Books on the study of cultures, societies, genders, ethnicities and other defined groups.
Official reports and general works.
Includes Feminist studies, education, employment rights, media psychology and youth movements.

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BELMONTE Thomas  The Broken Fountain second expanded edition
G some underlining $10 C/B Columbia University Press 1989 soft cover 202pp. Sociological study of a Neapolitan suburb. ISBN 0231070594 [# 1400 sociology naples italy]

Parable of the Beast

Study of animals as individuals, a species, and their social organization. Human behavior shown in the mirror of other species. Cyclical time, molecular memory, human philosophies interpreted through animal organization. ISBN0586080236

VG softback
$8 A/B
Paladin 1976 reprint, 283pp. [#2802 sociology, anthropology, religion ]

BOWRA C M   Primitive Song
G+ light wear, minor label lift top corner of wrapper $5 A/B Mentor 1963 first edition thus paperback, 284pp + plates. Study of primitive songs- the 'seed-roots of literature'. Includes most current 'stone age' cultures such as Australian Aboriginal, Pygmies, Eskimos etc. [PB# 853 sociology anthropology]

BROWNMILLER Susan  Against Our Will Men, Women and Rape
VG taped spine ends, name at front, rear cover chipped to edges $8 C/B Bantam 1976 paperback, 541pp. Includes statistics on interracial sex crimes. [PB# 1002 sociology]

CARTLEDGE Sue & Joanna Ryan  Sex and Love new thoughts on old contradictions
VG name to first page, light crease $7 C/B Women's Press 1984 soft cover, 237pp. Essays on feminist sexuality. ISBN 0704339137 [#1192 sociology]

Du PLESSIS. Rosemary, editor 
Feminist Voices; Women's Studies Texts for Aotearoa / New Zealand

Maori and Pakeha, lesbian and heterosexual, older and younger, working inside or outside universities, the two dozen contributors to Feminist Voices present here their feminist analyses of Aotearoa/New Zealand. They discuss subjects as diverse as rugby, spirituality, the politics of work, science, medicine, education, speaking on the marae, racism, Maori theatre, lesbian studies, women and the State, feminist politics, and what is presented to us as history. The result is diverse, lively, and challenging reading for students of women's studies and feminist studies, or simply those seeking to understand further the position of women in Aotearoa/New Zealand in the 1990s. ISBN9780195582390

VG+ softback with bookplate to inside front cover
$25 B/C
Oxford University Press 1992 sof tcover, 358pp.[#2798 new zealand, sociology, feminism ]

EISENSTEIN Hester  Contemporary Feminist Thought
G+ lightly creased and dust soiled wrappers $7 C/B Unwin 1986 soft cover, 196pp. Feminism and Feminist philosophy. ISBN 0043011802 / 0868614246 [# 1221 sociology]

FRIEDAN Betty  The Feminine Mystique feminism
G+ $5 A/B Penguin 1976 paperback, 367pp. ISBN 0140022619 [PB# 566 sociology]

FROMM Erich  The Revolution of Hope toward humanized technology
VG- $4 A/A Bantam 1968 paperback, 178pp A study of the dehumanizing effects of the technological society and the means by which mankind can keep both technology and humanity. [PB# 564 sociology]

FYVEL T R   The Insecure Offenders Rebellious Youth in the Welfare State
VG name to first page $5 A/B Pelican 1963 first edition paperback, 265pp. [PB# 569 sociology]

The Dark Angel
Aspects of Victorian Sexuality
cover image of The Dark Angel, Aspects of Victorian Sexuality for sale in New Zealand

Victorian sexual mores within and outside the family structure.
Includes birth-control, prostitution, the working class, and a study of the sexual autobiography of the Victorian gent known only as "Walter".
sociology, Britain,

G+ paperback with some foxing, sun faded spine
$5 A/B
Collins/ Fontana 1979 first thus, 288pp + photos.
[PB1568 ]

