Health and therapy books including alternative therapies, Nature Cure, Homeopathy, Colour Therapy.
Diet, fasting, medical texts. Exposure and criticism of Big Pharma.
Vaccination pro's and con's.

All these prices are in New Zealand dollars, and there is a minimum order required of NZD$20 excluding postage.

Arthritis and Common Sense
cover image of Arthritis and Common Sense, for sale in New Zealand

Treatment of arthritis and precursors through sensible diet, includes diet plans.
ISBN 0437005003
health, diet, arthritis, cure, natural therapy

VG hardback in VG jacket.
Sunned spine, name to paste down.
$10 C/C
World's Work 1972, 249pp.
[#4879 ]

[ANTHROPOSOPHY] EVANS Michael and Iain Rodger  
Anthroposophical Medicine

Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit.
While conventional medicine analyzes disease in terms of cellular disturbances and prescribes drugs to counteract physical symptoms, anthroposophical medicine adds a spiritual image of the human being.
Anthroposophical doctors increase the range of treatments available, offering artistic therapies, herbal remedies, and many others.

VG softback
$15 C/B
Thorsons 1992, 192pp.
[#5701 ]

cover image of Anthroposophical Medicine; Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit, for sale in New Zealand

BACH Edward   The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies
FN $8 B/A Sun Books 1988 facsimile booklet/ wraps, 30pp +16pp adverts. Basic Bach Flower remedy workbook. ISBN 0895401746 [# 852 natural therapy]

BARKER J Ellis   My Testament of Healing Homeopathy
VG small name and address to fep, faint spotting to closed edges $12 C/C Homeopathic Publishing Company 1947 reprint in cloth, 333pp. rear DW flap (only) present [#1904 health]

BATES W. H.   Better Eyesight Without Glasses revised edition
VG bookseller label to rear cover, $5 A/A Grafton 1979 paperback, 188pp Most people who wear glasses needn't. The simple, regular exercises of the Bates Method retrain eyes that have come to rely on glasses- that have become 'lazy'. The Bates Method is a series of exercises that first relax the eye muscles and then retrain them to focus efficiently and without strain. The explanations are simple and the Method easy to follow. Its most famous exponent was the author Aldous Huxley who could barely see even to read the book:'Within a couple of months I was reading without spectacles and, what was better still, without strain and fatigue.' This is a revised edition of a book that first appeared in 1919: the Bates Method has been proved a success over and over again ever since. No-one with eye-trouble can afford to ignore it. ISBN 0586208909 [PB#141 health]

BENJAMIN Harry   Better Sight Without Glasses A complete illustrated system of self-treatment for defective vision and diseases of the eye
VG G DW has edge wear and chipping loss $5 A/B Health For All Publishing 1958 (30th impression!) cloth, 106pp + adverts. System using retraining the optical muscles through exercises of the eyes and neckand a healthier natural foods diet. [# 1057 natural therapy]

BLAKE Robin   Mind over Medicine Can the mind kill or cure?
VG- age browned $7 A/A Pan 1987 trade paperback, 247pp. ISBN 0330295365 [Item# 201 HLTH]

BLATE Michael 
Advanced G-Jo
cover image of Advanced G'Jo: The natural healer's acupressure handbook Volume 2, for sale in New Zealand

The natural healer's acupressure handbook Volume II.
Expands on authors first book with a method for finding and healing your own "root organs."
According to doctors of acupuncture, these malfunctioning organs are the true causes of disease and sufferning.
ISBN 071009535X
acupressure, health, healing, chinese, natural therapy

VG softback
$20 C/C
Routledge Kegan Paul 1983, xvi 248pp.
[#5155 ]

Thorsons Way of Crystal Healing

A thorough introduction to the properties and qualities of crystals. Explores how crystal healing works, and how it can be combined with related therapies such as acupuncture, chakra work and energy healing. The author's belief is that many properties are attributed to crystals that they simply can't have, and that many crystal books and much of the information available to the public comes from misinformed sources. This book should give the beginner an honest understanding of the real value of crystals and of how they can develop their personal experiences of working with them. Includes line drawings, as well as plenty of practical exerices, meditations and visualizations.

