Jungian and Freudian philosophies and therapies.
Psychology and psychoanalysis.
Individuation and group therapy and counselling.
Theories of mind and body, including hypnosis.

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ADLER Janet 
Offering from the Conscious Body; The Discipline of Authentic Movement
cover image of Offering from the Conscious Body; The Discipline of Authentic Movement, for sale in New Zealand

This exploration of the direct experience of healing and of the divine through the witnessing of movement becoming conscious, based on the author's 35 years experience, uses sample sessions and descriptive theory to explain the discipline.
Explains the theory and practice of a unique body-based process that is cathartic, creative, healing, and mystical.
This Western awareness practice encourages the individual to experience the evolving relationship with oneself, another, the collective, and the divine through the natural impulses of conscious movement, compassionate witnessing, and clear articulation of experience.
Adler demonstrates that physical movement can invite direct experience of spiritual truths.
Designed for professionals and lay-persons interested in psychology, bodywork, mystic traditions, or personal transformation, the discipline of Authentic Movement is at the cutting edge of emerging Western healing practices.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$20 C/C
Inner Traditions 2002 First Edition, xix 242pp.
[#5268 ]

2150 A.D. a novel (Macro-Philosophy)

G+ light water mark to tail of spine and bottom corner of first few pages, short split at head of spine joint.

$20 C/B [RM 216]

Warner Books 1976 paperback, 350pp. A novel based on the principles of Macro-Philosophy, a developmental concept you can use in your life now, explore this system of thought and action within the form of the novel.

ALVAREZ A  The Savage God a study of suicide
G+ one copy with pen marking, another with creased covers $5 each A/B Penguin paperback, 320pp. Includes the suicide of Sylvia Plath as a case study. ISBN 0140037470 [PB# 518 psychology]

The Psychology of Anxiety

ISBN 0586080538

VG paperback with light wear
$8 C/B
Paladin 1971, 251pp.
[#5719 ]

cover image of The Psychology of Anxiety, for sale in New Zealand

Echo's Subtle Body, contributions to an Archetypal Psychology.
cover image of Echo's Subtle Body, contributions to an Archetypal Psychology, for sale in New Zealand

Collects all of Patricia Berry's writings between 1972 and 1982, which together develop a style of psychotherapy that is based on the primacy of the image in psychical life.
One of the best introductions to the practice of Jungian analysis.
Of special interest to psychotherapists and to all concerned with myth, dream, and feminine studies.
Chapters include Woman, Dream, Poetics, Shadow.
ISBN 0882143131

VG softback
$15 C/C
Spring Books 1982, 198pp.
[#5634 ]

The Logos of the Soul.
cover image of The Logos of the Soul, for sale in New Zealand

Jungian analytical psychology and theory of the nature of the soul etc.
"outlines a fundamental logic for psychotherapy that is distinct from that of the natural sciences or philosophy, [and that it has] its own legitimate area of activity and that its rights are based on the soul".'
ISBN 088214202X

G+ softback, faint waterstain to lower front cover and first few pages.
$10 C/B
Spring Publications 1976 photo offset from 1963 edition, 104pp.
[#5633 ]

BROME Vincent  Jung, Man and Myth biography
VG- sunned spine $14 C/B Granada 1980 soft cover, 327pp Biography of C G Jung. ISBN 0586083618 [# 1429 psychology biography]

BROMLEY D B   The Psychology of Human Ageing
G+ $4 A/B Pelican [A848] 1966 paperback, 366pp Gerontology, dementia, old age. [PB# 505 psychology]

Generative Man : Psychoanalytic Perspectives
cover image of Generative Man : Psychoanalytic Perspectives, for sale in New Zealand

Society and the Good Man in the writings of Philip Rieff, Norman Brown, Erich Fromm and Erik Erikson.
Can psychoanalysis provide man with a contemporary ideology?
ethics, morals, pschoanalysis, psychology

G+ softback, light cover wear
$10 C/B
Delta 1975, 266pp
[#5064 ]

BRUNNER Cornelia
Anima as Fate

VG- worn wrappers

$25 C/B [RM 195]

Spring Publications 1986 first English translation / edition, softcover, 277pp. Part One studies the Anima as portrayed in the works of H Rider Haggard,and interprets his life through these. Part Two as seen in the dreams of a middle aged physician. Jungian psychology / psychoanalysis. ISBN 0882145088

CHASE Truddi  When Rabbit Howls The Troops for Truddi Chase
VG bookseller stamp inside front cover $8 A/B Jove 1990 paperback, 370pp. 92 multiple personalities created by a victim of child abuse, and the journey she made with her therapist to discover where the nightmare began. ISBN 0515103292 [PB# 563 psychology]

CLARKE Robert B. 
An Order Outside Time
cover image of An Order Outside Time : A Jungian View of the Higher Self from Egypt to Christ for sale in New Zealand

A Jungian View of the Higher Self from Egypt to Christ.
Clarke reinterprets Western Spirituality, using Jungian symbolism, to show that the great stories of ancient Egypt and of the Old and New Testament are processes of what Jung called individuation.
This is the individual's journey from lowest to highest Self; from Osiris to Horus, from Moses to Joshua, from David to Solomon, from John the Baptist to Jesus Christ.
These pairings also reflect what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero's Journey, which may ultimately spiritualize the whole culture.
The ultimate example of individuation, Clarke says, is the Christ, who must now be further understood and developed.
psychology, C G Jung, mysticism, initiation, esoteric, gnosticism

VG softback, but has a few pages of pencil notation.
$20 C/C
Hampton Roads 2005, 453pp.
[#4243 ]

Co-Dependents Anonymous

VG name to fep.

