Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis

The new age euhemerist theory of aliens as gods, or the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Mainly espoused by Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert K. G. Temple, David Icke, and Peter Kolosimo.

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CHARROUX Robert  Masters of the World
VG $6 A/B Sphere 1979 paperback, 254pp + plates. Cosmology, ancient origins of man, extra terrestrial genesis, similar to Von Daniken [PB# 977 cosmology]

COLLYNS Robin  Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth? VG $5 C/B Mayflower 1975 first paperback edition, 256pp + plates. Did Earth man's ancestors travel 26 light years from Lyra? Did early New Zealand Maoriss learn astronomy from spacemen?, Did a giant spaceship abduct a British regiment in 1915?Why did Mu and Atlantis sink? ISBN 0583124992 [PB# 204 cosm]

COLLYNS Robin  Laser Beams from Star Cities? A Startling new theory of Interstellar Communication
VG+ $7 A/A Sphere 1977 paperback, 144pp + plates. MESSAGES FROM THE STARS...? Has the Earth been visited in previous ages by intelligent beings from outer space? Are the visits still continuing? Could laser beams be directed at our planet from space, as a form of attempted communication by another race? Have they formed the strange cup-like impressions found on the surface of all the Earth's continents? These are just some of the many fascinating and thought-provoking questions which Robin Collyns asks,and attempts to answer, in this original book. His research into extraterrestrial activity has thrown startling new light onto problems which have baffled man for far too long. ISBN 0722124570 [PB# 206 cosm]

DOWNING Barry H.  The Bible and Flying Saucers Can UFOs shed new light on the Testaments?
2 G+ copies, light cover wear $5 each A/A Sphere paperbacks, 175pp. Was the legendary parting of the Red Sea in Exodus the work of extra-terrestrial beings? Were the 'chariot of fire' the 'wheel in the sky' and the 'burning bush' really flying saucers? Was Jesus Christ a visitor from another planet? "A fresh viewpoint streaks like a jet stream across the dusty skies of theology in this provocative book by a young theologian who believes 'The space age has set us free to explore the Bible in a new way.' Don't miss this mind-stretching reading treat " LOS ANGELES TIMES ISBN 0722130295 [PB# 205 cosm]

DRAKE W Raymond  Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East VG $5 A/B Sphere 1973 paperback, 240pp. In many parts of the world literature and legend preserve the tradition that supermen from the stars ruled and guided mankind in the distant past. This tradition tells of war waged in the skies with fantastic weapons, of cataclysmic upheavals leading to barbarism, and of a slow return to civilization under the aegis of spacemen worshipped as gods. Such are the author's startling conclusions based on research in the ancient East that has led him from the hanging gardens of Queen Semiramis at Babylon to the temple mysteries of Tibet. Original title: SPACEMEN IN THE ANCIENT EAST. ISBN [PB# 208 cosm]

FLINDT Max H. & Otto Binder  Mankind- Child of the Stars VG- reading crease, bookseller stamp to first page. $4 C/B Coronet 1976 paperback 272pp. This book is concerned with the strong possibility - almost a probability, In our measured opinions - that mankind on earth may have had superlntelligent ancestors from outer space. Man may therefore be a hybrid, partly of terrestrial origin, partly extraterrestrial. There exist an Incredible number of amazingly persuasive 'proofs' in support of this theory, which are duly presented in the pages ahead. We sincerely feel we have dramatic evidence - very nearly proof - that will hopefully make a never-to-be-forgotten impact on the mind of the reader. An impact that will even affect scientific opinion, eventually. Those proofs or evidence of the theory's validity will be found virtually everywhere around us - In our bodies, our brains and minds, our histories, our archaeological and anthropological pursuits, and in many other unexpected areas of the humanities and sciences. This book might well be titled On Tiptoe Beyond Darwin, for we have in reality 'extended Evolution beyond the limited scope of natural selection on earth, to an expanded concept that might be called Astro-Evolution or Evolution from the stars.' ISBN 0340205202 [PB# 209 cosm]

Fingerprints of the Gods
A Quest for the Beginning and the End

Evidence pointing to extra terrestrial origin of humankind and their gods investigated through archaeology and mythology. In this work the author embarks on a quest for the whereabouts, nature and few surviving traces of a lost civilization that was destroyed long ago and obliterated from human memory long before any of the cultures of historical antiquity rose to prominence. While Hancock does not believe that this civilization was Atlantis, he taps into the same current of human yearning that has made the Atlantis myth such a powerful one, and mixes intellectual adventure with exacting physical exploration of dramatic and sometimes dangerous locations in his pursuit of the tantalizing hints and scraps of evidence that point to a great and unsolved mystery.
archaeology, cosmology, space gods, ancient civilzation

VG paperback
$15 A/B
Mandarin 1997 paperback 607pp + plates.
[PB1517 ]

HOPE Murry 
The Sirius Connection
cover image of The Sirius Connection for sale in New Zealand