VG softback
$15 B/B
Thorsons 2001, x 166pp
[#3025 ]

Gentle Miracles, Holistic Pulsing.
cover image of Gentle Miracles, Holistic Pulsing, for sale in New Zealand

Holistic pulsing natural therapy, a ' comprehensive philosophy of living' with practical technique of holistic massage explained.
Cover states 'two books in one'.
healing, natural health, therapy, reiki, energy work, massage,

VG- softback, black marker to top corner of title page and some minor tape residue to inside covers.
$50 B/C
Global Embrace 1990, 359pp.
[#4456 ]

BUTT & BLOOMFIELD   Harmony Rules The Chinese Way of Health through food
VG $5 C/B Arrow 1985 first edition paperback, 250pp Basic principles of Chinese dietary theory with cooling/ warming, yin/yang foods described, and recipes for health. ISBN 0099368404 [PB# 378 healthdiet]

CABOT Dr. Sandra   Don't Let Your Hormones Ruin Your Life
VG $7 C/B Women's Health Advisory Service 1997 pb ISBN 0646049356 [#1871 health]

CABOT Dr. Sandra   Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy and its Natural Alternatives
VG $7 C/B Women's Health Advisory Service 1997 pb ISBN 0646037684 [#1872 health]

CHAPMAN & COGSWELL   Dr Schuessler's BIOCHEMISTRY The theory, action and practical application of Schuessler's twelve biochemic remedies
VG $12 C/B New Era Laboratories 1952 first edition cloth, xii 252pp. [# 1372 medicine]

CHOPRA Deepak 
Unconditional Life; Mastering the Forces That Shape Personal Reality

Explores the healing power of human consciousness, employing case histories, research, and Eastern philosophy to discuss pain, time, aging, addiction, and love.

G+ softback
$8 C/C
Bantam 1991, 283pp. [#2821 health, healing ]

CLARK Linda   The Ancient Art of Colour Therapy
Updated including Gem Therapy, Auras and Amulets.

G+ hardback in G+ dust jacket rubbed and split at spine ends and corners. Top of fep clipped, minor neat pen underlining $15 C/B Devin-Adair 1975 hardcover, x 145pages. ISBN 0815952066 [#2534 health healing ]

COUE Emile   My Method
VG $15 B/A Sun Books 1983 facsimile booklet/ wraps, 97pp + 16pp adverts. From 1923 original. Autosuggestion and hypnotism for therapy. ISBN 0895401479 [# 855 nat therapy]

COWMEADOW Oliver   Introduction to Macrobiotics G+ light ageing, $5 B/A Thorsons 1987 soft cover, 160pp includes recipes, macrobiotic healthy diet plans. ISBN 072251414X [#503 diet]

Supernatural Healing Today
cover image of Supernatural Healing Today, for sale in New Zealand

Miracles and faith healing testimonies from a Christian perspective.
illness, health

VG softback with slightly sunned spine.
$10 C/B
Logos International 1979, 192pp.
[#4383 ]

DOSSEY Larry   Space, Time and Medicine
VG- covers curled, sunned spine. $10 C/B Shambhala 1982 softcover, xv 248pp. Author calls for a conceptual change in medicine based on his observations of new discoveries in physics, and the power of the human mind over the body. ISBN 0877732248 [Item# 379 HLTH]

Drugs; Medical, Sociological and Social facts

ISBN 0140211047
Pelican Books

VG paperback, name to first page
$10 A/B
Penguin 1969, 185pp
[PB1749 ]

cover image of Drugs; Medical, Sociological and Social facts, for sale in New Zealand

DUBOS Rene   Man, Medicine and Environment
VG small names to inside cover and fep $5 A/B Penguin 1970 paperback, 173pp. ISBN 14021187X [PB# 430 medicine]

EDWARDS Harry   A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing

This is an extended and revised version of 'A Guide to Spiritual Healing' supplemented with the Healing Study Courses prepared for members of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

VG+ hardback in VG+ dust jacket, bookseller stamp to fep otherwise near fine
$30 C/C
The Healer Publishing Company Limited 1982 hardcover, 360pp + plates. [#2436 spiritualism, spiritual healing, faith healing ]

EDWARDS Harry   The Healing Intelligence

'How your inner healing powers work; how they can be awakened. ' By the president of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK).

