woman, you might suddenly die a violent and obscene death. Following two years intensive research with police officers, the victims' relatives, pathologists, prostitutes and many others, David Yallop has produced an investigative account of murder that captures in full the evil reality of the man they called the Yorkshire Ripper. And, most remarkable of all, he identified before the arrest where the solution to the murders lay.

G paperback, photo section detached, light handling wear
$8 A/B
Macdonald Futura 1981, 337pp + plates.[PB998 true crime]

VG paperback
$8 A/B
Macdonald Futura 1981, 337pp + plates.[PB1024 true crime]

YALLOP David  
In God's Name
An investigation into the murder of Pope John Paul I

Only thirty-three days after his election, Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani, died in strange circumstances. Almost immediately rumours of a cover-up began to circulate around the Vatican. In his researches David Yallop uncovered an extraordinary story: behind the Pope's death lay a dark and complex web of corruption within the Church that involved the Freemasons, Opus Dei and the Mafia and the murder of the 'Pope's Banker' Roberto Calvi. When first published in 1984 In God's Name was denounced by the Vatican yet became an award-winning international bestseller. In this new edition, Yallop brings the story up to date and reveals new evidence that has been long buried concerning the truth behind the Vatican cover-up. This is a classic work of investigative writing whose revelations will continue to reverberate around the world.

G+ paperback
$6 A/B
Corgi 1987 (or later) revised edition. 479pp + plates. [PB1504 true crime ]

My Forty Years at The Yard

VG VG- DW chipped at spine ends and with water soiled botrtom corner, offset toning to endpapers, rear hinge cracked but tight. $8 C/C [Item# 449 TRC] W H Allen 1955 first edition hard cover, 252pp.Starting as a P.C. in 1910 author details his police career.

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