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BEHREND Genevieve  Your Invisible Power A Presentation of The Mental Science of Thomas Troward
FN $10 A/A DeVorss 1980 revised edition soft cover, 95pp. New Thought. ISBN 0875160042 [# 873 inspir]
de BONO Edward
Lateral Thinking, a textbook of creativity

VG Pelican 1980 paperback, 260pp. ISBN 0140219781NZ$7 A/B [PB# 57 inspir]

de BONO Edward
Edward de Bono's Textbook of Wisdom

Near Fine Viking 1996 soft cover 279pp. A guide book to methods of training the mind to think laterally and creatively. Positive and creative approach to thinking and living. ISBN 0670871079NZ$10 C/B [#475 inspir]

CARLSON Richard  Stop Thinking & Start Living Common-sense strategies for discovering lifelong happiness
NEW $15 A/B Element 2003 soft cover, 186pp. Revolutionary in its simplicity and accessible to all, this bestselling book offers commonsense methods that allow you to let go of depression and tap into natural joy. In this indispensable handbook, Richard Carlson demonstrates how we can change everything in our lives -- earn more money, meet new friends, get a new job -- yet still feel dissatisfied. Happiness, he says, is not 'out there' but within, a state of mind that is independent of circumstance: 'If you begin to see that your thoughts are not the real thing -- they're just thoughts and as thoughts they can't hurt you -- your entire life will begin to change today.' Carlson's step-by-step guide explains: * How your thoughts determine how you feel. * Why thinking about problems only makes them worse. * That thoughts come and go -- you are free to choose at any moment which to hold on to and which to let go. * Straightforward methods for conquering depression. * How to dismiss negative thoughts and discover inner contentment. * How to overcome lifelong pessimism and start really living. ISBN 0722535473 [# 1006 self help]

CARNEGIE Dale  How To Win Friends and Influence People G+ some highlighting throughout $4 C/B Pocket Books 1982 paperback xxv 276pp ISBN 0671723650 [PB# 312 ispiration]

CARNEGIE Dale  How To Win Friends and Influence People VG- handling soiling to covers $7 C/C Angus & Robertson 1970, titled hard cover, 217pp ISBN 0207120846 [#1990 self help]
The effective way to stop drinking.


$5 A/B [Item# 198 inspir]

Penguin 1994 paperback, 242pp. Preface by Elton John. Alcoholism ISBN 0140175113

DODSON Mary & Ella  Positive Thoughts Attract Success
FN $8 B/A Sun Books 1993 facsimile booklet/ wraps,64pp + 16pp adverts. From 1920 original. ISBN 0895402998 [# 853 inspir]

DOWRICK Stephanie  Intimacy and Solitude changing your life
VG small water mark at tail of some pages, name inside cover $8 C/B Reed 1991 soft cover, 320pp. Feminist approach to relationships. ISBN 0790002434 [#1195 self help]
DYER Wayne W
Pulling Your Own Strings Dynamic techniques for dealing with other people and mastering your own life.

VG sunned spine.

$7 C/B [Item# 86 inspir]

Avon 1979 paperback, 265pp. Life Is A Beautiful Thing...As Long As You Hold The Strings. At the core of this wise and entertaining book is the conviction that all people have the power to choose between being happy or sad, victor or victim, and each of us has an innate potential to achieve greatness. Whether you are a milquetoast or a martyr or master of your fate, the specific strategies that have enabled Dr. Dyer to catapult himself to national prominence and free himself of domination can be applied to your own life. As Dr. Dyer says,'You need never be a victim again. Ever!' 'The author of YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES has brought forth the ultimate in assertiveness training, a kind of psychological karate course that will stop even the proverbial 500-pound gorilla in his tracks.' The Kansas City Times. ISBN 0380443880

DYER Wayne W
The Sky's the Limit

VG- age browned, reading crease to spine.

$7 C/B [Item# 191 inspir]

Pocket Books 1981 paperback, 364pp ISBN 0671431099

DYER Wayne W
Your Erroneous Zones

VG- name to first page, reading wear.

$5 A/B [Item# 192 inspir]

Sphere 1977 first paperback, 241pp. How to work out your own personality quirks and hang-ups. psychology, psychiatry. ISBN 0722131526

DYER Wayne W
Manifest Your Destiny; The Nine Spiritual Principles for getting everything you want.

VG gift inscription to first page.

$8 B/B [Item# 193 inspir]

Harper Collins 1997 trade paperback, xvii 171pp. Are the decisions and actions in your life controlled by your ego? Do you have any ever-present need to defend yourself? Do you inherently trust yourself and your decisions? Are you weighed dowi with troubles or unresolved issues in your life? Do you feel out of touch with your environment? Are your days more often out of sync than in? Do you have limits in your life that prevent you from making changes or achieving your highest goals? Do you love what you do, and do what you love in life? Are you constrained by feelings or unworthiness? Is your day filled with high energy and the feeling that "everything is going my way"? Or do you experience frustration or anger? How would your life change after learning to attract what you want -peace or love, job advancement or monetary fortune? Do you believe that the universe operates randomly? Are you impatient waiting for good things to happen? Do you complain, find fault, or take for granted more often that you appreciate your life? Dyer's Nine Principles address these issues. ISBN 0732258472

Five Steps to Success

VG a few minor instances of highlighting. Berkley 1993 paperback 128pp.Self development for relationships and business. NZ$6 A/A. [PB# 68 inspir]