VG hardback in VG price clipped dust jacket, minor tape offsetting to endpapers
$25 C/C
Herbert Jenkins 1967 reprint, 188pp. [#2437 spiritualism, spiritual healing, faith healing ]

Spirit Healing
cover image of Spirit Healing for sale in New Zealand

All aspects of spirit healing covered by this renowned English healer, the second part focuses on the application of spiritual healing, and the underlying causes of illness which Edwards believes to be psychological and emotional.
faith healing, health, spiritualism, alternative medicine,

VG hardback in VG price clipped dustjacket with minor chip head of spine, two small closed tears top edge rear panel.
$25 C/C
The Healer Publishing Co Ltd 1968 reprint, 173pp + plates
[#2459 blue dust jacket]

VG hardback in VG dustjacket. Some sellotape stains to endpapers.
$25 C/C
The Healer Publishing Co Ltd 1960 reprint, 173pp + plates
[#3967 red dust jacket ]

Harry Edwards: Thirty Years a Spiritual Healer

Autobiography of the president of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK) and one of the worlds most famous spiritual or faith healers.

VG hardback in G dust jacket with chipping loss to head of spine and part of back panel missing. Pen inscription to fep, light foxing to closed edges
$35 C/C
Herbert Jenkins 1968 first edition, 167pp + plates.
[#3024 ]

EHRET Arnold   Roads to Health and Happiness Your Road to Regeneration; building strength and bodily efficiency
VG pen price to cover $5 A/A Ehret Literature Publishing Co (1966) stapled wrappers, 40pp. Nature cure. Also includes Build your own road to health by Teresa Mitchell and Internal Cleanlines by Fred S. Hirsch. [# 1370 natural health]

ELLIMAN Sons & Co   The R E P Book Rubbing Eases Pain
G+ spine ends frayed , light soiling to pictorial cloth boards, some scattered foxing, nice copperplate gift inscription to C E Whyte of Dunedin dated 1905 to fep $20 C/B EllimanSons & Co 1903 cloth 245+ 11pp illustrated in line, "First Aid in Accidents and Ailments" publishers produced the Elliman's Embrocation slave or some such concoction, and this book has many references to its use in first aid, but also lots of other interesting remedies and sick-room techniques, all well illustrated with diagrams etc. [# 1092 medicine]

FISHER Richard B. PhD and George A Christie MD Bsc 
A Dictionary of Drugs
The Medicines You Use
cover image of A Dictionary of Drugs, The Medicines You Use, for sale in New Zealand

Reference work on pharmeceuticals and how and what they work on.
With lists of trade names and common chemical names.
Gives classification, therapeutic uses and side effects.
pharmaceuticals, medicine, reference

G+ softback with curled cover.
$5 A/B
Paladin 1975 revised edition, 256pp.
[#4374 ]

GERBER M.D. Richard 
Vibrational Medicine
New choices for healing ourselves.

Gerber documents all the new holistic diagnostic and healing techniques now available and explains why they work. Crystals, psychic healing, chakras, holistic healing,new age.

G+ softback with rubbed covers, name inside cover.
$15 C/C
Bear & Co 1988, 558pp.
[#3026 ]

Natural Vision Improvement
cover image of Natural Vision Improvement, for sale in New Zealand

An holistic approach to natural vision treatment and cure. As well as some far out new-age type creative visualization methods, there are more 'orthodox' ones such as palming and eye exercises.
eyesight, vision, optometry, nature cure, health

VG- large format softback, spine sunned, name stamp to first page.
$15 B/C
Greenhouse Publications 1985, 218pp.
[#4306 ]

Cosmic Factors in Disease

"Dr. Guirdham's belief is that much disease, both organic and mental, is due to a conflict between our personalities and the universal principle of life, a clash between the cosmos and our own chaotic selves." Spiritualist metaphysical healing.

