Books about the Pacific Island nations, Polynesian, Micronesia, Oceania etc.
Flora, fauna, history, politics, ethnology, exploration, missionary orders.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

ALPERS Anthony  Legends of the South Seas the world of the Polynesians seen through their myths and legends, poetry and art
VG VG small peice cut from fep, DW under plastic sleeve $30 C/C W&T 1970 first edition cloth, 416pp, illustrated. Includes Maori. [# 1306 pacific and oceania]

ANGAS George French 
cover image of Polynesia by George French Angasfor sale in New Zealand

A Popular Description of the Physical Features, Inhabitants, Natural History, and Productions of the Islands of the Pacific.
Includes the discovery and colonisation of New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Solomons and Easter Island, as well as others.
Facsimile of the original SPCK 1866 edition.
history, colonial, 19th centiry, nineteenth century, pacific, missionary

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket.
$35 C/C
Capper Press 1973, xii 436pp + 4pp adverts, engraved illustrations within the text, folding map at rear.
[#3775 ]

BEAGLEHOLE Ernest  Islands of Danger VG- hardback with no dust jacket, lacks fep, name to half title, small pen inscription to intro. $30 C/C Progressive Publishing Society 1944 first edition cloth with paper title label to spine, 212pp + plates, memoir of time on a South Pacific atoll, Pukapuka [# 651 pacific]

BENTON Richard A.  The Flight of the Amokura Oceanic Languages and Formal Education in the South Pacific
VG- hardback with no dust jacket, top edges carelessly opened with short tears to head of a few pages $10 C/C New Zealand Council for Educational Research 1981 first edition hard cover, xiv 236pp map endpapers. Cultural and language aspects of Maori, Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian peoples ISBN 0908567200 ISSN 01109294 [#1266 pacific and oceania]

BROWN B M editor  New Zealand in the Pacific Studies in Public Administration No 16
VG VG light edge wear to DW $10 C/B New Zealand Institute of Public Administration 1970 first edition hard cover,125pp. Essays on Pacific geopolitics etc. [#1318 pacific and oceania]

CRUMP Chris and Dorothy McKenzie 
Christina's Story
Realities of family life on an isolated Pacific Island 1938-1956
cover image of Christina's Story, Realities of family life on an isolated Pacific Island 1938-1956 for sale in New Zealand

A memoir by the wife of a Presbyterian missionary in the New Hebrides (now called Vanuatu).
She was there during WWII when American troops were stationed on the island.
pacific islands, missionary, new zealand, ww11, ww2, US troops

VG- softback, extremely minor water mark to top corner of first few pages.
$20 B/B
Ngaio Press 2000, 112pp.
[#3850 ]

Islands of Survival, Pacific wanderings of the El Torito Family.

VG VG gift inscription to half title, small chip head of DW spine.

$20 C/C [AUS 38]

Hodder 1976 first edition hardcover, 200pp + colour plates.Wade and his families boat travels about the Pacific, includes Solomon Islands,New Hebrides, diving expeditions etc. ISBN 0340214511

FIELD Michael J. 
Samoas Struggle for Freedom
cover image of Mau: Samoas Struggle for Freedom for sale in New Zealand

A history of New Zealand's 50 year colonial rule of Samoa, and of the non-violent freedom movement known as Mau.
pasifika, pacific, polynesia, imperialism, colonial

VG+ softback
$55 C/C
Pasifika Press 2008, reprint of revised 1991 edition, 262pp.
[#3740 ]

A Doctor in Paradise

VG gift inscr to half title

$15 C/C [AUS 3]

Jaboor 1943 textured cloth, 421pp+ plates, a doctor in the Pacific islands between the Wars,New Guinea, Fiji, Solomons, Gilbert and Ellice Islands.

McHARDY Emmet edited By Eileen Duggan 
Blazing the Trail in the Solomons
Letters from the North Solomons of Rev. Emmet McHardy S. M.
cover image of Blazing the Trail in the Solomons; Letters from the North Solomons of Rev. Emmet McHardy S. M.

New Zealand born Catholic missionary to Tunuru, Northern Solomon Islands, he returned to Wellington to die of illness contracted in the Solomons, the letters cover 1929 to 1932.

G+ hardback in G dust jacket with edge wear and loss of lower half of spine. Book pages edges dust soiled and slightly foxed.
$20 C/C
Dominion Publishing Company 1935, 170pp + plates.
[#3332 ]

McLEAN Mervyn  The Journal of the Polynesian Society vol 81 no 2 June 1972
VG $10 B/B The Polynesian Society 1972 first edition card covers, pp143-283. Mainly Maori articles in this issue. [# 1438 pacific oceania]

MELVILLE Herman   Typee...or a Peep at Polynesian Life
A narrative of a four month's residence among the natives of a valley of the Marquesas Islands. A reprint first published by Harrap in 1925.

VG leatherette decorative binding
$10 C/C
Harrap 1929, 319pp. [#2631 pacific islands ]

Oscar X-ray Calling

The Story of the Scarlet Family in Papua New Guinea, 1962-1971. The wife and family of a New Zealand Presbyterian minister living and working in PNG during the transition to independence.

VG+ softback
$30 B/C
Betty Scarlet 2005, 173 pp [#2905 new zealand, biography, pacific islands ]

Would a good man die?
The life and death of the Resident Commissioner of Niue.
cover image of Would a good man die? The life and death of the Resident Commissioner of Niue.