$15 C/C [RM 169]

Co-Dependents Anonymous 1999 softcover, 593pp. Twelve step program for co-dependents, self-help, addiciton therapy etc. ISBN 0964710501

DOWNING Jack editor  Gestalt Awareness a collection of essays on the many faces of Gestalt therapy, including a talk by Ram Dass
G age toned paper, worn wrappers, name to fep $6 A/A Perennial 1976 paperback, 161pp. Ppaers from the San Francisco Gestalt Institute. ISBN 0060803738 [PB# 539 psychology]
DUDA Deborah
A Guide to Dying at Home

VG crease top edge of cover.

$10 C/B [RM 218]

John Muir Publications 1982 first edition softcover, 294pp. Practical advice on helping oneself or others to die peacefully at home, some 'new age' or holistic tinges but general enough for anybody to benefit from. ISBN 0912528230

FRANKL Victor E. 
The Will to Meaning, foundations and applications of Logotherapy
cover image of The Will to Meaning, foundations and applications of Logotherapy, for sale in New Zealand

Collects Frankl's speeches on logotherapy.
A seminal work of meaning-centered therapy.
Introduction; the situation of psychotherapy and the position of logotherapy / foundations of logotherapy; metaclinical implications of psychotherapy / self-transcendence as a human phenomenon / what is meant by meaning? / applications of logotherapy; the existential vacuum: a challenge to psychiatry / logotherapeutic techniques medical ministry / conclusion: dimensions of meaning/ English bibliography of logotherapy and Existenzanalyse.
ISBN 0285620029

VG hardback with no dust jacket.
Name stamp at head of title, head of contents and closed top edge.
$15 C/B
Souvenir Press 1971 first edition, 179pp.
[#4927 ]

James HILLMAN & Marie Louise von FRANZ

Living the Dream
A Guide to Working with your Dreams
cover image of Living the Dream , A Guide to Working with your Dreams, for sale in New Zealand

Using dreams for therapy etc.
How to interpret dreams and use them for better understanding of the self and everyday life.
With exercises and examples, teaches how to interact with dreams and interpret the messages which dreams reveal.
dreamwork, self-help, personal development

VG softback with light corner crease.
$10 C/B
Bantam 1996, 196pp
[#4461 ]

GROF Stanislav & Joan Halifax  The Human Encounter with Death foreword by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
VG $15 C/C Dutton 1978 soft cover, 240pp. Psychedelic Therapy with the dying through the use of LSD drugs. Also looks at the death process in various cultures, the after death experience of the soul, and the symbolic death and rebirth in ritual initiation. Jungian perspective ISBN 0525474927 [#1197 psychology]

HADFIELD J.A.  Dreams and Nightmares VG name to fep, age browned $5 A/B Penguin / Pelican [A294] 1954 first edition paperback, sewn binding, xi 244pp, psychology and dream interpretation, includes Jungian [PB#145 psychol]
HALL James A
Jungian Dream Interpretation, a handbook of theory and practice.


$20 B/B [RM 111]

Inner City Books 1983 softcover, 127pp. ISBN 0919123120 dreams dreaming psychoanalysis jungian psychology

James HILLMAN & Marie Louise von FRANZ

HOLZER Hans  Psycho-Ecstasy
G+ small tear to edge of wrapper $4 A/A Manor Books 1975 paperback, 171pp. Describes method of invoking a self-induced state to increase creativity and artistic expression and awaken secret powers of your inner self. [PB# 572 psychology]
Suggestion and Autosuggestion, a psychological and pedagogical study based upon the investigations made by the new Nancy School

G+ rubbed cloth, sunned spine, owners stamp to fep, light foxing to edges.

$20 C/C [RM 196]

Unwin 1922 cloth, 288pp. Translated from the French by E & C Paul.Suggestion, hypnosis, Emile Coue.

Hypnotic Power
cover image of Hypnotic Power; Its Cultivation, Use, and Application to Psychotherapy, for sale in New Zealand

Its Cultivation, Use, and Application to Psychotherapy.
Includes and outline and history of the science, and early experiments.
Hypnotic and Post-Hypnotic suggestion, stage hypnotism, self hypnotism, the hypnotic factor in Psychic Mediumship.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with light wear to spine ends, price clipped, name stamp to free end paper.
$25 C/B
Rider 1956 fifth impression reprint, 158pp.

The Practice of Autosuggestion By the Method of Emile Coue
cover image of The Practice of Autosuggestion By the Method of Emile Coue, for sale in New Zealand

Description of Coue's method of therapeutic hypnotism.
Originally published 1922.

VG hardback with no jacket, light soiling to cloth, one page has a few lines of pencil.
$10 C/B
George Allen 1949, 124pp + adverts.