VG- hardback with no dust jacket, inscribed free end paper.
$30 C/B
Duckworth 1963 first edition, viii 152pp.
[#3228 ]

HARRIMAN Sarah   The Book of Ginseng medicinal herb
VG $6 A/B Nutri-Books 1975 paperback, 157pp. ISBN 0515029882 [PB# 434 natural health]

HAY Louise L. 
You Can Heal Your Life

This bestseller is full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. World famous teacher Louise L. Hay offers a profound insight into the relationship between the mind and the body. Exploring the way that limiting thoughts and ideas controls and constricts us, she offers a powerful key to understanding the roots of our physical diseases and discomforts.

VG softback, but two pages of introduction highlighted.
$10 C/C
Hay House 1987, xiv 232pp + index.
[# 3227]

HIESTAND Denie & Shelley 
Electrical Nutrition

"We are electrical, everything we do, eat, think, feel and drink affects us electrically..."
Electrical Nutrition suggests that the common western diet causes electrical chaos in the digestive tract, which in turn explains the chronic obesity and degeneration apparent in the population.
Drawing on 15 years in animal nutrition and a further 15 years in the natural health field, Hiestand notes the difference between the preventative medicine approach in farming and the "business" of human health care, which could be said to achieve its profitability by maintaining an unhealthy population.
The authors suggest that in the last 70 years our health care system has been an experiment called "modern medicine." Our current beliefs of what is, and is not, good food are challenged.
The authors also suggest that our modern chemical food production system has destroyed the electrical matrix of our food, thus denying the body's ability to recognize what is nourishment and what is toxin.
These powerful and controversial assertions are presented in a digestible form for the lay reader. Includes medical references and support from doctors and researchers.

VG+ softback.
$20 B/B
ShellDen Corp 1999,192pp.
[#3252, 4314]

HUNT Roland  
The Seven Keys to Colour Therapy, diagnosis and treatment using colour

Diagnosis and treatment, 8 colour ray treatments, including using colour lamps and chakra therapy.
health, colour therapy

G+ hardback in VG dustjacket.
Top of endpaper clipped, some tidy pen underlining including a little to dust jacket flap.
$18 C/B
C.W. Daniel 1975 reprint, 124pp. [#2463]

HUNT Roland T. 
The Eighth Key to Colour
cover image of The Eighth Key to Colour for sale in New Zealand

Self-analysis and clarification through colour therapy, based on the Theosophical concept of the Seven Rays.
psychology, occult, theosophy, 7 rays, colour therapy, healing, new age

VG hardback in VG dust jacket under plastic sleeve, may have adhesive bleed along the edges of the jacket.
$25 C/B
Fowler 1973 third edition, 101pp.
[#3756 ]

The Vivaxis Connection
Healing Through Earth Energies
cover image of The Vivaxis Connection : Healing Through Earth Energies for sale in New Zealand

A truly holistic healing manual which shows how to meet and conquer foreign electromagnetic fields from common sources such as power lines, computers, microwave dishes, and cellular phones, which can cause energy disturbances.
Step-by-step exercises to discover the magnetic sense within your own body and how to use the energy layers from the earth to balance and restore your basic energies.
vibrational medicine, natural therapy, alternate medicine, vivaxis, chakra, energy therapy,

VG+ softback
$40 B/C
Hampton Roads 2000, 385pp.
[#3690 ]

JESSE Douglas 
The Ionic Body
cover image of The Ionic Body for sale in New Zealand

How the electromagnetic patterns of the body rule your life and health.
The author is an homeopathic doctor who believes that energy imbalances lead to allergies and diseases.
Advice on homeopathic treatment of allergies.
alternative health, magnetic fields, emr

VG softcover with name to inside cover.
$30 B/B
Aton Pty 1991, 240pp.
[#4372 ]

KUEI Steven and Stephen Comee 
Beginning Qigong
cover image of Beginning Qigong for sale in New Zealand

Introduction with exercises to the ancient Chinese system of breathing techniques and exercises that strengthen the mind, body and spirit as they balance and augment Qi, or life force.
Includes a table that describes the various exercises, lists their physical benefits and classifies them according to level of difficulty.
chinese yoga, tao, meditation, martial arts

VG softback
$15 B/B
Tuttle 1994, 120pp.
[#4230 ]

LOUGHRAN John X.   Ninety Days to a Better Heart a practical guide... through the Natural Method
G+ light wear $4 A/B Arco 1973 paperback, 196pp. ISBN 0668017937 [PB # 890 diet]