Discusses the growth, development, and origins of Egyptian magic and explores its metaphysical implications.
The ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius, bright Dog star of the night sky, holds the key to the destiny of our planet.
What did these guardians of a mysterious and profound system of wisdom, lost to us down the centuries but now being rediscovered, know?
cosmology, ancient wisdom, ancient egypt, egyptian mysteries, stargate

VG hardback in VG dust jacket
$20 C/C
Element Books Ltd. 1996, 251pp.
[#4215 ]

KRASSA Peter   Erich von Daniken: Disciple of the Gods biography
VG $5 A/A Star 1978 paperback, 158pp + plates ISBN 0352302623 [PB# 326 daniken]

KRASSA Peter   Erich von Daniken: Disciple of the Gods biography
G $4 A/A Star 1978 paperback, 158pp + plates ISBN 0352302623 [PB# 224 daniken]

LANDSBURG A & S  The Outer Space Connection VG $5 A/A Corgi 1976 paperback, 168pp + plates. Astonishing new proof that we are not alone in the universe. ISBN 0552099112 [PB# 216 cosm]

LETHBRIDGE T.C.  The Legend of the Sons of God ufo contact evidenced by ancient remains
G+ light wear, age browned $10 A/A Sidgwick 1973 first paperback, 112pp. Extrapolating from ancient sources such as the Bible, and archaeological finds, the author, well known for his work on pendulum dowsing, forwards and alien contact theory. ISBN 0283981288 [PB# 578A cosmology]

MICHANOWSKY George  The Once and Future Star
Exploring the Mysterious link between the Great Southern Supernova (Vela X) and the Origins of Civilization.
VG VG- short tear at heel of DW spine. $25 C/B Hawthorn 1977 first edition cloth, 148pp + plates. Research into Mesopotamian and Sumerian star-lore shows the influence a now invisible star had on the formation of Near Eastern religion and culture. Also considers the true nature of Atlantis. ISBN 0801555051 [COS 8]

MORRIS David  The Masks of Lucifer, Technology and the Occult in Twentieth-Century popular literature VG VG but ex-library, one cancelled stamp to fep, shelf mark to imprint, stamp top edge, DW plastic sleeve taped to edges of boards, labels to rear cover of DW and shelf mark to DW spine. $10 C/C Batsford 1992 first edition hardcover, 223pp. Illustrations within text. Includes; Theosophy and Romantic Occultism / Velikovsky and Incipient Catastrophism / Flying Saucers / Von Daniken phenomenon. Also Occult Nazism, a good appendix of UFO researchers, societies and contactees, and a good bibliography. 'Examines how nineteenth century occultism, particularly theosophy has been revitalised in the guise of scientific speculation. ISBN 0713467061 [COS 4]

SITCHIN Zecharia 
The End of Days, Arnageddon and prophecies of the return.

Why is it that our current twenty-first century A.D. is so similar to the twenty-first century B.C.? Is history destined to repeat itself? Will biblical prophecies come true, and if so, when? It has been more than three decades since Zecharia Sitchin's trailblazing book The 12th Planet brought to life the Sumerian civilization and its record of the Anunnaki, the extraterrestrials who fashioned man and gave mankind civilization and religion. In this new volume, Sitchin shows that the End is anchored in the events of the Beginning, and once you learn of this Beginning, it is possible to foretell the Future. In The End of Days, a masterwork that required thirty years of additional research, Sitchin presents compelling new evidence that the Past is the Futurethat mankind and its planet Earth are subject to a predetermined cyclical Celestial Time. In an age when religious fanaticism and a clash of civilizations raise the specter of a nuclear Armageddon, Zecharia Sitchin shatters perceptions and uses history to reveal what is to come at The End of Days. ISBN9780061239212

VG paperback
$9 A/A
Harper 2008, 308pp [PB1466 cosmology, annunaki]

STORY Ronald   The Space Gods Revealed A Close look at the theories of Erich von Daniken
VG- $5 A/A NEL 1978 paperback 157pp+ plates. 'You have heard one side of the argument. Here, at last is the other, shattering once and for all the shabby pseudoscience which has acquired such a blind popularity'. ISBN 0450033708 [PB# 227 daniken]

STORY Ronald   The Space Gods Revealed A Close look at the theories of erich von Daniken
VG name to first page, aged paper stock $5 A/A NEL 1978 paperback 157pp+ plates. 'You have heard one side of the argument. Here, at last is the other, shattering once and for all the shabby pseudoscience which has acquired such a blind popularity'. ISBN 0450033708 [PB# 218 daniken]

TOMAS Andrew  On The Shores of Endless Worlds; the search for cosmic life G+ VG- ex library with stamps, DW under plastic sleeve. $5 C/C Souvenir 1974 first edition hard cover, 218pp. Evidence in ancient religions of extra terrestrial visitation? ISBN 0285621319 [Item# 447 COSM]