The Science of Hypnotism
cover image of The Science of Hypnotism, for sale in New Zealand

The theory and methods of hypnotism includingtherapeutic use and Hypnotic Colour Science.
Originally published 1936.

Good hardback with no jacket, light foxing, underlining, some of it in heavy pen.
$12 C/B
Rider 1950, 126pp + adverts.

New Concepts of Hypnosis as an adjunct to psychotherapy and medicine.

VG- VG- foxed endpapers, small water stain to bottom corners of endpapers, DW sunned spine and a few edge chips and short tears to joint ends.

$15 C/C [RM 217]

Unwin 1953 first edition hardcover, xv 272pp. Includes survey of the history, theory, mechanism, characteristics, methods and states of hypnosis. Also suggestive therapy and dream analysis.

The Unknown Guest, the Mystery of Intuition
cover image of The Unknown Guest, the Mystery of Intuition, for sale in New Zealand

Investigates the daemon (tutelary spirit or guide), the muses, superconscious self, hallucinations, mind over matter, synchronicity, the search for the superconscious.
Co-written with Ruth West and the Koestler Foundation.
With a bibliography.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$15 C/C
Chatto & Windus 1987 first edition, 224pp.
[#4385 ]

JACOBY Mario A. 
Longing for Paradise, Psychological Perspectives on an Archetype
cover image of Longing for Paradise, Psychological Perspectives on an Archetype, for sale in New Zealand

A Jungian analyst pursues the themes of Paradise, the Fall and the healing potential of Jungian individuation.

VG softback
$20 C/B
Sigo Press 1985 first English translation, vii 229pp.
[#4537 ]

JAFFE Aniela 
cover image of Apparitions, an archetypal approach to death, dreams and ghosts, for sale in New Zealand

An archetypal approach to death, dreams and ghosts.
With a foreword by Jung.
occult, supernatural, jungian, archetype, psychology

VG- softback with sunned spine, light rubbing
$35 C/B
Spring Publications 1978, vii 214pp.
[#4528 ]

JOHNSON Robert A.  
Ecstasy, Understanding the Psychology of Joy
cover image of Ecstasy, Understanding the Psychology of Joy, for sale in New Zealand

Ecstasy was once considered a divine gift that could lift mortals out of ordinary reality and into higher world.
But Western culture has systematically repressed this ecstatic human impulse, and we are unable to truly experience its transformative power.
Johnson penetrates the surface of modern life to reveal the ancient dynamics of our humanity, pointing out practical means for achieving a healthy expression of our true inner selves.
Through dreams, rituals, and celebrations, he shows us how to return to these original life-giving principles and restore inner harmony.
Jungian psychology and analysis.

VG softback with bookplate
$15 C/B
Harper 1989, 100pp
[#4469 ]

JOHNSON Robert A.  
The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden
cover image of The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden, for sale in New Zealand

Understanding the Wounded Feeling Function in Masculine and Feminine Psychology
The story of the Wounded Fisher King from the Grail Myth illustrates the anxiety and loneliness that plagues men.
From the folktale of the Handless Maiden, is explained the very different frustrations of women and describes how these disparities in the way we suffer account for much of the tension and miscommunication between men and women.
Jungian psychology and analysis.

VG softback with bookplate
$15 C/B
Harper 1993, 103pp
[#4470 ]

JOHNSON Robert A.  
Owning Your Own Shadow
cover image of Owning Your Own Shadow, for sale in New Zealand

Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche.
We all have shadows, the part of our ego that is hidden and never goes away, but turns up in unexpected places.
This work explores our need to "own" our own shadow: learn what it is, how it originates, and how it impacts our daily lives.
It is only when we accept and honor the shadow within us that we can channel its energy in a positive way and find balance.
Jungian psychology and analysis.

VG softback
$15 C/B
Harper 1991, 118pp
[#4471 ]

JOHNSON Robert A.  
She, Understanding Feminine Psychology
cover image of She, Understanding Feminine Psychology, for sale in New Zealand

Revised edition
The ancient myth of Amor and Psyche as the springboard for a brilliant, perceptive exploration of how one becomes a mature and complete woman.
Jungian psychology and analysis.

VG softback
$15 C/B
Harper 1989, 81pp
[#4472 ]

WE, Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love.

VG bookplate inside cover.

$10 B/B [RM 214]

Harper 1983 softcover, 204pp.Jungian psychology and analysis. ISBN 0062504363

The Visions Seminars book one

VG contact sealed covers

$100 C/C [RM 108]

Spring Publications 1976 first edition thus softcover, 248pp + 17 illustrations. A series of lectures from 1930-32 on visions recorded by his patients. ISBN 0882141112 jung psychology mythology archetypal jungian

Psychology and Alchemy
Collected Works 12
cover image of Psychology and Alchemy:Collected Works 12, for sale in New Zealand

Massive and detailed study of alchemy.
First paperback printing of the second edition translated by R F C Hull. 270 illustrations within text.
jungian, alchemy, psychology, occult

VG softback with reading crease to spine, small crease to covers
$30 C/C
Routledge Kegan Paul 1980, xxxiv 571pp + list of the Collected Works.
[#4525 ]