Scott claims Cecil Hector Watson Larsen, Resident Commissioner of Niue, was murdered in an act of political assassination by men who believed he was a tyrant.
Scott alleges Larsen had jailed, beaten and abused hundreds of Niueans in the ten years of his residence.
Pacific Islands, politics,

VG+ softback.
$40 B/B
Hodder/ Southern Cross Books 1993 first edition. 176 pages.
[#3514 ]

SHARP Andrew 
Ancient Voyagers in Polynesia
cover image of Ancient Voyagers in Polynesia for sale in New Zealand

A rewritten edition of Ancient Voyagers in the Pacific with rebuttals of his critics arguments.
Contents; A world perspective; How did the Polynesians navigate?; Stone Age vessels in the Pacific; Voyages of no return; The voyaging traditions; Migrants from three kingdoms; The lonely islands; Early man in New Zealand; The Polynesian migration trail.
polynesia, pacific islands, navigation, ancient voyages

VG hardback in VG- dust jacket with small repaired tear at head of spine.
Tape rust and small pen name to map end papers.
$15 C/B
Longman Paul 1963 first edition, 159pp.
[#3951 ]

G+ hardback in G+ dust jacket, ex-library with stamps, jacket with some edge wear rubbinf and chipping, surface lifted at spine where label removed.
$10 C/B
Longman Paul 1963 first edition, 159pp.
[AUS51 ]

SHARP Andrew
Adventurous Armada, the story of Legazpi's Expedition

FN FN minimal wear to tips of DW

$25 C/B [AUS 28]

Whitcombe & Tombs 1961 first edition hardcover, 214pp + frontis. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's 16th century expedition to the Phillipines.

SHUTLER Richard & Mary Elizabeth
Oceanic Prehistory


$10 B/B [AUS 49]

Cummings 1975 first edition wrappers, 125pp Text book for Oceanic studies, Covers Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and South East Asia. Illustrated with examples of stone tools etc. ISBN 0846519380

SIEBEN Hubert (photographer)

G+ silverfish surface damage to spine.

$10 B/C [AUS 35]

Seven Seas 1965 first edition cloth, approx 120pp np, mainly full page full colour photographs with an emphasis on young Tahitian maidens unclothed, the text sections are in Francais, English, Deutsch and Espanol. Probably intended as a souvenir for tourists.

SIMPSON Colin  Plumes and Arrows Inside New Guinea
VG light wear to cloth $10 C/C A&R 1962 first thus combined edition, cloth, viii 407pp + plates in B&W including 35 in colour. Combined in one volume; 'Adam with Arrows' and 'Adam in Plumes' and the New Guinea chapters of Islands of Men. [# 797 pacific]
A Voyage Round the World with Captain James Cook in H.M.S. Resolution

G ex-library, cloth sunned and faded, shelf mark to spine in marker, stamps to endpapers, title page and some page margins, covers and stamps only faults.

$35 C/B [AUS 40]

Robert Hale 1953 first thus after Golden Cockerel limited edition, cloth, xx 214pp + folding map at rear. Illustrated with woodcuts by C W Bacon. Encompasses Cook's explorations to Antarctica, New Zealand, Fiji, Easter Island etc.

STEVENSON Robert Louis
Vailima Papers (Tusitala edition)

VG school arms embossed to cover, spine lightly sunned

$12 C/B [AUS 10]

Heinemann 1924 first edition thus as vol xxi in Tusitala edition of the works of RLS, 16mo 341pp blue leather TEG and gilt to spine and cover and with the arms of Otago Girls High School in gilt to upper board, includes Tutuila, Prayers for daily use at Vailima, Father Damien, A footnote to history, Letters from the South Seas. From RLS time in Samoa and the Pacific. Samoa Lazaretto

THOMAS Nicholas 
Discoveries; The Voyages of Captain Cook
cover image of Discoveries; The Voyages of Captain Cook

Cook's great voyages marked the end of an era in world history. As he sailed into Hawaii in January 1778 he made contact with the last of the human civilizations to grow up independently of the rest of the world. But equally for the Polynesians and Melanesians of the Pacific, Cook's arrival in their midst merely marked a further (if disastrous) twist in diverse histories already many centuries old.
In this immensely enjoyable and absorbing book Cook's journeys are reimagined, attempting to leave behind our later preoccupations to let us see what Cook and his associates experienced and what the societies he encountered experienced - from the Beothuks of Newfoundland to the Tongans of the Friendly Islands.
exploration, 18th century, pacific, first contact, pacifica

VG softback, remainder striped to bottom edge.
$20 C/B
Penguin 2004 first softback printing, 468pp.
[#3503 ]

District Officer, from untamed New Guinea to Lake Success 1921-46

VG VG ex library but tidy

$20 C/C [AUS 7]

Pacific Publications 1968 first edition cloth, 271pp + plates, map endpapers, minor stamps,autobiography of a patrol officer in New Guinea, includes Sepik river head-hunters, and Second World War service.

TWAIN Mark edited by A Grove Day   Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii
S L Clemens made a journey to Hawaii in 1866 and wrote 25 travel sketches, inclluding one on the death of Captain Cook.

G+ softback with sunned spine $10 C/B University Press of Hawaii 1978, 298 pages. ISBN0824802888 [#2303 pacific ]

Peacemakers; The Story of David Pausu and the United Church of South Bougainville.


$10 B/$5 international [AUS 39]

Coroprint 1979 second edition stapled softcover in DW, 95pp. Includes some local legends as well as an account of the area during the Second World War. Photo offset with poor quality photos in the text. ISBN 0473001691

WALSH D. S. & Bruce Biggs 
Proto-Polynesian Word List 1
cover image of Proto-Polynesian Word List 1 for sale in New Zealand

Contains word lists with correlation between the various Pacific and Polynesian languages that stem from these Proto-Polynesian roots.
maori, pasifika, te reo

VG+ softback with cloth spine over printed stiff paper wrappers.
$65 B/C
Linguistic Society of New Zealand 1966, xv 133pp.
[#4092 ]

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