Christian Mysticism and New Age writings by Rosicrucian taught occult scholar.

Corinne Heline (1882 -1975) was an American Christian mystic and occultist who received a classical and religious education. Rosicrucian Initiate Max Heindel became her teacher at Mount Ecclesia, where she met Theodore Heline, who became her husband in 1938 and undertook the publication of her mystical and occult writings.

Her magnum opus The New Age Bible Interpretation (1954) in seven volumes was followed by many other works interpreting the ancient wisdom. A pioneer in the Age of Aquarius, Heline joined the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center at Santa Monica, California, which took the motto "Devoted to studies designed to aid the modern seeker to a spiritual reorientation in the Light of the Ancient Wisdom."

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HELINE Corinne 
The Bible and the Stars
A series of lecture-lessons
cover image of The Bible and the Stars a series of lecture-lessons

A book about the Sacred science of the stars. Lessons are 1- Sun Moon and Planets. 2-Abraham Isaac and Jacob. 3- The Ten Commandments 4-Aarons breastplate 5- Old Testament Studies 6-The Story of Samson 7- Legend of David and Saul 8-Ecclesiastes Astrologically considered 9-The Prophets 10-The Gospels 11-Twleve disciples and the book of Acts 12-Book of Revelation. Judeo-christian traditions interpreted astrologically.

G+ blue printed paper covers with some surface rubbing or scuffing, and a small pen scribble. Spine ends starting to split.
$25 B/B
New Age Press 1971, 128pp.
[#3414 ]

HELINE Corrine 
Color and Music in the New Age.
cover image of Color and Music in the New Age

Color significance of the Zodiac Signs / Mystery of White and Black / New Age developments / Color therapy including Psychology / color and music for the Four Sacred Seasons (sabbats / Equinox and Solstice) / Inner Plane Ceremonials / Occult effects of music including studies in Reactions to Wagner's Valkyrie.

VG softback with light wear, name to fep.
$20 B/B
DeVorss 1980 softcover, 139pp.
[#4532 ]

HELINE Corinne  
The Cosmic Harp
cover image of The Cosmic Harp

The whole solar system is one vast musical instrument, spoken of in Greek mythology as "the seven-stringed lyre of Apollo." Corinne here describes the Zodiacal correspondences annd qualities as perceived by esoteric means. She relates spiritual hierarchies and a particular musical composer to each zodiac.
astrology, mysticism, new thought, music, angelic hosts, angels

VG+ hardback with no dust jacket. name to blank fly leaf.
$25 B/B
New Age Press Inc. 1969, 99pp.
[#3511 ]

HELINE Theodore 
The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Essenian Forerunners of Christ
cover image of The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Essenian Forerunners of Christ for sale in New Zealand

A discussion of the discovery and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the light they cast on the Essene communities of Jesus' time.
essene, christ, esoteric christianity

VG- softback, top of title page clipped.
$20 C/A
New Age Press 1973, 79pp.
[#3636 ]

HELINE Corrine  
Healing and Regeneration through Color

A companion study to Healing and Regeneration Through Music. Colour Therapy and healing.

G+ softback, sunned spine, top of fep trimmed, some neat ruled pen underlining.
$15 B/letter rate international postage.
New Age Press 1975, 69pp. [#2509 occult new age ]

HELINE Corrine  
Healing and Disease in the light of rebirth and the Stars

Incorporates astrology and christianity.

VG- sunned stapled wraps, top of fep clipped
$20 B/letter rate international postage.
New Age Press 1973, 30pp. [#2508 occult new age ]

HELINE Corrine  
The Moon in Occult Lore

Five chapters by Corinne Heline about the Moon within Esoteric Christianity.

G+ stapled paper wrapper with slight foxing and wear
$25 B/letter rate international postage.
New Age Press(1965), 31pp. [#2506 occult ]

HELINE Corinne 
Mysteries of the Holy Grail

Occult research into the archaeology and history of the Grail, Initiatory Cycles within the Legends, The Cycle of dissolution, Galahad-Parsifal cycle, the modern Grail Knight and His quest. New age occult interpretations of the myth cycle.

G+ softback, perfect bound but the glue is weakening so pages may be about to detach but not yet.
$20 C/B
New Age Press 1973 second printing, 128pp.
[#3043 ]

HELINE Corrine 
New Age Bible Interpretation
New Testament volume 4
cover image of New Age Bible Interpretation, New Testament volume 4.

Christian New Age mysticism interprets the New Testament chapter by chapter unveiling the occult truths behind the allegories.

VG- hardback with no dust jacket.
This copy has stamps from the library of the Christchurch Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia, donated by Athol Lightfoot.
$40 C/C
New Age Press 1969 third edition revised, 139pp.
[#5162 ]

HELINE Corrine 
Occult Anatomy and the Bible
cover image of Occult Anatomy and the Bible, for sale in New Zealand

Also, Healing and Disease in the Light of Rebirth and the Stars.
This work collects metaphysical works formerly published as separate booklets.

VG hardback, lacks dust jacket.
Pale blue boards gilt titled, handling wear, A.C.LIGHTFOOT rubberstamp to paste down and foot of final page, name to fep.
$35 C/C
New Age Press (1960s?), 365 pages
[#4801 ]

HELINE Corrine  
Sacred Science of Numbers, a series of lectures.

A series of lectures covering the numerology of the numbers from one to thirteen.

VG- softback, pen notes to final blank page and ticks to list of titles to inner rear cover, top of fep clipped.
$15 B/A
New Age Press 1976 softcover, 110pp. [#2507 occult numerology ]

HELINE Corrine  
Star Gates

New Age interpretation of the Seasons on the Solar Cross, includes meditation for each Archangel at the solstice and equinox rites. New age astronomy and astrological theories.

VG- hardback with gilt design to cover, top of fep clipped, one page has printers error restored by pasting new page over the top.
$30 B/C
New Age Press 1965 decorated boards, 198pp. [#2510 occult new age ]

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