Symbols of Transformation
:Collected Works 5
cover image of Symbols of Transformation:Collected Works 5, for sale in New Zealand

An analysis of the prelude to a case of schizophrenia.
Ranges wide and far over hermeticism and mythology and religious symbolism.
First paperback printing of the second corrected edition translated by R F C Hull.
jungian, psychology, occult

VG- softback
$35 C/C
Princeton University/ Bollingen 1976 first paperback edition, xxx 557pp+ 64 plates + list of the Collected Works.
[#4526 ]

JUNG C G edited by ADLER G
C G Jung Letters volume 2 (1951-61)

VG VG sunned spine to DW

$135 C/D [RM 119]

Routledge Kegan Paul 1976 first English edition cloth, xlvii 716pp +8pp plates, DW price clipped and under a plastic sleeve, very tidy copy. translated by R F C Hull. Includes an index for both volumes. ISBN 0710081898 jung psychology letters biography psychology

JUNG C. G. and C. KERENYI translated R. F. C. Hull 
Essays on a Science of Mythology
cover image of Essays on a Science of Mythology, the myth of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis, for sale in New Zealand

The myth of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis.
Jungian archetypal investigation of Classical mythology.
classical history, jungian interpretation, mysticism

VG softback
$20 C/B
Princeton University/ Bollingen 1973, viii 200pp.
[#4527 ]

Janus: A Summing Up
cover image of Janus: A Summing Up, for sale in New Zealand

The most adventourous scientific populariser of the age offers a summing up of a quarter of a century's study and speculations on the life sciences and their philosophic implications.
He proposes that the human brain has developed a terrible biological flaw, that it is working now against the survival of the race.
This mechanism is no longer necessarily a function which will lead us to a better world, but something demonic, possessed, perhaps even evil.
ISBN 0330258427
autonomic nervous system, philosophy, holon, materialism, reductionism, evolutionary theory, parapsychology.

VG- paperback, light age toning.
$10 C/B
Picador 1983, 354pp.
[#5284 ]

KUBLER-ROSS Elisabeth 
On Death and Dying
cover image of On Death and Dying, for sale in New Zealand

With foreword by C Murray Parkes.
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, the five stages of grief, first identified by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her work with dying patients at the University of Chicago.
Considered phases that all or most people went through, when faced with the prospect of their own death, are now often accepted as a response to any major life change.
therapy, life-coaching, grief, psychology, mental health

VG softback
$10 C/B
Tavistock Publications 1986, x 260pp.
[#4414 ]

KUBLER-ROSS Elisabeth 
Questions and Answers on Death and Dying
cover image of Questions and Answers on Death and Dying, for sale in New Zealand

Faced with answering the questions of people and families faced with the care of the dying, doctors, nurses, clergymen, and social workers, as well as lay people, have gathered in workshops around the country to ask her questions arising out of their experiences with the terminally ill.
Many had read "On Death and Dying" and were trying to put its precepts into practice.
This sequel to On Death and Dying consists of the most frequently asked questions and Dr. Kuebler-Ross's answers.
thanatos, grieving, therapy, psychology

VG paperback
$7 A/A
MacMillan 1977, xii 177pp.
[PB1648 ]

Twilight Women Around the World.
cover image of Twilight Women Around the World, for sale in New Zealand

International Picture of the Other Love.
Chapters include; The Four F's of Homosexuality:Fable , Fiction, Fancy - and Fact / The In-Between In-Betweens; Girls attending boarding schools, women in the armed forces, call girls and prostitutes, women in correctional institutes . Also studies of lesbians in various European and Asian countries.
gay, homosexual, lesbian, pulp

Good softback with distinctive publisher's yellow wrapper with lamination.
Some insect damage to margins of a few pages at front and rear, and the lamination is peeling on the spine.
$15 C/B
Luxor Press 1965 first thus edition, 192pp + 4 plates at centre.
[#5639 ]

LILLY John C  The Centre of the Cyclone an autobiography of Inner Space
VG rubbed joints $8 A/B Paladin 1974 soft cover 220pp. Investigation of Altered States of Consciousness based on authors LSD trips, mystical retreats and Metaprogramming the human biocomputer. ISBN 0586081216 [#1193 psychology]

LILLY John C  The Dyadic Cyclone the autobiography of a couple
VG remainder striped bottom edge $8 A/B Paladin 1978 soft cover 251pp. Experiencing higher states of consciousness within a relationship. Includes exercises for self knowledge. ISBN 058608276X [# 1194 psychology]

LOYE David 
The Sphinx and the Rainbow
Brain, mind and future vision
cover image of The Sphinx and the Rainbow; Brain, mind and future vision, for sale in New Zealand

