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#333 Vol 27 No 9 July
#344 Vol 28 No 8 June includes 007 For Your Eyes Only
#369 Vol 29 No 11 September includes Ridley Scott Blade Runner interview
#373 Vol 30 No 3 January

G-VG $10 each B/A stapled wrappers, approx 50pp each, well illustrated with b&w stills, film reviews etc from Europe, many adult themed, [# 1030 magazines film & television]

DEMONIQUE  No 4 The Journal of Obscure Horror Cinema
VG $15 B/A stapled wrappers, 32pp, includes reviews of video nasties, Pasolini -Salo 120 Days of Sodom, Andy Milligan, Tigon Studios and Blood on Satan's Claw, Italian 'Exorcist' rip-offs and more. [# 1026 magazines film & television]

FATAL VISIONS  No 11 Sep/Oct/Nov 1991 includes Peter Jackson
VG+ $30 B/A stapled wrappers, 34pp, Interviews with Kitten Natividad, Charles Napier and Frank Henenlotter, article on Hong Kong film scene, interview with Peter Jackson about Meet the Feebles, an article on Dario Argento theme store Profundo Rosso in Rome. [# 1027 magazines film & television]

FATAL VISIONS  No 10 Mar/Apr 1991 includes Troma
VG+ $30 B/A stapled wrappers, 34pp, Interviews with Gerard John Schaefer 'The Sex Beast' killer, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma, James Lorinz of Frankenhooker, article on Chinese film scene, the Story of Chu Yuen part 2, [# 1028 magazines film & television]

FATAL VISIONS  No 12 Apr/May 1992 includes Cronenberg's Naked Lunch
VG+ $30 B/A stapled wrappers, 38pp, Interviews with Annie Sprinkle, Otis Toole the cannibal side kick of Henry Lee Lucas and the actor who prtrayed him in the film Henry; Portrait of a Serial Killer, Interview with Robert Englund, article on Chinese film scene, includes a flier for the Fatal Visions film fest [# 1028-B magazines film & television]

STARBURST  No 48 Vol 4 No 12 Aug 1982; ZOMBIE SPECIAL The Magazine of Cinema & Television Fantasy
G+ cover wear $20 B/A Marvel Comics, stapled wrappers, 54pp + colour section, George Romero, Lucio Fulci, jean Rollin plus articles covering the complete history of zombies in film and television [# 1029 magazines film & television]

VIDEO WATCHDOG  No 8 Nov / Dec 1991 The Perfrectionists Guide to Fantastic Video
VG light surface rubbing $25 B/A digest sized stapled wrappers, 64pp, includes Dario Argento (Terror at the Opera), Aleksandr Ptushko [# 1025 magazines film & television]
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