HARRIS Marvin  Cows, Pigs, Wars & Witches The Riddles of Culture
VG inscription to first page $5 A/B Fontana 1977 paperback, 192pp. Investigation of various 'sacred cows' including the Hindu cow devotion, Jewish and Moslem pig taboo, Cargo Cults, messiahs etc. Has chapters on the Sabbat, European witch trials, and Carlos Castaneda ISBN 000634111X [PB# 504 sociology]

HARRIS Marvin  Cannibals & Kings The Origins of Cultures
VG VG price clipped DW $10 C/C Collins 1978 first edition hard cover. Investigation of various 'sacred cows' including the Hindu cow devotion, Jewish and Moslem pig taboo, Meso-American religion, Origin of War and Patriarchy, Cannibalism, Capitalism. ISBN 0002161206 [# 1665 sociology]

LAING R D  The Politics of Experience & The Bird of Paradise
VG $7 A/A Penguin 1973 paperback, 156pp. Study of the 'normal' and 'abnormal' individual. ISBN 0140025723 [PB# 565 psychology]

MARTIN Del & Phyllis Lyon  Lesbian / Woman autobiography of the founders of the Daughters of Bilitis
VG $8 A/B Bantam 1972 paperback, 310pp. Candid personal account by a lesbian couple of 19 years. Gay / homosexual social history. ISBN 55307587150 [PB# 646 sociology]

McLUHAN Marshall  The Medium is the Massage An Inventory of Effects
VG $8 A/A Penguin 1971 paperback, 160pp. A graphic look at mass media advertising and imagery. Media studies ISBN 0140028161 [PB# 543 sociology]

McLUHAN Marshall  McLuhan Hot and Cool A Primer for the understanding of McLuhan and a critical symposium with a rebuttal by McLuhan
VG $7 A/B Penguin 1968 first paperback, 350pp. 31 peices on McLuhan and his media studies theories/ philosophies. [PB# 544 sociology]

McLUHAN Marshall  McLuhan Pro & Con ed Raymond Rosenthal
G+ sunned wraps with name to cover and inside page $7 A/B Pelican 1969 paperback, 308pp Essays on McLuhan the 'Prophet of Media'. Media studies [PB# 545 sociology]

MEAD Margaret  Male and Female a study of the sexes in a changing world
VG- worn wrappers $4 A/B Pelican 1976 paperback 413pp. Gender studies based on research in the Pacific Island and South East Asia. ISBN 0140205756 [PB# 547 sociology / anthropology]

MILLET Kate  Sexual Politics
VG light crease, name and stamp to first page $6 C/B Virago 1981 soft cover, 393pp. Feminist survey of the sexual revolution of 1830-1930, the counter revolution of the fascism and conservatism of 1930-1960. Case studies on the literary reflection of the revolution in the works of D H Lawrence, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer and Jean Genet. ISBN 0860680290 [#1196 sociology]

PAWLEY Martin  The Private Future dystopian future predicted
G cover wear, name to first page, some minor staining $4 A/A Pan 1975 paperback, 208pp. Analysis of the then current trends and how they could evolve into a stark, self-centred, consumerist and asocial future...which has actually occured! ISBN 0330245708 [PB# 548 sociology]

SARUP Madan  Marxism and Education A Study of Phenomenological and Marxist Approaches to Education
VG- underlining/ highlighting $7 C/B Routledge 1979 soft cover, 224pp. Marxist Sociology of Education. ISBN 0710089449 [# 1320 sociology]

TOFFLER Alvin  Future Shock
VG $7 A/B Pan 1973 paperback, 517pp ISBN 0330028618. [PB# 535 sociology]

WEINGARTEN Marc   Who's Afraid of Tom Wolfe? How New Journalism rewrote the World.
VG+ $12 C/C Aurum 2005 first edition soft cover 324pp. Sewn sheets in illustrated wrapper with French flaps. Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Norman Mailer, Gonzo journalism etc. ISBN 9781845130572 [#2038 sociology]

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