LUST John B   Raw Juice Therapy VG VG $5 C/B Thorsons 1969 hardcover, 173pp. [Item# 237 HLTH]

LYNCH Richard   Health and Spiritual Healing
FN $15 B/A Sun Books1992 facsimile booklet/ wraps, 140pp + 16pp adverts. ISBN 0895401460 [# 859 nat therapy]

MANN Felix   Acupuncture The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing
VG VG $25 C/C Heinemann 1980 third edition hard cover, xi 200pp. Tetx book of acupuncture dealing with basic principles including Yin, Yang, Five Elements, Pulse diagnosis, Qi energy, preventive medicine etc. [# 819 medicine]

MAYER Gladys  
Colour and the Human Soul

Anthroposophical/ Steiner influenced work. "by increasing our awareness of Colours and their spiritual laws we can gain a balanced and enriched life of soul"

VG+ softback with minor pen underlining
$25 post paid anywhere.
New Knowledge Books 1976 reprint, stapled sheets in wrappers, 28pp [#2464 health, colour therapy, steiner ]

MILLER Paul in collaboration with Harry Edwards 
The Science, Art and Future of Spirit Healing

Spirit Healing is traced from Biblical times, showing that spirit intelligences are the invisible healers who utilise colleagues on earth to bring physical and spiritual healing to mankind. With reference to the healers Fred Jones, Billy Parish and Harry Edwards, and the American healers Edmonds and Francis Schlatter.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$15 C/C
The Healers Publishing Company Ltd. 1975, first edition. 307 pages + plates. [#2477 health healing ]

MILLER Dr. Peter M.   The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet Fat Burning Plan
G+ $3 A/B Warner 1984 paperback 249pp ISBN 0446328499 [PB# 436 diet]

MONAHAN Evelyn M. 
The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing
cover image of The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing, for sale in New Zealand

In the pages of this book you will see the easy, natural, step-by-step way to release the miracle power that slumbers within you for healing and a fuller life.
With specific techniques designed to cure illness, relieve any injuries, increase your energy level a thousandfold, and protect yourself and your loved ones, the author shows how you can now begin to enjoy the happiness and security necessary for truly healthful living.
health, healing, positive thought, prayer, new thought

VG contact sealed softback.
$10 C/B
Parker Publishing / Reward 1981, 206pp.
[#4510 ]

MOSS Doctor Louis   Acupuncture and You new approach to treatment based on the ancient method of healing
VG G+ DW rubbed with tape repairs $10 C/B Elek 1964 cloth 12mo VG G+ DW rubbed with tape repairs 196pp focuses on use of acupuncture to allevite symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism[# 1060 medicine]

NEAL Emily Gardiner   The Lord is Our Healer
An investigation of Christian faith healing, by a sceptic who became a believer.

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$9 C/B
Fowler, 1963, first UK edition, 205 pages. [#2617 health, spiritual healing ]

NORRIS P E   About Yeast a unique and concentrated natural food
G+ cup ring to cover $8 B/A Thorsons 1958 soft cover, 64pp [# 1601 health diet]

OUSELEY S G J   Colour Meditations with Guide to Colour Healing
A course of instructions and exercises in developing colour consciousness. Based on Seven Rays principles. Contents: The Power of Colour, The Science of Cosmic Colour, Colour is a Vital Force, Colour Attributes, Thirty-One Colour Meditations, The Adjustment of Life Through Colour, The Temple of Colour, The Cosmic Healing Rays, The Colour Chakras, Methods of Colour Treatment, Mental and Absent Healing.

G+ softback with minor pencil notation, lightly soiled wraps $10 +$5 shipping anywhere. Fowler 1976 reprint softcover, 90pp ISBN 0852430620[#2465 health, colour healing, new age ]

OYLE Irving
Magic, Mysticism and Modern Medicine; Journal of a family physician

VG- light wear to wrappers.