THE MAJESTY OF THE BRAIN; The quirks of evolution. The explosion of the forebrain. The mind as searcher and leaper.
FRONTAL, LEFT, AND RIGHT BRAIN; The guiding hand of feedback. Left and right brain. The time-bound left brain. The space-bound right brain. The right/left partnership.
OF TIME AS A RIVER Of biological clocks and counters. Of psychological bricks and mortar.
OF TIME, SPACE, REASON, AND INTUITION; The birth of space and time. The Gestalt odyssey. Three kinds of time and intuition.
THE FRONTAL-BRAIN POWER; The lessons of lobotomy. The mind's manager. The power behind the throne. The brain’s secret model for forecasting.
THE STREAM OF THOUGHT; Images and the buried past. The battle of the left and right brainists. The special future of Kurt Lewin. The higher and the lower stream.
THE FORECASTING BRAIN; The brain stream in forecasting. Shapers of the stream: the higher and lower brain. How personal differences shape the stream. Mind beyond brain, or the question of a higher shaper.
THE PUZZLE OF PRECOGNITION First experiments. Beyond 'card tricks.' The hard science impact. The ultimate heresies of Puthoff and Targ.
THE GUESSWORK OF PHYSICS The increasing paradox. Precognition as a wave. Pre-cognition as a particle. Einstein's dilemma.
THE GUESSWORK OF PSYCHOLOGY The voyages of Carl Jung. Into the labyrinth of synchronicity.
THE NEW PSYCHOPHYSICS The Old and the New. The tenets of the New Psycho-physics and precognition.
THE HOLOGRAPHIC MIND Into the maelstrom. The awesome question of a holographic universe. Precognition vistas the problems of information transmission, contact between worlds, and free will versus determinism.
THE SEER AND THE HOLOVERSE Fragments of a multiverse. Of precognition as a function of the brain/mind model for prediction and the kinds of time and intuition. The seer and the holoverse.
THE END OF THE RAINBOW, A GUIDE TO PERSONAL, ECONOMIC, AND SOCIAL FORECASTING AND SURVIVAL How you can improve your forecasting as an individual. How you can improve your forecasts as a group: the HCP Profile Test, group testing, selecting the prediction test, predicting futures, prediction grid.
ISBN 039472187X

VG softback
$15 B/C
Shambhala 1983 first edition, xiv 236pp.
[#4668 ]

Nightmares and Human Conflict

A study of dreams and nightmares.
ISBN 039518469X
dreams, psychoses, nightmares in literature

VG- softback with wear to wrappers, spotting to closed edges
$15 C/C
Houghton Mifflin 1974, xxiii 258pp.
[#5720 ]

cover image of Nightmares and Human Conflict, for sale in New Zealand

MACLEAN Charles  The Wolf Children Fact or Fantasy?
VG- light wear and minor foxing to edges $7 A/B Penguin 1979 paperback, 324pp + plates. Children allegedly raised by wolves in the wild, author investigated the Bengali girls Kamala and Amala. ISBN 0140050531 [PB# 454 psychology anthropology]

MARCUSE Herbert 
Eros and Civilization
cover image of Eros and Civilization  A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud, for sale in New Zealand

Psychoanalysis, repression, civilization, aesthetics, sexuality, eros, thanatos.
A study and comment on freudian psychoanalysis.
psychology, sigmund freud, philosophy

G+ paperback, aged, name whited out to inside cover.
$8 A/A
Vintage 1962 1st thus 256pp.
[PB1672 ]

G+ paperback, aged, name to first page.
$5 A/A
Sphere 1969, 219pp.
With a new preface by the author
[PB561 ]

MARTIN P. W.   Experiment in Depth
A study of the work of Jung, Eliot and Toynbee. Jung the psychologist, Eliot the poet and Toynbee the historian exploring the unconscious mind.

VG hardback in G+ sunned dust jacket with insect damage to spine and along the folds.
$15 C/C
Routledge 1971 reprint cloth, vii 275pp. ISBN0710017987 [#2627 ]

MASTERS R. E. L. and Jean Houston 
Mind Games
The guide to inner space.
cover image of Mind Games the guide to inner space, for sale in New Zealand

An insturction book for scaled group exercises designed to expand consciousness.
Pathworking and guided visualisation.
Clear instructions suggest how teachers, therapists, workshop, church, and community leaders, and everyone who wants to live and work with more focus, flow, and mental flexibility can use these games to maximize their potential
ISBN 08550007755
self development, rising on the planes, meditation, groupwork

VG- softback with some cover wear.
$15 C/B
Turnstone Press 1980 reprint, 246pp.
[#4718 ]

MILLER George A  Psychology, the Science of Mental Life Wundt, William James, Pavlov, Francis Galton, Freud, Binet
VG used $4 A/B Pelican 1967 paperback, 415pp Introduction to the history and then current ideas of psycholgy with biographical essays on the major thinkers of the science. [PB# 546 psychology]

Process Oriented Psychology

The Dreambody Toolkit
cover image of The Dreambody Toolkit, for sale in New Zealand

A practical intoduction to the philosophy, goals and practice of Process-Oriented psychology.
How the unconscious can be read by observing the body.