TOMAS Andrew  We Are not the First riddles of ancient science
VG VG short split at head of lower DW joint $20 C/C Souvenir 1971 first edition hard cover, 224pp + plates. Covers areas including ancient maps (Piri Reis etc), Astronomical anomalies, electricity and anti-gravity in antiquity, space flight , robots and automata, prediction and prophecy, Saint Germain and Nicholas Roerich. ISBN 028562007X [# 1340 cosmology]

Von DANIKEN Erich (translated into English)   Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved mysteries of the past
G-VG $4 each A/A, Corgi paperback ISBN 0552088005 [PB# 220 daniken 3 copies]

Von DANIKEN Erich   In Search of Ancient Gods, my pictorial evidence for the impossible.
VG VG $15 C/C Souvenir Press 1974 first edition hardcover, 249pp including 374 colour and b&w illustrations. Von Daniken amasses photographic evidence for the theories put forward in Chariots of the Gods etc. The alien or extraterrestrial contacts with ancient civilisations. ISBN 0285621343 [COS 9]

Von DANIKEN Erich (translated into English)   Miracles of the Gods A Hard look at the Supernatural
VG- $4 C/B Corgi paperback 237pp + plates ISBN 0552103713 [PB# 221 daniken]

Von DANIKEN Erich   The Stones of Kiribati, Pathways to the Gods?
FN FN DW price clipped and a little sunned to spine titling. $15 C/C Souvenir Press 1982 first edition hardcover, 268pp + colour plates, B&W photos in text. Daniken investigates archaeological remains on the Pacific island of Kiribati, and the 'sky god' legends associated with them and draws parallels with stone circles etc around the world. [COS 10]

Von DANIKEN Erich   Disciple of the Gods A Biography of Erich von Daniken
VG VG name to fep, price clipped DW with sunned spine.$20 C/B WH Allen 1978 first edition hardcover, 158pp + plates. ISBN 0491023235 [COS 13]

Von DANIKEN Erich   Return to the Stars; evidence for the impossible
VG- VG- light wear and foxing to book and DW. $5 C/C Souvenir 1972 hard cover, 190pp + plates. ISBN 0285502980 [Item# 453 COSM]

Von DANIKEN Erich (translated into English)   Return to the Stars Gods from outer space
VG $4 A/A Corgi paperback 190pp+ plates. ISBN 055290832 [PB# 222 daniken 2 copies]

Von DANIKEN Erich (translated into English)   Signs of the Gods VG $4 C/B Corgi 1981 paperback 256pp. ISBN 0552117161 [PB# 223 daniken]

Von DANIKEN Erich  The Gold of the Gods
VG VG $8 C/C Souvenir 1973 first edition hard cover, 210pp + plates and index ISBN 0285620878 [# 1799 daniken]

Secret Places of the Lion

Pertains to space gods who bring 'Golden Ages' to earth and the evidence for them. Conflates all the mysterious places in the world into a theory of Space Gods as founders and teachers of humanity. Includes a 'Reincarnational Pattern of Identities' being subsequent incarnations through history of the same 'beings', eg Tutankhamun=Merk (Venusian)=Aaron(brother of Moses)=Atahualpa=Dr Robert Browne( father of Congregationalism)! Some Christian emphasis in Jesus the Christ as the Keystone of spiritual hierarchy etc. Early traditions speak of the arrival of "radiant beings from heaven," self-sacrificing guardians of the human race who have reincarnated as pivotal figures in the panorama of human history to assist in the work of evolution. Secret Places of the Lion shows how these "great ones" have helped mankind for thousands of years, hiding their secrets in tombs, caverns, temple ruins, and catacombs. Posing as wanderers, they would declare universal wisdom and truth at certain periods of history when people were prepared to receive it; then they would withdraw for a time to see what was done with the new-found knowledge. Thus, the rises and plateaus of our cultural history emerged. Williamson was one of six people present when George Adamski met with a Nordic alien from Venus.
space gods, E.T., extra terrestrial, Brotherhood of the Seven Rays

VG- age browning to pages, name to title page.
$7 A/A
Futura 1974 paperback, x 230pp. [PB1523 ]

G- paperback with bookseller stamp to inside cover, cover wear, browned page edges. Good reading copy only.
$5 A/A
Futura 1974 paperback, x 230pp. [PB1515 ]

G hardback with no dust jacket, lacks free endpaper, half title is creased with rubber stamp which is also to rear paste down
$9 C/C
Neville Spearman 1961 Third Impression, x 230pp.
[#2984 ]

WILSON Clifford   Crash go the chariots An alternative to Chariots of the Gods
G+ $4 A/A Word of Truth 1972 paperback 120pp new enlarged edition [PB# 225 daniken]

WILSON Clifford   Crash go the chariots An alternative to Chariots of the Gods
G+ $4 A/A Master Books 1976 paperback, 161pp new revised edition, ISBN 0890510237 [PB# 226 daniken]

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