$8 B/B [Item# 355 HLTH]

Celestial Arts 1976 first edition softcover, 125pp. Glimpses into the minds of the patients at Dr Oyle's experimental community health service.From the authors journal kept during his Holistic practise. "The Underground Best Seller" ISBN 0890871213

PRITIKIN Nathan   The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise
G split tail, notes in pen to inside rear wrapper and blank last page $4 A/B Bantam 1984 paperback, 433pp ISBN 0553178636 [PB# 429 diet]

[REFLEXOLOGY] Gaston Saint-Pierre and Debbie Boater 
The Metamorphic Technique: Principles and Practice
cover image of The Metamorphic Technique: Principles and Practice, for sale in New Zealand

The basis for this healing technique is that during the nine months preceding birth all our physical, mental, emotional and behavioural structures are formed.
Working on the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head refocuses on this formative period, thus allowing healing to take place.
ISBN 0906540208
energy healing, naturopathy, reflexology

VG- softback, some cover fading.
$15 C/B
Elelment Books 1982 first edition, 124pp.
[#5593 ]

Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living
cover image of Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living, for sale in New Zealand

Discovering A Natural Treasure, Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth, describes many uses of this mineral to Help People, Pets, Plants and the Planet.
For Homes, Gardens, Animals, Birds, Grains, Kennels, Farms, Crops, Orchards, Buildings, and the Environment.
ISBN 9780986043109
dinosaur dust, natural remedies, natural therapy, holistic health

VG+ softback
$20 C/C
Green ECO Inc. 2013 new edition, xv 414pp.
[#5154 ]

The TM Technique
An Introduction to Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Describes the techniques of TM: a form of "exercise" designed to enable the mind and body to achieve complete stillness thus reducing stress and increasing efficiency.

G+ softback
$9 A/B
Arkana 1990, 205pp.
[#3249 ]

SCHEIBNER Viera (Ph. D.) 
cover image of Vaccination by Viera Scheibner Ph. D. for sale in New Zealand

100 years of Orthodox Research shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System.
With special reference to Hepatitis B, DPT, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Haemophilus Influenzae B, Polio, Influenza, Smallpox vaccines, how adverse effects of vaccines validate homeopathy.
Anti vaccination research draws links between mass polio immunisation in Africa and the development of HIV/AIDs.
A summary of the results of medical research into vaccines and their effects, to inform medical professionals, parents of small children and the general public about short and long-term dangerous side-effects, including brain damage and death, of vaccines.
vaccines, medicine, healthcare, immunisation, research

G softback with sunned spine, pages cocked from dampness
$75 C/C
Privately published, 264pp.
[#4369 ]

Doctor W. H. SCHUESSLER revised by Dr Colin B Lessell  
The Biochemic Handbook

A guide to using Dr Schuessler's Biochemic Tissue Salts
health, naturopathic, biochemistry,

G+ paperback with minor scuff to cover, name at head of first two pages.
$7 A/ letter rate
Thorsons 1984 revised edition, 109pp.
[#2982 ]

SCHUESSLER W.H.   Dr Schuessler's Cellular Therapy- BIOCHEMISTRY a treatise on the practical application of the Twelve Tissue Remedies
G+ some minor notation, $7 A/ letter rate New Era Laboratories Ltd 1957 revised and enlarged edition, sewn sheets in card wrappers with cloth spine, 77pp. [# 1371 medicine]

SIDEL Victor W. 
A Barefoot Doctor's Manual
cover image of A Barefoot Doctor's Manual, for sale in New Zealand

Practical Chinese medicine and health, a blending of modern Western and Traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies.
ISBN 0517474212
naturopathy, nature cure, holistic

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$35 B/D (2kg)
Gramercy/ Crown 1985, xxi 959pp.
[#5026 ]

SISSON Colin P. 
Rebirthing Made Easy
A gateway to self-knowledge, aliveness and compassion

Rebirthing and and holistic therapies, leading to re-integration and self-healing..