VG softback
$15 B/B
Routledge Kegan Paul 1987, 240pp.
[#4619 ]

Working with the Dreaming Body
cover image of Working with the Dreaming Body, for sale in New Zealand

Mindell believes dreams are the subconscious' way of telling us how to find meaning and fulfilment in life by working with them.
Approached through symptoms of dreambody malaise as shown in illness.
Mindell is President of the Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology.
psychology, therapy, analysis, dreams

VG softback
$15 C/B
Arkana 1985, 133pp
[#4620 ]

The Dreambody in Relationships
cover image of The Dreambody in Relationships, for sale in New Zealand

Updating family therapy with dream and body work.
Arnold Mindell applies Process Oriented Psychology to relationship work.
He explores hologram theory, the collective unconscious, and the discoveries of modern physics and biology, to show how each individual's awareness affects the whole.
psychology, therapy, analysis, dreams

VG softback
$15 C/B
Arkana 19992, 146pp
[#4367 ]

MOORE Thomas 
The Planets Within, the Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino
cover image of The Planets Within, the Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino, for sale in New Zealand

Focuses on one of the most psychological movements of the prescientific age; Renaissance Italy, and the interior life of Marsilio Ficino, presiding genius of the Florentine Academy, who taught that all things exist in soul and must be lived in its light.
This study of Ficino broadens and deepens our understanding of psyche, for Ficino was a doctor of soul, and his insights teach us the care and nurture of soul.
Moore takes as his guide Ficino's own fundamental tool, the imagination.
Respecting the integrity and autonomy of images, The Planets Within unfolds a poetics of soul in a kind of dialogue between the laconic remarks of Ficino and the need to give these remarks a life and context for our day.
neo-platonism, hermetism, hermetic philosophy, alchemy, astrology, jungian, archetypal

VG- softback with sunned spine and some minor pencil underlining
$30 C/B
Lindisfarne Press 1990, 227pp.
[#4536 ]

MOORE Tom (Thomas Moore) 
Rituals of the Imagination
cover image of Rituals of the Imagination, for sale in New Zealand

Four essays seeking out the sacred in the everyday, positing that the imagination is the primary instrument of the holy.
Jungian approach to religious myths in modern day rituals.
Includes an essay on the psychology of Marsilio Ficino.
Dallas Institute Publications publishes works concerned with the imaginative, mythic, and symbolic sources of culture.
archetypes, c g jung

VG- softback, one page has pen mark and one a small stain.
$15 C/B
The Pegasus Foundation 1983 first edition, 68pp.
[#4467 ]

MURDOCK Maureen 
The Heroine's Journey.
cover image of The Heroine's Journey; Woman's Quest for Wholeness, for sale in New Zealand

Woman's Quest for Wholeness
Women's spirituality and Goddess psychology, a Jungian approach to the goddess archetype.
Contemporary woman's search for wholeness in a society in which she has been defined according to masculine values.
feminine archetype, patriarchy, c g jung

VG softback with book plate to inside cover.
$15 C/B
Shambhala 1990, xii 213pp.
[#4462 ]

The Stone Speaks
The Memoir of a Personal Transformation.
cover image of The Stone Speaks : The Memoir of a Personal Transformation for sale in New Zealand

While convalescing after a motor accident, Maud Oakes visited the home of C. G. Jung in Switzerland. There she encountered a block of stone that Jung had designed and carved with signs, symbols, and inscriptions that drew on Greco-Roman religious ideas and the symbolism of astrology and alchemy.
The Stone Speaks is her meditation on the personal and transpersonal meaning of the Stone and her extensive correspondence with Jung regarding her interpretations and her account of the healing and transformation that took place through her inner change, achieved by synthesis and integration.
She shows that the influence of one's culture need not be antithetical to the spontaneous production of symbolism for one who can enter into the creative spirit of giving meaningful expression in some art form to the non-rational contents of the unconscious, as Jung did when he brought into visible form what he saw on the face of his block of stone.
psychology, psychotherapy, individuation, jung, jungian

VG softback
$20 C/B
Chiron Publications 1987, 148pp.
[#3692 ]

PACKARD Vance  The Hidden Persuaders an introduction to the techniques of mass-persuasion through the unconscious
VG- aged $4 A/B Penguin [S185] 1960 first edition thus paperback, 223pp. Propaganda and psychology of control for political or economic ends. [PB#534 psychology]

The Hero within: Six Archetypes We Live By
Expanded edition
cover image of The Hero within: Six Archetypes We Live By, for sale in New Zealand

Reveals the power of the inner archetypes.
Six heroic archetypes drawn from literature, anthropology, and psychology.
The Innocent, the Orphan, the Wanderer, the Warrior, the Altruist, and the Magician.
How we can use these powerful inner strengths as guides to discover our own hidden gifts, solve difficult problems, and transform our lives.
Develop your own innate heroic gifts; the Orphan's resilience, the Wanderer's independence, the Warrior's courage, the Altruist's compassion, the Innocent's faith, and the Magician's abiding power.
psychology, jungian analysis, spiritual development

VG softback
$15 C/B
Harper and Row 1989 revised/ expanded edition, xxviii 210pp.
[#4366 ]

Gestalt Therapy, Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality.

G+ covers worn, light soiling at rear.

$25 C/B [RM 178]

Delta nd softcover, xiii 470pp. Psychology and psychotherapy.