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

VG Arrow 1991 paperback, 227pp. How to turn your fear and indecision into confidence and action.ISBN 0099741008NZ$6 A/A [PB# 56 inspir]

JOHNSON Robert A.  Inner Work Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth
VG name to first page, spotted edges. $15 B/B Harper 1986 paperback 221pp. From the best-selling author of Transformation and Owning Your Own Shadow, a practical four-step approach to using dreams and the imagination for a journey of inner transformation. In his groundbreaking works He, She, and We, pioneering Jungian analyst Robert Johnson showed us how to better understand each other using mythic archetypes. In Inner Work, he provides a four-step way to bring our conscious and unconscious selves together, immeasurably enriching our life experience. Providing an understanding of dream symbols and images, Johnson leads us through a ceremony that translates the dream into a memorable physical experience. Working with the power of the active imagination, we begin to develop a relationship between the conscious and unconscious minds, resulting in what is often a central transformative experience. Through inner work, this direct, powerful way of approaching the inner world of the unconscious, our dreams and imagination can be transformed into an active, creative part of our lives. Robert Johnson enables us each to search the hidden depths of our own unconscious to find the extraordinary strengths and resources that wait to be discovered there. ISBN 0062504312 [#561 inspir]

KOPP Sheldon B.  If You Meet the Buddha on the road, Kill Him! + Here I Am, Wasn't I? two paperback set
VG tidy copies, sunned spine $14 C/B Bantam 1985 / 1986 paperback, 238 + 179pp 'The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients'- The most important things that each man must learn no one else can teach him. Once he accepts this disappointment, he will be able to stop depending on the therapist, the guru who turns out to be just another struggling human being. Using the myths of Gilgamesh, Siddhartha, The Wife of Bath, Don Quixote. . . the works of Buber, Ginsberg, Shakespeare, Kafka, Nin, Dante and Jung . . a brilliant psychotherapist, guru and pilgrim share- the epic tales and intimate revelations that help to shape Everymans journey through life. ISBN 0553257439 'The Inevitable Disruption of Easy Times' - We all want to hold on to the happy times in our lives and rush through- or avoid altogether- the troubled times. Yet we can't stop or control life's changes. What we can do is alter our vision of changing times so that we fully experience pleasure and personal growth and don't subject ourselves to needless suffering. Now Sheldon Kopp takes us toward a deeper understanding of life's cycles of constancy and change. In HERE I AM, WASNT I! he shows us the Oriental image of time as a broken circle, a turning wheel of happiness and sorrow He retells wonderful ancient stories of the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva to give us a new model for coping with the crises of our life. And, drawing on poignant, dramatic experiences from his own life and that of his psychotherapy patients, he guides us on a different path to self-development...a way that allows us to experience the outrageous, the hurtful and the forbidden as part of life's unity, to find in them expanded options for transformation and renewal in our journey to higher consciousness and genuine fulfillment. ISBN 0553254243 [PB# 347 inspir]

LORAYNE Harry & Jerry Lucas  The Memory Book
VG- small splash of red dye to bottom edge of cover and closed page edges $7 A/A Ballantine Books 1992 paperback, 206pp ISBN 0345337581 [PB# 382 inspir]

MALTZ Maxwell  Psycho-Cybernetics a new technique for using your subconscious power
G+ some handling soiling to wrappers, pen underlining in text $5 C/C Wilshire Book Co. 1968 soft cover, 256pp. NLP like personal development techniques [#1989 self help]

PEALE Norman Vincent   Stay Alive All Your Life
G+ boards rubbed to edges and joints, very faint foxing to endpapers and closed edges, $7 C/B, Kingswood, The World's Work, 1957 First Edition Hardback xvii 312pp +1 pp advert, many lower corners are creased from being do eared, but no real damage or faults. [#1810 inspir]

RINGER Robert J  Winning Through Intimidation
VG $7 A/B Circus Books 1978 paperback, 303pp. ISBN 0868260096 [PB# 58 inspiration ]

RINGER Robert J  Winning Through Intimidation
G+ $7 A/B Circus Books 1978 paperback, 303pp. ISBN 0868260096 [PB# 975 self help ]
ROSE Colin
Accelerated Learning

VG owner details at foot of first page. Accelerated Learning Systems 1989 4th edition soft cover 240pp. How memory can unlock the way to relaxed easy learning. Improving memory, memory aids and techniques. ISBN 0905553128NZ$10 C/B [#468 inspir]

SALE Chic  The Specialist VG inscription to fep, light corner crease. $5 B/$5 internationally. Angus & Robertson 1974 stapled wrapper, 29pp. illustrated. Vernacular homily. [#633 inspir]

SCHIFFMAN Muriel   Gestalt Self Therapy and further techniques for perosnal growth
G covers worn and rubbed, name label to top of title page $6 C/C Self Therpay Press 1971 soft cover, x 223pp. ISBN 091464002X [#2054 self help]
The Magic of Thinking Big

G+ light wear and chipping to spine. Thorsons 1987 soft cover 255pp. New issue of book first published 1959. How to set high goals and achieve them. New Thought type approach to life, using mind action and the Power of Belief to suceed at anything. ISBN 072250943XNZ$5 C/B [#469 inspir]

The Magic of Thinking Big

VG Simon & Schuster 1987 softcover 238pp. New issue of book first published 1959. How to set high goals and achieve them. New Thought type approach to life, using mind action and the Power of Belief to suceed at anything. ISBN 0671646788NZ$7 C/B [#470 inspir]

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