VG softback
$12 C/B
Total Press 1988, 196pp.
[#3236 ]

VG softback, handling soiled
$10 C/B
Total Press 1993, 196pp.
[#1441 ]

SMITH Robert E   Doc Anderson; The Healing Faith psychic healing
VG $4 A/A Paperback Library 1972 paperback, 158pp. Includes chapter on American Indian herb lore. [PB# 435 natural health]

The Healing Light.
cover image of The Healing Light, for sale in New Zealand

The author's approach to a practice of Christian spiritual healing.
ISBN 0853051003

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with minor wear, name to fep.
$15 C/B
Arthur James 1976 reprint, 218pp.
[#5651 ]

STEINER Rudolf   Nutrition. Food, Health and Spiritual Development edited by Christian von Arnim
NEW $8 C/B Rudolf Steiner Press 2008 soft cover, 186pp. ISBN 9781855842106. [#2032 health]

STOCKHAM Alice Bunker 
Tokology: A Book for Every Woman
cover image of Tokology: A Book for Every Woman, for sale in New Zealand

Tokology refers to the study of childbirth, midwifery, and obstetrics.
This book gave women knowledge about issues related to childbirth and helped them understand their own bodies and how they could optimize their own health.
Describes female anatomy and physiology during various stages in life in understandable terms with advice and tips on how to remain healthy throughout each stage.
Concentrates on conception, fetal development, pregnancy, and childbirth. Explains pregnancy in detail from a medical perspective, with chapters on how to remain hygienic and comfortable during pregnancy.
With chapters about caring for infants and diseases of infants, chapters on menstruation and menopause, and pages of diet advice and healthy recipes.
obstetrics, home-birth

VG- decorated cloth hardback, no jacket, booklet of gynaecological plates at rear.
$30 C/C
Butler & Tanner revised edition (1907), 368pp.
[#5565 ]

Self Hypnosis and other Mind expanding techniques

Includes suggestion, meditation, TM, biofeedback, faith healing, pre-birth regression. Techniques of auto suggestion to bring about desired changes.
hypnosis, hypnotism, self-help

VG softback with crease to rear cover, name stamp to first page.
$15 B/B
Westwood 1992, 141pp.
[#2985 ]

THOMSON C. Leslie   Water and Nature Cure advice on home treatment
VG- sunned wrappers $8 A/A T K Publications 1970 revised and enlarged edition, stapled wrappers, 20pp. baths, compresses,enemas etc for nature cure. [# 1369 natural health]

Mind, Body and Destiny
Seicho-No-Ie truth of Life Movement
cover image of Mind, Body and Destiny, Seicho-No-Ie truth of Life Movement, for sale in New Zealand

Non-christian (agnostic?) spiritual healing along New Thought lines.
English translation of Kokoro To Karada To Ummei.
Japanese, health, healing

G+ softback with old tape rust to spine, one page has the word 'Buddha' twice overwritten with 'Christ', otherwise tidy.
$8 B/B
Seicho-No-Ie truth of Life Movement 1977 First English edition, 133pp.
[#4517 ]

WARMBRAND Dr. Max   Living without Pain naturopathic chiropractic
G+ label top corner age browned $5 A/A Groton Press 1966 paperback, 150pp. Even at this early point in the use of pharmaceuticals the author was wary of them. [PB# 427 natural health]

Cancer: Cause & Cure. A 20th Century Perspective
cover image of Cancer: Cause & Cure. A 20th Century Perspective, for sale in New Zealand

Weston explains how anyone can beat cancer and arthritis without expensive drugs, hospitalization, and doctors, just as he did.
Based on his own experiments with crops and animals, his conclusions have led to remarkable cures.
ISBN 9780646403137
naturopathy, mineral supplements

VG softback
$20 C/B
Bookbin publishing 2003, 161pp.
[#5386 ]

The Calm Technique
Meditation without Magic or Mysticism.
cover image of The Calm Technique, Meditation without Magic or Mysticism, for sale in New Zealand

Meditation techniques to ease stress and improve quality of life.
By the author of the bestselling "Little Book of Calm"
relaxation, stress, anxiety

VG softback
$8 C/B
Greenhouse 1986, 116pp.
[#4371 ]

Fluoride, The Aging Factor
cover image of Fluoride, The Aging Factor, for sale in New Zealand

The real facts about fluoride toxicity and dangers by the worlds leading expert on the biological effects of fluoride.
Dr Yiamouyiannis has a BSc and PhD's in biochemistry.
He shows how the foods we eat and the things we are exposed to can damage our health with especial emphasis laid on natural and artificial fluorides.
natural health, toxins

VG hardback in VG dust jacket with light edgewear.
$15 C/C
Health Action Press 1973 frst edition, 210pp.
[#4373 ]

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