PITT-AIKENS Tom & Alice Thomas Ellis  Loss of the Good Authority The cause of delinquency
VG $5 C/B Penguin 1990 soft cover, 264pp. General theory of delinquency based in part on the earlier work 'Secrets of Strangers'. ISBN 0140125302 [#1190 psychology]

PITT-AIKENS Tom & Alice Thomas Ellis  Secrets of Strangers psycotherapy
VG- aged $5 C/B Pelican 1988 soft cover, 216pp. Collaboration between an psychiatrist and an author to present the case study of a young delinquent and the process of his therapy. ISBN 0140227989 [#1191 psychology]

Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny
cover image of Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny, for sale in New Zealand

Noncausal dimensions of human experience, a lucid explanation of Jung's 'synchronicity.'
jungian, c g jung, psychology, tarot, I Ching, dreams

VG- softback, binding opens flat at centre.
$15 C/B
Delta 1975, 176pp
[#4617 ]

Jung's Psychology and its Social Meaning

VG sunned spine, light surface rubbing to edges, name and date to fep

$30 C/C [RM 148]

Routledge 1953 first edition cloth, xviii 299pp. 'An introductory statement of C G Jung's psychological theories and a first interpretation of their significance for the social sciences. Includes references to Heinrich Zimmer, Carl Kerenyi and Freud.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES vol 20 number 1 Spring- Summer 1989
A Journal of Global Consciousness Integrating Psyche and Nature

VG minor cover wear

$35 B/B [RM 109]

C G Jung Institute Los Angeles 1989 softcover, 221pp. Jungian essays, poetry, book reviews etc. ISSN 00332925 jung psychology archetypes archetypal

REICH Wilhelm  Character Analysis Third, enlarged edition
VG some very minimal pencil notes $15 C/C Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1981 new translation by Carfagno. xxvii 545pp [# 1742 psychology]

ROBACK A A   A History of American Psychology new revised edition
VG $7 A/B Collier 1964 paperback, 575pp. 'The only complete history of ... American... psychology'. [PB# 570 psychology]

ROSSI Ernest Lawrence   Psychobiology of Mind-body Healing New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis
VG $15 C/B Norton 1988 soft cover, xvii 231pp. ISBN 0393305546[# 1403 psychology hypnotism ]

SAX Saville & Sandra Hollander  Reality Games
VG ownership details to first page and inside rear cover $5 A/B Popular Library 1972 paperback , 352pp.ISBN 44500155125 [PB# 571 psychology]

The Alchemy of Opposites
cover image of The Alchemy of Opposites, for sale in New Zealand

Interaction of opposites within the ego analysed.
Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.
Self-Help, Psychology

NEW softback
$30 C/B
New Falcon 1997 first edition, 285pp.
[#4460 ]

SCHUTZ William C  Joy Expanding Human Awareness ( encounter groups)
VG name to first page $5 A/B Grove Evergreen Black Cat 1969 paperback, 252pp. The book that made ecounter groups famous. Personal development, self help etc. [PB# 549 psychology]

SIMS Andrew 
Symptoms in the Mind
cover image of Symptoms in the Mind, for sale in New Zealand

An introduction to Descriptive Psychopathology - the basis of clinical psychiatry.
This standard text in the field concentrates on the psychopathological disorder of function rather than disease category.
ISBN 9780702017889
Table of contents:
Fundamental Concepts of Descriptive Psychopathology. Consciousness and Disturbed Consciousness. Attention, Concentration and Orientation. Disturbance of Memory. Disorder of Time. Pathology of Perception. Delusions and Other Erroneous Ideas. Disorder of the Thinking Process. Language and Speech Disorders. Disorder of Intellectual Performance. The Disordered Self. Depersonalisation. Disorder of the Awareness of the Body. Disorders of Gender and Sexuality. The Psychopathology of Pain. Affect and Emotional Disorders. Anxiety, Panic, Irritability, Phobia and Obsession. Urge, Drive and Will: Disturbance of Volition. Impulsive and Aggressive Acts. Disturbance of Movement and Behaviour. Psychopathology of Neurotic Disorders. The Expression of Disordered Personality. Eliciting the Symptoms of Mental Illness. Psychopathology and Diagnosis.

VG softback
$30 B/C
W B Saunders 1999 fifth rpinting of second edition, viii 422pp.
[#5505 ]

SINGER June  Androgyny toward a new theory of sexuality
G+ name scribbled out to first page $8 A/B Anchor Doubleday 1977 paperback, xxvi 371pp. Psychological (Jungian) study of sex and gender across spectrum of human experience. Includes androgyny as expressed in Plato, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Tantra ( Hindu and Taoist), Ancient Mythologies etc. ISBN 038511026X [PB# 568 psychology]

STEKEL Wilhelm  Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism Disorders of the instincts and the emotions,The Parapathic Disorders
VG- sunned spine $25 C/C Grove / Evergreen 1959 first thus, sewn soft cover 412pp. [# 1543 psychology]

STEVENS John O   Awareness exploring, experimenting, experiencing
G+ rubbed covers $7 A/B Bantam 1976 paperback, 309pp. Gestalt therapy with 100 experiments/ exercises for expanding awareness. ISBN 0553105620 [PB# 560 psychology]
SZASZ Thomas S
The Manufacture of Madness, A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement.


$10 C/B [RM 184]

Paladin 1973 first thus paperback, 413pp. Szasz finds parallels between modern psychiatry and medieval methods of identifying and punishing witches , heretics and jews. Psychology as a tool for defining the oustider as scapegoat.

THIGPEN C & Hervey Cleckley  The Three Faces of Eve multiple personality disorder
VG book exchange stamp to inside cover $10 A/B Pan Giant [X55] 1960 first edition thus paperback, 311pp. Cover has three portraits of Joanne Woodward in her role as Eve in the 20th Century Fox film, a true non-fiction account of a split personality. [PB# 506 psychology]

Thank God I'm OK

The Gospel According to T. A.
The New Testament from a Transactional Analysis viewpoint.
ISBN 0687413893
Christian psychology.

VG- SOFTBACK WITH rubbed wrappers, name to first page.
$10 C/B
Abingdon 1976 first edition soft cover, 112pp.
[#5721 ]

cover image of Thank God I'm OK; The Gospel According to T. A., for sale in New Zealand

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy

A Systematic Individual and Social Psychiatry.
The classic handbook to the principles of Transactional Analysis.
It was only after Dr Berne's Games People Play became an international bestseller in 1964, that Transactional Analysis, his highly original and innovative approach to psychotherapy, attained wide recognition outside the United States.
Since then the principles and practise of T A have intrigued not only professional therapists but all those who seek to understand human personality and the peculiarities of human relationships.

ISBN 0285647768

VG softback.
$15 C/B
Souvenir Press 1975, 270pp.
[#4925 ]

ISBN 0394172299

VG softback with name and address at head of title page.
$15 C/B
Grove Press /Evergreen 1961, 270pp.
[#4926 ]

cover image of Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, A Systematic Individual and Social Psychiatry, for sale in New Zealand cover image of Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, A Systematic Individual and Social Psychiatry, for sale in New Zealand

[TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS] JAMES & JONGEWARD  Born to Win Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments
G+ cover wear, age toning, name to fep $8 C/B Addison-Wesley softcover, 297pp. ISBN 0201033194 [RM 132]

[TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS] JAMES & JONGEWARD  Born to Win Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments
G+ cover wear, age toning, inscription to inside front cover $8 A/B Signet 1978 paperback, 329pp. ISBN 0451141954 [PB# 538 psychology]

Discover Your Real Self
cover image of Discover Your Real Self by Mavis Klein, for sale in New Zealand

A further development of Transactional Analysis and the script theory of Taibi Kahler, expanded into a complete theory of personality.
ISBN 0091516803
Transactional Analysis, psychotherapy, TA, Taibi Kahler

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$15 C/B
Hutchinson 1983 First Edition, 143pp
[#4691 ]

Waking Dreams

G+ wear to covers, opens flat at centre, minor pencil marking, name to front page

$10 B/B [RM 120]

Harper Colophon 1977 paperback,xii 174pp psychological analysis/ interpretation of dreams. ISBN 0060905867 jung psychotherapy dreams

WAY Lewis 
Alfred Adler; an introduction to his psychology
cover image of Alfred Adler; an introduction to his psychology, for sale in New Zealand

The methods of the great educationist and psychologist explained and illustrated often in his own vivid words.
Pelican A 366
pelican first edition, psychology

VG paperback with sewn binding, stamp to first page and closed top edge.
$10 A/B
Pelican 1956 first edition paperback, 252pp.
[PB1652 ]

WEATHERHEAD Leslie D  Psychology, Religion and Healing. G insect damaged cloth, name to paste down, foxed prelims. $8 C/C Hodder 1951 first edition cloth, 544pp. 'A crtical study of all the non-physical methods of healing, with an examination of the principles underlying them and the techniques employted to express them, together with some conclusions regarding further investigation and action in this field.' Includes references to Freud, Jung and Adler. Faith healing, Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Suggestion, Christian Science, Psychoanalysis, Psychology. [RM 170]
WEIL Andrew
The Natural Mind, A new way of looking at Drugs and the Higher Consciousness.

VG rubbed covers.

$10 C/B [RM 188]

Houghton Mifflin 1972 softcover, 229pp. Why people take drugs, including shamanism in the Amazon, as well as aspects of the drug problem and what the author thinks is the solution to it. ISBN 0395166128

WORCESTER Elwood, McCOMB Samuel & CORIAT Isador H.
Religion and Medicine, the Moral Control of Nervous Disorders

VG ex-private library with stamps to endpapers and shelf mark to spine

$25 C/C [RM 145]

Moffat, Yard & Co 1908 cloth with gilt to cover and spine, vii 427pp. Includes chapters on suggestion and auto-suggestion, neuroses, causes of nervousness, nature and therapeutic value of hypnotism, psychotherapy, therapeutic value of faith and prayer, the healing wonders of christ, the outlook of the church, index.

ZWEIG Connie editor
Meeting the Shadow, the hidden power of the dark side of human nature

VG+ binding opens flat at centre

$15 C/C [PP 6]

Jeremy P Tarcher 1991 softcover xxv 335pp collection of essays on the dark psyche, the Shadow, in history and society, politics and the family etc. Contributors include Jung, Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Marie-Louise von Franz, Ken Wilber and many more. ISBN087477618X psychology

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